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    1. smart publishers will focus on how their solutions can support and optimize student learning and achievements. They will see themselves as participants in the student outcomes business as well as in the publishing business.

      Publisher focus on content creation v student outcomes

    2. marketing directly to students, teachers, and parents, bypassing traditional institutional sales channels.

      Does one need a consumer as well as b2b product then?

    3. Students, parents, and teachers are also increasing their role in purchasing decisions. They can choose from more options than in the past,
    4. CIOs who are weighing in on the choice of learning platforms and software
    5. urchasing often involves department heads, CIOs, and provosts, since the choices made can affect the entire school.
  10. Feb 2014
    1. If we can’t keep raising costs for students (we can’t) and if no one is coming to save us (they aren’t), then the only remaining way to help these students is to make a cheaper version of higher education for the new student majority.