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    1. Unable to see a previous version of your file? The revisions for your file may occasionally be merged to save storage space. Note: If you don't have permission to edit a file, you won't be able to see the version history.

      In other words, Google Docs can't be relied on for versioning.

  2. Jan 2023
    1. It is not a bad plan for two or more students to meet at stated intervals and compare their notes . The lecture can be discussed so that thepoints omitted or not fully understood can be placed correctly in the notebook against the final test . The chance for error is greatly decreased inthis way and, besides , the discussion greatly aids the memory so that thework of studying from the notes is lessened . In at least one instance wherethe speaker delivered his lecture very rapidly several students arrangedto take his points in relays ; that is, since there was scarcely time for oneman to get all, one man could take the first point, another the second, andso on. These men occupied seats close together so that an exchange ofsignals was possible. Afterwards they discussed each lecture and puttheir notes together.

      Apparently sharing/comparing notes was reasonable advice in 1910 including the idea of in-class signals for splitting up note taking amongst multiple people.

      Compare this to shared notes (Google Docs, Etherpad, etc.) in modern context with multiple people doing simultaneous notes.

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    1. Swagger is a tool implementing the Open API specification which defines a standard, language-agnostic interface for describing HTTP-based APIs.
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    1. Deployment of Project Pages from /docs folder on main branch

      Deployment of Project Pages from /docs folder on main branch.

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    1. I usually write in Google's online word processor Google Docs, even when noting the company's shortcomings. This article is different: it was drafted in a similar but more private service called Graphite Docs.
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    1. Rubydoc.info can automatically fetch and rebuild your docs from your github project everytime you commit! To add a post-receive (commit) hook to Github, simply select the official Rubydoc.info service hook from the list of service hooks in your project settings.
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    1. AMR in 120 Seconds

      This YouTube video is a quick overview of the SAMR model of instruction essential for universal design. "S" stands for substitution - New tech replaces old material but does not change text. "A" stands for augmentation - students work to complete a task such as on google docs. "M" stands for modification - tech is used to redesign part of task and transform learning. Ex. google docs comment feature provides instant feedback. "R" stands for redefinition - design and create new tasks. Ex. communicating across world through google docs, discussing it through google voice and recording it all as presentation. Rating 10/10

  15. Jun 2018
    1. grazie ad Andrea Borruso ( @aborruso )

      a questo link è illustrata la procedura per realizzare l'embedding di hypothes.is all'interno di un documento Read the Docs. Una comoda utilità per consentire la partecipazione online alla redazione di un documento, postando il commento direttamente nella parola o rigo di interesse del commentatore.

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  17. docs.opsgenie.com docs.opsgenie.com
    1. Team admins without account owner/admin rights can access, create, modify and delete integrations, escalations and schedules only if the configuration belongs to a team that this user is admin of. However, they cannot assign these configurations into another team and they cannot convert these configurations into global.

      Note that this means that you'd have to duplicate rules/integrations since the highest level of control is a single Team. Would be useful (not sure if this has the capability though) to be able to have a higher level of control over a specific subset of teams?

    1. Run the steps in the post section reg

      This may be pedantic but I think this wording can be a bit confusing, since doesn't it only run the steps inside the always (i.e. the condition block)? Otherwise it would run steps defined outside of this block as well.


      post {
        always {
         // only steps here would run
      // but this is still the post section so if steps here
      // were defined, it shouldn't run AFAIK
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    1. len

      len(s) is built-in function

      Return the length (the number of items) of an object. The argument may be a sequence (such as a string, bytes, tuple, list, or range) or a collection (such as a dictionary, set, or frozen set).

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    1. jupyterhub Multi-user notebook for organizations with plugglable authentication and scalability. Documentation | Repo

      An asset for education. Using notebooks in the classroom.