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  1. Feb 2024
    1. lors du débat de 1850 il y a en particulier un éclat extraordinaire 00:04:59 c'est victor hugo lui n'est pas du tout religieux il croit en dieu mais il n'est pas favorable à une mainmise du clergé sur l'instruction et donc ils attaquent en des termes est extraordinaire ce 00:05:11 qu'il appelle le parti clérical et il termine par ces mots extraordinaire et évidemment c'est une gifle un pur pour la majorité liberté d'enseigner liberté d'enseignement ce que vous réclamez en 00:05:23 réalité c'est la liberté de ne pas enseigner c'est à dire que victor hugo accuse le parti clérical les conservateurs et bien de vouloir entretenir l'ignorance est l'erreur dit il plutôt que de faire progresser les 00:05:38 lumières
  2. Jan 2024
    1. The goal of Quartz is to make hosting your own public digital garden free and simple. You don’t even need your own website. Quartz does all of that for you and gives your own little corner of the internet. https://github.com/jackyzha0/quartz

      Quartz runs on top of Hugo so all notes are written in Markdown .

    1. A very important project under construction, to regenerate and cosmo-localize our world

      to - Michel's Substack - Translation of interview with Hugo Mathecowitsch on the topic of - A system of sovereign bonds but for alternative types of sovereignties? https://hyp.is/RBLQirocEe6eoeeG2hk_Sw/4thgenerationcivilization.substack.com/p/a-system-of-sovereign-bonds-but-for?showWelcome=true

      for - interview - Hugo Mathecowitsch - Michel Bauwens - substack article - interview - alternative types of sovereignties

  3. shreevatsa.net shreevatsa.net
    1. I'm interested in mathematics, programming, Sanskrit literature, and the works of Donald Knuth.

      emacs hugo math

  4. Dec 2023
    1. Math typesetting, or rendering LaTeX, in Hugo is not a hard task. We have two popular alternatives

      hugo katex

  5. Oct 2023
    1. Die Extremwetter-Ereignisse dieses Jahres entsprechen den Vorhersagen der Klimawissenschaft. Der Guardian hat dazu zahlreichende Forschende befragt und viele Statements in einem multimedialen Artikel zusammengestellt. Alle Befragten stimmen darin überein, dass die Verbrennung fossiler Brennstoffe sofort beendet werden muss, um eine weitere Verschlimmerung zu stoppen. Festgestellt wird auch, dass die Verwundbarkeit vieler Communities bisher unterschätzt worden ist. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/aug/28/crazy-off-the-charts-records-has-humanity-finally-broken-the-climate

  6. Apr 2023
  7. Nov 2022
    1. Donations

      To add some other intermediary services:

      To add a service for groups:

      To add a service that enables fans to support the creators directly and anonymously via microdonations or small donations by pre-charging their Coil account to spend on content streaming or tipping the creators' wallets via a layer containing JS script following the Interledger Protocol proposed to W3C:

      If you want to know more, head to Web Monetization or Community or Explainer

      Disclaimer: I am a recipient of a grant from the Interledger Foundation, so there would be a Conflict of Interest if I edited directly. Plus, sharing on Hypothesis allows other users to chime in.

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    1. The effect was beautifully suggested by Victor Hugo in a familiar passage in Notre-Dame de Paris (183 1) when the scholar holding his first printed book turns away from his manuscripts, looks a t the cathedral, and says "This will kill that" (Ceci tuera cela). Print also destroyed "the invisible cathedrals of memory." For the printed book made it less nec- essary to shape ideas and things into vivid images and then store them in Memory-places.

      In Notre-Dame de Paris (1831) Victor Hugo depicts a scholar holding his first printed book. He turns away from his manuscripts to look at the cathedral and says "This will kill that" (Ceci tuera cela). Similarly the printed book made it far less necessary to store one's knowledge into cathedrals of memory.

  12. Dec 2021
    1. Hugo Blotius, whose term in offi ce in the dusty halls of the Vienna court library lasted from 1575 to 1608.

      Hugo Blotius was a librarian at the Vienna court library from 1575 to 1608.



  13. Jul 2021
    1. An example of a digital garden.

      One of the missing pieces for many of these is a starting point for entry. Notice that in this example he has a link to his Junk Food article to get people started.

      Tables of contents can be a useful or important UI feature that is sometimes missing in these.

  14. May 2021
    1. go-jamming is a cool looking Webmention sender and receiver, particularly for SSGs. It can be used to service multiple websites as well.

      Requires a bit of configuration and build into one's templates, but it looks pretty well documented.

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    1. Homebrew (macOS)

      Install Hugo on Mac os

      to upgrade hugo via terminal do this:

      brew upgrade hugo

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    1. Despite Hugo Chavez's ad hoc ban on transgenic crops in 2004, large multinational corporations, like Monsanto, are trying to use the current economic climate to negotiate for the arrival of GM seed in Venezuela.
  22. Apr 2019