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  1. Jan 2024
    1. it's a field of diverse intelligence

      for - definition - diverse intelligence

      definition - diverse intelligence - developing a framework that encompasses the wide field of intelligence of living systems

  2. Dec 2023
    1. the second of the 00:23:12 uh components of commanding hope is what i call astute hope and this is really uh more of an epistemological stance if the first is a moral attitude or a moral stance towards truth this is a 00:23:24 this is a a a kind of hope that reflects a particular form of knowledge uh in this case knowledge about how uh how we look at the world and what our 00:23:38 perspectives are especially our sort of ideological social and economic perspectives
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      • description - astute hope

        • our epistemological view of the world
        • In complex areas like climate change, we provide tools to help people look at these ideological views
      • comment

        • Indyweb can provide a good framework for holding the diversity of worldviews for everyone to experience
  3. Nov 2023
    1. here is the human 00:50:39 journey the big arrows indicate the way that it in fact developed in history the small errors indicate that of the seven point seven billion of us on the planet people are moving in every direction 00:50:52 from each of those phases and some in each of those phases want to hang on to those phases are not move that's what those great black circles are the little black circles our people who want to 00:51:04 just hang on to what they've got and not move but others are on the move and what's more they're on the move in every possible direction
      • for: cultural evolution - diverse movements, cultural transition - diverse movements

      • summary

        • Bill Reese and Rubin Nelson believe that the dynamic / relational quadrant of indigenous culture is the most viable futures
  4. Aug 2022
  5. Jun 2022
    1. Rose (2015) remarked that the notion of an “average” learner is a misnomer, and learner diversity (rather than uniformity) is actually the norm.

      and aren't averages are made up of already varying data points anyway? who decides what "average" comprises/looks like?

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    1. From the molecules in the candidate pool find the one that has the maximum value for its minimum distance to molecules in the picked set (hence the MaxMin name), calculating and recording the distances as required. This molecule is the most distant one to those already picked so is transferred to the picked set.

      a good summary of MaxMin method

  12. Jul 2020
    1. reach and meet the growing number of diverse audiences using the web.

      important to show how much the use of tech is increasing

  13. Jun 2020