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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Taskonbit

      This post is an overview of Taskonbit, a new faucet website that allows users to withdraw their earnings. The post highlights the minimum withdrawal amount, the value of the coins, various ways to earn coins, and the bonus levels available.

    2. Taskonbit
      • Who: The author of the post, meme.
      • What: Introducing Taskonbit, a new faucet website with cool perks.
      • Where: The website is Taskonbit.com.
      • Why: To share information about a new faucet website and its features.
      • How: By providing details about the website's features, such as the ability to withdraw, minimum withdrawal amount, value of coins, ways to earn coins, and the presence of levels and bonuses. The post also includes a payment proof.
  2. Jan 2024
    1. dCity new Combine

      The Hive mining post discusses the new updates in the dCity game, including the introduction of temples and the distribution of the ENTRY token. The author shares their strategy and thoughts on the updates.

    2. Hive-Mining

      Hive Mining

      • Who: The author of the post, Alex E.B. Trapp.
      • What: The post discusses the new updates in dCity, specifically the addition of temples and the network effects.
      • Where: The updates are on the dCity platform.
      • Why: The updates add utility to the network combines and introduce new gameplay mechanics.
      • How: The new temples can be combined using specific cards, such as Hive Mining Operation, Warehouse, Advanced Management, and Bag of SIM. The author also mentions the distribution of ENTRY and its usefulness in buying Chaos Packs, NFT hoodies, and other NFTs. The author shares their own experience and strategy in the game.
    1. Revolutionizing Crypto Mining

      Revolutionizing Hive Crypto Mining

      This post discusses the concept of micro-earning in Hive crypto mining, specifically focusing on Leothreads and Decks as a new way to mine Hive tokens through social interactions and short content creation.

    2. Revolutionizing Crypto Mining

      Revolutionizing Hive Crypto Mining

      • Who: The author, asgharali, discusses the rise of micro-earning in Hive crypto mining with Leothreads and Decks.
      • What: The post explains how miners play a crucial role in the crypto industry by mining new coins, particularly Bitcoin. It highlights the challenges miners face as mining becomes more difficult over time due to halving cycles. The post introduces the concept of social mining in the HIVE ecosystem, where users can mine HIVE by generating content and staying active on the network.
      • Where: The post specifically mentions the HIVE ecosystem and various front-ends such as LeoFinance and Ecency that are implementing micro-earning through threads and decks.
      • Why: The post explains that the introduction of micro-earning through Leothreads and Decks is a new revolution in HIVE crypto mining. It provides an opportunity for users to earn rewards by engaging with others and sharing their opinions.
      • When: The post does not provide a specific timeline, but it mentions that the introduction of leothreads in LeoFinance was a few months ago.
      • How: The post explains that users can mine HIVE through micro-earning by composing threads and engaging with others. The post also mentions the option to convert earned LEO tokens to HIVE coins. It emphasizes the importance of user attention and encourages more people to start utilizing threads for social mining.
    1. Daily Report of Day 159

      @hive-lu's daily report that includes updates on the Lucoin token and the Best Curation Daily Post project. It also provides information on the top holders of Lucoin and the rewards distributed for the day. Additionally, it highlights the development goals for the project.

    2. Daily Report of Day 159

      Who: @hive-lu.

      What: The post is a daily report of Day 159, which includes updates on the development goals, promotional fund, curation rewards, Lucoin token distribution, and exchange offers.

      Why: The purpose of the post is to provide information and updates on the various aspects of the Lucoin token and the activities related to it.

      How: The information is presented in a structured format, with sections dedicated to different topics such as development goals, promotional fund, curation rewards, and exchange offers. The details are provided in tables and text format, making it easy to understand and follow.

    1. million dollar steemit page

      Nassim Mehdaoui discusses the Million Dollar Homepage and its success as a clever and innovative website, drawing parallels to the concept of Steemit and the opportunities it provides for participation and rewards in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

    2. million dollar steemit page

      Who: Nassim Mehdaoui.

      What: Discussing the Million Dollar Homepage and its success, as well as promoting the concept of Steemit as a platform for participation and rewards.

      Why: To inform readers about the Million Dollar Homepage and encourage participation and support for Steemit.

      When: The Million Dollar Homepage was created in 2005.

      How: The author explains the concept and success of the Million Dollar Homepage, and encourages readers to support the post by commenting and sharing.

  3. Apr 2023
    1. Complete Solo Teaching Requirement / Final which requires 10 hours of classes as solo instructor.

      "Complete" speaks to measurables that may not be transparently aligned with the competencies. This criteria statement however does specify that the completion means the earner has done 10 hours of solo instruction. That's helpful. Even better would be if those 10 solo classes were supported with assessment beyond just showing up. The alignment to external standards is also a model example.

    1. Proposed effective human resources initiatives based on workforce analytic

      Solid earning criteria. Linking to rubric or something measurable would be even better.

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