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    1. I have 17K followers

      People talk about their huge follower counts on Twitter, but seem to discount the number of bots, inactive accounts, and other cruft that make up that number.

      Most people moving to Mastodon are reporting much more honest, human, and warm engagement on the platform over their experiences on Twitter.

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    1. I want you to understand that my primary purpose is with you and your individual unfolding of your Self as your conscious experience of Being. That will become No.1 with you, because you are the one that constitutes the Eternal Constant. The apparent three-dimensional event of the reappearance of the Christ is one of the millions of events which will occur to you as your experience eternally. You must keep in mind that no single event in your experience takes precedence over that which is experiencing it—You. You must be very careful not to classify yourself as a follower of Maitreya, or a follower of any Master, or any Teacher. You are to follow the Inner Path of the evolving of your very own Being as It unfolds and reveals Itself as your conscious experience. This must be a rule, a guidepost for you to refer to often.