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  1. Jan 2024
    1. The goal of Quartz is to make hosting your own public digital garden free and simple. You don’t even need your own website. Quartz does all of that for you and gives your own little corner of the internet. https://github.com/jackyzha0/quartz

      Quartz runs on top of Hugo so all notes are written in Markdown .

  2. Oct 2023
  3. Aug 2023
    1. The Science Behind Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

      In the health and wellness world, a fascinating trend has emerged with the rise of hydrogen infused water machine. These innovative devices promise to deliver a refreshing beverage beyond ordinary hydration – hydrogen-rich water. Packed with potential health benefits, the science behind these machines is captivating and sheds new light on how we think about water consumption and its impact on our well-being.

      Hydrogen: The Unsung Hero Of Molecules

      Before delving into the science of hydrogen-rich water machines, it's essential to understand the pivotal role of hydrogen itself. Hydrogen is the lightest and simplest element on the periodic table, consisting of a single proton and an electron. While hydrogen is generally known for its explosive nature, it has recently garnered attention for its potential health benefits when dissolved in water.

      The Power Of Hydrogen-Infused Water

      Hydrogen-infused water, often called hydrogen-rich water, is created when molecular hydrogen gas (H2) is dissolved into plain water. This process typically involves using advanced technologies found in hydrogen-rich water machines. The resulting beverage is touted for its potential antioxidant properties, which could contribute to various health improvements.

      Antioxidant Action: Hydrogen's Hidden Potential

      Antioxidants are essential for neutralizing dangerous chemicals known as free radicals, which may damage cells and contribute to a variety of health problems such as chronic illnesses and ageing. Molecular hydrogen is thought to have antioxidant characteristics that are more effective than well-known antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

      Hydrogen's unique antioxidant potential lies in its ability to easily penetrate cell membranes and access cellular compartments, including the nucleus and mitochondria. This attribute gives hydrogen an edge in protecting cellular components from oxidative stress, potentially reducing the risk of oxidative damage.

      The Mechanism: How Hydrogen Works Its Magic

      The exact mechanism behind hydrogen's antioxidant effects is still an area of ongoing research, but several theories have been proposed. One prominent theory suggests that hydrogen is a selective scavenger of harmful free radicals, targeting the most reactive and damaging ones without affecting beneficial molecules like oxygen or nitric oxide.

      Another theory is that hydrogen has the power to modify signalling pathways within cells. By altering these pathways, hydrogen may elicit preventive responses that boost the body's natural defence systems against oxidative stress and inflammation.

      Hydrogen-Rich Water Machines: The Technology

      Hydrogen-rich water machines are designed to harness the power of molecular hydrogen by infusing it into plain drinking water. These devices commonly use electrolysis, which involves sending an electric current through water to divide it into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The hydrogen gas is subsequently dissolved in water, yielding a beverage high in this beneficial chemical.

      These machines are equipped with advanced membranes that allow only hydrogen molecules to pass through while preventing the escape of potentially harmful byproducts like ozone. This ensures the purity and safety of the resulting hydrogen-infused water.

      Potential Health Benefits

      While research on the health benefits of hydrogen-rich water is still in its infancy, preliminary studies have shown promising results. Some of the potential benefits include the following:

      Antioxidant Defense: Hydrogen-rich water's antioxidant properties could help reduce oxidative stress and associated health risks. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Hydrogen may have anti-inflammatory effects that could benefit conditions like arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. Cellular Health: Hydrogen might contribute to overall cellular health and function by protecting cellular components. Exercise Performance: Some research suggests that hydrogen-rich water might enhance exercise performance and reduce muscle fatigue. Conclusion: A Glimpse Into The Future Of Hydration

      Hydrogen-rich water machines are ushering in a new era of hydration, where molecular hydrogen's benefits are harnessed to enhance our well-being potentially. While more research is needed to understand the extent of these benefits fully, the early findings are exciting and have sparked interest among health-conscious individuals.

      As technology advances, we can anticipate more refined hydrogen-infused water machines and a deeper understanding of how molecular hydrogen interacts with our bodies. Whether you're an early adopter or a cautious observer, the science behind these machines invites us to explore the intriguing potential of hydrogen-infused water and its impact on our health.

  4. Jul 2023
    1. Since generators produce output one element at a time versus an entire list all at once, it can help your program use less memory.
    2. It is not until you request elements from the generator that it begins executing its code:

      A generator is a function-like iterator object.

    3. A generator is a convenient way, similar to writing a normal function, to construct a new iterable object. Whereas normal functions execute and return a single result at a time, generators can return a sequence of multiple values by pausing and resuming execution each time the generator is used. To create a generator, use the yield keyword instead of return in a function:
  5. Apr 2023
    1. Daniel Schmachtenberger has spoken at length about the ‘generator functions’ of existential risk, in essence the deeper driving causes.

      Definition - generator function of existential risk - the deeper driving cause of existential risk - two examples of deep causes - rivalrous dynamics - complicated systems consuming their complex substrate

      Claim - Alexander Beiner claims that - the generator function of these generator functions is physicalism

  6. Dec 2022
    1. “I have a trick that I used in my studio, because I have these twenty-eight-hundred-odd pieces of unreleased music, and I have them all stored in iTunes,” Eno said during his talk at Red Bull. “When I’m cleaning up the studio, which I do quite often—and it’s quite a big studio—I just have it playing on random shuffle. And so, suddenly, I hear something and often I can’t even remember doing it. Or I have a very vague memory of it, because a lot of these pieces, they’re just something I started at half past eight one evening and then finished at quarter past ten, gave some kind of funny name to that doesn’t describe anything, and then completely forgot about, and then, years later, on the random shuffle, this thing comes up, and I think, Wow, I didn’t hear it when I was doing it. And I think that often happens—we don’t actually hear what we’re doing. . . . I often find pieces and I think, This is genius. Which me did that? Who was the me that did that?”

      Example of Brian Eno using ITunes as a digital music zettelkasten. He's got 2,800 pieces of unreleased music which he plays on random shuffle for serendipity, memory, and potential creativity. The experience seems to be a musical one which parallels Luhmann's ideas of serendipity and discovery with the ghost in the machine or the conversation partner he describes in his zettelkasten practice.

    2. Eno’s strategies don’t always appeal to the musicians he works with. In Geeta Dayal’s book about the album, also titled “Another Green World,” the bassist Percy Jones recalls, “There was this one time when he gave everybody a piece of paper, and he said write down 1 to 100 or something like that, and then he gave us notes to play against specific numbers.” Phil Collins, who played drums on the album, reacted to these instructions by throwing beer cans across the room. “I think we got up to about 24 and then we gave up and did something else,” Jones said.

      Example of Brian Eno using combinatorial creativity using cards to generate music.

      This sounds similar to a process used by Austin Kleon which I've noted before.

  7. Nov 2022
    1. It is handy to manually generate the diagram from times to times using the previously created command: npm run db:diagram:generate. Though, getting the diagram to update itself on its own automatically without a developer interaction would ensure that it the diagram is never obsolete. There are several ways of doing this.You could use a pre-commit git hook or even better simply configure your CI/CD pipeline(s) to run the npm script whenever something gets merged into the main branch 🙂
  8. Jul 2022
    1. AI text generator, a boon for bloggers? A test report

      While I wanted to investigate AI text generators further, I ended up writing a testreport.. I was quite stunned because the AI ​​text generator turns out to be able to create a fully cohesive and to-the-point article in minutes. Here is the test report.

  9. Jan 2022
  10. www.npmjs.com www.npmjs.com
    1. co(function* () {  var result = yield Promise.resolve(true);  return result;}).then(function (value) {  console.log(value);}, function (err) {  console.error(err.stack);});
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    1. Use the desc option to provide human-readable descriptions of filters. You should prefer these to comments because they can be used to generate documentation.
  16. Jan 2021
    1. While custom iterators are a useful tool, their creation requires careful programming due to the need to explicitly maintain their internal state. Generator functions provide a powerful alternative: they allow you to define an iterative algorithm by writing a single function whose execution is not continuous. Generator functions are written using the function* syntax.
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    1. The folks at Netlify created Netlify CMS to fill a gap in the static site generation pipeline. There were some great proprietary headless CMS options, but no real contenders that were open source and extensible—that could turn into a community-built ecosystem like WordPress or Drupal. For that reason, Netlify CMS is made to be community-driven, and has never been locked to the Netlify platform (despite the name).

      Kind of an unfortunate name...

  23. Mar 2020
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  25. Dec 2019
    1. This gem also includes a responders controller generator, so your scaffold can be customized to use respond_with instead of default respond_to blocks. From 2.1, you need to explicitly opt-in to use this generator by adding the following to your config/application.rb: config.app_generators.scaffold_controller :responders_controller
  26. Oct 2019
    1. The portion of the GAN that trains the generator includes: random input generator network, which transforms the random input into a data instance discriminator network, which classifies the generated data discriminator output generator loss, which penalizes the generator for failing to fool the discriminator

      GAN- Generator

      Steps or the exact work happening in the network

    2. generator part of a GAN learns to create fake data by incorporating feedback from the discriminator

      GAN- Generator learns to create fake data by incorporating feedback from discriminator

    3. generated instances become negative training examples for the discriminator

      GAN- Generator. It is trying to produce the input for discriminator

  27. Aug 2019
  28. Sep 2017
    1. However, unlike an ordinary loop, yield from allows subgenerators to receive sent and thrown values directly from the calling scope, and return a final value to the outer generator

      This is the main usage of yield from.

  29. Jul 2016
    1. De ce point de vue, il n'est pas nécessaire d'argumenter longuement sur ces dispositions car le convergence des structures de productivité peut produire des miracles et agrémenter le soutien du jeu des stratégies des forces en présence.

  30. Aug 2015
    1. The idea of replacing Yeoman is born I was wondering, what if Yeoman could be replaced by something similar that was simpler, as well as being easier to write and maintain?

      Slush replaced Yeoman as the choice tool for scaffolding applications

    2. One way to be sure that you are using state of the art techniques is to use a scaffolding tool when building new apps/packages. With a scaffolding tool you can also get help when upgrading an existing project that has already been generated with the tool. The most popular scaffolding tool today is Yeoman and it has a huge amount of project generators. To save time when setting up new projects I decided to create a Yeoman generator of my own – generator-klei which is a MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS) app generator. At first it was a great experience and I was really satisfied with the generator, that was until it had to be maintained.
    3. In the world of web development today it’s hard to stay updated with the ever increasing amount of new modules, libraries and packages that are released each day. What’s hot today can be forgotten tomorrow.

      Slush – A Better Web App Scaffolding Tool