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  1. Jan 2020
    1. das sich nicht in vereinfachenden Dichotomien abbilden lässt:

      Any proof?

    1. “We have seen that just giving people the ability to communicate with each other leads naturally to a lot of wonderful things but also it can lead to really unpleasant things.”

      We cannot separate the air that chokes from the air upon which wings beat. https://github.com/perguth/Declaration-Final

  2. Dec 2019
    1. Ourgoal is to have Dat be configurable in respect to thistradeoff to allow application developers to meet theirown privacy guidelines.

      What's going to come?


  3. May 2018
  4. www.gesetze-im-internet.de www.gesetze-im-internet.de
    1. HandelsgesetzbuchHGBAusfertigungsdatum

      Zusätzlich fällt die KG als Unternehmen, das schon eine gewisse Größenordnung erreicht hat, unter die organisationsrechtlichen Regelungen des Handelsgesetzbuchs (HGB), unabhängig davon, ob sie ein Handelsgewerbe im engeren herkömmlichen Sinne betreibt. https://www.frankfurt-main.ihk.de/existenzgruendung/rechtsfragen/idem/kg/

  5. Apr 2018
  6. Jan 2018
  7. Dec 2017
  8. Nov 2017
    1. Developers are an important demographic. Apple says they are the biggest segment of Macbook Pro users, which means they spend a lot of money. And they’re a demographic underserved by Chromebooks today.
    2. Chrome OS defenders can come up with some janky web or Android apps that roughly emulate some of these use cases, but none of them are the kind of industry-defining programs you get on other platforms. This is the third generation of these premium Chrome OS flagships, though, so Google must be happy with the presumably low-volume sales of a device like this. If you liked the other Chromebook Pixels, you’ll like this one, but nothing here closes the gap between Chrome OS and other laptop OSes.
  9. Jan 2017
    1. It doesn't interact with dedicated hardware, like smart cards, USB dongles, or randomness generators.
  10. Dec 2016
  11. Jul 2016
    1. Git actually has an extensible mechanism for network protocols built in. The way it works is that my git clone line gets turned into “run the git-remote-gittorrent command and give it the URL as an argument”.
  12. Jun 2016
    1. Few applications, many websites, Privacy, space: https://youtu.be/MyQ8mtR9WxI?t=3m16s

      At every step of the funnel you loose 20%. Web is low frictoin. The adavist is dropping the native app an only betting on the web. https://youtu.be/MyQ8mtR9WxI?t=5m23s

      What keept native apps valuable:

      -> Progressive Web Apps https://youtu.be/MyQ8mtR9WxI?t=9m18s

      Chrome inspect for mobile devices websites https://youtu.be/MyQ8mtR9WxI?t=27m25s

  13. May 2016
    1. Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology


    1. doesn't provide developers with the means to import such modules of code in a clean, organized manner. It's one of the concerns with specifications that haven't required great thought until more recent years where the need for more organized JavaScript applications became apparent.
  14. Apr 2016
    1. since there's no exposed next() call, the for..of loop cannot be used in situations where you need to pass in values to the generator steps as we did above.
    2. It may not be a good idea to rely on the return value from generators, because when iterating generator functions with for..of loops (see below), the final returned value would be thrown away.
    1. Iterators may also have some methods that are unique to their character, like dropWhile and takeWhile.
    2. Discrete values should be pushed whereas continuous values should be pulled or polled.
  15. Oct 2015
    1. We believe the key aspect of 4G P2P is removing the need for any server: zero-server P2P. Without the need for servers it could offer unbounded scalability and be used potentially by millions of PCs and Internet-only television sets. Crafting an operational system which such a academically pure architecture has proven to be difficult. To date, no research team or start-up company has been able to create a pure P2P system which includes required features such as streaming, easy search, and spam prevention.
    1. 27.10.15

      my start


    1. // give it a kick whenever the source is readable // read(0) will not consume any bytes source.on('readable', function() { self.read(0); });


  16. Sep 2015
    1. Handy javascript constructor tip: you can include a this instanceof Widget check like above to let people consume your module with new Widget or Widget(). It's nice because it hides an implementation detail from your API and you still get the performance benefits and indentation wins of using prototypes.
    1. Should you wish to learn more about the language, I am happy to recommend the following titles: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov Writing Maintainable JavaScript by Nicholas Zakas JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
  17. Aug 2015
    1. ICE always tastes better when it trickles!

      Trickle ICE<br> Begin connectivity checks while gathering candidates.

      A candidate is a address:port/transport triplet. Simply speaking: the more local a candidate is, the higher its priority.

      The connection initiation process can be speed up from up to 10 seconds to milliseconds.

    1. npm install tap or npm install tape for modules I want to test in the browser. I like simple, imperative tests that I can adapt from simple examples.

      More info please.

    1. “The cat is out of the bag. The content people have no clue. I mean, no clue.” - Bram Cohen
    2. distance between to identifiers is defined as the bitwise exclusive or (XOR) interpreted as an integer. The XOR is symmetric and allows nodes to receive lookup queries from the samedistribution of nodes contained in their routing tables. This property makes the system learn useful routing information from the received queries.


    3. when a download is completed we use a new choking algorithm which unchokes the peers with the highest upload rate

      How is it determined how much/fast peers upload?



    1. As I did 20 years ago, I still fervently believe that the only way to make software secure, reliable, and fast is to make it small. Fight Features.

      Fight Features.

    1. The Nordic Model: Pros and Cons
      • Social benefits like free education, healthcare and pensions.
      • Redistributive taxation.
      • Relaxed employment laws.
      • History in family-driven agriculture. Culture of small entrepreneurial enterprises.
      • High rates of taxation.
    1. With this approach you get isomorphism for free, without having to worry about flushing your stores, since each request will generate its own instance.
    1. Observables and immutable data structures (such as from mori or Immutable.js) allow you to slice your program wherever you wish.
    1. BitSwapnodes exchange their ledger information. If it does notmatch exactly, the ledger is reinitialized from scratch, losingthe accrued credit or debt. It is possible for malicious nodesto purposefully \lose" the Ledger, hoping to erase debts. Itis unlikely that nodes will have accrued enough debt to war-rant also losing the accrued trust; however the partner nodeis free to count it as misconduct, and refuse to trade.
    2. BitTorrent's standard tit-for-tat is vulnerable to someexploitative bandwidth sharing strategies. PropShare [8]is a di erent peer bandwidth allocation strategy thatbetter resists exploitative strategies, and improves theperformance of swarms
    1. Remove sensitive data mac windows linux all
      • Simply use BFG Repo-Cleaner
        • Otherwise use: git filter-branch --force --index-filter \ 'git rm --cached --ignore-unmatch PATH_FILENAME' \ --prune-empty --tag-name-filter cat -- --all
      • Tell collaborators to rebase not merge
  18. Local file Local file
    1. we do not solve confirmation attacks basedon the analysis of flow dynamics [43, 31, 38] and active packettag-ging [40]. Resisting such attacks using dynamic link padding [45]is no more difficult than in onion routing, although equally expen-sive



    1. filesystem-level encryption + signing support
    1. remind me to tell you about internet-wide multicast idea i had a long time ago. (we may be able to hack it up with cjdns)
    1. Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design
      • Mobile first CSS. Add styles for bigger screens not the reverse.
      • Reduce requests by using data-URLs for small images.
      • Use Content Fragments and conditionally load them using JS.
      • Good breakpoints:
        • 28.75em wide - roughly the size of mobile phones in landscape mode.
        • 40.5em - roughly tablets in portrait mode or small desktop screens.
      • Take advantage of mobile-centric features like phone links and touch events.
    2. if(!$('#nav-anchors a').hasClass('active')) {

      Why this check?

    1. The respective command for pulling is incoming $ cd ../project $ hg incoming ../feature1

      How to do this with Git?

  19. Jul 2015
    1. When running internationalization code in the browser it is best if the locale used is the same as was used when the page was generated on the server.


    1. Zusammenspiel von Watch-Expressions und Digest-Lifecycle



    1. Netflix JavaScript Talks - Async JavaScript with Reactive Extensions

      "Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software"

      Iterator Pattern

      Pulling data, one by one.

      Observer Pattern

      See Pub-Sub, Event-Emitter. Give a callback to a data producer.

    1. Für Urheberrechts-Abmahnungen gilt seit September 2013, dass die Anwaltskosten für den Abgemahnten in einfachen und erstmali - gen Fällen maximal 147,56 Euro betragen dürfen. In der Praxis wird diese Rege - lung unterschiedlich ausgelegt; es werden auch weiterhin höhere Kosten ver - langt, die sich immer nach dem angenommenen Streitwert richten

      Was nun?

    2. ine andere Frage ist es, ob es weitere rechtliche Vorteile bringen kann, ein Freifunk-Netz anzumelden. So sind einige Juristen der Ansicht, dass eine Anmeldung bei eventuellen Streitfällen den einzelnen WLAN-Gastgeber begünstigt (siehe S. 33).
    3. Freie Funknetze haben das Potenzial, Keimzelle einer neuen Dezentralität im Internet zu sein.
    4. zeitkritische Anwendungen wie Internettelefonie oder Livestreams sind mit - unter nicht mehr möglich

      Was passiert bei freifunk-internem Routing?

  20. Jun 2015
    1. "Was wir sehen können, ist, dass 1,4 Milliarden Menschen eine Plattform zu einem mehr oder weniger zentralen Teil ihres Lebens gemacht haben, die von einem Menschen an der Spitze gesteuert wird", nämlich Mark Zuckerberg. "Niemand ist uns bisher so nahe an uns herangekommen."
    1. Ein Start-up aus den USA testet ein neues Hilfsmittel zur Minimierung der Folgen von Datendiebstählen: Es prüft, ob in versteckten Teilen des Web fremde Daten zum Kauf angeboten werden.
  21. Jan 2015
    1. Per Guth

      Now as a Github page! :)



  22. Nov 2014
    1. This deck contains all must-have basic Esperanto rootwords as suggested by the editorial team of the magazine Kontakto.

      That sounds good. I aim to get fluent this semester!

  23. thewebmustdie.com thewebmustdie.com
    1. There is also another America, inside of your pocket and on my desk, a series of tubes as it were.

      Future-oriented nostalgia - the great longing of cybertarians :D

    1. Roadmap

      Could not find "distributed"/"federated" anywhere. Is there no federation feature planed for hypothesis? Will there always be a central server required?

    1. tox-prpl – Tox Protocol Plugin For Pidgin

      Tried it. Already works more or less.

      I really would like to see TOX in Pidgin and Empathy!

    1. Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.

      Still trying to grasp the implications. Anybody else studying this?

    1. I just tried it with your ppa but get “OTR is not supported on this account” when entering “/otr start” in a Jabber chat.

      Anybody knows how to solve this?

    1. AppArmor

      Still lacking good profiles for the common software packages... :-/

    2. several filesystems show performance improvements including XFS and Btrfs

      Now using btrfs on my notebook. Works fine!

      One of the reasons for using it (from btrfs.wiki.kernel.org):

      "SSD (Flash storage) awareness (TRIM/Discard for reporting free blocks for reuse) and optimizations (e.g. avoiding unnecessary seek optimizations, sending writes in clusters, even if they are from unrelated files. This results in larger write operations and faster write throughput)"

      Since btrfs once ate my data (pre 1.0) I did several crash simulations to boost my confidence beforehand.

    1. Freya inherits core components from Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS such as the Linux kernel (version 3.13),

      I love elementary but I need the newer kernel of 14.10 (btrfs!). It's sad that we can't have both :-(

  24. Oct 2014