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  1. Jul 2024
    1. Dr. Sönke AhrensOn page 117 of "How to Take Smart Notes" you write the following: "The slip-box not only confronts us with dis-confirming information, butalso helps with what is known as the feature-positive effect (Allison andMessick 1988; Newman, Wolff, and Hearst 1980; Sainsbury 1971). This isthe phenomenon in which we tend to overstate the importance of informationthat is (mentally) easily available to us and tilts our thinking towards the mostrecently acquired facts, not necessarily the most relevant ones. Withoutexternal help, we would not only take exclusively into account what weknow, but what is on top of our heads.[35] The slip-box constantly remindsus of information we have long forgotten and wouldn’t remember otherwise –so much so, we wouldn’t even look for it."My question for you: Why have you chosen to use the Feature-Positive Effect as the phenomenon to make your point and not the recency bias?The recency bias seems more aligned with your point of our minds favoring recently learned information/knowledge over already existing, perhaps more relevant, cognitive schemata.To my mind, the FPE states that it is easier to detect patterns when the unique stimuli indicating the pattern is present rather than absent... In the following example:Pattern in this sequence: 1235 8593 0591 2531 8532 (all numbers have a 5; the unique feature is present) Pattern in this sequence: 1236 8193 0291 2931 8472 (no numbers contain a 5; the unique feature is absent)The pattern in the first sequence is more easily spotted than the pattern in the second sequence, this is the feature-positive effect. This has not much to do with your point.I do get what you are coming from, namely that we are biased towards what is more readily in mind; however, the extension of this argument with the comparison of relevance vs. time makes the recency bias or availability heuristic more applicable; and also easier to explain in my opinion.Once again, I am simply curious what made you choose the FPE as the phenomenon to explain.I hope you take the time to read this and respond to it. Thanks in advance.Sources in the comments
    2. Hey Matthew, it's a fair point. Without having the whole passage or a previous draft in front of me, it could be simply the outcome of the editing process. It does read like you said: as if I had recency bias in mind (next to other fitting ones), which then got lost after having shortened it for readability. That's my best guess. Even though it is tempting in these cases to come up with some post-hoc, smart sounding reason...

      Response by Ahrens to my question/criticism

  2. Jun 2024
    1. short, monosyllabic words of the end of the sentence (“so that he might...”).

      Another textual feature that amplifies the same point ("evoke an overwhelmed breathlessness and urgency") + example to illustrate his point

    2. polysyndeton

      A textual feature is brought up.



    1. This doesn't allow easy creation of bookmarklets like:

      javascript:(`foo <b>bar</b>`)

      We need explicit detection/support for these.

  3. May 2024
    1. debugfs_create_file("alloc", 0200, tmp, cma, &cma_alloc_fops); debugfs_create_file("free", 0200, tmp, cma, &cma_free_fops); debugfs_create_file("base_pfn", 0444, tmp, &cma->base_pfn, &cma_debugfs_fops); debugfs_create_file("count", 0444, tmp, &cma->count, &cma_debugfs_fops); debugfs_create_file("order_per_bit", 0444, tmp, &cma->order_per_bit, &cma_debugfs_fops); debugfs_create_file("used", 0444, tmp, cma, &cma_used_fops); debugfs_create_file("maxchunk", 0444, tmp, cma, &cma_maxchunk_fops); cma->dfs_bitmap.array = (u32 *)cma->bitmap; cma->dfs_bitmap.n_elements = DIV_ROUND_UP(cma_bitmap_maxno(cma), BITS_PER_BYTE * sizeof(u32));

      feature data

    1. unsigned long nr_dirty; unsigned long nr_io; unsigned long nr_more_io; unsigned long nr_dirty_time; unsigned long nr_writeback; unsigned long nr_reclaimable; unsigned long nr_dirtied; unsigned long nr_written; unsigned long dirty_thresh; unsigned long wb_thresh;

      Possible features

    1. Das neueste Kohlekraftwerk in Bangladesch musste kurz nach seiner Eröffnung bereits zweimal stillgelegt werden, weil Bangladesch nicht über die Devisenreserven verfügte, um die nötige Kohle aus Indonesien zu importieren. Die New York Times stellt ausgehend von diesem Beispiel die zunehmenden wirtschaftlichen Schwierigkeiten wegen der Kosten der Köhleenergie dar. Im Augenblick ist China das einzige größere asiatische Land, das massiv Kohlekraftwerke ausbaut. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/18/climate/coal-electricity-bangladesh.html

    1. This is essentially what --update-refs does, but it makes things a lot simpler; it rebases a branch, "remembers" where all the existing (local) branches point, and then resets them to the correct point afterwards.
  4. Apr 2024
    1. Wassermangel gefährdet inzwischen den Schiffsverkehr durch den Panamakanal und damit die internationale Versorgung mit Agrarprodukten, aber auch mit Flüssiggas. Die Trockenheit ist ein Ergebnis veränderter Niederschlagsmuster, die in diesem Jahr durch das El Niño-Phänomen verstärkt werden.

  5. Mar 2024
    1. Empower doesn't allow you to import legacy data from other sources (like Mint) or input manual transactions such as cash. The latter isn't important to me, but the former certainly is. I have 16 years of transaction data in Mint that I want to preserve.
    1. You can’t split anything, so that charge at the gas station is all gas, even if you spent a little in the food mart.
  6. Feb 2024
    1. As you've seen, there is no DM system, but you can invite users to chat directly. More generally, consider commenting on the question itself and @-ing the user who made the edit(s). To my understanding, this should work, and it may allow for a quick explanation that doesn't require going in to chat.

      I think commenting in the context of question is better than a DM, though I don't always like making my question "messy" by having a bunch of comments under it... but maybe that is the best way.

    1. one of the core ways that we're weird is that we think we have a self

      for - definition - Weird - stats - Weird countries - greatest sense of self - inspiration - introduce - Sarah Stein Lubrano - Rachell - Indyweb - Indranet

      definition - Weird - Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic

      inspiration - introduce Rachel and Sarah to Indyweb / Indranet - As soon as I heard Rachel and Sarah talk about the prominent and unique WEIRD feature of sense of self, - I immediately thought that we must introduce them to our work on the Indyweb / |ndranet as our system is designed based on the epistemology that - we are not a thing - we are a process - we are evolution in realtime action - the very use of the Indyweb / Indranet reinforces the reality that we are a process and not a fixed entity - so deconstructs the social construct of the self

  7. Jan 2024
    1. Some frameworks call this “template inheritance”. In this example, we might say that the application layout “inherits from” or “extends” the base layout. In Rails, this is known as nested layouts, and it is a bit awkward to use. The standard Rails practice for nested layouts is complicated and involves these considerations
    2. But what if you want to reuse one layout within another?
    1. his is a killer-feature which I miss since I switched from Jira to GitLab. I'm using GitLab on a daily basis even in solo-projects and I miss this every day. Everybody would find value to this when using Issues and realize, that some depend on others (so basically always).
    2. Using an issue tracker without them is, in my opinion, a little like using an outlining program that only supports two levels of nesting, or like using Wiki software that doesn't have the concept of reverse links. Makes me sad!
    3. (I grant that many of us contribute code to Gitlab, and would also like to participate as members of the development team in guiding the implementations, but clearly the core team has to have the final say in what direction that takes... unless someone wants to create and maintain their own fork of Gitlab ;) )
    4. Another example are issue boards. They represent elegant use of a good infrastructure ­— it is all just a smart use of labels. It would be very complex feature without the use of labels.
    5. Issue relations are meant to be the basic infrastructure to build on (at least that is how I meant it when I posted the original feature request). Just like the labels are just a binary relation between a issue and a "label", the relations should be just a ternary relation between two issues and a "label". Then you can build issue task lists on top of the relations like you've built issue boards on top of the labels.
    6. We already have a very nice example of such tool and its great use: the Board, where labels are used to store metadata and the Board is built above this storage. Do the same with the relations -- simple metadata storage to build on.
  8. Dec 2023
    1. This is similar to gdonato's answer, but scopes in doorkeeper are better used for managing which permissions are being given to the authenticated app (i.e. "Give this app permission to read X and write Y on your behalf").
  9. Nov 2023
    1. Eine neue Studie ergibt, dass sich das Abschmelzen des westantarktischen Eisschilds selbst dann fortsetzen wird, wenn die Erderhitzung auf 1,5° begrenzt wird. Das Schelfeis stellt ein Kipppelememt dar. Der Abschmelzvorgang verstärkt sich selbst und führt zu einer unaufhaltsamen Erhöhung des Meeresspiegels, weil er den Weg für das hinter dem Schelfeis gelegene Gletschereis frei macht. https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000192327/meterhoher-meeresanstieg-durch-abschmelzen-des-westantarktischen-eisschelfs

      Studie: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41558-023-01818-x

      Mehr zur Studie: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag%3A%27report%3A+Unavoidable+future+increase+in+West+Antarctic+ice-shelf+melting%27

    1. Google Chrome for Android no longer has an option to disable “Pull to Refresh”. For people who don’t really like using this feature, this is pretty annoying. There was a way to disable this using a flag, but version 75 removed this flag too.
    2. The nice point of Kiwi is that it supports Chrome extensions, this is why I am trying it. Browser extensions are something which I believe should be rather more widespread in Android by now.
    3. I was filling and completing a report on a website, uploaded an attachment just wanted to fill up some remaining inputs on final step, while scrolling down the whole page refreshed!.. hours of work and composition was gone instantly, extremely frustrating!
    4. I stoped using chrome android for purchases, due to the refresh occuring while scrolling up. Poor design choice
  10. Oct 2023
    1. When a language presumes to know more than its user, that's when there's trouble.
    2. Just because a language has a feature that might be dangerous doesn't mean it's inherently a bad thing. When a language presumes to know more than its user, that's when there's trouble.
    3. I'd argue that when you find a programming language devoid of danger, you've found one that's not very useful.
    4. The reason eval is there is because when you need it, when you really need it, there are no substitutes. There's only so much you can do with creative method dispatching, after all, and at some point you need to execute arbitrary code.
  11. Sep 2023
    1. Send on behalf of another user or account  Uncheck Treat as an alias. Example: You manage 2 email addresses in separate accounts or mail systems. You sign in to each account separately to read messages. But you want the convenience of sending mail as either address from your Gmail account.
    1. Die Pasterze ist 2022 mit über 87 Metern viermal schneller abgeschmolzen als davor. Insgesamt haben die österreichischen Gletscher 2022 6% ihrer Fläche verloren. Selbst bei einem sofortigen Stopp der globalen Erhitzung dürften diese Gletscher vollständig abschmelzen. Seit 2-3 Jahren zerfallen die Gletscher auch großflächig. Überblicksartikel zur österreichische Kryosphäre; im September erscheint der nächste Bericht zur Lage der österreichischen Gletscher. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000185725/alpine-eisforschung-mit-ablaufdatumexpert:

    1. I'm curious: what is the reason for Yahoo discontinuing the "@ymail.com" domain?I'm aware that there's now a 2nd domain option available, "@myyahoo.com", and I recently took advantage of that to create a new address. But "@ymail.com" honestly looks more appealing to me than either of the "yahoo" iterations.
  12. Aug 2023
    1. I ran into the same problem and never really found a good answer via the test objects. The only solution I saw was to actually update the session via a controller. I defined a new action in one of my controllers from within test_helper (so the action does not exist when actually runnning the application). I also had to create an entry in routes. Maybe there’s a better way to update routes while testing. So from my integration test I can do the following and verfiy: assert(session[:fake].nil?, “starts empty”) v = ‘Yuck’ get ‘/user_session’, :fake => v assert_equal(v, session[:fake], “value was set”)
    1. Auto-update aside, you might also have found it hard to find a Chrome binary with a specific version. Google intentionally doesn’t make versioned Chrome downloads available, since users shouldn’t have to care about version numbers—they should always get updated to the latest version as soon as possible. This is great for users, but painful for developers needing to reproduce a bug report in an older Chrome version.
    1. rendered.should have_selector("#header") do |header| header.should have_selector("ul.navlinks") end Both of which silently pass - however, capybara doesn't support a :content option (it should be :text), and it doesn't support passing blocks to have_selector (a common mistake from Webrat switchers).
  13. Jul 2023
    1. „Die Marmolada ist ein Symbol des Zugs, aus dem wir nicht aussteigen wollen.“ Die hochalpinen Regionen gehören durch die globale Erhitzung zu den verwundbarsten und gefährlichsten Zonen der Erde. Reinhold Messner blickt auf das Marmolada-Unglück vor einem Jahr zurück und stellt fest, dass nicht einmal die alltägliche Erfahrung ökologischer Katastrophen zu einer Abkehr von den fossilen Energien führt – weil diejenigen, die die Katastrophen verursachen nicht diejenigen sind, die für sie bezahlen.


  14. Jun 2023
  15. May 2023
    1. Kalifornien Nevada und Arizona haben sich mit der amerikanischen Bundesregierung auf ein Abkommen geeinigt, dass die Wasserversorgung durch den Colorado River bis 2026 regelt. Die Staaten verzichten auf die Bewirtschaftung erheblicher landwirtschaftlicher Flechten, erhalten dafür von der Regierung aber Kompensationen. Für die Zukunft wird wegen der zunehmenden Trockenheit mit schwierigeren Verhandlungen gerechnet. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/22/climate/colorado-river-deal.html

    1. George Monbiot über den katastrophalen Zustand der englischen Flüsse, der zu einem Thema im Wahlkampf vor den Lokalwahlen an diesem Donnerstag geworden ist. Der Artikel geht auf die Verbindung der Degradierung der Flüsse mit der Agroindustrie und der Privatisierung des Wassermanagements ein. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/may/03/england-rivers-election-sewage-water-pollution

  16. Apr 2023
    1. Foto-Reportage des Guardian über die indigene Bevölkerung in der Nähe des Quelccaya-Gletscher, der bereits etwa die Hälfte seines Umfangs durch die globale Erhitzung verloren hat. Das Abschmelzen des Gletschers trägt zur erheblich vergrößerten Trockenheit bei, die wiederum den Lebensunterhalt der Bevölkerung, der von der Alpaka Zucht bestimmt wird, erschwert und auf Dauer unmöglich machen dürfte. Die Reportage ist Teil des preisgekrönten Projekts "Hüter der Anden". https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2023/apr/18/andes-community-devastated-by-climate-crisis-quelccaya-glacier-peru

    1. The research, published in the journal Scientific Reports, is based on data from automatic weather stations on the islands of Svalbard and Franz Josef Land. Until now, this had not been through the standard quality control process and made public.
  17. Mar 2023
    1. Impersonation is a security concept implemented in Windows NT that allows a server application to temporarily "be" the client in terms of access to secure objects.
  18. Jan 2023
    1. There is no predetermined correlation between this import path and the file system, and the imported module doesn’t have to know anything about the import path used in an importing module.

      This is not a good approach. It's the opposite of what you want. Module resolution remains easy for computers (because of their speed), but tedious for humans.

      As a writer, maybe there's some benefit for no correlation. As a reader trying to understand a foreign codebase, esp. one who is in the moment trying to figure out, "Where is this thing defined? Where can I read the source code?" when jumping through procedure definitions, not being able to trivially ascertain which file a given thing is in is unnecessary friction. Better to offload a tiny bit of work onto the author who knows the codebase (or at least their own immediate intention) well rather than to stymie the progress of dozens/hundreds of readers trying to work things out.

    1. There is no such method in ruby, but you can easily define it like: def my_strip(string, chars) chars = Regexp.escape(chars) string.gsub(/\A[#{chars}]+|[#{chars}]+\z/, "") end
  19. Dec 2022
    1. This document describes a method for signaling a one-click function for the List-Unsubscribe email header field. The need for this arises out of the actuality that mail software sometimes fetches URLs in mail header fields, and thereby accidentally triggers unsubscriptions in the case of the List-Unsubscribe header field.
  20. Nov 2022
    1. I came to this page looking for a way to disable news stories in Windows 11 Widgets. I attempted one of the solutions (Disable Interests From Widgets To Turn Off News Feeds) but News recommendations still appeared.

      Since I mainly wanted the Widget enabled for a calendar view, I decided against using Widgets altogether and settled for using the calendar in the notifications bar.

      Another alternative I considered was to have 4 static Widgets pinned to obscure any news articles in the feed. However, unless one uses the insider Windows 11 build 25211 or later, Widget display will pop up from mouse hovering.

  21. Oct 2022
  22. Sep 2022
    1. Consumers can use the status member to determine what the original status code used by the generator was, in cases where it has been changed (e.g., by an intermediary or cache), and when message bodies persist without HTTP information. Generic HTTP software will still use the HTTP status code.
    1. We do not want to change or remove additionalProperties. Providing a clear solution for the above use case will dramatically reduce or eliminate the misunderstandings around additionalProperties.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: - don't want to change or remove existing feature [because...] - solving problem B will reduce misunderstandings around feature A

  23. Aug 2022
    1. Well I would like to express my huge concern regarding the withdrawal of support for the SMB 1.0 network protocol in Windows 11, and future versions of the Microsoft OS, as there are many, many users who need to make use of this communication protocol, especially users households, since there are hundreds of thousands of products that use the embedded Linux operating system on devices that still use the SMB 1.0 protocol, and many devices, such as media players and NAS, that have been discontinued and companies no longer update their firmware.
  24. May 2022
  25. Apr 2022
    1. output.addEventListener("click", ((event) => { if (event.target == output.querySelector("a.bookmarklet")) { alert("It's not an ordinary link; you need to bookmark it");

      This should use the registered control service pattern (or something). It's too hard to override this behavior. For example, I could remix the page and remove it, but I should also be able to write a bookmarklet that achieves the same effect.



    1. There are ways to create aspect-ratio sized boxes in HTML/CSS today. None of the options are particularly elegant because they rely on the “hack” of setting a zero height and pushing the boxes height with padding. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a platform feature to help us here?
    1. Starting from random noise, we optimize an image to activate a particular neuron (layer mixed4a, unit 11).

      And then we use that image as a kind of variable name to refer to the neuron in a way that more helpful than the the layer number and neuron index within the layer. This explanation is via one of Chris Olah's YouTube videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXsKyZ_Y_i8)

  26. Mar 2022
    1. GitLab self-monitoring gives administrators of self-hosted GitLab instances the tools to monitor the health of their instances. This feature is deprecated in GitLab 14.9, and is scheduled for removal in 15.0.

      motivated by profit?

  27. Feb 2022
    1. With schools open now, State governments must set clear priorities, says Anurag Behar, CEO, Azim Premji Foundation. The syllabus from Classes I to XII must be re-configured, reducing content without compromising on core learning objectives.

      Meet atleast any one Core objectives for each student

      ... If I was asked in a teaching staff meeting, about my role as a teacher in a semester, I will say, fulfilling atleast any one core objective in the subject curriculum to each and every student is my highest priority *if this has been the priority for every teacher and the pressurising management during covid online classes, the [[covid batch wisdom catastrophe]] would not be this much impact - I can certainly write an feature article on this covid batch catastrophe topic - especially who passed 10th as covid batch, during start of the covid now directly face 12th public face-off with [[post-covid zero knowledge calibre]]. And then going to join college without learning subject fundamentals [[Devastating post-covid college education for freshers]]

  28. Jan 2022
    1. he observationrecently made by [35] that StyleGAN2 tends to inherentlycontain a disentangled StyleSpace space, which can be usedto extract individual attributes. Thus, we argue that modify-ing coordinates of StyleSpace is a natural approach to ourproblem of modifying classifier-related attributes.

      Key aspect of StyleGAN2 in which the authors based this current research on.

    1. Thunderbird provides the ability to archive messages - that is, to move them from the default folders to archive folders without deleting the messages altogether. This makes it easy to organize archives or move them to a backup device, and keep the Inbox clean. Messages can only be archived manually, not automatically.
  29. Nov 2021
    1. apt-rdepends exists. This functionality should really reside in apt-cache itself.

      Update: Maybe it does already exist now. I was able to run this, for example without apt-rdepends being installed: apt-cache rdepends --installed libwebpmux3

  30. Oct 2021