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    1. Schools and districts must adhere to these requirements to help ensure the implementation of technically sound and educationally meaningful IEPs and to provide FAPE.

    2. Failure to assemble an appropriate IEP team:

  2. May 2024
    1. School administrators play a critical role in ensuring the development and implementation of high-quality individualized education programs

      it isn't until the last couple of year that I have seen people other than the special education teacher play a role in creating IEPs.

      The school I am at now has a team that discusses what students need as far as interventions before students are ever recommended for IEP testing. Admin are included in this meeting. That said, I've never had my principal make any kind of suggestion, although they have helped to facilitate discussion on how to help.

      I think the team is called the intervention team.

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    1. Some packages contain C and C++ code which needs to be compiled during package installation if packages are installed from source. CompilationConcurrency

      This may be what prevent R from installing xgboost.

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    1. Syllabus Template:

      I'm needing some assistance here. There are a few syllabus templates that I have seen. University of Delaware has a nice text one. I have downloaded that. I also like the MODEL-SYLLABUS by John Carol University.. I have also downloaded that syllabus. But need to make a local template. Any advice?

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    1. anditails · 1 yr. agoDell Pro Support Engineer (3rd party)You don't need Support Assist on Windows 11. Enable the "Optional Updates" and it'll do all the drivers through Windows Update.It's fast, too. Far quicker than Support Assist!

      Someone recommending to avoid using Dell SupportAssist on Windows 11. I came across this because I was trying to see if there was a way to update SA in order to ensure the driver iqvw64e.sys was removed. Related to the problem here. Uninstalling SupportAssist resolved the aforementioned problem since recursive file search through C drive failed to find driver iqvw64e.sys

      Based on other comments in this thread, seems like it's best to let Windows Update handle the drivers. Will no longer use Dell SA and will utilize "Optional Updates" to handle drivers

      Currently, the only perceived benefit from SA is automating support tickets submissions if product is under warranty. Last IT support experience with Dell was positive (they did the best they could), but they didn't know much about sys admin stuff on Windows (weren't very helpful in resolving issue without losing all files and installed software).

    1. The correct answer here is to uninstall the intel network driver completely because it is not supported anymore. Support Information for Intel® PROSet and Intel® Advanced...Let Kernel isolation on. saying home users should not care about safety is just a stupid way of thinking. installing bad drivers is a way to spread malware with ease. This should be the "marked solution" to this thread.And I would also add a link to the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA) to easily install the latest official driver. Thank you BjornVermeulen for pointing out the support info from Intel.

      I came here looking for a way to resolve an error "A driver cannot load on this device" for the driver "iqvw64e.sys". This error popped up after I enabled "memory integrity" in Windows 11.

      Note that "some malware camouflages itself as iqvw64e.sys" source.

      This driver is associated with Intel network connections software, and gets removed by uninstalling the software per this reddit comment in r/sysadmin. This error is probably because Intel won't support Intel PROSet & Intel Advanced Network Services on Windows 11. The driver is likely a holdover from my Windows 10 OS before I upgraded it to Windows 11. The driver is probably unneeded since other Intel drivers are available .

      The accepted answer in this Microsoft Q&A forum seems silly (just disable memory integrity), so I kept reading and found the highlighted response which quoted a more sensible answer (get rid of bad drivers). Later in the replies, someone asks what's the most efficient way to remove the driver and someone else states

      I found the solution to this problem. After digging for the source of this file, I came across this article. File.net description of iqvw64e.sys. According to the article, this driver can be removed by uninstalling "Intel(R) Network Connections". Sure enough, I went to Control Panel, uninstalled the recommended app, rebooted, and voila! No more error. As for the value of that application, I have no idea. I am however happy to be rid of this error.

      This didn't work for my case since "Intel(R) Network Connections" wasn't installed. Couldn't find iqvw64e.sys in the expected location of C:\Windows\System32\drivers. May have been removed after memory integrity enabled?

      Presently looks like non-issue and can disregard warning in the future

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    1. My parents noticed that I didn’tplay with LEGOs like other kids. Instead I spent my time organizingand reorganizing the pieces. I remember being completelycaptivated by the problem of how to create order out of the chaos ofthousands of pieces of every shape and size. I would invent neworganizational schemes—by color, by size, by theme—as I becameobsessed with the idea that if I could just find the right system, Iwould finally be able to build my magnum opus—a LEGO spaceshiplike the ones I saw in the sci-fi movies I loved

      This is also generally an administrative problem in this space. People spend ages tinkering with their tools and not enough time using them for what the tools are meant for.



  14. May 2022
    1. Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Your App

      What are the common pitfalls when choosing a note taking application or platform?

      Own your data

      Prefer note taking systems that don't rely on a company's long term existence. While Evernote or OneNote have been around for a while, there's nothing to say they'll be around forever or even your entire lifetime. That shiny new startup note taking company may not gain traction in the market and exist in two years. If your notes are trapped inside a company's infrastructure and aren't exportable to another location, you're simply dead in the water. Make sure you have a method to be able to export and own the raw data of your notes.

      Test driving many

      and not choosing or sticking with one (or even a few)<br /> Don't get stunned into inaction by the number of choices.

      Shiny object syndrome

      is the situation where people focus all attention on something that is new, current or trendy, yet drop this as soon as something new takes its place.<br /> There will always be new and perhaps interesting note taking applications. Some may look fun and you'll be tempted to try them out and fragment your notes. Don't waste your time unless the benefits are manifestly clear and the pathway to exporting your notes is simple and easy. Otherwise you'll spend all your time importing/exporting and managing your notes and not taking and using them. Paper and pencil has been around for centuries and they work, so at a minimum do this. True innovation in this space is exceedingly rare, and even small affordances like the ability to have [[wikilinks]] and/or bi-directional links may save a few seconds here and there, in the long run these can still be done manually and having a system far exceeds the value of having the best system.

      (Relate this to the same effect in the blogosphere of people switching CMSes and software and never actually writing content on their website. The purpose of the tool is using it and not collecting all the tools as a distraction for not using them. Remember which problem you're attempting to solve.)

      Future needs and whataboutisms

      Surely there will be future innovations in the note taking space or you may find some niche need that your current system doesn't solve. Given the maturity of the space even in a pen and paper world, this will be rare. Don't worry inordinately about the future, imitate what has worked for large numbers of people in the past and move forward from there.

      Others? Probably...

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    1. While I still enjoy org-roam, things feel (to me anyway) a bit up in the air with it at the moment, as there are big changes coming in version 2 which will probably involve a bit of backwards incompatibility. I couldn’t decide whether to wait to make the changes, or transition to the new version now, and that indecision made me reluctant to add to my collection of notes.

      Example of someone who doesn't want to use their digital notebook because of admin tax of pending future changes.

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    1. By contrast, a systematic ordering, which finds its contemporary equivalent in modern outliners, soon runs into difficulties. The anthropologist Alan MacFarlane noted some time ago that "one danger inherent in paper indexes is the amount of effort they take to add to and maintain. That means that more and more of the worker's energies go into the creation of the tools for research, and the less time there is to actually do the research and the writing." He traced this problem to the hierarchical classification that he thought paper makes necessary and complained that the system broke down at 40.000 cards because the preconceived categories proved inflexible. Luhmann's alternative avoids this problem.
  19. Jun 2021
    1. Too many “Digital Gardens” end up as not much more than a record of someone dicking around with their note-taking workflow for a couple of months.

      I've seen this pattern. I suspect some of the issue is having a clean, useful user interface for actually using the thing instead of spending time setting it up and tweaking it.

  20. May 2021
    1. Ru does a retrospective about how much work and energy a static site can be to maintain a personal website.

    2. Yet, every time I open up my Eleventy codebase, I want to puke (figuratively). Having gained distance and perspective from the codebase, it now looks less like a personal website and more like software. Even if a lot of it is well-engineered, it feels overblown for what it is supposed to do.

      Even for a smart and experienced programmer, maintaining a static website generator site can be a lot of work.

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    1. Notions, Notes, Ideas and work notes

      My equivalent, as best as I can tell, is:

      • Permanent notes (atomic, linked concepts) = Notions
      • Temporary notes (half-formed thoughts, links, snippets, etc.) = Notes
      • Temporary notes initially, which later become permanent notes = Ideas (see later comment about why)
      • Admin notes (projects, tasks, meetings, etc.) = Work notes
    2. They can be linked to Ideas, Notes or Notions, or may give rise to them, but they serve a purpose firmly rooted in ongoing work. They are always placed within the context, and folder, of a specific project

      Similar to how I've come to think of my "admin" or "operational" notes. They're instrumental in that they serve a purpose that is usually about moving some project forward.

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    1. Instead of encouraging more “data-sharing”, the focus should be the cultivation of “data infrastructure”,¹⁴ maintained for the public good by institutions with clear responsibilities and lines of accountability.

  34. Aug 2017
    1. How do I manage profile pictures for users in an account?Links to an external site.


    2. How do I manually add a new user to an account?Links to an external site. How do I merge users in an account?Links to an external site. How do I delete a user from an account?Links to an external site. How do I edit a user's name, time zone, or email in an account?Links to an external site. How do I manage a user's login information in an account?Links to an external site.


    1. API
    2. How do I install PowerShell 3.0 on a Windows machine?Links to an external site.


    3. How do I manage developer keys for an account?Links to an external site. How do I add a developer key for an account?Links to an external site.

      Remove sub admins can't add developer keys

    4. Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is the process by which external content and resources are linked to Canvas. The tools that are currently available for UW-Madison Canvas users can be found the Canvas - Enabled Application Configurations KB document. UW-Madison employs a process by which individuals can request that additional external tools be vetted and integrated with Canvas. That form can be found this form (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and the entire review and integration process is generally expected to take 3-4 months. This KB document outlines further details related to external integrations and LTI.

      This needs to be broken out

    1. ument, Canvas - UW-Madison Canvas Organizational Roles (UW-Madison),

      Should this be a required reading. Just nested in text now

    2. [EMBED GOOGLE SHEET, Need access from Dale: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-H4-frCxWtuMp99rxZaGeAeVD34bwVxazc8fjm_bZ1Y/edit#gid=0] - Changes made with consultation from ITG


    3. UW-Madison Canvas Administrator.

      Change to Learn@UW

    1. Adhere to UW-Madison guidelines and avoid non-permitted practices in order to retain sub-account admin access

      Have an awareness of Canvas Admin Wiki and be able to find guidelines, updates, and admin practices.

  35. Mar 2017
    1. <category>examples &gt; example1</category>

      This example is misleading! I'll try to make this clearer.

      1. ">" should never be used ">" should be used in its place.
      2. There should be no spaces between the category name and ">". If you put spaces in, category assigment via bulk XML upload will not work.