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  1. Dec 2023
    1. What is the E°cell?

      Exercise 19.5.1 The voltage will be given to us correct?

    2. Using the same information in Question 19.3.6, which electrode is consumed?

      Exercise 19.3.7 What would the answer look like if both electrodes are consumed?

    3. Mn2+(aq)+4H2O(l)→MnO−4(aq)+8H+(aq)+5e−(19.8)

      Exercise 19.2.1b Does it matter which side these are displayed? Mine tend to be on the opposite sides

    4. What is the Cu2+ concentration at 25°C in the cell Zn(s) | Zn2+ (1.0 M) || Cu2+(aq) | Cu(s)? The cell emf is 1.03 V. The standard cell emf is 1.10 V.

      Exercise 19.23 Similar to our last Quiz Question

    5. E0cell=E0cathode+E0anode

      Equation put on index card

    6. The Nernst Equation

      Write equation on index card, will be on exam

    7. Which one can occur at the cathode of an electrochemical cell?

      19.3.4 Cathode is reducing and an anode is oxidating

    8. Electrochemical Cell Notation

      Quiz Question, will be on exam

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  2. Dec 2022
    1. Oxidation Method


    2. Balancing Basic Redox Reactions Balance as if it was acidic, and then add OH- to both sides to neutralize H+ (converting it to H2O) Split Skeletal Eq. into 1/2 Reactions For Each Hal- Reaction Balance all Elements Except O and H Balance O by adding water Balance H by adding H+. Balance Charge by adding e-. Multiply 1/2 rxns by appropriate integer so electrons lost = electrons gained. Add half-reactions, cancelling electrons lost and gained, and check work Add OH- to both sides to neutralize H+ (converting it to H2O) (only the last step is different from balancing acidic reactions)


    3. Balancing Acidic Redox Reactions The following steps allow you to balance a redox reaction and you often do not even have to identify the oxidation state of the various species. Split Skeletal Eq. into 1/2 Reactions For Each Half-Reaction Balance all Elements Except O and H Balance O by adding water Balance H by adding H+. Balance Charge by adding e-. Multiply 1/2 rxns by appropriate integer so electrons lost = electrons gained. Add half-reactions, cancelling electrons lost and gained, and check work

      Know these steps and know how to do the equations

    4. oxidationreduction=loss of electrons=gain of electrons

      Remember where oxidation and reduction occurs

  3. Nov 2022
    1. a basic type of chemical reaction involving the transfer of electrons from one atom or chemical entity to another, or more accurately, from one type of orbital to another, that results in new bonds being formed

      Redox reaction definition

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  4. Sep 2022
    1. The frequency factor determines the maximum rate of collisions, is a function of particle size, concentration and the rate of diffusion. The steric factor accounts for orientation, in that not all collisions have the correct orientation to result in a reaction, (see video\PageIndex{2}). The rule of thumb is that the more symmetric a molecule the larger the steric factor (a value of 1 means there is no effect, and the pre-exponential is determined by the collision frequency) and the more complicated a molecule, the smaller the steric factor (which is less than one), because only a fraction of the collisions have the correct orientation.
  5. Aug 2022
    1. some will evaporate until it reaches its equilibrium

      Equillibrium Vapor Pressure definition - rate of evaporation = rate of condensation.

    2. That is, for molecules of similar mass, the stronger the intermolecular forces the lower the vapor pressure

      The stronger the IM forces. The lower the vapor pressure.

  6. Mar 2022
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  10. Nov 2019
    1. Holt, C., and S. Laury (2002), Risk Aversion and Incentive Effects, American Economic Review, v. 92 (5): 1644-1655. Crosetto, Paolo, and Antonio Filippin. “A theoretical and experimental appraisal of four risk elicitation methods.” Experimental Economics 19, no. 3 (2016): 613-641. Pedroni, Andreas, Renato Frey, Adrian Bruhin, Gilles Dutilh, Ralph Hertwig, and Jörg Rieskamp. “The risk elicitation puzzle.” Nature Human Behaviour 1, no. 11 (2017): 803.

      These are worth looking at closely and discussing

  11. Oct 2019
    1. 6.3.2 Data generating process

      In test exam 1 there is a question about this, but I didn't understand it and reading this did not make it any clearer.. Are there other ways to grasp this?

  12. Apr 2019
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  13. May 2018
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  14. Oct 2017
    1. Note that we obtain the same confidence interval as in Exercise 1. The confidence interval does not depend on the null hypothesis, whereas the significance test does.

      In the video it is said that to obtain the CI, you need to subtract the upper and lower limits from the test value. why do you add it here? which one are you supposed to do and how do you know the difference?

  15. Sep 2016
    1. In sum, you can buff your rote memorization by trying to recall frequently, not relying on familiarity, and taking strategic breaks. Trying to solve real problems and trying to accurately recite your understanding of a rule can also be a conduit for remembering. (The ultimate combination? Teaching someone.)

      This is how you study for an exam guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. May 2016
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