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    1. Eine neue Studie der Universität für Bodenkultur beziffert erstmals, wieviel Kohlenstoff zwischen 1900 und 2015 langfristig oder kurzfristig in menschlichen Artefakten wie Gebäuden gespeichert wurde. Die Menge des dauerhaft gespeicherten Kohlenstoffs hat sich seit 1900 versechzehnfacht. Sie reicht aber bei weitem nicht aus, um die globale Erhitzung wirksam zu beeinflussen. Die Möglichkeiten, Boot in Gebäuden zu nutzen, um der Atmosphäre CO2 zu entziehen, werden bisher nicht genutzt. https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000208522/co2-entnahme-durch-holzbau-ist-bisher-nicht-relevant-fuer-den-klimaschutz

      Studie: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/ad236b

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    1. If your investment charges ongoing management fees, those fees are tax-deductible when held in a non-registered account.

      Inactivity Fees?

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    1. Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index

      this index is a significant Weight within the Global Emerging Markets Index.

  6. Aug 2020
    1. billionaire investor, George Soros, called the stock market a bubble. “Investors are in a bubble fueled by Fed liquidity,” he says and that’s why he “no longer participates.”

      This is what I was thinking: the stock market is fed by liquidity by the government. I am not sure how to think about it in the long run.

      If I keep money in the stock market, the government keeps pumping money, inflation raises, then my money is just constantly devalued. I really don't know

    2. Watch what the billionaires do, not what they say.

      Warren Buffet has transitioned his money from bank stocks to gold. This is an indication that Buffet is quietly betting against the US economy.

  7. Oct 2018
    1. The IEX API is a set of services designed for developers and engineers. It can be used to build high-quality apps and services.
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    1. Owning stock gives you the right to vote in shareholder meetings, receive dividends (which are the company’s profits) if and when they are distributed, and it gives you the right to sell your shares to somebody else.

      dividends are profits shared amongst share holders

  9. Apr 2016
    1. When the investor buys in below book value

      Has there ever been stocks that would sell below their book value under "normal" circumstances? And what about the "entry price" which, I would assume, is the be all of investing?