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    1. Fig 2.6

      Error in Fig 2.6: The difference in Crab Production (4) shown in graph between 15 down to 9 should read as (5) and not the (4) shown in Figure.

  2. Feb 2023
    1. but these should be proportional and excessive

      Possible typo: could be "proportional and not excessive"?

    2. a relative short time

      Possible typo: could be "a relatively short time".

    3. a mice and a squirrel on their mobile phones

      Possible typo: could be "a mouse and a squirrel on their mobile phones"

    1. In computer science, this is called “Separation of concerns” [1507211921].

      Has the author accidentally included a zettelkasten identification number here?

  3. Jan 2023
    1. ou play a level of one hole and then move onto the next stage to play another hole.

      onto -> on to

    1. It has been democratized with Sönke Ahrens’ bestseller: How to Take Smart Notes.

      There's nothing democratized about Ahrens' description of zettelkasten.

      Perhaps popularized is the word he was grasping for?

  4. Dec 2022
  5. Nov 2022
    1. you will need to add a few more braces

      If "brace" means {}, then this is incorrect. A few more parentheses, (), is correct.

  6. Oct 2022
    1. This text has a line which has an ortographical typo in it. Please look at this line of text from the Zen of Python: There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.

      first sighting: ortographical

  7. Sep 2022
  8. Aug 2022
    1. nodemon will automatically know how to run the script even though out of the box support for processing scripts

      even though out of the box support for processing scripts ?

    1. depended on about 3 million projects

      depended on by about 3 million projects




  9. Jul 2022
    1. Stop autoclosing of PRs While the idea of cleaning up the the PRs list by nudging reviewers with the stale message and closing PRs that didn't got a review in time cloud work for the maintainers, in practice it discourages contributors to submit contributions. Keeping PRs open and not providing feedback also doesn't help with contributors motivation, so while I'm disabling this feature of the bot we still need to come up with a process that will help us to keep the number of PRs in check, but celebrate the work contributors already did instead of ignoring it, or dismissing in the form of a "stale" alerts, and automatically closing PRs.

      Yes!! Thank you!!

      typo: cloud work -> could work

    1. be those

      "be to those", not "be those"

    2. that about

      "about", not "that about"

    3. part why

      "part of why", not "part why"

    4. I predicted that

      "I predicted whether", not "I predicted that"?

    5. paying seem

      "paying seems", not "paying seem"

    6. “you win your”

      “you win your bet”, not “you win your”

    7. it turns

      "it turns out", not "it turns"

    8. case a

      "case as a", not "case a"

    9. view just

      "view is just", not "view just"

    10. some via

      "via some", not "some via"

    11. e.g

      "e.g.,", not "e.g,"

    12. give

      "given", not "give"

    13. my conviction about one-boxing start

      "my conviction... starts" or "my convictions... start", not "my conviction... start"

    14. one boxing

      "one-boxing", not "one boxing"

    15. one box

      "one-box", not "one box"

    16. you grandfather

      "your grandfather", not "you grandfather"

    17. a living in

      "living in an", not "a living in"

    18. it prompts CDT

      maybe "it prompts you" instead of "it prompts CDT"?

    19. /or

      seems like this should be "and/or", "/" or "or", but not "/or"

    20. All of three

      "All three", not "All of three"?

    21. does feel

      "does it feel", not "does feel"

    22. that I think

      "I think", not "that I think"

    23. been been

      "been", not "been been"

    24. that shows

      "shows", not "that shows"

    25. these distinctions

      "these are distinctions", not "these distinctions"

    26. one who want

      "wants", not "want"

  10. Jun 2022
  11. May 2022
    1. "what the hell do you then?"

      perhaps "what the hell do you do then?"

    2. of of

      "of", not "of of"

    3. facebook

      "Facebook", not "facebook"

    4. with show up on street corners with clipboards

      perhaps "with clipboards show up on street corners"

    5. is

      "its", not "is"

  12. Apr 2022
  13. Mar 2022
    1. The model to be estimated by TSLS using the general sales tax and the cigarette-specific sales tax as instruments hence is

      Typo in the equation: the subscript should be 1985 in the LHS: \(-log(Q^{cigarettes}_{i,1985}\)}

  14. Feb 2022
    1. basic ODATE Binder (here is our version again).

      Please fix the URL by removing "http://". At present (2022-02-25) it points to: "http://https://github.com/o-date/notebooks"

  15. Jan 2022
    1. Special case: Can be used instead of 404 to avoid revealing presence or non-presence of resource

      eh? instead of 404? I would actually say that:

      • 404 is as good or better at avoiding revealing presence or non-presence of resource; probably better because 401 implies that we found the resource but that they needed to be signed in in order to access
      • normally one would use a 404 instead of a 401/403 (usually instead of a 403) to avoid revealing presence or non-presence of resource.

      I think they know which is the correct, as evidenced by how they said about 404 below: "User/agent known but server will not reveal anything about the resource, does as if it does not exist." — I think this must have just been a typo.

  16. Dec 2021
  17. Nov 2021
    1. The schema in "Types of Protectors" page 8, it should be "Unwrap key ..." and not "Unwrapped key ..."

  18. Oct 2021
  19. Sep 2021
    1. t


    2. Use classes or decorators to encapsulate state rather than using stateful functions

      to encapsulate a state, or to encapsulate states

    3. Learn to identidy

      Typo: identidy -> identify

    4. which I’ve personally use and appreciated.

      Typo: use -> used

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  24. Apr 2021
    1. pθ(z)

      this should read \(-\ln{p_\theta ( \mathbf{z})}\)