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    1. Fig. 4

      Uhh, I'd imagine "remove" would refer to "bold" annotation.

      Otherwise, there can be another "bold" with t < 20, that would be accidentally removed.

      Syntactic intent is not preserved.

    1. algunos de los enfoques más exitosos fueron aquellos que fundamentalmente reconocen y se adaptan a la "ubiquidad del error" contra la que defiende el método científico (Donoho, Maleki, Rahman, Shahram y Stodden, 2009).

      La “ubiquidad del error” no invalida el método científico, sino que lo enriquece al fomentar una mayor conciencia de las limitaciones y la necesidad de una aproximación cautelosa y crítica en la investigación científica. Este enfoque reconoce que la perfección absoluta es inalcanzable y que la incertidumbre inherente a las mediciones y observaciones es una parte integral del proceso científico. En lugar de negar o minimizar los errores, se busca adaptarse a ellos y comprender cómo afectan los resultados.

      En este contexto, los investigadores deben aplicar estrategias para cuantificar y controlar los errores, como el uso de cifras significativas, la estimación de incertidumbres y la validación cruzada. Además, la reproductibilidad y la transparencia son esenciales para garantizar que otros científicos puedan verificar y validar los hallazgos.

  4. Mar 2024
    1. masker.fit_transform

      AttributeError: 'Brain_Data' object has no attribute 'fit_transform'

  5. Feb 2024
    1. sjPlot::plot_grid(plot(ggpredict(glmPdace), add.data = TRUE, one_plot = FALSE))

      This line of code yielded error "Error in if (ci) { : the condition has length > 1"

    1. Mehrheit wünscht sich ÖVP, SPÖ und FPÖ in Opposition

      Die Überschrift widerspricht den Studienergebnissen.

      Wortwörtlich würde sie heißen, dass mehr also die Hälfte der Leute, keine der Parteien in der Regierung haben will. Es würden aber noch immer 70% eine dieser Parteien wählen.

      Damit die Überschrift trotzdem stimmt, müssten also zumindest 20% der Leute eine Partei wählen, die sie nicht in der Regierung haben wollen.

    1. there's 00:16:20 something that in Psychology is called the fundamental attribution error

      for - definition - fundamental attribution error

      definition - fundamental attribution error - a psychological condition in which an individual attrbutes a human behavior to an internal characteristic instead of environmental circumstances

  6. Jan 2024
    1. la branche P1C6-solution

      Dans le lien github, fichier index.html, il existe une ligne en doublon qui est "Logo Robbie Lens" Elle est écrite deux fois, ce qui ne sert a rien sauf si je me trompe. (Ligne 10 et ligne 18)

  7. Dec 2023
    1. 語文競賽~字音字形  · Sdrseotnop5032gs00uih52a0aft08A73,461692u1a tl307cftttf7g4 f  · Shared with Public雙音字「載( ㄗㄞˋ )、( ㄗㄞˇ )」~林煥清 什麼是「雙音字」? 簡單來說,就是一個國字有兩個注音。 例如,這次介紹的「載」就有「 ㄗㄞˋ 」和「 ㄗㄞˇ 」兩個注音。 換句話說,當一個詞語當中出現「載」這個國字時, 它不是要注「 ㄗㄞˋ 」的音,就是要注「 ㄗㄞˇ 」的音, 而且不可以混(ㄏㄨㄣˋ)淆。 雖然單音字很難,但遇到雙音字, 加上要判斷的因素,就會顯得更有難度。 壹、載讀作「 ㄗㄞˋ 」時,其意義有: (1) 以交通工具承運。如:「載客」、「載重」、「載貨」。 (2) 承受。如:「水所以載舟,亦所以覆舟。」 (3) 記錄。如:「記載」、「刊載」、「轉載」、「載明」。 (4) 充滿。如:「怨聲載道」。 (5) 且、又。同時做兩個動作。如:「載歌載舞」、「載浮載沉」。 貳、載讀作「 ㄗㄞˇ 」時,其意義有: ⑴量詞。用於計算時間的單位。相當於「年」。 如:「一年半載」、「三年五載」、「千載難逢」。 ※以上解釋,轉載(ㄗㄞˋ)於教育部國語小字典網路版。※ 看到「ㄗㄞˇ」的解釋有五個,而「ㄗㄞˋ」的解釋只有一個時, 我們可以選擇「偷懶」一點的方式來判斷: 只要是跟「時間」有關係的,都要讀成「ㄗㄞˇ」; 其餘的,都將它讀成「ㄗㄞˋ」, 這樣一來,就會變得簡單明瞭。 以下,我還是列舉一些詞語來讓大家練習: 載(ㄗㄞˋ): 【報載】 【滿載】 【負載】 【搭載】 【登載】 【連載】 【刊載】 【記載】 【轉載】 【裝載】 【超載】 【載明】 【載貨】 【載重】 【載譽】 【載運】 【載客量】 【文以載道】 【怨聲載道】 【滿載而歸】 【車載斗量】 載(ㄗㄞˇ): 【一年半載】 【千年萬載】 【十載寒窗】 【億載金城】 【萬載千秋】 記住這樣的判斷方式, 以後遇到三音字、四音字、…… 也可以用這樣的方式來舉一反三。

      確認: 下載 zai4, not zai3 載歌載舞 zai4 記載,刊載 zai4

      唯有表達「年」、「時間」時才是 cai3

    1. the wealthiest 1% of people on the planet are responsible for double the greenhouse gas emissions of the poorest half
      • for: carbon inequality, question - new COP - focused on elites?

      • comment

        • while COP28 fights over which nations bear what responsibility, from this perspective, there is an entirely different class of people that must be held responsible, not at the nation state level, but at the individual level. Why isn't there a COP where the elites are held responsible?
      • question

        • Are we making a grave category error in holding the wrong class of people responsible? Should questions of carbon equity concern both high polluting nations AND individuals?
        • At the very least, should we formally recognize a parallel set of responsibilities and elevate that recognition to the level of COP conventions to deal with the problem?
  8. Nov 2023
    1. Phenomenologyexplains that consciousness, treated as an object, limits this pretension: human subjectivity is thefoundation of all scientific knowledge. Therefore, there is a logical error in trying to explain thefoundation through what it has founded.
      • for: scientific naturalism - circular argument, logical error, subjectivity - explanation, quote, quote - studying consciousness

      • quote: consciousness

        • Human subjectivity is the foundation oof all scientific knowledge. Therefore, there is a logical error in trying to explain the foundation through what it has founded.
      • author: Doris Elida Fuster Guillen

      • comment

        • Alternative way to state it
          • Human subjectivity is the foundation oof all scientific knowledge. Therefore, there is a logical error in trying to explain the foundation through what itself.
  9. Oct 2023
    1. Web components encapsulate all their HTML, CSS and JS within a single file

      Huh? There's nothing inherent to Web Components that makes this true. That's just how the author is using them.

  10. Sep 2023
    1. This is problematic if we wish to collect widespread metadata for an entity, for the purposes of annotation and networked collaboration. While nothing in the flat-hash ID scheme stops someone from attempting to fork data by changing even a single bit, thereby resulting in a new hash value, this demonstrates obvious malicious intention and can be more readily detected. Furthermore, most entities should have cryptographic signatures, making such attacks less feasible. With arbitrary path naming, it is not clear whether a new path has been created for malicious intent or as an artifact of local organizational preferences. Cryptographic signatures do not help here, because the original signed entity remains unchanged, with its original hash value, in the leaf of a new Merkle tree.

      Author is conflating multiple things.

    1. And, of course, just to be completely clear, this is valid syntax:let _true = true;_true++;_true; // -> 2

      Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?

  11. Aug 2023
    1. The question is also not about error handling and if the file write fails, exiting with a stack trace is reasonable default behavior because there's not much you can do to recover from that.
    1. The syntax of Dune files is documented in the Dune manual.

      if dune command is not found just type $eval $(opam env) in terminal every startup or just add in .zshrc or .bashrc that script. the first dollar sign "$" is terminal level, it isn't shell script. (check documentation)

  12. Jul 2023
    1. You might want to suppress only ValueError, since a TypeError (the input was not a string or numeric value) might indicate a legitimate bug in your program. To do that, write the exception type after except: def attempt_float(x): try: return float(x) except ValueError: return x
  13. Jun 2023
    1. ave run out of gas. You can buy gauges that measure the pressure inside the tank to see how much is left.

      This is not true. Pressure in the tank does not tell you how much gas is left, and pressure gauges for this purpose cannot be bought (for propane). Pressure in the tank is dependent on temperature, but will be constant at a given temperature, as long as there is any liquid propane in the tank. To determine how much propane is left, you need to weigh the tank. This needs an example for which the gas does not liquefy under the relevant pressures--maybe a compressor for air tools?

  14. May 2023
    1. sandbankment freed
      • translation error
        • should be
          • Sam Bankman-Fried
    2. eight brained meat sack
      • translation error
        • should be
          • ape-brained meat sack
    3. eight brained meat sacks
      • translation error

        • should be
          • ape-brained meat sack, taken from Elise's book
      • comment

        • comparable to Ernest Becker's description of the human condition
        • in his book The Denial of Death
          • quote:
            • "Man is literally split in two: he has an awareness of his own splendid uniqueness in that he sticks out of nature with a towering majesty, and yet he goes back into the ground a few feet in order to blindly and dumbly rot and disappear forever."
      • comment

        • the comparison is apt as one of the goals of transhumanism is to use technology to conquer death
        • From this perspective, we might argue that transhumanist aspirations have been with humanity for as long as medicine has intervened to extend life and human wellbeing
    4. eighth brain meat sat
      • translation error
        • should be
          • aped-brained meat sack
    5. ape brained meet sat
      • translation error
        • should be
          • ape-brained meat sack
    6. with their new different and perhaps bigger brains the AIS of the future may prove themselves to be better adapted to 00:19:05 life in this transhuman world that we're in now
      • comment
        • Is this not a category error in classifying inert technology as life?
        • When does an abiotic human cultural artefact become a living form?
  15. Apr 2023
    1. Wow, this is me. A friend once analogized it to being like a light source. I am a laser, deeply penetrating a narrow spot, but leaving the larger field in the dark while I do so. Other people are like a floodlight, illuminating a large area, but not deeply penetrating any particular portion of it.

      This way of thinking should be treated with care (caution, even), lest it end up undergirding a belief in a false dichotomy.

      That can be a sort of "attractive people are shallow and dumb and unattractive people are intelligent and deep"-style mindtrap.

    1. It sounds like the non-enthusiast “reimplement everything in my favorite language” answer is that Go’s FFI is a pain, even for C.

      Relative to the experience that Golang developers are used to, yes, it's a pain.

      But that isn't to say it's any more or less painful on an absolute scale, esp. wrt what comprises typical experiences in other ecosystems.

    1. QuickBooks Error 3371 is a common error that users face while using QuickBooks. This error usually occurs when the user is trying to open QuickBooks or restore a backup. This error can be caused by many factors such as damaged or missing files, corrupt data, or even malware. The good news is that this error can be fixed easily by following some simple steps. In this article, we will show you how to fix QuickBooks Error 3371 and get your QuickBooks running again.

    1. I am extremely gentle by nature. In high school, a teacher didn’t believe I’d read a book because it looked so new. The binding was still tight.

      I see this a lot—and it seems like it's a lot more prevalent than it used to be—reasoning from a proxy. Like trying to suss out how competent someone is in your shared field by looking at their GitHub profile, instead just asking them questions about it (e.g. the JVM). If X is the thing you want to know about, then don't look at Y and draw conclusions that way. (See also: the X/Y problem.) There's no need to approach things in a roundabout, inefficient, error-prone manner, so don't bother trying unless you have to.

    1. Using --ours did what I was after, just discarding the incoming cherry picked file. @Juan you're totally right about those warning messages needing to say what they did't do, not just why they didn't do it. And a bit more explanation that the ambiguity from the conflict needs to be resolved (by using --ours, etc) would be super helpful to this error message.
  16. Mar 2023
    1. ¿ Como se hace esa representacion grafica del clases (False, True y Boolen)?

      Se usa algo llamado anotaciones. Para el caso de los booleanos sería {{gtClass:name=Boolean}}

    2. Esto ayuda a identeificar si el contenido esta en lo correcto o nocon relacion con los booleanos
    1. Fig 2.6

      Error in Fig 2.6: The difference in Crab Production (4) shown in graph between 15 down to 9 should read as (5) and not the (4) shown in Figure.

    1. The reason for masking the most significant bit of P is to avoid confusion about signed vs. unsigned modulo computations. Different processors perform these operations differently, and masking out the signed bit removes all ambiguity.
    1. Yes, this can be managed by a package-lock.json

      This shouldn't even be an argument. package-lock.json isn't free. It's like cutting all foods with Vitamin C out of your diet and then saying, "but you can just take vitamin supplements." The recommended solution utterly fails to account for the problem in the first place, and therefore fails to justify itself as a solution.

    1. It isn't a good long term solution unless you really don't care at all about disk space or bandwidth (which you may or may not).

      Give this one another go and think it through more carefully.

  17. Feb 2023
    1. GitHub fills the Git power vacuum with a familiar access and permissions system that identifies a single “owner” and multiple “collaborator” roles in a given project.

      The "single owner" part is no longer true, although I believe it used to be. For example, I am one of three owners of the Metagov org on Github. (I should figure out how to remove myself as an owner.)

    1. Our most conservative point estimates imply that the data glitch isdirectly associated more than 120,000 additional infections and over 1,500 addi-tional COVID-19-related deaths

      The results from using the old version of Microsoft Excel.

  18. Jan 2023
    1. make dev

      I am getting this error while doing make dev I have installed the required version of python, still update with the required version please.

      File "/home/ec2-user/projects/h/h/search/config.py", line 213, in _ensure_icu_plugin

      names = [x.strip() for x in conn.cat.plugins(h="component").split("\n")]

      AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'split'

    1. Of all the programming languages that are used at Shopify, Ruby is the one that most developers are familiar with, followed by Node, Go, and Rust.

      Node is not a programming language.

    1. But it does not work, because the association with authors will return empty authors for the Material as the materials are also soft deleted.
    2. The problem is that Globalize knows nothing about acts_as_paranoid. You can delete a Material, and it should delete the translations, but when you try to recover the Material then there is an error because of how the translations are implemented and the order in which the translations and the Material are recovered. Which record should be recovered first?
    3. Remember that the Material has all of its translations for the title in a table that just got soft deleted. So the correct answer is “nil”. The title of the delete material is nil.
  19. Dec 2022
    1. programs with type errors must still be specified to have a well-defined semantics

      Use this to explain why Bernhardt's JS wat (or, really, folks' gut reaction to what they're seeing) is misleading.

  20. Nov 2022
    1. unused classes

      again: unmatched class selectors

      additionally, it's not the fact that they are unmatched (or that they are class selectors specifically) that it's a problem—it's the fact that there are a lot of them

      the entire choice of focusing on classes and class selectors here is basically a red herring

    1. This deficiency is what accounts for boron being a strong Lewis acid, in that it can accept protons (H+ ions) in solution.

      This statement is incorrect. Lewis acids (like sp2-hybridized boron) are electron pair acceptors, not proton acceptors. Lewis bases are proton acceptors, and there are no lone pairs of electrons at the boron atom in typical compounds (BH3 or BH4- or derivatives).

    1. end

      Error here. If you uncomment out the # for the 'live_loop' command, you need a second end to finish things off. One 'end' to close live_loop, one to close off data.each:

      ``` live_loop :jesuit do data.each do |line| topic1 = line[:topic1].to_f topic2 = line[:topic2].to_f

      use_synth :piano
      play topic1*2, attack: rand(0.5), decay: rand(1), amp: rand(0.25)
      use_synth :piano
      play topic2*2, attack: rand(0.5), decay: rand(1), amp: rand(0.25)
      sleep (0.5)

      end end ```

    1. That's a whole different topic. Mastodon isn't built for single-user instances.

      That's the entire topic, my guy!

      "We should be optimising Mastodon so it incentivises more serve[r]s with fewer people." is the very premise of the conversation!

      Mastodon "push[ing] the direction of the protocol or make it harder to cultivate an ecosystem of smaller ones."? "it needs to be easier to start smaller ones"? Are you just not paying attention to the conversations you're responding to?

      Reminds me of:

      What fascinated me was that, with every single issue we discussed, we went around in a similar circle — and Kurt didn’t seem to see any problem with this, just so long as the number of 2SAT clauses that he had to resolve to get a contradiction was large enough.


    1. layers of wat are essentially hacks to build something resembling a UI toolkit on top of a document markup language

      So make your application document-driven (i.e. actually RESTful).

      It's interesting that we have Web forms and that we call them that and yet very few people seem to have grokked the significance of the term and connected it to, you know, actual forms—that you fill out on paper and hand over to someone to process, etc. The "application" lies in that latter part—the process; it is not the visual representation of any on-screen controls. So start with something like that, and then build a specialized user agent for it if you can (and if you want to). If you find that you can't? No big deal! It's not what the Web was meant for.

    1. I have a suspicion that you're not putting the source for the specific versions of glibc and Linux you used into every one of your projects.

      Why are people so seduced by this dumb argument—to the point that they almost seem proud of it?

      First, it's presumptuous. Who says we're even using glibc instead of some other libc—which I just might choose to include in the projects I work on? Who says we're even using Linux, for that matter?

      Secondly, even if we were, let's assume that we're not, and then see if that teaches us anything about the overall line of reasoning. The original comment was about NPM. NPM is used a fair bit for not just backend stuff but for managing packages used in the browser, too. Let's assume, for simplicity, that our program is entirely a browser-based JS+HTML+CSS app with no backend to speak of. Would the same people argue that, among other things, the Web browser sources would need to be included? Does it even make sense to argue that? Asking the system software question betrays a failure to accurately grapple with the classes of software artifacts we're dealing with, their role in the overall project, and our responsibility for them.

    1. I just spent a day dismantling a model, trying to find the cause of the silent rollback - taking out every association, every validation, every callback, whittling down all the code in the transaction, only to finally discover that it was return true that was the cause of it all. Or yes, an exception!
  21. Oct 2022
    1. This shifts the responsibility of checking which posts are new new/updated onto the parser

      For checking which posts are new/updated, this is always the case. The only thing the HTTP cache-related headers can tell is that the feed itself has/hasn't changed.

    1. That's an interesting point about empirical testing. If you just ask lawyers and judges in the abstract whether they'd like citations up in the body or down in footnotes, they'll vote for the former. But if you show them actual examples of well-written opinions in which the citations are subordinated, the results are very different.
    1. In the past whenwe attempted to share it, we foundourselves spending more time gettingoutsiders up to speed than on our ownresearch. So I finally had to establishthe policy that we will not provide thesource code outside the group
  22. Sep 2022
    1. This code is much easier to understand as it do not add levels of indentation and follows the principle where the 0 indentation level is the principal path of the application where other paths are exceptions or rare cases.
    1. "detail": [ { "loc": [ "body", "name" ], "message": "Field required" }, { "loc": [ "body", "email" ], "message": "'not-email' is not an 'email'" } ]

      not complient with Problem Details, which requires details to be a string

    1. FetchErrorResponse: type: object properties: meta: $ref: '#/definitions/FetchMetaResponse' errors: $ref: '#/definitions/Error' example: { "meta": { "req_id": "d07c8b12-c95e-4a06-8424-92aac94bb445" }, "errors": [{ "code": "Unauthorized", "detail": "A valid bearer token is required", "status":"401" } ] }
    1. about 21 million years ago

      This should read "about 21 million years earlier" since the previous estimate was 166 mya.

    1. a bigger source tree

      Someone is going to need to eventually explain their convoluted reasons for labeling this a downside.

      Sure, strictly speaking, a bigger source tree is bad, but delegating to package.json and npm install doesn't actually change anything here. It's the same amount of code whether you eagerly fetch all of it at the same time or whether you resort to late fetching.

      Almost none of the hypothetical benefits apply to the way development is handled in practice. There was one arguably nice benefit, but it was a benefit for the application author's repo host (not the application author), and the argument in favor of it evaporated when GitHub acquired NPM, Inc.

    2. Vendoring means that you aren’t going to get automatic bugfixes, or new bugs, from dependencies

      No, those are orthogonal. Whether you obtain the code for your dependency* at the same time you clone your repo or whether you get it by binding by name and then late-fetching it after the clone finishes, neither approach has any irreversible, distinct consequences re bugs/fixes.

      * and it still is a dependency, even when it's "vendored"...

    1. Otherwise behaves according to the value of null_value_treatment which must be one of 'raise_exception', 'use_json_null', 'delete_key', or 'return_target'. The default is 'use_json_null'.
  23. Aug 2022
    1. Rats with 12-h access to HFCS gained significantly more body weight than animals given equal access to 10% sucrose

      False. They found the opposite in female rats: Female "[r]ats with 12-h access to HFCS gained" 10 FEWER grams of "body weight than animals given equal access to 10% sucrose." Table 1 shows female rats with 7 months of 12-h HFCS + 12-h chow access averaging LESS body weight (323 g) than those with the matching control group on 12-h sucrose + 12-h chow access (333 g). The former also had LESS body FAT than the latter (Figure 4). And they had the SAME TG levels (mg/dL:128 in both cases.) The highlighted conclusion is both untrue, and the most widely reported conclusion found in mass media news coverage of the research. I've shown the conclusion is directly contradicted by the researchers' results displayed in the article. If it's false for female rats and true for male rats, then it's false for rats in general; that's basic logic. No reasoning (e.g. that which follows about calories) can make the statement true.

    1. And it’s like, no, no, you know? This is an adaptation thing. You know, computers are almost as old as television now, and we’re still treating them like, “ooh, mysterious technology thing.” And it’s like, no, no, no! Okay, we’re manipulating information. And everybody knows what information is. When you bleach out any technical stuff about computers, everybody understands the social dynamics of telling this person this and not telling that person that, and the kinds of decorum and how you comport yourself in public and so on and so forth. Everybody kind of understands how information works innately, but then you like you try it in the computer and they just go blank and you know, like 50 IQ points go out the window and they’re like, “doh, I don’t get it?” And it’s the same thing, it’s just mediated by a machine.
    1. Corollary: Spolsky (at least at the time of this article) didn't really understand types, having about the same grasp on computing fundamentals as your average C programmer.

    1. Dynamic typing makes that harder

      So run a typechecker on the code to check your work if you want type checking. That is what TypeScript does, after all. And it's been around long enough that people shouldn't be making the mistake that a runtime that support dynamic types at runtime means that you can't use a static typechecker at "compile time" (i.e. while the code is still on the developer workstation).

    1. 독일 하노버대학교 생산공학 및 공작기계 연구소(IFW)의 Denkena 교수의 스핀들 열적 최적화와 관련된 논문. 참조를 보면 공작기계 스핀들 해석과 관련된 핵심 논문들이 많이 포함되어 있다.

    1. Other examples of tech stacks that are very stable are C, C++, and Fortran.

      Category error; C, C++, and Fortran are programming languages, not tech stacks.

    1. I avoided using languages that I don't know how to bootstrap like node.js

      There's a weird (read: "weirdly obvious") category error here. NodeJS is not a language. (This wouldn't be so notable if the comment didn't go on to say "The key point is writing to an interface and not an implementation.")

      The puzzle piece that fits the shape of the hole here is "JS". JS is the language, NodeJS is one of its implementations—and chubot knew both of these things already, so it's odd that it was expressed this way. Plus, there's a lot more diversity of JS implementations than exist for e.g. Python...

    1. they're called objects, and everybody has them

      Even most ostensible FP practitioners who swear they don't.

  24. Jul 2022
    1. Yes, it’s making it easier than ever to write code collaboratively in the browser with zero configuration and setup. That’s amazing! I’m a HUGE believer in this mission.

      Until those things go away.

      A case study: DuckDuckHack used Codio, which "worked" until DDG decided to call it a wrap on accepting outside contributions. DDG stopped paying for Codio, and because of that, there was no longer an easy way to replicate the development environment—the DuckDuckHack repos remained available (still do), but you can't pop over into Codio and play around with it. Furthermore, because Codio had been functioning as a sort of crutch to paper over the shortcomings in the onboarding/startup process for DuckDuckHack, there was never any pressure to make sure that contributors could easily get up and running without access to a Codio-based development environment.

      It's interesting that, no matter how many times cloud-based Web IDEs have been attempted and failed to displace traditional, local development, people keep getting suckered into it, despite the history of observable downsides.

      What's also interesting is the conflation of two things:

      1. software that works by treating the Web browser as a ubiquitous, reliable interpreter (in a way that neither /usr/local/bin/node nor /usr/bin/python3 are reliably ubiquitous)—NB: and running locally, just like Node or Python (or go build or make run or...)—and

      2. the idea that development toolchains aiming for "zero configuration and setup" should defer to and depend upon the continued operation of third-party servers

      That is, even though the Web browser is an attractive target for its consistency (in behavior and availability), most Web IDE advocates aren't actually leveraging its benefits—they still end up targeting (e.g.) /usr/local/bin/node and /usr/local/python3—except the executables in question are expected to run on some server(s) instead of the contributor's own machine. These browser-based IDEs aren't so browser-based after all, since they're just shelling out to some non-browser process (over RPC over HTTP). The "World Wide Wruntime" is relegated to merely interpreting the code for a thin client that handles its half of the transactions to/from said remote processes, which end up handling the bulk of the computing (even if that computing isn't heavyweight and/or the client code on its own is full of bloat, owing to the modern trends in Web design).

      It's sort of crazy how common it is to encounter this "mental slippery slope": "We can lean on the Web browser, since it's available everywhere!" → "That involves offloading it to the cloud (because that's how you 'do' stuff for the browser, right?)".

      So: want to see an actual boom in collaborative development spurred by zero-configuration dev environments? The prescription is straightforward: make all these tools truly run in the browser. The experience we should all be shooting for resemble something like this: Step 1: clone the repo Step 2: double click README.html Step 3: you're off to the races—because project upstream has given you all the tools you need to nurture your desire to contribute

      You can also watch this space for more examples of the need for an alternative take on working to actually manage to achieve the promise of increased collaboration through friction-free (or at least friction-reduced) development: * https://hypothes.is/search?q=%22the+repo+is+the+IDE%22 * https://hypothes.is/search?q=%22builds+and+burdens%22

    1. 70% accurate for cases (i.e., 70% sensitive) but 50% accurate overall

      0.7^2 + 0.3^2 > 0.5

      Overall accuracy is 50% to 100%, depending on proportion

    2. These data demonstrate the bias-variance tradeoff of different cross-validation strategies.

      No, Fig. 2B only demonstrates that smaller validation N increases variance (law of large numbers). There is no clear bias-variance tradeoff in choice of K (see variance of Fig. 2A).

    3. increasing K will increase variance—the sensitivity of the model to changes caused by different training data—as the predictive model has less data for training in each sample selection

      increasing K decreases (K-1)/K, what?

  25. Jun 2022
    1. you get so used to the way things are you don't think of the obvious next step and you know that can be so frustrating
    1. The old cookbook said: " Take enough butter." I say: "Do nottake too many notes." Both recommendations are hard to inter-pret except by trial and error.
  26. May 2022
    1. I think adding automated deployments would be a nice quality-of-life feature and would definitely encourage me to write more. Currently, I have to upload a new text file to my server and refresh the pm2 job.

      Is "automated deployments" really the solution?

    1. If you assume cops are basically good and just need help doing their job better, then body cameras make sense.

      This is a deductive argument, but I believe theres no error in the way it's used

    1. {错误:spawn C:\ wamp \ bin \ php \ php7.2.14 ENOENT 在Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit at on OnErrorNT(internal / child_process.js:406:16) at process._tickCallback(internal / process / next_tick.js:63: 19) errno:'ENOENT', 代码:'ENOENT', 系统调用:'spawn C:\ wamp \ bin \ php \ php7.2.14', 路径:'C:\ \ wamp \ bin \ php \ php7.2.14', spawnargs:['c:\ wamp \ www \ NULB \ admin \ index.php']} < / pre>

    1. That said, I've since realized I was wrong of course. Trying to maintain projects that haven't been touched in more than a year led to hours of fixing dependency issues.
    1. Linux (and Wine) may prove to be an alternative here.

      If what we're discussing here is the decision to no longer opt in to playing along with the "Western" regime for IP, then why would they limit themselves to Linux and Wine—two products of attempts to play by the rules of the now-deprioritized regime? Why wouldn't they react by shamelessly embracing "pirated" forms of the (Windows) systems that they clearly have a revealed preference for? If hackability is the issue*, then that's ameliorated by the fact that NT/2000 source code and XP source code was leaked awhile ago—again: the only thing stopping anyone from embracing those before was a willingness to play along and recognize that some game states are unreachable when (artificially) restricting one's own options to things that are considered legal moves. But that's not important anymore, right?

      * i.e. malleability, and it's not obvious that it should be—it wasn't already, so what does this change?

    1. QuickBooks error 3371 usually occurs while you attempt to re-configure your system or when you try to activate QuickBooks. This error may also pop up in case of damaged company files. This error is often associated with a damaged QB system file, namely 'entitlementDataStore.ECML'. To know about this error, ensure that you go through this article till the very end. Our expert team provides you with the most reliable support and ensures that all your queries and issues get resolved in a timely manner. This article enumerates the various causes and the necessary troubleshooting measures for fixing the QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118.

    1. State exact versions and checksums of all deps plus run your own server hosting the deps

      In other words, do a lot of work to route around the problems introduced by the way that using npm routes around your existing version control system.

    1. all the exception handling these packages do

      These packages don't/can't do the amount of exception handling suggested by this comment.

    1. The events list is created with JS, yes. But that's the only thing on the whole site (~25 pages) that works that way.Here's another site I maintain this way where the events list is plain HTML: https://www.kingfisherband.com

      There's an unnecessary dichotomy here between uses JS and page is served as HTML. There's a middle ground, where the JS can do the same thing that it does now, but it only does so at edit time—in the post author's own browser, but not in others'. Once the post author is ready to publish an update, the client-side generated content is captured as plain HTML, and then they upload that. It still "uses JS", but crucially it doesn't require the visitor to have their browser do it (and for it to be repeated N times, once per page visit)...

  27. Apr 2022
    1. I agree about documenting everything. But for me docs are a last resort (the actual text, anything beyond skimming through code examples) when things already went wrong and I need to figure out why. But we can do much better. During dev when we see _method and methodOverride is disabled we can tell the developer that it needs to be enabled. Same if we see _method with something other than POST. Same for all other cases that are currently silently ignored. If the method is not in allowedMethods arguable it should even return a 400 in production. Or at the very least during dev it should tell you. We have the knowledge, let's not make the user run into unexpected behavior (e.g. silently ignoring _method for GET). Instead let's fail as loud as possible so they don't need to open their browser to actually read the docs or search though /issues. Let them stay in the zone and be like "oh, I need to set enabled: true, gotcha, thanks friendly error message".
    1. I'm not sure what $name is

      This post is filled with programming/debugging missteps that are the result of nothing other than overlooking what's already right in front of the person who's writing.

    1. ff start dev

      Can anyone help I am getting this error

      C:\Users\sande.firefly\stacks\sandeep2>ff start sandeep2 this will take a few seconds longer since this is the first time you're running this stack... ⣷ Error: dial tcp connectex: The requested address is not valid in its context. Usage: ff start <stack_name> [flags]

      Flags: -h, --help help for start -b, --no-rollback Do not automatically rollback changes if first time setup fails

      Global Flags: --ansi string control when to print ANSI control characters ("never"|"always"|"auto") (default "auto") -v, --verbose verbose log output

      Error: dial tcp connectex: The requested address is not valid in its context.

    1. Use with caution!

      Using regular expression in this way might cause "Elasticsearch exception [type=search_phase_execution_exception, reason=all shards failed]", especially when together with "query?scroll=1m"

  28. small-tech.org small-tech.org
    1. Ongoing research Building on our work with Site.js, we’ve begun working on two interrelated tools: NodeKit The successor to Site.js, NodeKit brings back the original ease of buildless web development to a modern stack based on Node.js that includes a superset of Svelte called NodeScript, JSDB, automatic TLS support, WebSockets, and more.

      "How much of your love of chocolate has to do with your designs for life that are informed by your religious creed? Is it incidental or essential?"

    1. Interestingly, though, expertise appears to influence persuasion only if the individual is identified as an expert before they communicate their message. Research has found that when a person is told the source is an expert after listening to the message, this new information does not increase the person’s likelihood of believing the message.
    1. So far it works great. I can now execute my bookmarklets from Twitter, Facebook, Google, and anywhere else, including all https:// "secure" websites.

      In addition to the note above about this being susceptible to sites that deny execution of inline scripts, this also isn't really solving the problem. At this point, these are effectively GreaseMonkey scripts (not bookmarklets), except initialized in a really roundabout way...

    1. Low reliability of either Time 1 or Time 2 score lowers the reliability of the change or residual score, whereas a high correlation between Time 1 and Time 2 scores causes lower reliability of difference scores

      Burt and Obradović (2013)

      Consider using DS rather than RS if there is a strong association between baseline assessments and the outcome

  29. Mar 2022
    1. denoised

      thank you for this tutorial!! I ran into an issue and noticed it was because you are searching for files with 'denoised' here, but your output files include only 'denoise' -- so if you run this twice regenerating the file list, you'll still grab the denoised outputs which will overwrite themselves. thanks!

    1. it's usually due to the misapplication of healthy open source principles

      The effect of handling open source the way it's popularly practiced on GitHub does not get nearly enough scrutiny for its role in e.g. maintainer burnout. Pretty much every project I see on GitHub does things that are obviously bad—or at least it should be obvious*—and neither are they sustainable, nor even a particularly good way to try to get work done, assuming that that's your imperative. It is probably the case, however, that that assumption is a bad one.

      * I've slowly come to realize and accept that this stuff is not obvious to lots of people, because it's all they know—whether that means that that should affect whether its negative consequences are obvious is something that I'm inclined heavily to argue that "no, it shouldn't affect it; it should still be obvious that it's bad even then", but empirically, it seems that my instinct is wrong.

  30. Feb 2022
    1. Studies show women and people of color tend to be paid less than White men in the same roles.

      Refers to pay between workers "in the same roles" but links to an article that uses a gross unadjusted figure. Nothing in the link supports the claim being made, which was hardly surprising considering this claim has been debunked thousands of times over the last few decades.

  31. Jan 2022