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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Property Management

      PropGOTO is a leading-edge real estate and property management software, offering a comprehensive, secure, and reliable solution. Developed by industry experts, our user-centric design ensures a seamless experience. With a focus on customer benefits, our innovative features streamline tasks and enhance communication. We provide best-in-class property management software with rich and exhaustive set of features, ensuring scalability for businesses of all sizes. Experience the future of property management with PropGOTO – where innovation meets reliability and user satisfaction is our priority.

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  2. Jun 2023
    1. How has your life been blessed by living the Gospel and how has it sanctified you?

      Hey Naomi! I must say your insights and reminders here are powerful!

      To address your question, I really do believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of good news. While we learn from the scriptures that the gospel is the gospel of repentance ("teach nothing but repentance" - Doctrine and Covenants 6:9, 11:9) , it essentially just means that we focus on preaching the gospel "which is the gospel of repentance and salvation through the mercy, grace and merits of the Lord Jesus Christ." That is good news: that there is salvation, mercy and grace for all mankind!

      • Lately, I feel that I've been surrounded by numerous deaths and illnesses in past two years. Grief has really taught me the impermanence of everything in our fallen world. But the more prominent feeling I've been getting is how lovely it is that I possess the knowledge of the plan of salvation. It brings me great comfort our parting in this life is not the end. This mortality is only a fleeting moment in our eternal lives.

      This is Elder Hugo Montoya in his talk, The Eternal Principle of Love:

      On the third day He was resurrected. The tomb is empty; He stands at the right hand of His Father. They hope we will choose to keep our covenants and return to Their presence. This second estate is not our final estate; we do not belong to this earthly home, but rather we are eternal beings living temporary experiences.

      • Another thing the gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me is that our time here on Earth is to become the person who we will become for eternity. When we meet Jesus Christ in His second coming and face the final judgment, the essence of who we are in that moment will shape our eternal existence. This understanding holds immense power in that each day the Lord gives me another chance to live and be with my family, I choose to improve upon myself, to surpass the person I was yesterday, so that one day, I may reach a state of self-acceptance, forgiveness for my flaws, love for all my cherished ones in the manner that Jesus loves them, and a deep sense of peace and comfort in the presence of my Heavenly Father.
  3. Dec 2022
    1. The myth that this was caused by Craigslist or Google drives me bonkers. Throughout the 80s and 90s, private equity firms and hedge funds gobbled up local news enterprises to extract their real estate. They didn’t give a shit about journalism; they just wanted prime real estate that they could develop. And news organizations had it in the form of buildings in the middle of town. So financiers squeezed the news orgs until there was no money to be squeezed and then they hung them out to dry. There was no configuration in which local news was going to survive, no magical upwards trajectory of revenue based on advertising alone. If it weren’t for Craigslist and Google, the financiers would’ve squeezed these enterprises for a few more years, but the end state was always failure.

      danah boyd posits that journalism in the United States didn't fail as the result of Craigslist or Google, but because of hedge funds and investors acquiring them to strip out their valuable real estate.

  4. Sep 2022
    1. A curb cut is authority granted to you by the owner of the road (often the state government) to make a physical change to your property and the road to allow customers access. Curb cuts alter the properties of traffic management at a block-by-block engineering level.

      Definition of "Curb Cut"

  5. Jul 2022
    1. For the past two decades, Evergrande has taken advantage of cheap credit to massively expand its real estate empire. The company reported $108 billion in annual sales and some $356 billion in assets. Its portfolio is massive: Evergrande owns over 1300 real estate projects across 280 cities in China, has a property services management arm involved in almost 2800 projects across over 310 cities in China, has other ventures across unrelated industries, and directly employs over 200,000 people.
    2. In a page out of the WeWork playbook, Evergrande fancied itself as more than a loss-leading, debt-burdened real estate business. The company turned its health care business unit into an electric vehicle company despite never making a single car. In July, Evergrande was considering an IPO for Evergrande Spring, its bottled water business (you read that right). At the same time, Evergrande was also considering an IPO for its tourism business and an incoherent theme park featuring fairytales from across the world. Guangzhou FC, China's most successful soccer team, is owned by Evergrande (with an Alibaba stake) for some reason.
    1. China's debt-laden local governments are also facing grim prospects. Declining income from land sales because of the crisis in the real estate sector and falling tax receipts are expected to cause a 6 trillion yuan shortfall, roughly $900 billion, in local government revenues this year. Local government financing vehicles that have borrowed heavily from banks or issued bonds will have great difficulties servicing their debt.
    1. In retrospect, there's a good case that the reason the bursting of the housing bubble seemed to matter so much was that it was masking an underlying problem of secular stagnation. The same might be said of Japan's real estate-stock bubble of the late 1980s
  6. Apr 2022
    1. How to Use Real Estate Marketing Automation to Boost Sales in 2022 | Sloboda Studio

      As of 2022, there are more than 2 million realtors in the United States, not all using real estate marketing automation. Craig Eaton, owner of Eaton Realty, believed that real estate companies could keep up with trends without automating real estate marketing. But as the number of competitors increased, Craig had a constant flow of customers. After integrating real estate marketing automation, Eaton Realty processed over 500 leads in the first month. This required full-time work from multiple agents, which may have had a minor impact. This was one of the best examples of how real estate marketing automation can save business costs and have a positive impact on the process.

  7. Feb 2022
    1. The next year, the paper wrote glowingly in its news pages of a segregation ordinance — “preventing negroes from moving” into majority-white neighborhoods and vice versa — signed into law in 1910. The measure was drafted, one article claimed, after white residents in the northwest section of the city decried “the encroachment of the negroes into white residential sections, lowering property values and driving white people from the neighborhoods in which, previous to the black invasion, they had liked to live.” As Antero Pietila, a former Sun reporter, noted in his 2010 book, “Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City,” that particular ordinance paved the way for residential segregation in America. Nothing else like it was on the books anywhere, and legislation modeled after it soon sprung up in other regions of the country.

      A segregation ordinance in 1910 in Maryland became a model for legislation in many areas of America which encouraged residential segregation across the country.

  8. Jan 2022
  9. Dec 2021
    1. Corporations generally pay tax at about 50% on net rental income, and at about 25% on a rental property capital gain (rates differ by province). This is similar to what a top-rate taxpayer might pay if they owned the same property personally. Therefore, many people would pay less tax to own a rental property personally instead of corporately, and could also avoid the cost and complexity of the corporate structure.

      If that's true then it makes no sense to run a rental business through your corporation.

  10. Nov 2021
    1. Looking for a property?

      Do you want to buy property in India? Are you looking for best-in-class residential and commercial properties for sale in Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida? Well, you have landed in the correct place.

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    1. If you are involved in the real estate industry and don’t have a website, you will lose the fight. Available statistics of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show that 95% of all homebuyers are searching online. But even the presence of a website is not enough. Over 90% of real estate companies have websites. So, to be different from the other companies you need to create something astonishing. Choosing a house is a difficult decision. That’s why people don’t only swipe on smartphones. They use their laptops to search thoroughly. This fact explains why building a great website is still important, even in the mobile-first era. In this article, we are going to guide you through the nuances of real estate website development and give you a couple of advice.
    1. They forgot to mention that it has enough space for 70,000 books! It's so depressing to see this house so empty.

  14. Apr 2021
    1. 4 BHK Flat in Worli

      The 4 BHK in Worli by K Raheja Corp Homes are those kinds of apartments that have been designed to specifically promote the idea of community living and if you like being around warm, accommodating neighbors, Raheja Artesia is the ideal place for you.

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  16. Sep 2020
    1. Looking forward to the upcoming property management trends, there will be a wider range of opportunities, some big economic and social shifts, and a set of new technological trends upping the future of housing market sales numbers across the world.
  17. May 2020
  18. Oct 2019
    1. In this post, I’m going to guide you through peculiarities of real estate web development and give you useful real estate website tips focused on the increase of conversions.
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    1. Rosings

      Fictional estate of Lady Catherine located in Kent, near Hunsford Parsonage.

      Image of the set of the 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice.

  21. Jan 2019
    1. 项目参与者报告称,通过应用区块链技术,可确保地籍数据更高的透明度,并可在房地产登记期间避免未经授权的变更。此外,参与者一致认为,通过区块链技术创建单一登记处的所有好处将对乌兹别克斯坦的投资环境产生积极影响。

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>如果没有区块链的加持,公权力是否会想到采用类似分布式技术等颇为 geek 的手段来维护现有体系?就算这只是个早晚会实现的时间问题,那民众也应该保留不停追问的权利。要知道,公权力与 geek 在精神上互为对立——回顾一下当年快播王欣案上公诉方那贻笑大方的审问吧——「(针对媒体类大文件的分布式存储)你为什么要粉碎文件?你到底有何企图?」<br/><br/>同样令密码学社群捉摸不透的企图是,区块链确权被运用在现实资产上。高度透明、单一登记,这与现在的互联网秩序在目标上又有何区别?真可谓理想主义者的又一次溃败。

  22. Jul 2018
    1. The Six Corners store, like more than 100 other Sears locations, is owned by Seritage Growth Properties, a real estate company controlled by Sears Holdings CEO Eddie Lampert. Seritage, which is publicly traded, has a market value nearly 10 times greater than Sears Holdings.

      Interesting to see the interaction between Sears Holdings and Seritage. The value is apparently all in the real estate.

  23. Dec 2017
    1. Phil Devin Consultants Review - 6 måter å velge riktig eiendomsmegler på

      Å få service av en eiendomsmegler er sterkt fordelaktig for deg når du kjøper eller selger en bolig. Imidlertid er hver agent forskjellig fra hverandre og å finne den som passer best for dine behov, vil ikke være en veldig enkel oppgave, men bekymre deg ikke mer siden denne artikkelen laget av Phil Devin Consultants vil tjene som en guide for å lete etter den rette agent for deg.

      Å holde en pålitelig og god agent med deg, vil sikkert hjelpe deg med å oppnå de resultatene du søker. Det vil også være lettere for deg å forstå trinnene som er involvert i prosessen med kompetanse fra en agent, hvor han vil forklare alt for deg på den måten du lett kan forstå, og slik profesjonell kan ta vare på den tekniske, taktiske, og økonomiske aspekter inkludert i din eiendomsmegling innsats. Velg noen som er i stand til å håndtere inn og ut av boligmarkedet i ditt område også.

      Sørg for gode oppføringer

      Ved å søke etter riktig eiendomsmegler, gjør det til en vane å gjøre noen undersøkelser. Finn ut om agenten har et godt antall oppføringer i ditt nabolag, og om han også har vært involvert i ulike vellykkede eiendomsprosjekter fra mange kunder. Agenten må gi like muligheter og oppmerksomhet til alle sine klienter; ikke vær med noen som er veldig forutinntatt på hans beslutninger.

      Merk ærlige henvisninger

      Du kan få ærlige vurderinger og meninger fra personer du er i nærheten av som familiemedlemmer, venner og arbeidskamerater eller til og med fra nabo i mange år. Med sin tidligere erfaring fra en bestemt klient, er de klar over profesjonelle gode poeng og noen dårlige poeng også. Du bør bedre notere den typen informasjon og lage en liste over kandidatene som sannsynligvis vil bli din eiendomsmegler. Å ha disse notatene med deg kan hjelpe deg bedre å velge hvilken som er best for deg og dine eiendomsbehov.

      Hvis du for tiden har en pålitelig eiendomsmegler med deg, men du vil snart flytte til et nytt sted, kan det være litt av et problem siden du ikke vil kunne få sin tjeneste og kontakte ham lenger for din fremtidige eiendomsproblemer. Men Phil Devin Consultants vil ikke at du skal bekymre deg for mye om denne saken, så gruppen foreslår at du spør din nåværende eiendomsmegler for henvisninger i stedet. Flertallet av eiendomsmeglere har mange tilkoblinger og nettverk i bransjen, og det er derfor mulig at de også er kunnskapsrike om andre gode agenter på forskjellige områder.

      Lei en flyttespesialist

      Hvis du flytter til et fjernt sted uten å anta hvem du skal ansette som eiendomsmegler, så få bedre service av en flyttingsekspert. Du kan avhenge av spesialisten siden han har et stort nettverk med tilknytning til agenter også i en bestemt region eller et land. Han har også tilgang til agentens ytelses- og produksjonsrapporter, slik at han kan hjelpe deg med å finne agenten som passer best for dine behov og bekymringer.

      Lær om samfunnets lederskap

      Noen som også bryr seg om hans nabolag kan være en fordel for deg når du planlegger å selge en eiendom innenfor dette området i fremtiden. Det ville være en bonus hvis agenten har et godt fellesskapsledelse også. Annet enn resultatnumrene, inkludere dette på listen over dine krav til din potensielle eiendomsmegler. Lær om agentens engasjement i samfunnet og om han hadde deltatt i lokale skoler, stigende bedrifter eller veldedige organisasjoner, eller gjort noen investeringer.

      Finn de trekkene du foretrekker

      Du vil være den som skal håndtere eiendomsmegler, så sørg for at han har de egenskapene du personlig foretrekker med en profesjonell. Lag en liste over kvaliteter du leter etter i en god eiendomsmegler. Dine synspunkter og meninger kan være forskjellige fra andre, så samsvar med egenskapene til agenten med dine personlige krav for å sikre et komfortabelt og profesjonelt forhold til profesjonelle.

      Bekreft en oppdatert lisens

      Eiendomsmegler må ha en lisens som er oppdatert. Aldri signere en kontrakt med en agent uten å sjekke først troverdigheten til hans lisens. Du kan gå til eiendomsavdelingen nettsted av staten din for å bekrefte om lisensen er aktuell.

      Phil Devin Real Estate foreslår endelig å "stole på intuisjonen din, den ligger aldri." Stol på ditt første tarminstinkt, og hvis du føler at noe er galt med agenten, så ikke velg ham. Du bør ikke velge noen hvis du føler noen tvil om ham - uansett størrelsen på det. Å være i tvil er det første tegn på at du ikke er en kamp med agenten. "Vær forsiktig med hvem du stoler på. Salt og sukker er begge hvite. "

    2. Phil Devin Consultants Review - Het vinden van een goede vastgoedmakelaar voor uw behoeften

      Als u momenteel van plan bent om een onroerende goederen te kopen of te verkopen, dan wordt het geadviseerd voor u om de dienst van een professionele onroerende goederenagent te krijgen. Maar het vinden van de juiste is voor uw behoeften misschien niet gemakkelijk op alle, maar dit bericht gemaakt door Phil Devin consultants zal u helpen in een dergelijke hachelijke situatie.

      U er zeker van een goed resultaat in uw onroerend goed venture als u een vertrouwde agent met je. Het kiezen van een goede agent kan bespaart u de moeite van het begrijpen van elke stap opgenomen in het hele proces, omdat de agent in staat is de behandeling van het samen met het aanpakken van de technische, tactische en financiële zaken die betrokken zijn bij een project. Zorg ervoor dat u ook werken met een Professional die kan omgaan met de ins en outs van de woningmarkt in uw omgeving.


      Het eerste wat je moet overwegen is de agent het aantal aanbiedingen in uw regio. Bepaal of de agent had ervaring met veel klanten en als zijn eerdere projecten werden gelabeld succes door zijn klanten. Zorg ervoor dat de agent geeft gelijke aandacht en het beheer van elke klant waar je geen spoor van vriendjespolitiek te vinden op alle.


      Beter krijgen die goede aanbevelingen van uw familieleden, vrienden, of zelfs van uw collega's en buren. Met deze, u gebruik maken van hun ervaring als leidraad bij het kiezen van de betere agent. Neem nota van hun adviezen en suggesties, en benadruk de kenmerken u nuttig van elke agent vond die zij zouden voorstellen. U ook ervan overtuigd zijn dat je eerlijk beoordelingen kreeg van die mensen, die zeer gunstig is voor uw zoektocht van de agent te vertrouwen.

      Echter, voor die personen met een goede makelaars vandaag, maar is verhuizen naar een ander land of een verre plaats snel, dan zou het niet meer mogelijk om een goede communicatie met uw huidige agent hebben. Phil Devin Real Estate consultants suggereert om de verwijzing van die vorige agent van jou van een nieuwe agent in uw nieuwe plaats. Met hun brede netwerk van professionele verbindingen binnen de onroerende goederenindustrie, hebben de onroerende goederenagenten zeker goede informatie van andere goed-presterende agenten ook op andere gebieden.

      Verhuizing specialist

      U ook het huren van een verhuizing specialist, vooral als je verhuizen naar een nieuwe buurt. Het is begrijpelijk dat u geen idee van de goede agenten in dat specifieke gebied hebt, in het bijzonder als u geen ervaring met een onroerende goederenagent in de eerste plaats hebt. Hebben een verhuizing specialist aan uw zijde, omdat deze Professional heeft een goed netwerk van verbinding met agenten in een bepaald land. Hij of zij heeft een goede toegang tot de prestaties van een agent en de productie verslagen ook. Indien ooit, kan de specialist ook de capaciteiten van een bepaalde agent aan het bezit aanpassen u zoekt.


      Kies iemand die ook Gemeenschaps leiderschap bezit. Het is inderdaad een plus factor als de agent sterk zorgt voor zijn of haar gemeenschap. Het zien van briljante prestaties nummers over een agent is goed, maar het zou leuk zijn om te zien dat hij of zij is ook toegewijd aan de Gemeenschap. Zoek uit of de agent geïnvesteerd in het gebied en was betrokken bij lokale scholen, het ontwikkelen van bedrijven, of liefdadigheidsinstellingen.

      Wenselijke kenmerken

      Welke goede kwaliteiten u van een agent in uw inspanning verwacht van het kopen van of het verkopen van een onroerende goederen? Je moet jezelf afvragen uw eigen definitie van een "goede makelaar". Uw mening zal anders zijn dan anderen, dus wat is geweldig voor hen misschien niet aan u, omdat het afhangt van uw eisen. U zou de agent met de kwaliteiten of de kenmerken moeten zoeken u persoonlijk zoekt. Heeft u liever iemand ethisch over iemand met een grote verkoopvolume? Hou je van iemand met veel ervaring over een Professional die de leiding neemt van meestal alles? Of wil je werken met een deskundige die zal ingaan op elk van uw zorgen? Je bent degene die zou kunnen beantwoorden dergelijke vragen dus wees zeer voorzichtig bij het kiezen van wie te vertrouwen. Selecteer degene die voldoet aan de meeste van uw gewenste kwaliteiten van een agent, zodat u er zeker van een comfortabele en een professionele relatie tussen jou en hem.


      De licentie van de agent moet up-to-date zijn. Voordat u een contract met een agent ondertekent, moet u ervoor zorgen dat u zijn of haar licentie tweemaal hebt gecontroleerd. U een bezoek van uw staat onroerend goed afdeling website om te valideren als de licentie was echt bijgewerkt.

      Met al die genoemde richtlijnen, Phil Devin consultants begrijpt als je ook gaat om je intuïtie toe te voegen in uw besluitvorming. Vertrouw op je gevoelens en vraag jezelf vele malen indien nodig als je echt zeker bent met uw definitieve beslissing. Niet versnellen het proces van het kiezen, maar neem de tijd en zorgvuldig genoeg.

  24. Sep 2015
    1. But the rules have to be different when we’re talking about news.

      Good ole appeal to journalistic exceptionalism.