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    1. that's what we need to do today we need to we need to take an inventory of how many solar arrays do we need how 00:06:27 many wind turbines how many electric buses how many electric heat pumps what's the new generation crown corporations we should be establishing to expedite doing that at scale 00:06:40 and deploying it at scale to actually decarbonize and electrify in the short window of time that we have
      • for: climate change - wartime mobilization inventory
  3. Oct 2023
    1. All of the process capabilities in the individual's repertoire rest ultimately upon basic capabilities within him or his artifacts, and the entire repertoire represents an inter-knit, hierarchical structure (which we often call the repertoire hierarchy).

      This section is vital for assessing the capabilities of the remember or the system and knowing what your tools can do.

      I think this fits with Ray Dalios definition of baseball card management.

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    1. So I’ve started a routine where every few years, I block out a couple of days to sit down and review all my idea tools—and other rituals of how I structure my creative thinking— to see if there's something that can be improved upon.

      As a strategy for avoiding shiny object syndrome, one can make a routine of making a "creative inventory" of one's tools.

      There is generally a high switching cost, so tools need to be an order of magnitude more useful, beneficial, or even fun to make it worthwhile.

    2. In my line of work as a writer, there’s a near endless stream of new applications coming out that touch different stages in my workflow: e-book readers, notetaking apps, tools for managing PDFs, word processors, bibliographic databases. The problem is that it’s very tricky to switch horses midstream with these kinds of tools, which means you have a natural tendency to get locked into a particular configuration, potentially missing out on better approaches.

      Steven Johnson indicates that it can be difficult to change workflows, tools, apps, etc.

  6. Nov 2022
    1. the container ship was simply becoming so large so unwieldy that much of the infrastructure around them is struggling to cope a lot of the decisions to build Supply chains were really based on

      Impact of cheap transportation

      production costs and transport costs

      With transportation costs so low and logistics assumed, manufactures chased cheaper production costs. They would outsource manufacturing to low-cost countries without considering the complexity risks.

  7. Oct 2022
    1. For Odoo online(SAAS) users, you first need to migrate to the Odoo.sh platform before installing Odoo Multichannel Woocommerce Connector because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS)
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