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  1. Aug 2023
    1. on Aug. 12, the National Museum of American History is giving the artifact pristine treatment.WpGet the full experience.Choose your planArrowRight"Have You Heard the One . . . ? The Phyllis Diller Gag File" is an exhibition of the beige cabinet in the quiet Albert H. Small Documents Gallery.

      The National Museum of American History debuted Phyllis Diller's gag file on August 12, 2011 in the Albert H. Small Documents Gallery in an exhibition entitled "Have you Hard the One...? The Phyllis Diller Gag File."

      see also: press release https://www.si.edu/newsdesk/releases/national-museum-american-history-showcases-life-and-laughs-phyllis-diller

  2. May 2023
  3. Apr 2023
    1. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has acquired the MIT Press colophon, designed by Muriel Cooper, as part of its permanent collection. Designed in 1965 and now widely celebrated as a hallmark of modernist design, the iconic logo was abstracted from the letters “mitp” into the barcode-resembling design that stamps the spines of the press’s publications.

      Muriel Cooper, the first design director of the MIT Press and a founding faculty member of MIT's Media Lab, designed the MIT Press colophon in 1965. The iconic colophon has been acquired by The Museum of Modern Art in 2023.

      The commission had originally been offered to Paul Rand (o Eye Bee M logo fame) in 1962, but when he turned down the offer, he suggested they offer it to Cooper.

    1. <div class="field__items"> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="51550" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/reflets-darbres-196309" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Reflets d'arbres </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="50888" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/les-nuages-196302" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Les Nuages </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="51455" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/le-matin-clair-aux-saules-196308" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Le Matin clair aux saules </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="51265" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/les-deux-saules-196306" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Les Deux Saules </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="51172" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/soleil-couchant-196305" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Soleil couchant </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="51078" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/reflets-verts-196304" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Reflets verts </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="50983" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/matin-196303" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Matin </figcaption> </article> </div> <div class="field__item"> <article data-history-node-id="51361" role="article" about="https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/oeuvres/le-matin-aux-saules-196307" class="node node--type-artwork node--promoted"> <figure role="figure" class="main-image"> <picture> </picture> </figure> <figcaption> Le Matin aux saules </figcaption> </article> </div> </div>
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  6. Aug 2022
    1. Otto Karl Wilhelm Neurath (German: [ˈnɔʏʀaːt]; 10 December 1882 – 22 December 1945) was an Austrian-born philosopher of science, sociologist, and political economist. He was also the inventor of the ISOTYPE method of pictorial statistics and an innovator in museum practice. Before he fled his native country in 1934, Neurath was one of the leading figures of the Vienna Circle.
  7. May 2022
  8. Feb 2022
    1. When I did, I tried to see beyond the museum’s opulence to appreciate the nearly invisible hands of the Black laborers who made the Carroll family’s comfort and prosperity possible.

      It would be interesting to commission a sculpture of several human forms, perhaps fashioned in clear acrylic, glass, or some other translucent material, to represent the invisible nature of these slaves in an effort to make them visible in the present and while still making a dramatic and more visible statement about their (and millions of others') invisible nature with respect to the historical record.

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    1. Музей М. А. Булгакова (ГБУК г. Москвы) — первый и единственный государственный мемориальный музей Булгакова в России, учрежденный в 2007 году в пространстве легендарной квартиры №50 в доме 10 по Большой Садовой. В настоящее время Музей М. А. Булгакова активно расширяет поле культурной деятельности, открывает выставки и проводит мероприятия как в самом музее, так и на внешних площадках. Цель Музея — всесторонний рассказ о булгаковском творчестве, булгаковской Москве, культуре булгаковской эпохи.

      Bulgakov's museum in Moscow. It was open in 2007 with the purpose of promoting multifaceted discussion of Bulgakov's work and historical context of his novels.

  14. Feb 2020
    1. Step Inside Brazil’s Museu Nacional, Before the Devastating Blaze

      Be sure to open all the annotations on the page! This article marks an experiment into public annotation. While most of my annotation is for private purposes, I do think that anyone can contribute to knowledge creation using annotation. I hope you agree. I also created a special director's cut edition of an article I wrote!

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  22. Jul 2018
    1. Inbreker Van Gogh: ‘Ik zat ondergedoken bij Patrick Kluivert’

      FROM WIKINEWS: [Patrick Kluivert ontkent onderdak te hebben geboden aan Durham Naar navigatie springenJump to search Klik hier om zelf een nieuwsartikel te schrijven. 21 maart 2017<br> Voetballer Patrick Kluivert ontkent stellig de geruchten dat hij in Barcelona onderdak zou hebben geboden aan Octave Durham ("Okkie"), de man die in 2002 twee schilderijen uit het Van Gogh Museum ontvreemdde en op dat moment op de vlucht was. Durham zelf is met dit opmerkelijke verhaal gekomen, dat vanavond in een speciale aflevering van Brandpunt wordt uitgezonden. De Brandpunt-documentaire is gemaakt door misdaadjournalist Vincent Verweij.

      “Een vriend van mijn was Patrick Kluivert – een gabber uit de buurt. Ik kwam Patrick tegen in Barcelona. Ik zei dat ik door de politie gezocht werd, maar ik zei niet dat het voor die Van Goghs was. En toen zei hij: ‘Waarom zit je de hele tijd in een hotel? Waarom blijf je niet bij mijn thuis?’ Ik zei: ‘Als ze mij bij jou pakken, kom je in alle kranten van de wereld’. Hij zei: ‘Dat kom ik toch al.’ (Citaat van Durham uit de documentaire)

      Kluivert noemt het hele verhaal pure onzin, en overweegt Durham aan te klagen wegens smaad en laster."

  23. Mar 2018
  24. Nov 2017
    1. if the children are from more than one class, the app is programmed with rules that determine which curriculum appears on the iPad.
    2. “In the museum’s situation, it’s completely untenable to hand out smartphones to hundreds of elementary students each day,”
  25. www.torrancelearning.com www.torrancelearning.com
    1. xAPI and Next Generation Learning Get the right data about the learning experience and its impact on performance. We’re among the early adopters and leaders in the Experience API (xAPI) and its application in performance & analytics. As winners of the xAPI Hyperdrive, eLearning Guild Demofest and Brandon Hall Awards with our xAPI-based solutions, we’re inspiring others with fresh thinking. As hosts of the xAPI Learning Cohort we’re supporting hundreds of pioneers and experimenters in learning and working with the xAPI.
    1. Wonder if @NinaKSimon and other people in the Museum 2.0 sphere have worked on this type of thing. A few years ago, there were several beacon projects in museums. But it’s my first encounter with a museum using xAPI.

  26. Jul 2017
    1. Yale University, Wieland had spent the beginning of his career chasing down dead animals, gaining a certain amount of renown for his discovery of Archelon ischyros, a Cretaceous-era sea turtle that remains the largest known to man.

      That's my favorite thing at the Peabody Museum!

  27. May 2017
    1. Sara Berman’s Closet opened in the American wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Installed in a niche next to the gallery’s period rooms, the closet was recreated by Sara’s daughter, Maira Kalman, and her grandson, Alex Kalman, based on the actual closet in Sara Berman’s studio apartment on Horatio Street, where she lived between 1982 and 2004.

      What an interesting idea for an exhibit!

  28. Mar 2017
  29. May 2016
    1. "Historic trove of documents discovered in city attic," Herald.ie (2016-05-16) http://www.herald.ie/news/historic-trove-of-documents-discovered-in-city-attic-34707155.html

      The four missing volumes of Prisoner Books listing the arrests of more than 30,000 people between 1905 and 1918 include the "crimes" of labour leaders Jim Larkin (seditious conspiracy), James Connolly (incitement to crime), revolutionary Maud Gonne MacBride (defence of the realm), and suffragette Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington (glass-breaking with other suffragettes).

    2. "Poverty, manslaughter and stealing apples: police records shed light on Dublin 100 years ago," journal.ie (2015-05-14) http://www.thejournal.ie/police-records-arrests-100-years-ago-dublin-2765946-May2016/

      LIFE IN DUBLIN in the early 20th century was tough, especially given the huge class divide. However, it was also a time of remarkable change. Newly-released digitised Dublin Metropolitan Police records show us what life was like from 1905 to 1918. The records cover some of Dublin’s major historical events, including the 1913 Lockout, the 1916 Rising and its aftermath. Over 30,000 people were arrested during this period and these details are all contained in the records.

      Sean Lemass' arrest (down as John Lemass) fifth row from the bottom.

    3. "Thousands of files containing details of prisoners arrested during 1913 Lockout, Easter Rising published online," RTÉ Six-One News (2016-05-11) [flash video]


      RTÉ Six-One News report on the restoration of DMP Prisoners Books to the Garda Museum and Archives, and launch of the four digitised volumes of Dublin Metropolitan Police prisoner books from the Irish revolutionary period.

    4. "UCD Library Cultural Heritage: Launch of the Dublin Metropolitan Police Prisoners Books." Flickr (2015-05-11)

      Flickr album of photographs from the SPITU-sponsored launch of the digital DMP Prisoners Books at Liberty Hall, Dublin.

    5. "SIPTU presents historic DMP files to Garda and to UCD online library" (2016-05-11) http://www.siptu.ie/media/pressreleases2016/featurednews/fullstory_19808_en.html

      SIPTU presented ‘Prisoners Books’ concerning over 30,000 people arrested by the Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) between 1905 and 1918 to the Garda Síochána at a ceremony in Liberty Hall, Dublin, this morning (11th May).

    6. PULSE, 1916. http://www.broadsheet.ie/2016/05/11/fingers-on-the-pulse-of-1916/

      The Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) Prisoners Books for 1905-1908 and 1911-1918 are amongst the most valuable new documents to come to light on the revolutionary decade.

      They include important information on social and political life in the capital during the last years of the Union, from the period of widespread anticipation of Home Rule, to the advent of the 1913 Lockout, the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the Easter Rising and its aftermath in 1916, and including the conscription crisis of 1918.

      They will also be invaluable to those interested in criminology, genealogy, and family history.

      The collection comprises of four large leather bound, double ledger volumes containing hand written entries that record the details of daily charge sheets issued by DMP members to offenders or alleged offenders.

      Each volume contains the name, age, address, occupation, alleged offence and, in most cases, outcome of cases involving over 30,000 people arrested by the DMP.

      Each volume also contains an index of prisoners with references to the pages containing details of the charge. The information in these volumes serves, therefore, to provide new perspectives on life in Dublin during a time of war and revolution.

    7. "Discovery of police files opens new chapter on Rising era," Irish Times (2016-05-11) http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/heritage/discovery-of-police-files-opens-new-chapter-on-rising-era-1.2644187

      Records found in Clontarf attic detail arrests of Larkin and Connolly during Dublin lockout

    8. Dublin Metropolitan Police's Prisoners Books released," Irish Geneology News (2016-05-12) http://www.irishgenealogynews.com/2016/05/dublin-metropolitan-polices-prisoners.html

      Launched yesterday at Liberty Hall, these records date from Ireland's revolutionary era and include all manner of crimes listed in register pages headed 'Prisoners charged with offences involving dishonesty'. ...

    9. "Dublin Metropolitan Police Prisoner Books 1905-1918," The British GENES blog (2016-05-12) http://britishgenes.blogspot.ie/2016/05/dublin-metropolitan-police-prisoner.html

      University College Dublin's Digital Library (http://digital.ucd.ie) has just uploaded digitised editions of four Dublin Metropolitan Police prisoners books from 1905-1908, and 1911-1918, at http://digital.ucd.ie/view/ucdlib:43945.

    10. "Historic police records showing Connolly and Larkin arrests found in skip," Irish Independent (2016-05-11) http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/historic-police-records-showing-connolly-and-larkin-arrests-found-in-skip-34707471.html

      The four missing volumes of 'Prisoner Books' listing the arrests of more than 30,000 people between 1905 and 1918 include the "crimes" of labour leaders Jim Larkin (seditious conspiracy), James Connolly (incitement to crime), revolutionary Maud Gonne MacBride (defence of the realm) and suffragette Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, (glass-breaking with other suffragettes).

    11. "Records of 1916 Rising arrests published online," Irish Examiner (2016-05-12)

      Reports containing details of 30,000 arrests by the Dublin Metropolitan Police more than 100 years ago have been published online, writes Dan Buckley.

      They contain details of prisoners during the Lockout of 1913, the outbreak of the First World War and the 1916 Easter Rising.

    12. "Dublin Metropolitan prisoner books available online," Irish Times (2016-05-11) http://www.rte.ie/news/2016/0511/787671-dublin-metropolitan-prisoners-books/

      Dublin Metropolitan Prisoners Books from over 100 years ago containing reports of over 30,000 arrests have been published online.

  30. Feb 2016
    1. The viewer should be able to obtain a complete understand from various levels and mediums of information. One way to effectively convey information to the patron is through the use of technology

      Multiple senses should be activated in a museum environment

    2. it is not art itself that people are turning from. People are turning away “from the traditional delivery mechanisms” (Cohen, 2013)
    1. In 2009, Amsterdam’s EYE Film Institute invited the public to remix twenty-one film fragments from its collection of early Dutch films. 
  31. Oct 2015
    1. Downtowns,museumsandhistoricalsites,thus,becameculturemallswherepurchasescouldhavelesstodowiththeimportanceattachedtotheitemsacquiredthanwiththepublicmeaningofbuyingasaperformanceofone’srighttobeinsuchspaces

      This reminds me of some analysis of picture-taking at the Whitney Museum one of you (Felipe?) did.

  32. Jul 2015
    1. Moving Museum Catalogues Online: An Interim Report from the Getty Foundation"The Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative *2012 interim report from the Getty Foundation regarding their activities moving towards digital publishing

      • does this deal with issues of fair use, permissions, and copyright?
  33. Feb 2015