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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Commonly, this is accomplished through a pub-licly available list of credential statuses (either listing the revokedor valid credentials).

      Claims about one's identity (authorized devices), could be maintained by the quorum of these devices. Or by a quorum of one's devices and his friends.

    1. An r-block b with an empty payment and comment approve points to balancedr-coin payments block b′, where b does not observe a block equivocating with b′

      What's the point of explicit approvals if it can be derived out of DAG?

      It won't spare computation, as one would still need to go through DAG and ensure payment's balanced and equivocation-free. Can't trust the issuer of "APPROVE".

  2. Jun 2023
    1. Bei der Frühjahrstagung der Weltbank und des internationalen Währungsfonds ist die Klimakrise ein zentrales Thema. Die Reformvorschläge vor allem für die Weltbank gehen voraussichtlich nicht weit genug, um ärmeren Ländern einen wirksamen Kampf gegen die globale Erhitzung zu erlauben. https://taz.de/IWF-und-Weltbank-auf-Fruehjahrstagung/!5924846/

  3. Sep 2022
    1. imagine a future where educators are able to trace the impact they have had on learners' journeys. Educators can identify which teaching methods worked best for which learners and which approaches were most effective at enabling the learners to translate that learning into practice

      There is some transformative potential here for these insights to be valuable for Educators as well as to serve as data points that help Learners. be more informed consumers (especially when the data allows for "twinning" that allows for Learners to approximate anticipated outcomes based on historical outcomes for people who share characteristics with them). At the same time, a clear hurdle separating the aspirations from the reality is the priority of the ownership. It seems that for all the exciting potential, getting there necessarily triggers a dynamic of multiple stakeholders having legitimate assertions of ownership over the data, meaning that compromises must be made, and that we may quickly begin to see qualifications to the notion of learner ownership that are a far cry from any absolute, binary interpretation. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if it is in fact a thing, it's something to be acknowledged and centered so as to avoid appearing (or being) disingenuous brokers of the conversation.

  4. Aug 2020
  5. Feb 2020
    1. But Washington’s extreme dysfunction forces decision-making onto cities and states. To make matters worse, extremists on both the far left and the far right—who make up the majority of voters in low-turnout local primary elections—now hold most of the power. When that happens, balanced decision-making goes right out the window. So instead of weighing the pros and cons of each public policy, reaching a compromise, and then giving everyone certainty and resolution, tech regulation today is a battle zone.
  6. Oct 2017
    1. Whenever a commentator or an economist conflates the fiscal outlook for a nation that issues its own currency (for example, the US) with the outlook for a nation that uses a foreign currency (for example, Greece) you know one thing for certain – they have not understood what currency sovereignty is.

      Another school of thought on sovereign currency is sovereign money (https://www.sovereignmoney.eu/).