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    1. transitions are hard and require a well-thought through strategy to prevent failure, especially if the goal is to be whole ethically.
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    1. One example of a siloed approach to critical infrastructure is the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection’s framework and action plan, which focuses on reducing vulnerability to terror attacks but does not consider integrating climate or environmental dimensions.39       Instead of approaching critical infrastructure protection as another systems maintenance task, the hyper-response takes advantage of ecoinnovation.40 Distributed and localized energy, food, water, and manufacturing solutions mean that the capacity to disrupt the arterials that keep society functioning is reduced. As an example, many citizens and communities rely on one centralized water supply. If these citizens and communities had water tanks and smaller-scale local water supply, this means that if a terror group or other malevolent actor decided to contaminate major national water supplies—or if the hyperthreat itself damaged major central systems—far fewer people would be at risk, and the overall disruption would be less significant. This offers a “security from the ground up” approach, and it applies to other dimensions such as health, food, and energy security.

      The transition of energy and other critical provisioning systems requires inclusive debate so that a harmonized trajectory can be selected that mitigates against stranded assets. The risk of non-inclusive debate is the possibility of many fragmented approaches competing against each other and wasting precious time and resources. Furthermore, system maintenance of antiquated hyperthreat supporting systems as pointed out in Boulton's other research. System maintenance is a good explanatory concept that can help make sense of much of the incumbent financial, energy and government actors to preserve the hyperthreat out of survival motives.

      A template for a compass for guiding energy trajectories is provided in Van Zyl-Bulitta et al. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/333254683_A_compass_to_guide_through_the_myriad_of_sustainable_energy_transition_options_across_the_global_North_South_divide which can also be a model for other provisioning systems.

    2. This is the vision of OP Sapiens Star—that human’s evolution is not finished, and that the hyperthreat provides the impetus for a quantum leap into a new way of being. Through achieving a galactically significant mission—saving Earth’s ecological integrity—the Homo sapiens species “stars” within the universe. Humans go from being a menace and fighting one another to being heroic, creative, and tolerant.    

      This can be interpreted as an instantiation of the hero's journey, in the context of research that combines evolution with ecology as in the research paper: Major Evolutionary Transitions and the Roles of Facilitation and Information in Ecosystem Transformations (Robin et al., 2021).From this lens, cumulative cultural evolution (CCE) was first made possible through spoken language, then accelerated through written language. The authors claim that another Major System Transition (MST).is emerging, which they posit to be abiotic in nature involving Artificial Intelligence.

      Faced with a self-induced civilization-scale threat, we may ask whether a major cultural evolution may be necessary to avoid catastrophe and whether it may constitute another MST. Could a rapid higher level global understanding of the epistemological dualism of self and other which undergirds normative alienation, othering and conflict, both with others of our own species, of other species and with the planetary system itself play a major role in the transition?

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    1. The key thing about the REST approach is that the server addresses the client state transitions. The state of the client is almost totally driven by the server and, for this reason, discussions on API versioning make little sense, too. All that a client should know about a RESTful interface should be the entry point. The rest should come from the interpretation of server responses.
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    1. ween societies at greatly differing economic levels). It is also that there has never been any single type of "the transition". The stress of the transition falls upon the whole culture: resistance to change and assent to change arise from the whole culture. And this culture includes the systems of power, property-relations, religious institu- tions, etc., inattention to which merely flattens phenomena and trivializes analysis. Above all, the transition is not to "industrialism" tout court but to industrial capitalism or (in the twentieth century) to alternative systems whose features are still indistinct. Wh

      Speaking about transitions within societies and cultures can be problematic as they are complex and intertwined between individuals, families, and larger structures and institutions. The transition to industrialization is often seen as a foregone conclusion when, in fact, it was a gradual struggle over time. Glossing over these types of transition can trivialize analysis of the complex effects at play.

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    1. Several phases can be distinguished in transitions

      Dinámica a través del tiempo: 1- Surgimiento de la innovación en el nicho, en un contexto (paisaje) y régimen determinados. No existe aún un diseño dominante y pueden existir diversas alternativas técnicas en etapa de experimentación 2- La innovación se comienza a probar en pequeños nichos de mercado donde se posibilita la especialización. Comienza a surgir una comunidad técnica dedicada a mejorar el diseño, que establece nuevas reglas y una trayectoria para el desarrollo. En este punto los procesos de aprendizaje decantan en una mejora del desarrollo y los usuarios comienzan a interactuar e incorporarlo en sus prácticas, explorando nuevas funcionalidades. Resultado: estabilización de reglas, diseño dominante, articulación prefs de usuarios 3- El desarrollo sale a competir con el régimen, tanto por causas internas (mejoras en costos, performance, usuarios interesados) como externas (ventanas de oportunidad). El régimen puede tener problemas internos o estar sometido a presiones externas, originar externalidades negativas que cambien su percepción en los actores. Los factores están interconectados 4- El desarrollo reemplaza a la tecnología dominante, convirtiéndose en el nuevo régimen gradual, ya que los intereses afectados se resisten.

    2. iteral connotation ofrelativedhardnessTand to include the material aspects of society

      A nivel macro, dentro de la mlp el landscape es el factor exógeno, de mayor rigidez, e incluye arrangements de tipo material [diseño urbano, tendido eléctrico, mapa de caminos] y no tanto [cambios culturales]

    3. Niches are important, because they provide locations for learning processes

      key no sólo procesos de aprendizaje si no también desarrollo de redes sociales de contención

    4. This stability is dynamic

      El régimen ST es un factor de estabilidad, donde los cambios ocurren de forma incremental, originan trayectorias técnicas y path dependency

    5. technological niches

      El nivel micro, donde ocurre la innovación, protegida de la selección del mercado cuando todavía se encuentra en etapas de baja performance.



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    1. It is this practice of judicious, critical, ingenuous reading that we mustadopt in order to understand the ways in which Austen uses the texts of otherwriters to create her own fiction*in order, that is, to rethink the meaningof‘‘influence’’as it pertains to this central figure in the history of women’swriting.

      In this sentence, the author makes a transition between Austen's expectations for her readership's literary knowledge and reading practices and the notion of literary influence. Here, she argues that Austen's requirement for "judicious, critical, ingenuous reading" is necessary for the reader to understand how influence operates in Austen. I am not quite sure if I agree with this assessment. In the later paragraphs, I do not feel that the author's argument explicitly shows that informed readership is necessary to understand influence in Emma. Rather, the audience gives more of a plot summary and information about the reading practices within the novel, not those required for its audience.

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    1. One needs only to think of the sequence where, just for the fun of it and with no real narrative purpose, the toys knock over a huge container of bouncing balls in the toy store.
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