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  1. Sep 2022
    1. Selectively sought input from Candela-using educators and campuses about the best way to do this
  2. Aug 2022
  3. Apr 2022
    1. Mike Caulfield. (2021, March 10). One of the drivers of Twitter daily topics is that topics must be participatory to trend, which means one must be able to form a firm opinion on a given subject in the absence of previous knowledge. And, it turns out, this is a bit of a flaw. [Tweet]. @holden. https://twitter.com/holden/status/1369551099489779714

  4. Jan 2022
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  9. Jan 2020
    1. the lay public’s view is, once you say the person is a scientist, they must know everything.”

      hahaha! so true

    2. activist groups are more likely to tap into unconscious values and emotions — like using the term “Frankenfoods” to describe G.M.O.s
  10. Nov 2017
  11. Jul 2017
    1. Napoleon oak genome sequencing project web site: example of public engagement in tree genomics