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    1. https://www.complexityexplorer.org/courses/162-foundations-applications-of-humanities-analytics/segments/15630


      Seven Principles of Data Feminism

      • Examine power
      • Challenge power
      • Rethink binaries and hierarchies
      • Elevate emotion an embodiment
      • Embrace pluralism
      • Consider context
      • Make labor visible

      Abolitionist movement

      There are some interesting analogies to be drawn between the abolitionist movement in the 1800s and modern day movements like abolition of police and racial justice, etc.

      Topic modeling - What would topic modeling look like for corpuses of commonplace books? Over time?

      wrt article: Soni, Sandeep, Lauren F. Klein, and Jacob Eisenstein. “Abolitionist Networks: Modeling Language Change in Nineteenth-Century Activist Newspapers.” Journal of Cultural Analytics 6, no. 1 (January 18, 2021). https://doi.org/10.22148/001c.18841. - Brings to mind the difference in power and invisible labor between literate societies and oral societies. It's easier to erase oral cultures with the overwhelm available to literate cultures because the former are harder to see.

      How to find unbiased datasets to study these?

      aspirational abolitionism driven by African Americans in the 1800s over and above (basic) abolitionism

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    1. n recent years, the neural network based topic modelshave been proposed for many NLP tasks, such as infor-mation retrieval [11], aspect extraction [12] and sentimentclassification [13]. The basic idea is to construct a neuralnetwork which aims to approximate the topic-word distri-bution in probabilistic topic models. Additional constraints,such as incorporating prior distribution [14], enforcing di-versity among topics [15] or encouraging topic sparsity [16],have been explored for neural topic model learning andproved effective.

      Neural topic models are often trained to mimic the behaviours of probabilistic topic models - I should come back and look at some of the works:

      • R. Das, M. Zaheer, and C. Dyer, “Gaussian LDA for topic models with word embeddings,”
      • P. Xie, J. Zhu, and E. P. Xing, “Diversity-promoting bayesian learning of latent variable models,”
      • M. Peng, Q. Xie, H. Wang, Y. Zhang, X. Zhang, J. Huang, and G. Tian, “Neural sparse topical coding,”
    2. e argue that mutual learningwould benefit sentiment classification since it enriches theinformation required for the training of the sentiment clas-sifier (e.g., when the word “incredible” is used to describe“acting” or “movie”, the polarity should be positive)

      By training a topic model that has "similar" weights to the word vector model the sentiment task can also be improved (as per the example "incredible" should be positive when used to describe "acting" or "movie" in this context

    3. . However, such a framework is not applicablehere since the learned latent topic representations in topicmodels can not be shared directly with word or sentencerepresentations learned in classifiers, due to their differentinherent meanings

      Latent word vectors and topic models learn different and entirely unrelated representations

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    1. I posted a question about MD5 hash collision back in 2014. As far as I know questions about algorithms are on-topic on Stack Overflow, and the cryptography tag did not have the warning "CRYPTOGRAPHY MUST BE PROGRAMMING RELATED" back then.
    2. Someone reported it for being off-topic, but a mod declined it with a comment "I see no reason why this is off-topic. Not a programming question? You must surely be joking!", so it seems that this is controversial for the mods as well.
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    1. Sara and Shelbie, the editors of Vo i c e s from the Middle, invited us to say what we want to say, even to be blunt, about where we are and where we’re going in the teaching of language arts.

      Topic/Issue- "Language" - Touching in the subject of where we are, and where we are going in the teaching of language arts.

    1. . I argue that the element of managing emotional labour limitsthe reproduction potential of sustainable fashion design by other practitioners, thusslowing the transition to a sustainable fashion system

      This is the topic of the paper



    1. research on the behavioral patterns, socialization strategies, and garbage processing methods of informal waste pickers inArgentina and Mexico

      Argentina and Mexico waste pickers.



    1. This is in line with systems practice, which defines purpose in terms of longer term and more abstract aspirational states—“guiding stars”—and shorter term, more concrete desired outcomes—“near stars” (https://docs.kumu.io/content/Workbook-012617.pdf). We have come across two main sub-categories of purpose elements: ‘Themes’ and ‘Topics’ (guiding stars) and ‘Goals’ and ‘Plans’ (near stars).

      Also see work on Futures Cones https://hack.allmende.io/s/SykyO7J6z

    1. This section tells us that there was a scan of what topics showed up in the journal over a 44 year span of time.

    2. This gives us a glimpse at the topic of the paper.

    1. Once again, the value of stories and individual voice is presented to strengthen the author's stance that diversity is a rising need in literature.

    2. This introductory sentence frames the authors intent to emphasize diversity and the value of each person's voice.

  13. Jul 2021
    1. we have discovered a game-changing way of structuring cyberspaces: the Social Web, where content orbits the author like planets orbit a star

      I've also articulated this point, but in a negative context. This piece speaks of actor-indexed content in a positive light. I maintain that actor-indexed content is on the whole negative. It's a direct and indirect cause of the familiar social media ills and has wide-reaching privacy implications, which is bad in and of itself, but especially so when you realize that this in turn leads to a chilling effect where people simply opt not to play because it's the only remedy.

      We'd do well socially to abandon the "game-changing" practice of indexing based on actor and return to topic-based indexing, which better matches the physical world.

  14. May 2021
    1. By overlooking the unusual role that ethnic minority parties play in coalition formation in theregion, we are unable to fully understand the reasons for politically important phenomena suchas the recent rise of the radical right in Eastern Europe.

      --> why this topic



  15. Apr 2021
    1. I'm using this tag fo keep notes about the changes that need to be made now that Writefreely exists in its own organization on GitHub. See https://discuss.write.as/t/moving-the-writefreely-repo-on-github/2568

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    1. XML Topic Maps will be put online in that fashion, and thus, that book will become a living document.
    1. Magic, as they say, is nothing more than an act of intent. It is "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will," if one is to believe Crowley (not necessarily recommended). In this sense, if spells are acts of intent, then coming up with spells is the act of defining one's intentions. In this sense, magic is living deliberately.

      Huh. Nice nod to Aleister Crowley.

  20. May 2020
    1. Some students might haveearned a GED, some might be returning to school after a decades-long break, andstill other students might either be graduating high school, or be freshly graduated.If the latter is the case, you might enter college with a wealth of experience writingfive-paragraph essays, book reports, and lab reports.

      This is the beginning of a new idea, that all students are coming from different backgrounds, and have different experiences when it comes to writing essays and reports.

  21. Mar 2020
    1. looking up topics that we were interested in.

      topic selection This is similar strategy to what I saw in IF interview. "Looking up" topics - in this case unrelated to each other - to see what kind of information is out there. This student was definitely looking at topics that were of personal interest to him.

    1. And – And I seen how – I saw how many, um, scholarly journals or how many sources came up for it, right? Um, number of sources. Right. And then, if I – if I felt like it wasn’t enough for me to thoroughly talk about the topic, I would move on. Right? So, when I did segregation, there – like, I guess, like, my specific topic was modern-day, so there wasn’t really much about it. Right? So, not much info. Right? And then, when I did gentrification, there were a lot, right?

      This part of the process is interesting to me. Links topic selection to search (seemingly a single search).

      It also seems a little misguided. What can we do in our lessons that could make tiny changes to this attitude?

    2. she wanted us to create a research paper about – well, about anything basically. Um, she gave us a bunch of ideas. She ac – like, she gave us, like, um, ideas like – hmm, like organic foods, GMOs, and just, like, you know, just problems in our society. But then, I chose, um, gentrification, so that’s what that’s about.

      "she" is the instructor, so this interview starts with "helper" idea right away

  22. Feb 2020
    1. We’ve watched a million games from our folding chairs on the sideline. We’ve been rained on more than a Vietnamese rubber plantation. We’ve cheered our girls when they won, and we’ve hugged them when they lost

      Barry is emphasizing the sacrifices and hard work that he has put in as a soccer dad to support his daughter in order to acknowledge all soccer dads that make a commitment to their daughter's love of soccer and their ability to grow from it. Readers can discern that the subject/topic of this article is not simply soccer dads, but it is the love, support, and sacrifice that they give for their daughters and how they need to be recognized for this on Father's Day.

    2. We’ve been through a lot together: We’ve driven countless miles to games and tournaments, and we’ve spent many nights in hotels with questionable hygiene standards

      Barry is emphasizing the sacrifices and hard work that he has put in as a soccer dad to support his daughter in order to acknowledge all soccer dads that make a commitment to their daughter's love of soccer and their ability to grow from it. Readers can discern that the subject/topic of this article is not simply soccer dads, but it is the love, support, and sacrifice that they give for their daughters and how they need to be recognized for this on Father's Day.

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    1. Often questions phrased specifically for ignorance of better methods. When there isn't a substantive contextual difference (like here), optimal solutions should get at least as much profile as the question-specific ones.
    2. It is very common that the original poster ask for sed and replies using awk or perl appear. I think it is not on topic
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  25. delivery.acm.org.proxy.bib.uottawa.ca delivery.acm.org.proxy.bib.uottawa.ca
    1. 10A Survey of Online Failure Prediction Methods

      Online Failure Prediction Methods Need to come back later

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    1. After the launch of its Live streaming service in 2016, Facebook has come a long way. As per stats of the 2019 first quarter, 35% of the creators have used the Facebook Live Streaming feature to get connected with their audience. This guide is not just about How to Live Stream on Facebook, but to help you gain engagement and mark a branded presence through top Facebook Live topic ideas for marketers & content creators.

      This guide is not just about How to Live Stream on Facebook, but to help you gain engagement and mark a branded presence through top Facebook Live topic ideas for marketers & content creators.

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    1. they meet at their concept and terminology interface and work out little shifts in meaning and use which each can find digestible in his system, and which permit quite precise definitions in each system of the terms and concepts in the others.

      This seems to be what topic mapping and merging is about.

  30. Feb 2019
    1. rhetorical ability is mainly a natural endowment and that one should strive for clarity lo accommodate one's audience

      When preparing to speak publicly, the speaker's first consideration should always be the audience -- all other factors, including topic, should be a product influenced by the unanticipated audience.

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    1. Import duty on air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines under 10-kilogram capacity has been doubled to 20 percent each from 10 percent earlier. The basic customs duty on radial tyres is now 15 percent compared with 10 percent earlier,

      dch hgchgcvh hkhk

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  33. course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com
    1. Having heard the story of the past, my next inquiries (still inquiries after Rachel!) advanced naturally to the present time. Under whose care had she been placed after leaving Mr. Bruff’s house? and where was she living now?

      Blake's account of Rachel is clearly distinct form the other narrators because of their romantic past. He mentions her frequently throughout his narrative. I would like to run a frequency count the number of times he mentions Rachel compared tot he rest of the narratives in the book. I wonder if it is possible to isolate the discussions of Rachel in each character's narrative and then do some topic modeling with the extracted texts to examine how Rachel is discussed by each character.

  34. Apr 2018
    1. tabula rasa model

      Tabula Rasa refers to a theory that connects to purity and a blank canvas. In this sense, it became unnecessary as what was once a blank canvas due to a fire was gentrified.

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    1. up vote 7 down vote accepted When you are starting your kafka broker you can define set of properties in conf/server.properties file. This file is just key value property file. One of the property is auto.create.topics.enable if it set tot true(by default) kafka will create topic automatically when you send message to non existing topic. All config options you can find here Imho Simple rule for creating topics is the following: number of replicas must be not less than number of nodes that you have. Number of topics must be the multiplier of number of node in your cluster for example: You have 9 node cluster your topic must have 9 partitions and 9 replicas or 18 partitions and 9 replicas or 36 partitions and 9 replicas and so on

      Number of replicas = #replicas Number of nodes = #nodes Number of topics = #topic

      replicas >= #nodes

      k x (#topics) = #nodes

  38. May 2017
    1. The Kafka cluster retains all published records—whether or not they have been consumed—using a configurable retention period. For example, if the retention policy is set to two days, then for the two days after a record is published, it is available for consumption, after which it will be discarded to free up space. Kafka's performance is effectively constant with respect to data size so storing data for a long time is not a problem.

      irrespective of the fact that the consumer has consumed the message that message is kept in kafka for the entire retention policy duration.

      You can have two or more consumer groups: 1 -> real time 2 -> back up consumer group

    2. The partitions of the log are distributed over the servers in the Kafka cluster with each server handling data and requests for a share of the partitions.

      partitions of logs are per TOPIC basis

    1. The first limitation is that each partition is physically represented as a directory of one or more segment files. So you will have at least one directory and several files per partition. Depending on your operating system and filesystem this will eventually become painful. However this is a per-node limit and is easily avoided by just adding more total nodes in the cluster.

      total number of topics supported depends on the total number of partitions per topic.

      partition = directory of 1 or more segment files This is a per node limit

    1. replication-factor 3

      If n-1=2 nodes go down you will start loosing data. So that means if both the nodes go down you will loose data.

    2. The producer is responsible for choosing which record to assign to which partition within the topic.

      Producer can publish to a specific topics

  39. Feb 2017
    1. I think there is a lot we don't know and need to explore as a staff.

      This might be a great PD topic lead in.

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    1. Pixar films fascinate with spectacle.

      The super happy fun candy scenes and how they create moments of movement. An example is the Pixar Zoetrope at Disney California Adventure

    2. Much as widescreen cin-ema altered the scale of perception, mak-ing it possible to perceive minute details and epic grandness, digitalization has made possible the careful construction of a cinema of impossible scale—and for the creation of an atmosphere that is graphically “clean” and carefully con-trolled down to the most microscopic, barely perceptible detail.

      This paragraph quickly sets the lens and topic sentence of the Coopting the Cinema of Attractions section.

    3. They also cause them to ponder their relationship to “the end”

      This marks a transition sentence.

    4. If identification with the object is ex-hilarating, it is also, at moments, fright-ening.

      This is the topic sentence for the first paragraph.

    1. A more specific framework for ana-lyzing female scientists emerges when drawing on studies across fiction genres.

      Framework for analyzing female scientists emerge from fiction genres. Goes along lines with the previous paragraph

    2. While previous scholarship gener-ally considers audiences’ reactions to the representations of scientists and ex-perts within non-fiction programming, the scholarship on their representations in fiction programming garners a little more depth of inquiry.

      Fiction representation of scientists has to be more in depth

    3. Scientists of all types—doctors, fo-rensics experts, chemists, biologists, physicists, and others—appear regularly throughout television programming.

      Different types of scientists appear throughout tv programming.

    4. The Big Bang Theory offers a unique moment to explore the representations of female scientists within the situa-tion comedy

      BBT offers to explore the representation of female scientists in a sit-com

    5. Starting with the third and fourth sea-sons, The Big Bang Theory introduced more regular female characters as love interests for the main characters.

      BBT introduced female characters in the season 3-4 for love interests. *regular?

    6. UNLIKE SCIENCE FICTION AND POLICE PROCEDURALS,the situation comedy genre historically has offered few, if any, represen-tations of female scientists.

      Few representation of female scientists in sit-coms.

    7. Bernadette’s and Amy’s scientific careers set them up as suitable partners for their accomplished boyfriends, but these careers become fodder for the developments of their relationships.

      Includes both Amy and Bernadette. Careers are key to the development of relationships

    8. While both Bernadette and Amy pos-sess achievements as scientists as part of their characters, sharp contrasts appear in those representations.

      Contrast about their representation both including Amy and Bernadette

    9. Both Bernadette and Amy earn rec-ognition for their achievements in their fields.

      The topic sentence for the 2nd previous (?) one, Amy was only in the intro, however this topic sentence, includes both female characters.

    10. While discussions of work become one way to show their professional roles, another way lies in showing these characters performing their professional roles in a work setting.

      How characters perform professional role in the show.

    11. Amy’s discussions of her expertise and her work appear more frequently throughout the show.

      Topic sentence is about Amy's expertise and work

    12. Because Bernadette and Amy work as scientists, they both have the potential to contribute to the discussions among the friends about their own work and to share their own observations based on scientific inquiry.

      Because? Female characters contribute to conversations with their friends that are based on scientific inquiry.

    13. The professional aspirations for fe-male characters thus become an oppor-tunity for ridicule within situation com-edies.

      Female scientists in a sit-com are ridiculed for aspiring a professional role

    14. A professional role refers to a char-acter’s job or occupation outside the home.

      Defining a professional role for a character

    15. Unlike other television genres, the situation comedy offers the opportunity to push the boundaries of these repre-sentations in terms of female scientists through their professional roles, their gender roles, and their intelligence.

      Topic sentence about the structure of the paper

      1. Professional Roles
      2. Gender Roles
      3. Intelligence
    16. A hegemonic tension operates throughout situation comedies and pro-vides a flexible boundary along which these tensions humorously play out.

      Sit com provides flexible boundary while humors tensions plays out.

    17. Among all these studies, few focus on scientists generally and female scien-tists specifically in situation comedies.

      The topic sentence of the paragraph is about focusing on female scientists in sit-com

    18. A third theme centers on work-life balance, in that female scientists strug-gle to find equilibrium (Long et al. 359).

      The topic sentence dives right into the third theme. I know when you read you find out about 1 and 2 but the topic sentence started with theme three.

  42. Sep 2016
    1. Many scholars see the job of rhetorical pedagogy as helping students to forge real relationships with publics and counterpublics.

      Topic sentence, introduces her point about scholars in relation to rhetorical pedagogy (their thoughts)

    1. The idea that architecture regulates is found at the core of much urban planning and geography scholarship,

      Does the three things all Topic Sentences do: 1) Stakes a claim, 2) Relates that claim to the overall aim, and 3) Leans into the ensuing paragraph.

    2. Despite this deep theoretical understanding of the powerful role that archi-tecture plays in crafting experience
  43. Apr 2015
    1. If a molecule is too big, you give it to the chemists. The chemists, for them, if the molecule is too big or the system gets too big, you give it to the biologists. And if it gets too big for them, they give it to the psychologists, and finally it ends up in the hands of the literary critic, and so on.

      As depicted by xkcd