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    1. which often come into my mind ‘out of the blue’ rather than deliberate intent.

      but where does even "deliberate intent" ultimately come from?

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    1. A Gould proof rarely endeavored to influence in any manner the structure or thesis of a piece, and was not meant to. Its purpose, according to Miss Gould, was to help a writer achieve an intent in the clearest possible way.

      There's something interesting in this take on writing.

      It also brings up the looming question: "What is your intent?"



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    1. An intent filter is an expression in an app's manifest file that specifies the type of intents that the component would like to receive. For instance, by declaring an intent filter for an activity, you make it possible for other apps to directly start your activity with a certain kind of intent. Likewise, if you do not declare any intent filters for an activity, then it can be started only with an explicit intent.
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    1. (What I’m saying is, if I pass you a game state with a cheap stock, maybe take a look into that horse’s eyes.)
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    1. While these particular indictments refer to credit card data, the laws do also reference authentication features. Two of the key points here are knowingly and with intent to defraud.
    2. I could have released this data anonymously like everyone else does but why should I have to? I clearly have no criminal intent here. It is beyond all reason that any researcher, student, or journalist have to be afraid of law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be protecting us instead of trying to find ways to use the laws against us.
    3. For now the laws are on my side because there has to be intent to commit or facilitate a crime
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    1. Language Understanding

      目标是根据一个用户utterance/query 得到其对应的语义slot。slots是预先根据场景定于的。通常来说有两种类型的表示,一个是句子级别的类别,例如用户的意图和utterance的类别。另外一个是单词级别的信息抽取,例如命名实体和槽位填充。

      意图识别是根据一句话来检测用户的意图。 基于深度学习的意图识别: L. Deng, G. Tur, X. He, and D. Hakkani-Tur. Use ofkernel deep convex networks and end-to-end learningfor spoken language understanding. InSpoken Lan-guage Technology Workshop (SLT), 2012 IEEE, pages210–215. IEEE, 2012

      G. Tur, L. Deng, D. Hakkani-T ̈ur, and X. He. Towardsdeeper understanding: Deep convex networks for se-mantic utterance classification. InAcoustics, Speechand Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2012 IEEE Interna-tional Conference on, pages 5045–5048. IEEE, 2012.

      D. Yann, G. Tur, D. Hakkani-Tur, and L. Heck. Zero-shot learning and clustering for semantic utteranceclassification using deep learning. 2014.

      尤其是这个用CNN来抽取query vector进行query分类。 H. B. Hashemi, A. Asiaee, and R. Kraft. Query intentdetection using convolutional neural networks. InIn-ternational Conference on Web Search and Data Min-ing, Workshop on Query Understanding, 2016

      P.-S. Huang, X. He, J. Gao, L. Deng, A. Acero, andL. Heck. Learning deep structured semantic modelsfor web search using clickthrough data. InProceedingsof the 22nd ACM international conference on Confer-ence on information & knowledge management, pages2333–2338. ACM, 2013

      Y. Shen, X. He, J. Gao, L. Deng, and G. Mesnil.Learning semantic representations using convolutionalneural networks for web search. InProceedings of the23rd International Conference on World Wide Web,pages 373–374. ACM, 2014.

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    1. The issue of whether something ‘works’ goes beyond questions of technical or practical efficacy to address a host of social, cultural, aesthetic and ethical concerns.

      Intent is the critical factor for design work, not its function.

  19. Oct 2015
    1. Vanessa, the executive direc-tor of Youth Rising, said that she felt pressure for groups like hers to appear“youth-led,” but that this was sometimes unproductive because youth need supportto develop certain skills necessary for political action.

      How is political activism being modeled for these youths? Was there intent participation from which they can observe and learn until they built confidence to proceed independently or were they expected to figure it out on their own with minimal guidance? This is a departure from the examples we have been looking at until now.

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    1. (b) they invest a speech with moral character.

      Maybe the facade of moral character, but if used just because Aristotle's guidebook told the speaker to... I'd question that, anyway.