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  1. Mar 2024
    1. rather than separating out the various media types - css, images, icons, etc., the browsers just dump them all into a single folder
  2. Feb 2024
    1. The connection with ancestors is a central feature of the Constellation process.

      Relationship of stars to stories and people to each other (ancestors).

      As above, so below...

      Reflection of the skys to the earth and to its peoples

  3. Jan 2024
    1. Instance methods Instances of Models are documents. Documents have many of their own built-in instance methods. We may also define our own custom document instance methods. // define a schema const animalSchema = new Schema({ name: String, type: String }, { // Assign a function to the "methods" object of our animalSchema through schema options. // By following this approach, there is no need to create a separate TS type to define the type of the instance functions. methods: { findSimilarTypes(cb) { return mongoose.model('Animal').find({ type: this.type }, cb); } } }); // Or, assign a function to the "methods" object of our animalSchema animalSchema.methods.findSimilarTypes = function(cb) { return mongoose.model('Animal').find({ type: this.type }, cb); }; Now all of our animal instances have a findSimilarTypes method available to them. const Animal = mongoose.model('Animal', animalSchema); const dog = new Animal({ type: 'dog' }); dog.findSimilarTypes((err, dogs) => { console.log(dogs); // woof }); Overwriting a default mongoose document method may lead to unpredictable results. See this for more details. The example above uses the Schema.methods object directly to save an instance method. You can also use the Schema.method() helper as described here. Do not declare methods using ES6 arrow functions (=>). Arrow functions explicitly prevent binding this, so your method will not have access to the document and the above examples will not work.

      Certainly! Let's break down the provided code snippets:

      1. What is it and why is it used?

      In Mongoose, a schema is a blueprint for defining the structure of documents within a collection. When you define a schema, you can also attach methods to it. These methods become instance methods, meaning they are available on the individual documents (instances) created from that schema.

      Instance methods are useful for encapsulating functionality related to a specific document or model instance. They allow you to define custom behavior that can be executed on a specific document. In the given example, the findSimilarTypes method is added to instances of the Animal model, making it easy to find other animals of the same type.

      2. Syntax:

      Using methods object directly in the schema options:

      javascript const animalSchema = new Schema( { name: String, type: String }, { methods: { findSimilarTypes(cb) { return mongoose.model('Animal').find({ type: this.type }, cb); } } } );

      Using methods object directly in the schema:

      javascript animalSchema.methods.findSimilarTypes = function(cb) { return mongoose.model('Animal').find({ type: this.type }, cb); };

      Using Schema.method() helper:

      javascript animalSchema.method('findSimilarTypes', function(cb) { return mongoose.model('Animal').find({ type: this.type }, cb); });

      3. Explanation in Simple Words with Examples:

      Why it's Used:

      Imagine you have a collection of animals in your database, and you want to find other animals of the same type. Instead of writing the same logic repeatedly, you can define a method that can be called on each animal instance to find similar types. This helps in keeping your code DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) and makes it easier to maintain.


      ```javascript const mongoose = require('mongoose'); const { Schema } = mongoose;

      // Define a schema with a custom instance method const animalSchema = new Schema({ name: String, type: String });

      // Add a custom instance method to find similar types animalSchema.methods.findSimilarTypes = function(cb) { return mongoose.model('Animal').find({ type: this.type }, cb); };

      // Create the Animal model using the schema const Animal = mongoose.model('Animal', animalSchema);

      // Create an instance of Animal const dog = new Animal({ type: 'dog', name: 'Buddy' });

      // Use the custom method to find similar types dog.findSimilarTypes((err, similarAnimals) => { console.log(similarAnimals); }); ```

      In this example, findSimilarTypes is a custom instance method added to the Animal schema. When you create an instance of the Animal model (e.g., a dog), you can then call findSimilarTypes on that instance to find other animals with the same type. The method uses the this.type property, which refers to the type of the current animal instance. This allows you to easily reuse the logic for finding similar types across different instances of the Animal model.

      Certainly! Let's go through each part and explain it in simple terms: ### 1. `this` in Mongoose: - **What is `this`?** In JavaScript, `this` refers to the current context or object. In Mongoose, particularly within methods and middleware functions, `this` represents the instance (document) the function is currently operating on. - **Why is it used?** `this` is used to access and modify the properties of the current document. For example, in a Mongoose method, `this` allows you to refer to the fields of the specific document the method is called on. ### 2. Example: Let's use the `userSchema.pre("save", ...)`, which is a Mongoose middleware, as an example: ```javascript userSchema.pre("save", async function (next) { if (!this.isModified("password")) { next(); } else { this.password = await bcrypt.hash(this.password, 10); next(); } }); ``` - **Explanation in Simple Words:** - Imagine you have a system where users can sign up and set their password. - Before saving a new user to the database, you want to ensure that the password is securely encrypted (hashed) using a library like `bcrypt`. - The `userSchema.pre("save", ...)` is a special function that runs automatically before saving a user to the database. - In this function: - `this.isModified("password")`: Checks if the password field of the current user has been changed. - If the password is not modified, it means the user is not updating their password, so it just moves on to the next operation (saving the user). - If the password is modified, it means a new password is set or the existing one is changed. In this case, it uses `bcrypt.hash` to encrypt (hash) the password before saving it to the database. - The use of `this` here is crucial because it allows you to refer to the specific user document that's being saved. It ensures that the correct password is hashed for the current user being processed. In summary, `this` in Mongoose is a way to refer to the current document or instance, and it's commonly used to access and modify the properties of that document, especially in middleware functions like the one demonstrated here for password encryption before saving to the database.




  4. Dec 2023
    1. how do we organize a green de Democratic Revolutio
      • for: question - how do we organise a green democratic revolution when power is so entrenched?

      • question

        • how do we organise a green democratic revolution when power is so entrenched?
  5. Jun 2023
  6. Feb 2023
    1. 70% of cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an estimated 40,000 children as young as 6 work in dangerous mines.
      • = energy transition
      • = quotable
    2. Tribes, landowners and communities find themselves wrestling with the not-so-green side of green energy.
      • = energy transition
      • = quotable
  7. Dec 2022
    1. Let’s say the recipient is considering unsubscribing. He or she may be too busy to search through the email to find the unsubscribe link, so he or she just clicks “Report as SPAM” to stop the emails from coming. This is the last thing any marketer wants to see happen. It negatively impacts sender reputation, requiring extra work to improve email deliverability. With the list-unsubscribe header, you will avoid getting into this kind of trouble in the first place.
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  9. Oct 2022
    1. Importante fornecer um e-mail válido para a solicitação da nota fiscal.
  10. Sep 2022
    1. Crippled


      So... line breaks change the emphasis and myster of poetry of each line (ie state of heightened anxiety) but also how we literally pronounce them out loud (what pitch we use)

  11. Aug 2022
    1. Colleges today often operate as machines for putting ever-proliferating opportunities before already privileged people. Our educational system focuses obsessively on helping students take the next step. But it does not give them adequate assistance in thinking about the substance of the lives toward which they are advancing. Many institutions today have forgotten that liberal education itself was meant to teach the art of choosing, to train the young to use reason to decide which endeavors merit the investment of their lives.

      👍 and well put.

  12. Jul 2022
    1. It’s very rare that a book gets outthere into the world that has nothing relevant to say toanybody, but your interests may be specific enough thatit may have nothing in it you need to know.

      Similar to Pliny's aphorism "There is no book so bad it does not contain something good.”

    1. Citing Pliny’s “no book so bad,” Gesner made a point of accumulating information about all the texts he could learn about, barbarian and Christian, in manuscript and in print, extant and not, without separating the good from the bad: “We only wanted to list them, and we have left to others free selection and judgment.”202
  13. Apr 2022
    1. assistive technology

      We should place the definition of Assistive Technology here: Assistive Technology is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

  14. Mar 2022
    1. Lakota Elder Arvol Looking Horse explains that ‘Star knowledge islike a mirror. The stars are up there, and we have the stars down

      here.’ This philosophical standpoint is understood in the Lakota/Dakota language with one word: Kapemni—‘As is above, so is below: What is in the stars is on Earth; and what is on Earth is in the stars.’

      The Lakota/Dakota language word Kapemni captures the idea that what is in the stars mirrors what is on Earth.

  15. Jan 2022
    1. les lettres que je reçois des Services adaptés en rendent plusieurs visibles

      Most of us have received those letters, indicating that some learners will require special accommodations. And students learn to fit the description. Reminds me of those learners in my classes who expressed surprise at obtaining a high grade on an assignment.

      For instance, a musician in my ethnomusicology course, back in 2006, came to me with something of a complaint:

      You gave me an A on this assignment!

      Right. What's the problem?

      I have a learning disability!

      Erm... Not in my course, you don't! ;-)

      Students like this musician had done exactly the work required to fulfill the requirements... which didn't match expected requirements (which are overwhelmingly scriptocentric).

      Conversely, some learners assume they'll always get good grades ("I'm an A student!"), typically because their writing style matches academic expectations.

      Surely, there's research on this labelling effect. Now, I'm not saying that it's the only effect coming from these letters (or from "dean's lists"). Accommodations can be particularly important in courses where there's a pressure to perform in a certain way. And it sounds like grade-based rewards are important in several social systems. I'm merely thinking of links between Howie Becker's best-known book and his unsung work.

    2. invisibles

      Making inequalities visible becomes an important task, when we analyze a situation. Even with "visible minority" status, there's work to be done to assess our... visual bias. For instance, learners from indigenous communities may not "look the part". In Canada, this is actually a legal matter as a learner in one of my "intro to anthro" classes described it. (Let's call him "Harry".) Despite coming from a First Nation, Harry didn't have status. His sister did because her appearance fit the description. In fact, Harry's First Nation friend gave us a glimpse of this, live, in the classroom. Harry's friend didn't realize that Harry was First Nation until we started discussing this.

  16. Nov 2021
    1. If you would like to use Google's cloud to store and sync your Chrome data but you don't want Google to access the data, you can encrypt your synced Chrome data with your own sync passphrase.
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  19. Jun 2021
    1. "I am also concerned that despite the best of intentions many of us have not considered adequately what social justice means and entails. I worry that social justice may become simply a “topic du jour” in music education, a phrase easily cited and repeated without careful examination of the assumptions and actions it implicates. That can lead to serious misunderstandings."

  20. May 2021
    1. MJML has been designed with responsiveness in mind. The abstraction it offers guarantee you to always be up-to-date with the industry practices and responsive. Email clients update their specs and requirements regularly, but we geek about that stuff - we’ll stay on top of it so you can spend less time reading up on latest email client updates and more time designing beautiful email.
  21. Mar 2021
    1. Before a bug can be fixed, it has to be understood and reproduced. For every issue, a maintainer gets, they have to decipher what was supposed to happen and then spend minutes or hours piecing together their reproduction. Usually, they can’t get it right, so they have to ask for clarification. This back-and-forth process takes lots of energy and wastes everyone’s time. Instead, it’s better to provide an example app from the beginning. At the end of the day, would you rather maintainers spend their time making example apps or fixing issues?
    1. Wax na ko ko, aloor dina dem.

      Il le lui a dit; alors, il partira.

      wax v. -- to say, to speak.

      na -- indicates something.

      ko -- him, her, it.

      ko -- it, her, him!

      aloor -- (French) so, then, yet, here, etc. (a linking word).

      dina -- he/she will.

      dem v. -- to go, go.

  22. Feb 2021
    1. provide interfaces so you don’t have to think about them

      Question to myself: Is not having to think about it actually a good goal to have? Is it at odds with making intentional/well-considered decisions?  Obviously there are still many of interesting decisions to make even when using a framework that provides conventions and standardization and makes some decisions for you...

    1. cultural capital

      Introduced by Pierre Bourdieu in the 1970s, the concept has been utilized across a wide spectrum of contemporary sociological research. Cultural capital refers to ‘knowledge’ or ‘skills’ in the broadest sense. Thus, on the production side, cultural capital consists of knowledge about comportment (e.g., what are considered to be the right kinds of professional dress and attitude) and knowledge associated with educational achievement (e.g., rhetorical ability). On the consumption side, cultural capital consists of capacities for discernment or ‘taste’, e.g., the ability to appreciate fine art or fine wine—here, in other words, cultural capital refers to ‘social status acquired through the ability to make cultural distinctions,’ to the ability to recognize and discriminate between the often-subtle categories and signifiers of a highly articulated cultural code. I'm quoting here from (and also heavily paraphrasing) Scott Lash, ‘Pierre Bourdieu: Cultural Economy and Social Change’, in this reader.

  23. Jan 2021
    1. § 13-506. Petition for enactment of ordinance; special meeting (a) Subject to the provisions of section 505 of this charter, voters of the City may at any time petition in the same manner as in section 505 for the enactment of any proposed lawful ordinance by filing such petition, including the text of such ordinance, with the City Clerk. The Council shall call a special City meeting to be held within 45 days of the date of such filing, unless prior to such meeting such ordinance shall be enacted by the Council. The warning for such meeting shall include a short, concise one-paragraph description of the effects of the proposed ordinance and shall provide for an aye and nay vote as to its enactment. The warning shall also include reference to a place within the City where copies of the entire text of the proposed ordinance may be examined. Such ordinance shall take effect on the 10th day after the conclusion of such meeting provided that the electors as qualified in section 505, constituting a majority of those voting thereon, shall have voted in the affirmative. (b) Any such proposed ordinance shall be examined by the City Attorney before being submitted to the special City meeting. The City Attorney is authorized subject to the approval of the Council, to correct such ordinance so as to avoid repetitions, illegalities, and unconstitutional provisions and to insure accuracy in its text and references and clearness and preciseness in its phraseology, but he or she shall not materially change its meaning and effect. (c) The provisions of this section shall not apply to any appointments of officers, members of commissions, or boards made by the Council or to the appointment of designation or councilmen, or to rules governing the procedure of the Council.

      So. Burlington


    2. § 13-505. Rescission of ordinances All ordinances shall be subject to rescission by a special City meeting, as follows: if, within 10 days after final passage by the Council of any such ordinance, a petition signed by electors of the City not less in number than 10 percent of the number of votes cast in the last municipal election is filed with the City Clerk requesting its reference to a special City meeting, the Council shall fix the time and place of such meeting, within 14 days after the filing of the petition, and notice thereof shall be given in the manner provided by law in the calling of a special City meeting. An ordinance so referred shall remain in effect upon the conclusion of such meeting unless electors not less in number than 10 percent of the number of votes cast in the last municipal election and constituting a majority of those voting thereon, shall have voted against the ordinance.

      So. Burlington

      Repeal referendums

  24. Nov 2020
    1. Svelte by itself is great, but doing a complete PWA (with service workers, etc) that runs and scales on multiple devices with high quality app-like UI controls quickly gets complex. Flutter just provides much better tooling for that out of the box IMO. You are not molding a website into an app, you are just building an app. If I was building a relatively simple web app that is only meant to run on the web, then I might still prefer Svelte in some cases.
  25. inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net
    1. To appreciate the social role of Broca and his school,we must recognize that his statements about the brainsof women do not reflect an isolated prejudice toward asingle disadvantaged group. They must be weighed inthe context of a general theory that supportedcontemporary social distinctions as biologicallyordained.

      Here's the "So what? Who cares?"

  26. Oct 2020
    1. Especially when rollup is configured with multiple outputs, I find this particular onwarn to be helpful in reducing warning clutter. It just displays each circular reference once and doesn't repeat the warning for each output:
    2. I think my personal preference would be to see them all at once. Or maybe limit it to up to 10 messages and then list the count of how many more messages were not displayed. Pick your reaction
    3. Another thing we could do to limit output would be to only every show the first circular dependency warning. I think we already do this for other types of warnings. Then you would need to tackle the warnings one-by-one, though.
  27. Sep 2020
    1. You must: reference each element you are extending using refs or an id add code in your oncreate and ondestroy for each element you are extending, which could become quite a lot if you have a lot of elements needing extension (anchors, form inputs, etc.)
    2. This is where hooks/behaviors are a good idea. They clean up your component code a lot. Also, it helps a ton since you don't get create/destroy events for elements that are inside {{#if}} and {{#each}}. That could become very burdensome to try and add/remove functionality with elements as they are added/removed within a component.
  28. Jul 2020
    1. And you see the problem, concerns are so simple that they do not deserve a full guide. Concerns are mixins, if you are a Ruby programmer, you already know what a mixin is and their use case to modularize APIs.
  29. Jun 2020
    1. If you've found a problem in Ruby on Rails which is not a security risk, do a search on GitHub under Issues in case it has already been reported. If you are unable to find any open GitHub issues addressing the problem you found, your next step will be to open a new one.
  30. Dec 2019
    1. You have to create duplicate of the stream by piping it to two streams. You can create a simple stream with a PassThrough stream, it simply passes the input to the output.
  31. Oct 2019
    1. Each year the winner is crowned with great fanfare at Eastwood Shopping Centre, which is owned by Yuhu Group, the company founded by billionaire property developer and political donor Huang Xiangmo.

      A suggestive paragraph that may have had currency at the time you put together the story - but really, pretty much irrelevant.

      With all this unnecessary detail - it's no wonder you never got round to the teeny weeny task of counterbalancing the grand crusade of George Simon to put an end to to the event, with the fact that it failed. Spectacularly!

      And if you had just a bit more time, you probably would have been able to also include there was another similar attempt prior to his, from one of his factional colleagues, that was also punted by council.

  32. Sep 2019
    1. systematic domination of women by men

      "systematic domination of women by men" the beside statement is varies according to person to person, that is the right each one but according to my perspective the idea is wrong because after a long period of time each girl will feel some loneliness. This isolation can be avoided if you have some to care you. No women in the could be independent but they can live independently only a certain period after they miss something in their life. Everyone will leave you but the one who love you will stick with your downs and ups. Your parents will pass you but your husband be with you until something has happen. Below you have five important benefits.

  33. Oct 2018
    1. Many detection methods such as Faster-RCNN and YOLO, perform badly in small objects detec-tion. With some considerable improvements in the originalframework of YOLOv2, our proposed SO-YOLO can solvethis problem perfectly.



    1. As a convolutional neural network, SO-YOLO outperforms state-of-the-art detection methods both in accuracy and speed.
    2. SO-YOLO performs well in detecting small objects compared with other methods.
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    1. younggirls,because those typesoffictionareoften theonlytypestoofferpositive,well-roundedfemale protagonists.When societyshamesyounggirlsfortheirinterests in these kindsofstories,girlsfindthemselvescutofffrompotentialrole models,fromrelatable stories,andfrom a widercommunityofgirlslike themselves.Representation matters,partic

      Thesis / Response

  37. Dec 2017
    1. Irwin Consulting Services Review - So bleiben Sie sicher diese Ferienzeit

      Viele lieben die Ferienzeit, weil es die Zeit ist, in der echtes Glück, Liebe und Freude an vielen Orten reichlich werden. Aber abgesehen davon, die Menschen auch vor der Herausforderung der kälteren Wetter und leider, Unfälle manchmal auftreten, die sich auf warm halten in den kalten Monaten verbunden ist. Andere missbrauchen Heizungen und elektrische Decken und beginnen sogar Vorfälle auf warmen Kaminen. Als Beratungsunternehmen, dass die öffentliche Sicherheit begangen wird, Irwin Consulting Services möchten Sie weiter lesen dieser Post und lernen Sie über wichtige Hinweise bei der Vermeidung von gefährlichen Situationen zu prüfen.

      Leider könnte Ferienzeit einige traurige Nachrichten zu einigen wenigen Haushalten wegen der allgemeinen Unfälle während dieser Zeit des Jahres, die Küche Brände, elektrische Brände, und Brände von brennbaren Gegenständen, die zu nahe an Wärmequellen platziert wurden, zu bringen. Seien Sie achtsam jedes Mal, wenn Sie kochen, so vermeiden, abgelenkt. Setzen Sie einen korrekten Zeitplan auf dem Kochen der verschiedenen Teller; tun Sie nicht alle auf einmal. Outdoor-Grills sollte draußen bleiben, egal wie kalt es ist, wage es nicht, es in Ihrem Haus setzen.

      Einige Familien bevorzugen, Weihnachtsbäume in ihren Häusern wegen seines schönen grünen Auftritts zu leben. Jedoch während der Feiertagjahreszeit, können solche Bäume die größte Brandgefahr in einem Haus werden. Darauf hingewiesen werden, dass es regelmäßig bewässert werden sollte und sicherzustellen, dass es Wasser absorbieren kann durch seinen Stamm. Wenn Sie Lichter auf dem Baum setzen, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie für innen Gebrauch gekennzeichnet wurden und eine UL Auflistung haben. Setzen Sie die Bäume auf Flecken, die eine Entfernung von Kaminen und Raumheizungen waren, und auch nicht legen Sie auf dem Weg einer Ausfahrt Tür. Verwenden Sie niemals Live-Kerzen auf lebenden Bäumen. Vor dem schlafen gehen, schalten Sie alle seine Lichter auch auf künstlichen Bäumen sowie jedes Mal, wenn Ihre Familie geht nach draußen.

      Stellen Sie sicher, dass ihre kleineren Kinder keinen Zugang zu dekorativen Kerzen zu. Korrekte elektrische Verdrahtung auf dekorative Weihnachtslichter können Ihnen auch helfen, jede mögliche ernste Situationen zu vermeiden. Hang Lichter mit dem Einsatz von Kunststoff-Clips, da Fälle von Nägeln eindringen Verkabelung und verursachen Shorts waren manchmal die Situation in anderen Haushalten. Wissen, dass Überladungen und fehlerhafte Verkabelung zu Tragödien führen könnte, so beurteilen jede Schnur von Drähten sorgfältig und stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie alle sicher vor jeder Gefahr. Seien Sie vorsichtig mit einigen Verlängerungskabeln bei der Verbindung dieser Lichter. Schließen Sie niemals ein Verlängerungskabel an ein anderes Verlängerungskabel an, da dies zu Spannungsabfall und Überhitzung führen kann. Zum besseren Schutz verwenden Sie stattdessen Power Strips, die sowohl für innen-als auch für Außenanschlüsse verwendet werden können. Ziehen Sie die Innenbeleuchtung aus der Steckdose, wenn Sie nicht verwendet wird. Andere wichtige Dinge zu erinnern gehören die Sicherstellung, dass Rauchmelder in Ihrem Haus ordnungsgemäß arbeiten, Putting Feuerlöscher auf leicht zugängliche Bereiche, Investitionen in Wetteralarm-Radios, und vorsichtig mit dem Einsatz von elektrischen Raumheizungen.

      Vor der Verwendung des Schornsteins während der Ferienzeit, gründlich reinigen Sie es zuerst. Irwin Consulting Services schlägt auch vor, mit einem Rost oder Bildschirm vor dem Kamin. Setzen Sie Strümpfe und andere Feiertag Dekorationen Weg von einem beleuchteten Kamin. Organisieren Sie die Geschenke an einem sicheren Ort, nicht auf der Vorderseite des Kamins und installieren Sie nicht einen Weihnachtsbaum in der Nähe, um es zu vermeiden Putting den Baum oder Geschenke in Gefahr des Feuers.

      Erstellen Sie eine richtige Feuer Fluchtplan und auch sagen, Ihre Besucher darüber. Setzen Sie nie etwas, das es schwierig machen würde, die Türen zu erreichen, also vermeiden Sie, Möbel oder Dekorationen auf seinen Weg zu setzen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Gasleitungen ordnungsgemäß überprüft wurden, um eine sichere Verwendung von Wärme in Ihrem Haus zu gewährleisten. Laden Sie Ihre Feuerlöscher zu und wenn Sie keine haben, Irwin Consulting Services ermutigt Sie, ein oder zwei zu kaufen. Investieren Sie auch in Rauchmelder und Kohlenmonoxid-Detektoren. Es ist vorzuziehen, zu Hause Raumheizungen mit Kippschalter haben, aber denken Sie daran, Sie weg von entzündlichen Dinge. Heizungsgeräte für Outdoor-Zwecke sollte außerhalb bleiben, so dass Sie nie in innen für die innen-Wärme.

      Irwin Consulting Services hofft auf eine sichere und lohnenswerte Urlaubszeit für Sie und Ihre Familie.

  38. May 2017
  39. Aug 2016
    1. VISITS

      I'm not sure exactly where this would fit in, but some way to reporting total service hours (per week or other time period) would be useful, esp as we start gauging traffic, volume, usage against number of service hours. In our reporting for the Univ of California, we have to report on services hours for all public service points.

      Likewise, it may be helpful to have a standard way to report staffing levels re: coverage of public service points? or in department? or who work on public services?

  40. Oct 2015