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    1. KonkluzjaWykazano, że ostra i powtarzana guanfacyna (GF), agonista receptorów α2A-adrenergicznych, wpływa na wrodzone i wyuczone zachowania u szczurów DAT-KO, a także na elektrofizjologiczne korelaty aktywności mózgu.Uzyskane wyniki, w połączeniu z naszymi wcześniejszymi badaniami, pokazują, że modulacja noradrenergiczna poprawia różne aspekty zachowania u szczurów z nokautem hiperdopaminergicznym.Administracja GF poprawiła wypełnianie wyuczonych zadań przestrzennych i poprawiła PPI u szczurów DAT-KO.Zmiany w aktywności elektrofizjologicznej mózgu pod wpływem GF okazały się podobne do tych obserwowanych u ludzi.Stwierdzono, że wpływ powtarzanego GF jest w większości porównywalny z ostrym podawaniem, z wyjątkiem aktywności lokomotorycznej, która uległa dalszej poprawie przy długotrwałym podawaniu, oraz niektórych parametrów elektrofizjologicznych u szczurów DAT-KO.Wyniki uzyskane u szczurów DAT-KO i WT w warunkach ostrej i powtarzanej GF pozwalają na opracowanie dalszych hipotez dotyczących zróżnicowanego wpływu sieci DA i NE na różne formy zachowania i ewentualnie na różne zaburzenia poznawcze i psychiczne

      Poprawa bramkowania sensorycznego i zdolności przestrzennych ( także aktywności) w zwierzęcym modelu ADHD ( nokaut transportera dopaminy), zwiększeniu sygnalizacji noradenergicznej

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    1. Shanghai Model Organismsstrain name: B6; 129S-Tet2tm1Smoc, stock number: NM-KO-00127

      DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2024.109278

      Resource: RRID:IMSR_NM-KO-00127

      Curator: @abever99

      SciCrunch record: RRID:IMSR_NM-KO-00127

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  4. Feb 2024
    1. Shanghai Model Organisms CenterNM-KO-190434

      DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2024.01.005

      Resource: RRID:IMSR_NM-KO-190434

      Curator: @abever99

      SciCrunch record: RRID:IMSR_NM-KO-190434

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    2. Shanghai Model Organisms CenterNM-KO-190429

      DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2024.01.005

      Resource: IMSR_NM-KO-190429

      Curator: @abever99

      SciCrunch record: RRID:IMSR_NM-KO-190429

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    1. dealised utopia

      Possibly, besides web monetization, there can be donation basket like ko-fi beside curation, as well as cleatly linking back to the original that can have a donation basket as well. The options are complementary.

    1. Donations

      To add some other intermediary services:

      To add a service for groups:

      To add a service that enables fans to support the creators directly and anonymously via microdonations or small donations by pre-charging their Coil account to spend on content streaming or tipping the creators' wallets via a layer containing JS script following the Interledger Protocol proposed to W3C:

      If you want to know more, head to Web Monetization or Community or Explainer

      Disclaimer: I am a recipient of a grant from the Interledger Foundation, so there would be a Conflict of Interest if I edited directly. Plus, sharing on Hypothesis allows other users to chime in.

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    1. IPCC vice chair Ko Barrett, a top scientist at NOAA, explained the importance of tackling the question of what individuals can do in inspiring greater change. “I love the storyline about individuals, not because I’m being Pollyanna-ish that that can solve the problem.” But she thinks that, in looking at what people can do in their own lives and, more importantly, their communities, “we actually magnify the value of our individual actions to a scale that matters in cities and towns. That’s the scale that we can really engage because people can see the broader impact of collective action.” Take one example of how individual action can have broader network effects: The IPCC report looks at what happens when a neighbor installs a rooftop solar panel. Sure, it reduces that household’s footprint, but it also makes it more likely for others in the neighborhood to adopt solar energy too, because of how it nudges social norms and expectations. The house with solar panels also serves as something like a role model for a new way we could all live. Now think bigger than a solar panel: A person connects with others in their community to pass an ordinance that updates energy efficiency measures for the town’s buildings. That’s organized collective action. “Collective action as part of social or lifestyle movements underpins system change,” the report says. The scientists nod to the climate strikes that have given voice to youth in more than 180 countries, which help build social trust and citizen-led networks. These social movements have exploded as the first generation growing up with the harsher realities of climate change becomes a political force globally. Barrett recognizes that “more and more, the readers of the science reports are not just policymakers at the national level. There are very many well-informed citizens on climate science now. Bringing more information that is immediately useful to them is really powerful.”

      This is the heart of the SRG approach to bottom-up, rapid whole system change, vis providing a gamified framework.

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    1. Degg naa ko muy tari Alxuraan.

      Je l'ai entendu réciter des versets du Coran.

      degg v. -- hear.

      naa -- I already/definitely.

      ko -- him, her, it.

      muy -- from -- he, she, it (?).

      tari -- recitation.

      alxuraan ji -- (Arabic: al-Qurʼān) the Koran.

    2. Wax na ko ko, aloor dina dem.

      Il le lui a dit; alors, il partira.

      wax v. -- to say, to speak.

      na -- indicates something.

      ko -- him, her, it.

      ko -- it, her, him!

      aloor -- (French) so, then, yet, here, etc. (a linking word).

      dina -- he/she will.

      dem v. -- to go, go.

    3. Séentuwul woon ni dinañu ko alamaan.

      Il ne s'attendait pas à ce qu'on lui inflige une amende.

      "We didn't expect that we would be fined."

      séentu+wul (séentu) v. -- to seek to see from afar 👀, to scrutinize 🧐, to expect.

      woon -- he didn't (?).

      ni -- formats a verb (?)

      dinañu -- we will.

      ko -- her, him, it.

      alamaan v. -- (French: l'amende) give a fine.


    4. Peñe, kenn du ko able.

      Un peigne, personne ne le prête.

      peñe bi -- (French) comb.

      kenn -- no one.

      du -- to be (negative). ➖

      ko -- it.

      able v. -- to lend.

    5. Sëriñ boobu aj na daaw, doomam a ko wuutu léegi.

      Ce marabout est décédé l'an dernier, c'est son fils qui le remplace maintenant.

      sëriñ bi -- marabout.

      boobu -- this.

      aj (Arabic: Hajj) v. -- make the pilgrimage to Mecca. 🕋; deceased ☠️ (for a religious personality).

      na -- he (?).

      daaw n. -- last year. 🗓

      doom+am (doom) ji -- child by descent 👶🏽; doll🪆; to have a child.

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