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  1. May 2024
    1. the real answer doesn't lie there because all they can do is to go on associating groups of gene expression with particular proteins or particular diseases or whatever and with 00:28:39 the tiniest associations and um that creates all sorts of problems and biomedical sense it creates all sorts of ethical problems

      for - problem with gene therapy - Very little association between genes and disease - very complex associations

  2. Feb 2024
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    1. Leukotrienes also have a powerful effect in bronchoconstriction and increase vascular permeability.[18]

      Thinking this is treatment for anti Alzheimer's, anti neurodegenerative disease, anti fibrosis,anti CVD/AS/LUNG FIBROSIS

    1. trauma reenactment narrative is by getting the child manipulating the child convincing the child to adopt the victimized child role within that trauma reenactment there and so all we have to do is get the child to believe that the

      This ominous realization did not occur and come together for me until just now:

      Kate's influence did not start with Kate directly. It would have started with her son Liam. I've not recognized until now the likely significant role he plays in this. He is her son. He would have already been fully traumatized by Kate or by the situation with his dad, depending on if it existed, but if it did or didn't, the fear/abandonment/insecure attachment disorder would be entrenched in both Kate and Liam and they would be reinforcing it in each other. Rhyanna working with Liam at Subway would have been the first contact in which casual conversation would begin the subtle campaign by Liam via trauma reenactment (and also fueled by being a teenage boy meets girl savior/peacocking mentality) that at first innocuously and then overtly was showing (manipulating into false belief) that she is victimized. Liam then notifies Mom of "the recruit", probably a genuine felt statement like "Mom, there's this girl at work and it sounds like she's going through what we went through and we could help her". Then Mom [Kate], which we know this happened, took the initiative to contact her (or told Liam to bring her over to the house to hangout so she could then introduce herself and have 'a talk' with her). Phone numbers were shared, instructions to not let Dad know where they lived were given, taking out to dinners were done, sharing of "stories about my husband we don't tell other people so please don't share this" were given about "my dangerous psychotic husband that Liam and I had to flee from and go on the run because the system couldn't save us so we had to act outside it". This matches the dynamic and origination story of every cult/radical "church"/scientology/NXIVM story I know and it is the same dynamic whether it's the pathogenic parent or pathogenic adult influence which in this way has an extra component of evolution. Ie, the pathogenic adult has created/obtained a pathogenic "victimized" subordinate follower. The follower then acts as a relatable/ice-breaking recruiter that has the effect on the target of " they're my peer, they're like me, I can therefore trust the accuracy of what they're saying more and am more willing to listen". Then when the follower eventually introduces the pathogenic adult, the critical judgement defence of the target is suppressed/ignored because the target has made the naive judgment error that since I believe and feel trusting in this peer, I can put that trust into someone he is introducing me too. And because that person is "the adult in the room" this person instantly gets, erroneously, the elevated security clearance in the target's mind that this person is a "trusted"+"adult"+"who understands me"+"has my best interest"+"and knows what I need". Additionally, when speaking with this adult, should the target's defense mechanisms of critical judgement start turning on, the target then looks to a reference point to "reality test", and the follower, Liam, is immediately on hand and present almost daily to act as that reference point nodding reassuringly when the target glances over [literally or metaphorically]. ..... Combine this with a parent who is getting sicker and sicker, who's observably by the child who knows her father well can tell his fear, anxiety (particularly regarding his ability to provide for them both), and sadness because of his non-improving sickness from a mysterious unknown deadly pandemic disease, a parent who is the SOLE parent and there is no second parent to reality test against and get reassuring grounded perspective (ie you are not victimized, dad isn't going to kill himself, yes this is a tough situation but we and you are not a victim and this is not a Hallmark/teen drama, and tough situations like this have long been and are a prolific part of human life and we can more than handle this situation and frankly will serve to accelerate your empowered growth and deeper understanding, meaning, passion, joy of life and further shedding of vulnerability to irrational and mismanagement of uncontrollable fear as a general skill set in your personal quiver. This all is the loss of the second, of which there may only be 2, fundamental defense mechanisms to safeguard a child's sound critical analytical/judgement skills. It is easy to empathize with a child's daily living experience, especially an adolescent, how these are the 2 mechanisms which are functioning by which they are consuming and assembling all new knowledge and understanding. #1 They first use their incumbent developed analytical/judgement skills to self analyze a concept or problem or question. #2 They verify that determination with their trusted source of truth and protection, ie their parents (a reality test). Perhaps this at the root of the common report "teenagers think they know everything". It's probably the first time the first mechanism is developed strongly enough to feel like it can safely be used in its own. And in being the first time, many errors will be made and in many of those errors the use of verification of mechanism 2 will not be used. An ill unimproving parent will exacerbate the error to not use mechanism 2. Fear and anxiety will exacerbate errors in mechanism number 1. Severity of those insults would proportionally affect the rate of error. Malfunctions in both mechanisms would have a multiplicative effect on damaging erroneous conclusions the child arrives at and the damage further choices on those erroneous conclusions causes. Then when the "virus" of the narcissistic/BLP cross generational shared persecutory delusion boundary violation gains entry into this now much increased "analytically vulnerable" child, it has the critically added effect of disabling mechanism 2 since the patent now becomes "all bad [splitting]". ..... Then ..... add to this child a history that she is a survivor, albeit exceptionally so, of incurring the pain and largely successful battle for separation from a very narcissistic mother and the family that produced that narcissism in her mother. The entire repercussions of that I am not sure, but relevant here is I think that means my child's developmental reality has a biased understanding and emotional sensitivity to the fear that a parent "I thought was normal, changed into a monster" and second "I fully believed a truth about the 1 of 2 people I trusted and depend on the most, and I was wrong. How can I trust my own conclusions now if I can't trust my own analytical and emotional judgement abilities?". No doubt also a fear and anxiety upregulating mechanism in and if itself, as well as providing a data point which can add confusion to a child frantically looking for understanding and/or can be leveraged to falsely rationalize the false narrative is correct especially when the pain of the truth is building and she is looking for any tool to suppress confronting that pain.

      Then, as Rhyanna further looks for, or rather it is imposed onto her, the naive drama thirsty peer group, whom many know Liam and Kate, and whom with very good intention but naivety of teenagers who in Boulder Colorado are conditioned to both be very helpful and that money and wealth (like them) combined with middle aged Caucasian combined with a "Boulderite" personality with an air of non-confrontational superiority and cancel-culture tendencies is the equivalent of "insightful, wise, holder of truth, and generally the definition of what is good, righteous, and hold the authority to declare whom is bad and further that it is expected that they will declare whom is good and bad and that action further validates that they are and have such authorities" in these teenagers minds reenforces this false truth as accurate.. Then the school, then CIRT team "mental health professionals", then the mental health hospital centennial peaks, then Boulder county child welfare via multiple staff, then the court and the judge personally all buy in and propagate this false truth and reinforce it overtly or indirectly overtly, and some propagate it by simply ignoring and not speaking out against or in questioning validity, all reinforcing this false truth. ..... And given all this, given all these goddamn ignorant spineless children of men in their lack of knowledge or past traumas, and under the weight of their ignorance and cowardice and laziness, and then under the unreal weight and fear and confusion of her and her dad, her one parent who's been her warrior defender of knowledge, self discovery, safety, character, food, and shelter, and whom no other family support exists is now very possibly dying and cannot speak for himself or to her (because her confusion and outside influence is not allowing it) to tell her the truth and reassurance of the situation ....... her heart and mind refuse to yield. The pain from her heart refusing to give way to the lie, they are trying to make her believe had caused her to want to kill herself. My daughter s unyielding heart and character brought tears to a police officer who'd not had the fortune of experiencing someone like my daughter. And still, after a year and a half, my daughter, MY daughter, still holds fast and is unwilling to tell the COURT that her resistance is because of me and is instead because of her. Yeah, that's who my daughter is. That is the caliber here. She is her father's daughter.

      I see you kid. You hold fast. I'm comin' for you.

      PS - Attention needs to be given to Liam. With consideration towards his possible and to what degree of trauma, and the validity of the story regarding his father.. It is now a real question, is his father above and well, normative, searching for his son and or fallen into decline, suicidality, doom? Is Liam about to lose a father and be irreversibly severely damaged because of the complete irreversible devastation, which will also include the self blame he incurs and will not be able to reconcile.

      PSS - likely it is both important and the is the time to revisit with focus Rhyannas feelings and understanding of her mom. She possibly stands to gain 1, a self confidence and esteem and complete obliteration of any feeling/false rationalization that she is somehow "less", that she is at fault, or that she is somehow "less capable" of a person now and going forward, 2) stamp out reactions of hate, tolerance, splitting, and walls she might form that would prevent problem solving, truth finding, and understanding so crucial to both abilities and finding of joy, particularly in relationships of love and family, 3) she stands to gain a mother and an entire side of a family and which is attained by a fulfilling relationship of her own architecture and which she is fully empowered to control and manage and nurture at her pleasure.

  4. Nov 2023
    1. Rule 38 - Right to Trial by Jury(a) Exercise of Right. Upon the filing of a demand and the simultaneous payment of the requisite jury fee by any party in actions wherein a trial by jury is provided by constitution or by statute, including actions for the recovery of specific real or personal property, with or without damages, or for money claimed as due on contract, or as damages for breach of contract, or for injuries to person or property, all issues of fact shall be tried by a jury. The jury fee is not refundable; however, a demanding party may waive that party's demand for trial by jury pursuant to section (e) of this rule.

      Fuck you haley...gonna have your fucking license

      "Upon filing of a demand by any party wherein a trial by jury is provided by statute, all issues of fact shall be tried by a jury"

      AND THIS STATEMENT FROM THE COLORADO JUDICIAL BRANCH (And mag. McLean heard from my mouth I wanted a trial): What is the court process in dependency and neglect cases? A dependency and neglect case begins with the filing of a petition by the county attorney or, in Denver, the city attorney. Parents who are listed in the D&N petition are referred to as “respondents.” You are required to appear in court and at that time, you may deny the allegations against you and demand that the case then be heard at trial by a jury of six people, by a judge, or by a juvenile magistrate. https://www.courts.state.co.us/userfiles/File/Media/Brochures/d&nweb.pdf

      See: https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcasetext.com%2Fstatute%2Fcolorado-revised-statutes%2Ftitle-19-childrens-code%2Farticle-3-dependency-and-neglect%2Fpart-2-general-provisions%2Fsection-19-3-202-effective-until-112024-right-to-counsel-and-jury-trial&group=world

  5. Oct 2023
    1. This is great and yes it makes perfect sense, thank you!The comment on reading is super helpful. As I've mentioned on here before I've come ti PhD straight from industry, so learning these skills from scratch. Reading especially is still tricky for me after a year, and I tend to read too deeply, and try to read whole texts, and then over annotate.It's good to be reminded that this isn't how academic reading works.

      reply to Admirable_Discount75 at https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/17beucn/comment/k5nzic6/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

      If you've not come across it before you'll likely find Adler & Van Doren (1972) for reading a useful place to start, especially their idea of syntopical reading. Umberto Eco (2015) is also a good supplement to a lot of the internet-based and Ahrensian ZK material. After those try Mills.

      Adler, Mortimer J., and Charles Van Doren. How to Read a Book: The Classical Guide to Intelligent Reading. Revised and Updated ed. edition. 1940. Reprint, Touchstone, 2011. https://amzn.to/45IjBcV. (audiobook available; or a video synopsis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_rizr8bb0c)

      Eco, Umberto. How to Write a Thesis. Translated by Caterina Mongiat Farina and Geoff Farina. 1977. Reprint, Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press, 2015. https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/how-write-thesis.

      Mills, C. Wright. “On Intellectual Craftsmanship (1952).” Society 17, no. 2 (January 1, 1980): 63–70. https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02700062.

      Should it help, I often find that audiobook versions of books or coursework sources like The Great Courses (often free at local libraries, through Hoopla, or other sources), or the highest quality material from YouTube/podcasts listened to at 1.5 - 2x speed while you're walking/commuting can give you quick overviews and/or inspectional reads at a relatively low time cost. Short reminder notes/keywords (to search) while listening can then allow you to do fast searches of the actual texts and/or course guidebooks for excerpting and note making afterwards. Highly selective use of the audiobook bookmarking features let you relisten to short portions as necessary.

      As an example, one could do a quick crash course/overview of something like Marx and Communism over a week by quickly listening to all or parts of:

      These in combination with sources like Oxford's: Very Short Introduction series book on Marx (which usually have good bibliographies) would allow you to quickly expand into more specialized "handbooks" (Oxford, Cambridge, Routledge, Sage) on the subject of Marx and from there into even more technical literature and journal articles. Obviously the deeper you go, the slower things may become depending on the depth you're looking to go.

  6. Sep 2023
    1. respondent, the guardian ad litem for the child, or a child who is twelve years of age or older may demand a trial by jury of six persons at the adjudicatory hearing pursuant to section 19-3-505 , or the court, on its own motion, may order such a jury to try any case at the adjudicatory hearing pursuant to section 19-3-505 .

      TRIAL BY JURY MANDATED....HALEY....YOU FUCKING SHAMEFUL INEXCUSABLE IMPOSTER OF AN ATTORNEY. Shaun, do you know about this? Does an appeal attorney for ORPC know the D&N law of which he'll be making appeals?

      See: https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcasetext.com%2Frule%2Fcolorado-court-rules%2Fcolorado-rules-of-civil-procedure%2Fchapter-5-trials%2Frule-38-right-to-trial-by-jury&group=world

    1. If IFS is unset, or its value is exactly <space><tab><newline>, the default, then any sequence of IFS characters serves to delimit words. If IFS has a value other than the default, then sequences of the whitespace characters space and tab are ignored at the beginning and end of the word, as long as the whitespace character is in the value of IFS (an IFS whitespace character). Any character in IFS that is not IFS whitespace, along with any adjacent IFS whitespace characters, delimits a field. A sequence of IFS whitespace characters is also treated as a delimiter. If the value of IFS is null, no word splitting occurs.
    1. food intake and vasoconstriction

      Is this why eating is causing instant sleepiness? Non-digestive vessels vasoconstrict and shut off too much cerebral blood flow, then nerves instantly have reduced firing/waste and CO2 build up/diminished mitochondria output/oxidative buildup/ &or then resultant inflammatory triggering cytokine increase?

      Vessel endothelial enormous surface area, manipulator of blood flow vasoconstrictor system, and cytokine producer/influencer, and high vulnerability sensitivity to viral infection/corruption...and then it's role or adjacent system and the immediate available Google research on COVID affecting> the vascular elastin system and corrupted elevated production of destructive elastases resulting in reduced vascular compliance then resulting too narrow "pulse pressure" band essentially creating arteriosclerosis.

      Also, make sure to be thinking of the entire vascular system not as one system, but subsided by dynamic changing gated sections and inspect signaling creating changing locations and amounts of high/low pressure zones. Also, keep in mind 3 things about BP: 1, when taken with a cuff it is only measuring a reading at the elbow. 2, is a reading from the artery and not giving any direct data from vein part of the system. 3, BP is not the same as blood flow. So I conceive that you could read a good BP, but actual flow could be completely inadequate.

      Remember analogy, vascular system is just like car AC system, or any pressurized hydraulic system, or even actually electric circuits. Meaning that there is a high pressure side, the load component(s), and a low pressure side. Also remember veins act as the reservoir tank, and when they constrict it is injecting more blood into the system to, if functioning correctly, allow higher performance and meet increase load demand. It also, therefore has less direct effect on whole system BP vs artery constriction because it's downstream of the load. Arterial constriction conversely has immediate direct effect on systolic BP as it is essentially putting a wall directly downstream of the heart. Therefore, regardless if diastolic pressure is zero or high, when the heart contacts, the pressure shoots straight up.

      A working theory component: my pulmonary vein is inappropriately constricting too much. That causes high back up pressure at alveoli. Exercise then induces veinous reservoir injection and increased blood volume into the "working system" further increasing pressure. Possibly arterious had already been fully dilated at rest in order to compensate and then when exercise happens, it can't be dilated further to increase blood flow throughout and BP increases further all behind the pulmonary vein "dam". However it doesn't present as right side heart failure like might initially be guessed (with leg and belly edema) because the right side heart is not failing...yet. So it contains any further backflow and the alveoli are the weakest point and taking the most abuse and pressure is relieved as pulmonary edema. And therefore what may be present is if we look for it, we'll find that actual blood throughput output exiting the heart is too low. And this can exist with a normal ejection fraction because the heart is functioning correctly and pumping the right percentage of what is a low starting volume. And also this can support why right ventricle is showing first signs of enlarging because it's being overpressured and stretching out (enlarging). And this can support why normal BP readings are measured at the arm because it can completely handle the abnormally low blood volume being received in the downstream location it's at. And then therefore this further supports why BP is normal but HR is riding the high limit at rest and then instantly jumps on exertion AND why dizziness happens because the artery system was already maxed out dilation at rest and for any amount of exertion, increasing HR because of the immediate too fast rise in tissue hypoxia due to too low blood supply the brain keeps driving up HR to meet demand. Total result upon exercise: supply continues to more and more not meet demand, HR rises faster and faster to try to inadequately compensate, physically become weaker especially after high output anaerobic every supply deleted in 1-3 minutes and there is no aerobic capacity cavalry with it's O2 rushing in to take over and that's when I fall off the cliff> HR spikes even faster, chest pain immediately jumps, lung edema turns on full tilt as the HR spikes and the resulting pressure is forced to "spray out of the gaskets (alveoli), and brain blood O2 supply immediately becomes super inadequate and the dizziness and need to fall over is the instant result effect. And since dysfuntioning cerebral vasoconstriction is likely the cause or highly involved in migraines, this also supports why the headaches come. ... And perhaps this explaining the rest pain and how it increases with dex and exertion because blood flow o2 becomes inadequate. Then causing lactic acid waste and CO2 buildup... (ie pain). And then it, like all body tissues being deprived necessary blood flow trigger cytokine inflammation response. ... And then, fuck it, maybe this IS chronic fatigue syndrome, and IS long covid explaining PEM, explaining why every symptom imaginable in any combination permutation is being shown, is explaining the observed elevated varing soups of cytokinesis, explaining all variety of tissue damage depending on any person's unique amount of total hit and their particular systems vulnerabilities and ultimately how far down they went on the increasing spiralling cascading systems failure towards total shutdown, and explains why measures at addressing the variety of manifestations are all somewhat helpful, but inadequate and varing efficacy from patient to patient because they are all too downstream of the root cause trunk of the symptom tree where the need to relieve vascular over constriction is the root or next to the root of the symptom tree that is common to all patients. If this were all to be accurate, then the seed would be what caused the break in vasoconstrictor system and repairing/killing it, or perhaps it's a PC bootstrap phenomenon where the simple uncomplex virus was just enough bios code to place innocuous wrenches in any of machines of the systems and then those malfunctioning systems took over control in their new malfunctioning patterns and became the new bosses that are infact the disease, you become your disease, and the initial virus seed has long been killed/departed (they're the ultimate down the road end game that is the totally corrupted bcdhhs that will then exist now as a new monstrous organism slowly lingering and depleting itself and eventually all resources at which point it will have finally killed itself after it destroyed the once thriving self sustaining world it lived in. COVID then is the teenage abusive bf or mean drunk father from their past, that put in motion what would become decades and generations of monsters, years and years after they had been long since gone). And maybe this explains the phasing leaving and returning it symptoms. Because when enough if the symptoms start to be reset/repaired, that starts spiraling the spread of the shutdown of the corruption back to health, but if the spiral up isn't strong enough to overcome the consequential reactive spiral down response, the monster returns and the rebellion is quashed. And so explains why the overall, in every system, stronger less vulnerabilities less armor chinks youth are able to quash with ease the spiral down with their incumbent exceptional spiral up response. .... And aside, this explains why dysautonomia has become a top suspect. And explains why POTS has become almost synonymous with long COVID and CFS.

    1. 2019 CB issued revised and new policies that allow title IV-E agencies to claim federalfinancial participation (FFP) for administrative costs of independent legal representationprovided by attorneys representing children in title IV-E foster care, children who are candidatesfor title IV-E foster care, and their parents for “preparation for and participation in judicialdeterminations” in all stages of foster care legal proceedings.
    2. In April 2020, CB issued a new policy clarifying that administrative costs for paralegals,investigators, peer partners, or social workers may be claimed as title IV-E foster careadministrative costs to the extent they are necessary to support an attorney providingindependent legal representation to prepare for and participate in all stages of foster care legalproceedings for candidates for title IV-E foster care, youth in foster care and his/her parents andfor allowable office support staff and overhead expenses
    1. irst, judges do not receive sufficient information to make aninformed decision regarding reasonable efforts. Usually, the only information comes from the agency

      Haylie is not providing any information to the judge, e.g.: - harboring not addressed - intake lied - intake failed to meet promise - intake actually DROVE removal, as in "negative reasonable efforts" - intake did not provide allegations at first contact or ever; and also therefore, 2., did not collect response, and necessary danger data and necessary services/needs data - intake did not provide, therefore, a credible report informing court of true nature - intake offered no FFPSA designated services nor Core Services Program services - intake provided no list of services offered/provided, no list of identified needs, no explanation of how it succeeded or failed - magistrate did not examine, inquire, or document specifically and detailed the reasonable efforts in "The Prevention Plan"...I've seen no Prevention Plan and certainly not filed with the court - Visitation scheduler: 1) not competently trained in youth or resist and refuse; only 1.5 years licensed (probably no clinical practice) and self identified adult addiction, 2)provided no scientific backing for recommendations, omitted context to misrepresent truth, did not identify needs, provided no plan to resolve/address those needs especially science-backed (and found to be an intern), 3)was 3+ weeks late for 1wk due date - caseworker was assigned over a month later and is mandated to be immediate at time of 1st hearing - CASA was not assigned until 4 months later and i've still never heard from them - caseworker was told must provide allegations report and still did not and would not - family needs assessment was never done, certainly not in my presence, nor with my collaboration and agreement, if in the background there is one it is a lie or of completely insufficient quality and was not reported to me when asked for. It was not done even close to 60 day (therefore also does not meet mandate of "timely") deadline (and if it's dated as such it is a complete BS non-assessment only for the purposes of making it show up on a log as done). It does not identify needs/problems (most importantly resist/refuse) that brought forth D&N, it does not identify services that address the particular needs (most importantly a resist/refuse doctor; also actively blocked FUP) (and therefore nothing is science based "trauma informed" as mandated), it does not mandate what must be changed/achieved and the marker for that achievement; I still was not given Service Plan when I pried and pried for clear list of items that brought forth D&N-what was needed to change/achieved to end State's involvement-what services were/could/wanted to be done - DHS has failed to investigate it's actions of abuse to confirm/deny; which in the case that abuse did not happen 2. has failed to meet "timely" mandate of services to medically assess and treat resist/refuse and 3. failed "reasonable efforts to reunify" mandate - DHS has not only 1. failed mandate to offer/make available/refer & monitor and ensure execution of services/ (e.g. Core, FFPSA, "unique to family needs", "public or private/community bases", "evidenced based", "trauma informed...further defined in CCR as "complete situation assessment/treatment, whole family") they 2. made ME responsible for REFERRING THEM and with an expectation it likely WOULD NOT BE PURSUED, 3. was essentially told Core Services wasn't real (was ignored and then simply would not answer when i asked directly in-person about "Core Services" and changed the subject) when I specifically asked, 4. mocked when I gave science backed warning of imminent and severe risk and necessary doctor services needed - court did not set adjudication until 2+ months past federally mandated 90 day MAXIMUM (and is written as "should be much sooner and ASAP", and 2. almost 4 months after 20th District's filed D&N management commitment plan - Independent Assessment: did not meet many many mandates (see email to Haylie on objection to recommendation) - QI did not include family, claims 6 attempts to call but did not as mandated provide evidence of attempts, State did not meet mandate to make sure family was included in the process and ACTIVELY KEPT MOM & DAD & ATTORNEYS as mandated of the mandated Family and Permancy Team Meeting; did not complete in 10/14 day CDHS mandate nor did complete in 30 day federal requirement (which is also contractually owed by ASO); never held a 2nd Team meeting as requested (which resulted in a ruling based on false argument that would have been quashed in the meeting and also the QI realizing and changing her recommendations with the knowledge that the false claim was not only indeed false but that the credibility of information provided by state & CYF was now in question; and ultimately a result of a QI would have full & true understanding of medical need and severity and harm befalling child and family and would have urgently recommended necessary interventions which had so long been failed to be recognized/provided by State) - Court nor State was informed of fundamental FFPSA law as is absolutely expected to be known by a Child Welfare Judge and Child Welfare Attorney and Child Welfare Agency, at QRTP Assessment Review Hearing and made ruling on completely false law justification that child is not legally allowed to remain at the QRTP [b/c of course she is, which is the whole point of the hearing, b/c it's up to judge to determine if she should stay or not regardless of IA summary report recommendations

    2. One conclusion this book reaches is that reasonable efforts should belitigated early,
    1. Dr. Childress Second Opinion ConsultationThis handout describes various options for incorporating the second-opinionconsultation of Dr. Childress on an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan for court-involved family conflict. I am able to provide second opinion consultation to the involvedmental health professionals if they or the court believe this would be helpful in theresolution of the family conflict through my HIPAA compliant online telehealth office atdoxy.me/drchildress.
    1. Caseworkers must be familiar with evidence-based programs and services available to children, youth,and families that reside in your community. Caseworkers not only need to know what services areavailable, but also the target population and desired outcomes of these services so they can makeappropriate referrals. Family First eligibility should not be a driver of these decisions, but rather theneeds and goals of the child, youth and family

      ALL OF THIS BOLD - Caseworkers must be familiar with evidence-based programs - not only need to know what services are available, but also the target population - so they can make appropriate referrals - eligibility should not be a driver of these decisions, but rather the needs and goals of the child, youth and family

    1. RPC who address ancillary civil issues earlier in a case can make a significant impact and reduce thenumber of out-of-home placements. This is because unresolved civil legal issues can drive continualchild welfare involvement in the lives of some indigent families. Indeed
      • TANF
      • Child support
      • DUI and warrant
      • Car title
      • Disability
      • FUP
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  8. Aug 2022
    1. We might learn something new, if we understood both sides.

      Allosso is using "both sides" in a broadly journalistic fashion the way it had traditionally meant in the mid to late 21st century until Donald J. Trump's overtly racist comment on Aug. 15, 2017 "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides." following the Charlottesville, VA protests.

      Perhaps it might be useful if people quit using the "both sides" as if there were only two perspectives on an issue (for or against), when in reality there is often a spectrum of thoughts and feelings, not all mutually exclusive, about issues?

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    1. Long and short call or put options

      Can we have a long put and a short call ?? What is the difference between going long and buying a call ?

    2. Equal and opposite positions in the market for a fully hedged position (e.g., hedging one long position with an equally sized short position)

      Doesn't it just add up to nothing ? No profit can ba generated from this, it will always be 0 ?

    3. Generally speaking, with the exclusion of late entries, the higher the price of a long entry, the more aggressive in price and conservative in time of entry it becomes

      Can we have a situation that is conservative both in time and price ?

      Yes/No :

      • cf. Fig.26.9 for Yes
      • cf. Fig. 26.10 for No

      => Yes : cf. paragraph D. of page 843

    4. Support levels for longs and resistance levels for shorts

      Isn't there a problem if we long at a breached support ? Same for shorting a breached resisitance ? We want the price to go up for a long and down for a short so it seems to me that it's the inverse ???

    5. Very late short or long entries with respect to support or resistance ■ Very early or premature long entries above support in a downtrend (both aggressive) ■ Very early or premature short entries below resistance in an uptrend (both


    6. Long entries taken below resistance in an uptrend ■ Short entries taken above support in a downtrend ■ Long entries taken just below a failed support ■ Short entries taken just above a failed resistance

      Isn't it the inverse ? short entry taken just below/above a failed support (since we want to see price decline)?

    7. $2 per hour over a 10‐hour period.

      Why do we consider the time ?

    8. other third‐measure values over similar durations
      • What is a third-measure ?
      • Which third-measures are they talking about?
      • Is it that of stock B that they're talking about ?

      i.e. Compare third-measure of stock A to that of stock B over similar durations to find which one is the more volatile ?

    9. ncrease in Price Fluctuations over Equal Durations Indicating Potential Rise in Volatility

      Why is the first measure of volatilty satisfied ?

      Maybe because the time period is the "equal duration" ??

    10. over equal durations

      How do we pick the durations ?

    11. we could not determine which stock was more volatile since the maximum amount of price change over equal durations were the same for both
      • What about comparing over smaller time periods, if we do this, we'll clearly see that there are differences ?
      • How do we pick the timeframe ?
    12. bearish chart patterns within a falling channel and bullish chart patterns with a rising channel.

      Strange since it's the opposite for wedges, and wedges resemble channels quite a lot ?!

    13. Many of the failed buy signals found on the chart in Figure 12.15 would have been successfully avoided or filtered out had the reversal entry breakout tech-nique been employed

      WHY ???

      Reversal entry breakout -> return to the mean ?

    14. Figure 12.11 is an example of tuning the fixed percentage bands to a domi-nant cycle on the four‐hour chart of GBPUSD. The trough‐to‐trough cycle period was 133 bars. Using the third formula would also yield ((2×133) +3)/4 = 67.25. Rounding to the closest integer would give us 67 periods or bars

      Does this mean that the central line is the 67 lookback period and that we obtain the bands by fixed perccentage (here 1.3%, cf. Fig. 12.11) ?

    15. Notice that un-like double and triple detrending, which tends to remove lag between the oscillator and price, double and triple smoothing increases the price lag.

      What is the difference between detrending and smoothing ?

      • smoothing = prendre le MA d'un oscillateur. Ex. : %D = 3-period SMA of raw %K
      • detrending = faire la différence entre deux MA !
    16. double detrending reduces the lag components between price and the oscillators

      WHY ???

    17. seven-period

      Why 7 and not 3 as indicated page 260 ?

    18. nine-period

      what does a nine-period EMA mean ??

    19. Periods 2/Exponential Weighting Ratio 1
      • How do we get this formula ?
      • What does the term periods actually mean ?



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    1. Aju ren gi tàng na lool.

      Le pèlerinage de cette année a été très pénible.

      aj+u (aj) gi -- pilgrimage to Mecca. 🕋

      ren ji -- current year; this year. 🗓

      gi -- the.

      tàng v. -- be hot 🥵; be cranky, be snappy 😡.

      na -- has been (?).

      lool adv. -- very, much, too much.

  15. Feb 2021
    1. it is inconvenient to write specific implementations for each datatype contained, especially if the code for each datatype is virtually identical. For example, in C++, this duplication of code can be circumvented by defining a class template
  16. Nov 2020
  17. Oct 2020
    1. About the argument against it, "{@const will make code less consistent ": I think the same is true now, since people can come up with very different ways of dealing with the "computed value inside each loop/if function" problem. Some extract components, some use functions, some will prepare the array differently beforehand.
    2. it also allows for more divergence in how people write there code and where they put their logic, making different svelte codebases potentially even more different due to fewer constraints. This last point is actually something I really value, I read a lot of Svelte code by a lot of different people and broadly speaking things look the same and are in the same places.
  18. Jul 2020
  19. Nov 2019
    1. To make this even easier, you can also simply import @testing-library/react/dont-cleanup-after-each which will do the same thing.
  20. Sep 2019
    1. In the long run, it probably makes no difference how badly we overshoot two degrees

      Potential interactions among the tipping elements of the Earth system could generate tipping cascades. The far we stay below the 2ºC, the less likely it will be the occurrence of tipping cascades.

  21. Apr 2019
    1. Being a teenager is hard; there are constant social and emotional pressures that have just been introduced into the life of a middle or high schooler, which combines with puberty to create a ticking time bomb. By looking at the constant exposure to unreasonable expectations smartphones and social media create, we can see that smartphones are leading to an increased level of depression and anxiety in teenagers, an important issue because we need to find a safe way to use smartphones for the furture generations that are growing up with them. Social media is a large part of a majority of young adults life, whether it includes Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or some combination of these platforms, most kids have some sort of presence online. Sites like Facebook and Instagram provide friends with a snapshot of an event that happened in your life, and people tend to share the positive events online, but this creates a dangerous impact on the person scrolling.​ When teens spend hours scrolling through excluisvely happy posts, it creates an unrealistic expectation for how real life should be. Without context, teenagers often feel as if their own life is not measuring up to all of their happy friends, but real-life will never measure up to the perfect ones expressed online. Picture Picture Furthermore, social media sites create a way for teenagers to seek external validation from likes and comments, but when the reactions online are not perceived as enough it dramatically alters a young adults self-confidence. This leads to the issue of cyberbullying. There are no restrictions on what you can say online, sometimes even annonimously, so often people choose to send negative messages online. Bullying is not a new concept, but with online bullying, there is little to no escape as a smartphone can be with a teenager everywhere, and wherever the smartphone goes the bullying follows.This makes cyberbullying a very effective way to decrease a youth's mental health, in fact, cyberbullying triples the risk of suicide in adolescents, which is already the third leading cause of death for this age group.

    2. ​Technology is in constant motion. If we try to ignore the advances being made the world will move forward without us. Instead of trying to escape change, there needs to be an effort to incorporate technology into every aspect of our lives in the most beneficial way possible. If we look at the ways technology can improve our lives, we can see that technology specifically smartphones, have brought more benefits than harm to the academic and social aspects of teenagers lives, which is important because there is a constant pressure to move away from smart devices from older generations. The first aspect people tend to focus on is the effect that technology has on the academic life of a teen. Smartphones and other smart devices are a crucial part of interactive learning in a classroom and can be used as a tool in increasing student interest in a topic. For example, a popular interactive website, Kahoot, is used in many classrooms because it forces students to participate in the online quiz, while teachers can gauge how their students are doing in the class. Furthermore, these interactive tools are crucial for students that thrive under visual learning, since they can directly interact with the material. This can be extended to students with learning disabilities, such as Down Syndrome and Autism,​ research has shown that using specialized and interactive apps on a smart device aids learning more effectively than technology free learning. Picture Picture Another fear regarding technology is the impact it has on the social lives of young adults, but the benefits technology has brought to socializing outweighs any possible consequences. The obvious advantage smartphones have brought to social lives is the ability to easily communicate with people; with social media, texting, and calling all in one portable box there is no longer a struggle to be in contact with family and friends even if they are not in your area. Social media can also be used for much more In recent years, social media has been a key platform in spreading platforms and movements for social change. Because social media websites lower the barrier for communicating to large groups of people, it has been much easier to spread ideas of change across states, countries, or the world. For example, after Hurricane Sandy tore apart the northeastern United States, a movement called "Occupy Sandy" in which people gathered to provide relief for the areas affected was promoted and organized through social media. Other movements that have been possible because of social media include #MeToo, March for Our Lives, #BlackLivesMatter, and the 2017 Women's March. ​

    3. There is no question that technology is becoming a part of our lives more every day. What we have to take a closer look at is the increasing dependency that children have on smart devices, which is taking over all other normal childhood activities, an important occurrence because it is interfering with normal childhood development and negatively impacting relationships between parents and children. Smartphones give young adults access to almost unlimited information and almost unlimited content that they may not yet be equipped to navigate. Every parent wants to know what is going on in their child's life, but with smartphones, this is highly suggested just to make sure the internet has not led them down a dark path. For example, an astonishing study found that 19% of young adults ages 13-19 sent sexually suggestive content online, and 31% had received this type of content. Smartphones make exposure to these things at an early age much easier, and preventing the exposure much harder. There are many restrictions and blocks that can be put in place to help guide children in the right parts of the internet, but there is still the issue of time management on devices. Smartphones and other smart devides have taken the place of activities that should be prioitized for a healthy lifestyle, such as homework and exercise. One aspect that has drawn many children into overuse of technology is online gaming. Online games often have interactions with other online players, which allows children to feel as if they are socializing without actually interacting with friends, especially for children who struggle with in person interaction.

      ​While this may be beneficial for short term socializing or motor skills, in the long-run, the children are choosing to sit and stare at a screen instead of interacting with people around them, or doing productive things such as homework, so the short-term benefits are outweighed by long-term consequences.

    4. The music we listen to highly impacts our decision making, especially as adolescents. Adolescents are extremely impressionable, and the music they listen to has a great impact on how they decide to live their day to day lives. Popular musicians are seen as role models by the people who idolize them, and adolescents may try to represents the songs in which they favor through their actions every day.

      Recent studies have found that adolescents who listen to music that supports substance abuse and violence have a greater chance to act upon what they listen to. What young adults and teenagers listen to through music and popular media will affect their decision making process. Specifically with substance abuse, and there is a direct uptake in use of illegal substances by adolescents who listen to music that promotes such activities. This can cause a whole societal problem considering most of todays popular music among adolescents touches upon substance abuse and violence. Adolescents are extremely impressionable and the music they listen can shape how a person tries to act, or represent themselves.

    5. Our culture is defined by the music we listen to, and the way it is portrayed in the media. Every culture around the world has a different style of song or dance that represents their traditions. Culture can not only be changed through popular songs, but is best represented through music. One of the best ways to understand a foreign culture is by listening to the music that is favorable among the people whose culture you are trying to understand. Music is one of the most powerful forms of art between cultures.

      Music has the power to redefine cultures. We can see this through generational differences between song preferences. For example, American country music back in the late 1900s has a much different feel and style compared to country music now in 2019. While keeping within the same genre, this style of music touches upon different subjects, and uses different instruments, sounds and lyrics. Even early hip-hop has evolved from its beginnings. Hip-hop music is considered the most popular music as of right now, but it has not always been that way. Each generation favors different types of genres of music, and it is clear which backgrounds over the years have favored certain genres of music. As much as music can differentiate cultures, and generations, music can bring people of completely different background together by its artistic flavor and general popularity throughout the mainstream media.

    6. Music and the media directly impact the way we view sports, and the way we prepare for our games. Sports depend on music and the media for inspiration, and something to be connected to. Not only can we use music to get us ready for a big game, or a long practice, but we can use the songs we listen to, to connect us to the atmosphere in which we like to play our sports in. The entire world of sports revolves heavily around music, especially the way in which our sports are portrayed in the media. Every season professional sports and the NCAA included will use a popular song in one of their commercials to give you something to tie that sport to when you hear that song. This method of familiarizing the game to a song helps viewers always connect the two when either watching a game, or listening to a song.

      ​Not only can we connect our sports to songs, but we prepare for our games with music. Music can influence the way we feel as stated previously in the about section. This can be a powerful effect for pre and post game activities. For people who are unfamiliar with being in a locker room atmosphere, nothing can bring a team closer together than a song that is consistently played before or after games. Teams will usually have a few songs that have significant value to every player and become part of the teams ritual. When you have a song, or multiple songs that bring you together as a team this can significantly increase the feeling you of joy you have during wins, or loses with your teammates. Music is one of the most important ways to artistically articulate the world of sports.

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    1. Appendix. Technical demonstration of the SOMprocedure

      This is a great example of Kohonen's Self-organizing Maps and the use of the U-Matrix. The authors were very thorough in explaining how it can be used.

  24. Sep 2016
    1. either going to sacrifice quality by using ugly Readymades, or they are going to spend lots of time looking for the perfect urinal.

      Consider rephrasing. I understand what you mean here, but a perfect urinal is indeed an ugly readymade.