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    1. Results indicate that between the ages of 20 and75 years, nearly 60 percent of Americans will experience living for at least 1 yearbelow the official poverty line, while three-fourths of Americans will encounterpoverty or near- poverty (150 percent below the official poverty line).4

      Mark Rank and Thomas Hirschl's research based on the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) using risk assessments using life tables show that nearly 60 percent of Americans between 20 and 75 will live for at least 1 year below the poverty line and 75% of Americans will encounter poverty or near-poverty (defined as 150 percent below the official poverty line).

      Cross reference:<br /> Mark R. Rank and Thomas A. Hirschl, “The Likelihood of Experiencing Relative Poverty Across the Life Course,” PLoS One 10 (2015): E01333513.

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    1. My Fortran professor gave me a low mark because I used a lookup table for octal to binary conversion, instead of using division and modulo.
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    1. software engineers who do web development are by far among the worst at actually evaluating solutions based on their engineering merit

      There's plenty of irrationality to be found in opposing camps, too. I won't say that it's actually worse (because it's not), but it's definitely a lot more annoying, because it usually also carries overtones that there's a sort of well-informed moral and technological high ground—when it turns out it's usually just a bunch of second panel thinkers who themselves don't even understand computers (incl. compilers, system software, etc.) very well.

      This is what makes it hard to have discussions about reforming the practices in mainstream Web development. The Web devs are doing awful things, but at least ~half of the criticism that these devs are actually exposed to ends up being junk because lots of the critics unfortunately just have no fucking idea what they're talking about and are nowhere near the high ground they think they're standing on—often taking things for granted that just don't make sense when actually considered in terms of the technological uppercrust that they hope to invoke. Just a kneejerk "browser = bad" association from people who can't meaningfully distinguish between JS (the language), browser APIs, and the NPM corpus (though most NPM programmers are usually guilty of exactly the same...).

      It's a very "the enemy of my enemy is not my friend" sort of thing.

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    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, November 14). @STWorg @olbeun @lombardi_learn @kostas_exarhia @stefanmherzog @commscholar @johnfocook @Briony_Swire @Sander_vdLinden @DG_Rand @kendeou @dlholf @ProfSunitaSah @HendirkB @gordpennycook @andyguess @emmapsychology @ThomsonAngus @UMDCollegeofEd @gavaruzzi @katytapper @orspaca [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1459813535974842371

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    1. But when our hypothetical Blub programmer looks in the other direction, up the power continuum, he doesn't realize he's looking up.

      We have a word for this: "sophomoric".

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