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    1. With specific keyword messages you can compute the Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Divisor. A keyword message is composed of one or more colons “:” to insert one or more arguments:

      A source of confusion for beginners is why binary messages exist in the first place when they could be implemented instead as keyword messages taking one argument as #lcm: and #gcd:; you could in fact, imagine an alternative syntax with only unary and keyword messages, but it would be cumbersome to read and write. Binary messages improve legibility without adding too much complexity from the point of view of the implementation.

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      • for: climate change - false binary, jobs vs environment, example, example climate change - false binary, climate departure, leverage point

      • example: false environmental binary

        • activists need to better communicate the false binary that climate denialists keep using to pull the wool over people's eyes.
        • jobs vs environment ignores the short term threat of environmental degradation
        • this is where participatory climate departure can show the threat in a visceral, concrete way that is far more compelling you the average person than any intellectual attempt to explain the differences example - climate change - false binary
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    1. I would say it's text when interpreted as text/plain it's human readable. Otherwise it's binary. That is, binary = for machines only.
    2. the subversion FAQ http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html#binary-files has = " ... if any of the bytes are zero, or if more than 15% are not ASCII printing characters, then Subversion calls the file binary. This heuristic might be improved in the future, however."
    3. I couldn't find a definition of text except that text means absence of binary data. This is weak - so I would follow your definition - A text file is a file which can be read by a human.
    4. The distinction doesn't refer to the files _contents_ but how to the file is _treated_ when it is being read or written. In "rb"/"wb" modes files are left how they are, in "r"/"w" modes Windows programmers get line ends "\r\n" translated into "\n" what disturbs file positions and string lengths.
    5. Dividing files into "text" and "binary" is the archetype misdesign in the operating system you use
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    1. But it’s uncommon to spot a circumbinary system, where an exoplanet orbits two stars. And seeing two stars with more than one exoplanet in their vicinity is exceedingly rare.


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    1. to dabbling in the then-current neoliberal thought which Foucault encountered while teaching in California in the 1970s. He liked the idea of busting down the welfare state, which he believed had created dependent, docile subjects. He heretically supported both the conservative French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and the Iranian revolution, while denouncing the dirigisme of the French communist and socialist parties. He had more in common with Thatcher and Reagan than Mitterrand.


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    1. binary string (i.e., a string in which each character in the string is treated as a byte of binary data)
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    1. Supercritical cycles were found to have the lowest cost at allresources

      I wonder if this is true for any working fluid of the binary cycle. Or, this is just true for working fluids that are mixtures?

    1. Because the geothermal fluid leaves the heat exchanger at 196F in the mixture cycle, it could be used in heat exchange with a second working fluid mixture to obtainadditional work. Thus, a cascade system of two or more binary cycles could be developed to increase thework obtainable per pound of geothermal fluid passing through the geothermal power plant.
    2. a situation which should minimize irreversibilities in the condenser
    3. The fact that the mixtureand the isobutane leave the turbine with 138 F and 167 Fsuper-

      It doesn't from the figure that I left at either of those temperatures.

    4. The geothermalfluid is considered to have the properties of supercooled liquidwater
    5. On the other hand, an essentially infinitespectrum of property behavior characteristics exists for mixtures and thus a mixture can in principle befound which matches the resource characteristics better than virtually any possible pure-fluid choice
    6. (a) Higher pressures can beused in the cycle, which increases the net cycle thermalefficienc
    7. the working fluid in the power production cycle (e.g.Rankine-type cycle) receives energy by heat transfer with the geothermal fluid
    1. therefore the gases should be removed from the condenser. This can be achieved byinstalling vacuum pumps, compressors, or steam ejectors. The condenser heat removalis done either by using a cooling tower or through cold air circulation in the condenser.The condensate forms a small fraction of the cooling water circuit, a large portion ofwhich is then evaporated and dispersed into the atmosphere by the cooling tower. Thecooling water surplus (blow down) is disposed of in shallow injection wells. In singleflash condensation system, the condensate does have direct contact with the coolingwater.
    2. Single flash power plants are classified according to their steam turbines types, i.e., theturbine exit conditions. Two such basic types are the single flash with a condensationsystem and the single flash back pressure system. In the first type, a condenser oper-ating at very low pressure is used to condensate the steam leaving the steam turbine.The condenser should operate at low vacuum pressure to maintain a large enthalpy dif-ference across the expansion process of the steam turbine, hence resulting in a higherpower output. The geothermal fluid usually contains non-condensable gases which arecollected at the condenser. Such a collection of gases may raise the condenser pressure,
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    1. Another theoretician of the index card system, the German sociologist Niklas Luhman, whose so-called "Zettelkasten" (slip-box) has achieved independent fame in Germany, used to talk about this first analytic step as "reduction for the sake of [building] complexity." [9]

      Luhmann used the idea of "one card, one fact" as the first step of "reduction for the sake of [building] complexity."

      Historically reducing things to their smallest essential form or building blocks makes it much easier to build up new complex things from them.

      Examples of this include:

      • Reducing numbers to binary 1 and 0
      • tk


      See Luhmann, Niklas (2000) Short Cuts. Edited by Peter Gente, Heidi Paris, Martin Weinmann. Frankfurt/Main: Zweitausendeins), p. 33.

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    1. You may communicate more than a binary outcome of an activity. For instance, a controller endpoint activity could have end events for success and failure, but also for “not authorized”, or “validation failed”. You’re not limited to a binary setup here.
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    1. A nested activity doesn’t have to have two ends, only.
    2. Adding ends to an activity is a beautiful way to communicate more than two outcomes to the outer world without having to use a state field in the ctx. It also allows wiring those outcomes to different tracks in the container activity.
    1. Using a terminus to indicate a certain outcome - in turn - allows for much stronger interfaces across nested activities and less guessing! For example, in the new endpoint gem, the not_found terminus is then wired to a special “404 track” that handles the case of “model not found”. The beautiful thing here is: there is no guessing by inspecting ctx[:model] or the like - the not_found end has only one meaning!
    2. A major improvement here is the ability to maintain more than two explicit termini. In 2.0, you had the success and the failure termini (or “ends” as we used to call them). Now, additional ends such as not_found can be leveraged to communicate a non-binary outcome of your activity or operation.
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    1. If what we want is democratic knowledge production that serves not only those who inquire and their institutions, but also those who are inquired upon (and appeals to “knowledge for the good of all” do not cut it), we must soften that boundary erected long ago between those who know versus those from whom the raw materials of knowledge production are extracted

      expand on this in the context of library classification

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    1. Train someone in it and, according co Quintilian's way of thinking, you have trained that person to be virtuous. "Virtuosity is some evidence of virtue." To chink of this at/through toggle switch as "virtuous," as implicitly moral, is to com-prehend the deeply felt "reasoning" behind Quintilian's evasive answer to his own question and to glimpse, perhaps, the beginnings of a legitimate explanation of, and justification for, what the humanities do--or at least can do.

      The image of Lady Justice popped into my head as I was reading this, and I was particularly thinking about her blindfold and how it's meant to represent impartiality, the philosphical ideal that "justice should be applied "without regard to wealth, power, or other status." Upon looking at her Wikipedia page, I discovered that Lady Justice did not originally wear a blindfold because her "maidenly form" guaranteed her impartiality. If we're "toggling" between rhetoric and philosophy here, then it must also be argued that we're "toggling" between the feminine and the masculine. And If sex/gender was once what qualified someone to be impartial, how does this complicate the idea of virtue/training someone to be virtuous? How does it complicate our understanding of what the humanities do/can do? How does it help us work at/through what/who was/is/could be considered human?

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    1. binaries

      I noticed this in the excerpt above, too. The binary nature of her worldview is something that I've heard her critiqued for before, as it is a pretty restrictive way to view the complex gears of oppression.

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    1. how clothing defines masculinity and femininity — and how it scrambles these notions

      Discussion Question:

      What are the major differences of and consequences for:

      Interpretations of masculinity and femininity, defining masculinity and femininity vs. blurring the notions of gender and dissecting the system of a gender binary.

    1. In short, emphasizes Nietzsche, "la11gue1ge is rhetoric, because it desires to convey only a doxa [opinion], not an episteme [knowledge]."

      With the marginal note from Nathaniel in mind, this binary is really interesting (and necessary) to unpack. I've had to read a lot of Foucault lately, so I'm thinking with him through a lot of my other readings right now. But his use of episteme, in some ways, breaks down that binary. By treating an episteme as the "epistemological unconscious" of an era (meaning that some knowledge and some assumptions are so inherent at a specific time and place that society doesn't even know it's happening), Foucault seems to suggest that opinion and knowledge can uniquely shift and intertwine in each epoch (again, within a culture that doesn't even know it's happening).

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    1. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the idea of using digital technology in the classroom tends to be either loved or hated.
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      Nice Touch. Translates as:This book was written by Jake Hartnell And edited by: Kathleen Miller Copyright 2013 Jake Hartnell http://23rdCenturyRomance.com/ Version 1.0.0

      Cover Art by Miles Johnston ©2012 http://miles-art.blogspot.com/

    1. Nice touch, translates to: This book was written by Jake Hartnell And edited by: Kathleen Miller Copyright 2013 Jake Hartnell http://23rdCenturyRomance.com/ Version 1.0.0

      Cover Art by Miles Johnston ©2012 http://miles-art.blogspot.com/