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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Yet I’ll not shed her blood,Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snowAnd smooth as monumental alabaster.Yet she must die, else she’ll betray more men.

      Othello doesn't want to ruin or taint her purity and innocence that she sees, but knows he has to take her light. And he acknowledges that even Prometheus cannot bring back that inner light she has. It shows that he sees through her objectification and beauty and sees her invaluable light.

      • He says, it is the cause, it is the cause, signifying he is holding on to reason (which is introduced by Iago), instead of following his heart. It shows yet again that reason betrays the true nature of humanity -- and yet we are blinded thinking rejecting passion is the way to retain civility, and thus, humanity.
  2. Mar 2024
    1. As like enough it will, I would have it copied.Take it and do ’t, and leave me for this time.

      Copying = Creating the semblance, but not real, love between Cassio and Desdemona?

    2. She told her, while she kept it'Twould make her amiable and subdue my fatherEntirely to her love, but if she lost itOr made gift of it, my father’s eyeShould hold her loathèd and his spirits should huntAfter new fancies.

      The parallel to the current situation, how a simple object like a handkerchief can dictate the "true" love between two people, the "perfect" love, and it just is ridiculous like magic.

    3. The great contention of the sea and skiesParted our fellowship—

      once again, symbol

    4. News, lads, Our wars are done

      Ironic, because they are not done -- the storm has overtaken the threat of the turks.

    5. Be not ensheltered and embayed, they are drowned.It is impossible they bear it out

      Could this signify that something stands to comfort and protect each from the storm?

    6. For they were partedWith foul and violent tempest

      Foreshadows the incoming rift, the blinding storm that will tear Cassio and Othello apart. The word "foul and violent" describes the manner in which Iago will do this

  3. Jan 2024
    1. That handkerchiefWhich I so loved and gave thee, thou gav’stTo Cassio.

      Handkerchief is a motif of Desdemona's love and affections. Of where her heart lies.

    2. know not where is that Promethean heatThat can thy light relume. When I have plucked thy roseI cannot give it vital growth again,

      Allusion to Prometheus who brings life in the form of fire. Is fire/light a recurring motif in the story for life and passion?



  4. Sep 2023
    1. Many people are frightened of mathematics and thinkthey cannot read it at all. No one is quite sure why this is so.Some psychologists think there is such a thing as "symbolblindness"-the inability to set aside one's dependence on theconcrete and to follow the controlled shifting of symbols.
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  7. Jul 2022
    1. A decision takes place when the encoding of a cognitive selection triggers, upondecoding, an occurrence of a difference that is, a state change within the system [11 ].

      !- explanation : symbol-anchored encoding and decoding of cognitive selections

      • In other words, people think, imagine, conceptualize
      • and then encode that into live or recorded words
      • that are then heard or read by others (decoded)
      • and then a governance decisions subsequently results.
      • !- gloss : cognitive selection trigger
      • !- gloss : symbol-anchored encoding
      • !- gloss : decoding cognitive selection
  8. Mar 2022
    1. 1. Multiple strong symbols are not allowed○ Each item can be defined only once2. Given a strong symbol and multiple weak symbols, choose the strong symbol○ References to the weak symbol resolve to the strong symbol3. If there are multiple weak symbols, pick an arbitrary one

      linker 如何解决重复符号定义的问题?

    2. ● Global symbols○ Symbols defined by module m that can be referenced by other modules.■ e.g., non-static C functions and non-static global variables.● External symbols○ Global symbols that are referenced by module m but defined by some other module.● Local symbols○ Symbols that are defined and referenced exclusively by module m.■ e.g., C functions and global variables defined with the static attribute.○ Local linker symbols are not local program variables

      分别有哪些 linker symbol?

    3. ● Symbol resolution○ Programs define and reference symbols (global variables and functions)○ Linker associates each symbol reference with exactly 1 symbol definition● Relocation○ Merges separate code and data sections into single sections○ Relocates symbols from relative locations in .o files to final memory locations○ Updates all references to symbols to reflect new positions

      linker 到底做了什么?

  9. Feb 2022
  10. Dec 2021
    1. I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide

      This metaphor unfolds how powerful the speaker is as it acts as a symbol of energy and immensity while hinting at the color of her skin. Comparing herself to a compelling force of nature, she portrays herself as strong and majestic going with the highs and lows of the "tide" or society's challenges.

    2. That I dance like I’ve got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs?

      The alliteration in this line - in which the words begin with the consonant "d" - make the line easy to read and flow nicely, thus suggesting that the speaker dances with joy and content. The simile conveys that she embraces herself, her body, and culture and that she will not change to fit a societal mold.

      Symbols of wealth are spread throughout the poem: gold mines, diamonds, and oil wells. This suggests that Angelou feels wealthy when surrounded by the elements of her community. She does not have an abundance of financial wealth and society does not view her or her community as wealthy and also restricts them from gaining wealth. s

    3. like I’ve got oil wells Pumping in my living room.

      This simile portrays Angelou's success with her previous poetry collections as she recognizes herself as an accomplished female black writer. Oil wells are a symbol of prosperity; the richest countries in the world were selling oil. Thus when reading this line, the reader should picture a wealthy girl with their head held high.

    4. like dust, I’ll rise.
      1. Simile

      This simile contrasts that of the symbol in the line above. Using the symbol of dirt to convey the unvalued and downtrodden significance of the African Americans to society, she counters this with the simile of dust. She implies that, similar to dust which rises from the ground when stepped on by a heavy foot, her community will rise up and fight against this oppression.

      1. Irony

      This set of two lines at the end of this first stanza address direct oppression and demonstrate irony. She explains that in an attempt to try and oppress her, the oppressors are giving her strength and determination to survive. With the intention to stop her from moving forward by stomping her into the dirt, it has an opposing effect. She is able to rise higher. The presence of oppression strengthens her resolve, and followed by "I'll rise" emphasizes her resistance to give in. Typically a negative and dirty image, Angelou is able to twist dust into a positive and strong image to show her community's desire for equality.

  11. Aug 2021
  12. Jan 2021
    1. Nerd Fonts is a project that patches developer targeted fonts with a high number of glyphs (icons). Specifically to add a high number of extra glyphs from popular 'iconic fonts' such as Font Awesome ➶, Devicons ➶, Octicons ➶, and others.
    1. All in all, building icon systems with SVG isn’t that hard! If you have the right tools available, it can be a pretty easy switch. The benefits of SVG sprites have been discussed at length, and the consensus in the web community is that SVG icon systems come out on top when compared with iconic fonts.
    1. A hosted Kit is the easiest way to add Font Awesome to your website. It's a collection of icons, styles, and settings that allows you to make changes and update versions without pushing code.
  13. Nov 2020
  14. icla2020b.jonreeve.com icla2020b.jonreeve.com
    1. She gripped with both hands at the iron railing

      The iron railing represents the self-imposed prison Eveline finds herself in. Although she can see and imagine a different future in a foreign land, it is inaccessible in reality as she realizes she cannot survive leaving Ireland. Joyce presents the Irish as people shackled by their own culture, presented with potential and opportunity but unable to take it due to their own inhibitions.

  15. Oct 2020
    1. At two this morning, he confesses that he opened the drawer in which his cigars are put away. He only succeeded in locking it up again by a violent effort. His next proceeding, in case of temptation, was to throw the key out of window.

      The Moonstone was also put away in a drawer. This parallel highlights the use of the Moonstone as a symbol for addiction, and its effects on personal relationships. The insidious temptation of addiction can only be resisted by violent effort and self-denial. Addicts become pariahs of society, represented here by the 'foreignness' of Ezra and Franklin. No good Englishman would be an addict, no sir.

  16. Sep 2020
    1. As I got near the shore, the clouds gathered black, and the rain came down, drifting in great white sheets of water before the wind. I heard the thunder of the sea on the sand-bank at the mouth of the bay

      The description of the environment (terrible weather near the shore, which is Rosanna's favorite place) implies something bad is about to happen (Rosanna's death).

    2. white moss rose is all the better for not being budded on the dog-rose

      This has been mentioned repeatedly by Cuff at this point. Roses have classically been used as a symbol of nobility in England. "Budding" may refer to the mingling or mixing between two different classes of people. If we understand Cuff's words through this interpretation, he is arguing for the "purity" of nobility, or strict adherence to class stratification.

      Rosanna's name can also be construed as a reference to the roses in Cuff's argument. By "budding" with nobility, Rosanna has become entangled in an unfortunate event for which she would have been "all the better for not" being involved at all.

  17. Mar 2020
  18. Dec 2019
    1. "Most of the structuring forms I'll show you stem from the simple capability of being able to establish arbitrary linkages between different substructures, and of directing the computer subsequently to display a set of linked substructures with any relative positioning we might designate among the different substructures. You can designate as many different kinds of links as you wish, so that you can specify different display or manipulative treatment for the different types."
    2. "You usually think of an argument as a serial sequence of steps of reason, beginning with known facts, assumptions, etc., and progressing toward a conclusion. Well, we do have to think through these steps serially, and we usually do list the steps serially when we write them out because that is pretty much the way our papers and books have to present them—they are pretty limiting in the symbol structuring they enable us to use. Have you even seen a 'scrambled-text' programmed instruction book? That is an interesting example of a deviation from straight serial presentation of steps.3b6b "Conceptually speaking, however, an argument is not a serial affair. It is sequential, I grant you, because some statements have to follow others, but this doesn't imply that its nature is necessarily serial. We usually string Statement B after Statement A, with Statements C, D, E, F, and so on following in that order—this is a serial structuring of our symbols. Perhaps each statement logically followed from all those which preceded it on the serial list, and if so, then the conceptual structuring would also be serial in nature, and it would be nicely matched for us by the symbol structuring.3b6c "But a more typical case might find A to be an independent statement, B dependent upon A, C and D independent, E depending upon D and B, E dependent upon C, and F dependent upon A, D, and E. See, sequential but not serial? A conceptual network but not a conceptual chain. The old paper and pencil methods of manipulating symbols just weren't very adaptable to making and using symbol structures to match the ways we make and use conceptual structures. With the new symbol-manipulating methods here, we have terrific flexibility for matching the two, and boy, it really pays off in the way you can tie into your work.3b6d This makes you recall dimly the generalizations you had heard previously about process structuring limiting symbol structuring, symbol structuring limiting concept structuring, and concept structuring limiting mental structuring.
    3. Before we pursue further direct discussion of the H-LAM/T system, let us examine some background material. Consider the following historical progression in the development of our intellectual capabilities:2c4a 2c4b (1) Concept Manipulation—Humans rose above the lower forms of life by evolving the biological capability for developing abstractions and concepts. They could manipulate these concepts within their minds to a certain extent, and think about situations in the abstract. Their mental capabilities allowed them to develop general concepts from specific instances, predict specific instances from general concepts, associate concepts, remember them, etc. We speak here of concepts in their raw, unverbalized form. For example, a person letting a door swing shut behind him suddenly visualizes the person who follows him carrying a cup of hot coffee and some sticky pastries. Of all the aspects of the pending event, the spilling of the coffee and the squashing of the pastry somehow are abstracted immediately, and associated with a concept of personal responsibility and a dislike for these consequences. But a solution comes to mind immediately as an image of a quick stop and an arm stab back toward the door, with motion and timing that could prevent the collision, and the solution is accepted and enacted. With only non-symbolic concept manipulation, we could probably build primitive shelter, evolve strategies of war and hunt, play games, and make practical jokes. But further powers of intellectual effectiveness are implicit in this stage of biological evolution (the same stage we are in today).2c4b1 (2) Symbol Manipulation—Humans made another great step forward when they learned to represent particular concepts in their minds with specific symbols. Here we temporarily disregard communicative speech and writing, and consider only the direct value to the individual of being able to do his heavy thinking by mentally manipulating symbols instead of the more unwieldly concepts which they represent. Consider, for instance, the mental difficulty involved in herding twenty-seven sheep if, instead of remembering one cardinal number and occasionally counting, we had to remember what each sheep looked like, so that if the flock seemed too small we could visualize each one and check whether or not it was there.2c4b2 (3) Manual, External, Symbol Manipulation—Another significant step toward harnessing the biologically evolved mental capabilities in pursuit of comprehension and problem solutions came with the development of the means for externalizing some of the symbol-manipulation activity, particularly in graphical representation. This supplemented the individual's memory and ability to visualize. (We are not concerned here with the value derived from human cooperation made possible by speech and writing, both forms of external symbol manipulation. We speak of the manual means of making graphical representations of symbols—a stick and sand, pencil and paper and eraser, straight edge or compass, and so on.) It is principally this kind of means for external symbol manipulation that has been associated with the evolution of the individual's present way of doing his concept manipulation (thinking).
  19. Apr 2019
    1. the bottom of the internet.

      this term is used repetitively throughout the article. the "bottom of the internet" could be a symbol for many things. Obviously things like the pain olympics and different inappropriate sites that stupid attention seekers make could be what the author is referring to here, but there are much deeper and darker things. Later in the article he gets into the dark web, and the horrific things that are bought and sold through the dark web. The crime and danger in this part of the internet that is insanely larger than the WWW. That is another thing the bottom of the internet could stand for.

    2. Understand that whoever controls the search engines controls the internet. Watch one search engine rule them all. The engine’s ranking algorithm is more secret than the Coca Cola formula. No one but the engineers who work on it know exactly how it works. The search engine is your reality interface—remember, you worship before the altar of the web and you’re just a back-of-a-head. But you don’t know how the reality is made.

      Our reality is dictated by something we're not allowed to understand. The symbol here being that we are just a back-of-a-head. We have our heads down in our screens and we never lift them up to look around. The author is further illustrating our addiction by describing us by how the world sees us, as a back-of-a-head. Our reality is our addiction and search engines dictate it in a way we can't understand.

  20. Feb 2019
    1. our ideas; and this is the utmost extent or their power. Did nothing pass in the mind of man, but ideas;

      As opposed to a sign (e.g. smoke is a sign of fire)

  21. Jan 2019
  22. Jul 2018
    1. On the wall opposite William some one had painted a young man, over life-size, with very wobbly legs, offering a wide-eyed daisy to a young woman who had one very short arm and one very long, thin one.

      I think the picture on the wall reflects the relationship between William and Isabel. A young man symbolizes for William. I guess the reason why he is"over life-size"but, wobbly is that he has lost his original family status. The woman symbolizes for Isabel. Her uneven length of arms shows that Isabel has both traditional family values and modern family values.I think the special appearance of man and woman shows subtle family relation during transitional period from traditional to modern.

    2. On the Indian carpet there fell a square of sunlight, pale red; it came and went and came—and stayed, deepened—until it shone almost golden. “The sun’s out,” said Josephine, as though it really mattered.

      The sun is a usually a symbol for good things. I think that in this place the sunlight symbolizes for the happy life of them. The sunlight shone almost golden, which indicates that how thirsty for free and happy life they are. However, there is merely a square of sunlight, which indicates that the wish of love is unrealistic.

  23. Feb 2018
    1. a.ioiuing or- corntrinatiorr unrl. conrt"-qlrenth', s()Dlethir)lr oD<'c so.ioined or c<xDbinerlt hirt st:rrxls tirl o| repr est"rrts

      "A joining or combination and, consequently, something once so joined or combined that stands for or represents...the entire complex." This annotation stood out to me for the simple fact of its relation to Epithalamion a poem written by Edmund Spencer. As shown in Spencer's piece, you could dissect the poem of its contents and compare the similarities of symbolism.

  24. Feb 2017
    1. symbols

      early 15c., "creed, summary, religious belief," from Late Latin symbolum "creed, token, mark," from Greek symbolon "token, watchword, sign by which one infers; ticket, a permit, licence" (the word was applied c.250 by Cyprian of Carthage to the Apostles' Creed, on the notion of the "mark" that distinguishes Christians from pagans), literally "that which is thrown or cast together," from assimilated form of syn- "together" (see syn-) + bole "a throwing, a casting, the stroke of a missile, bolt, beam," from bol-, nominative stem of ballein "to throw" (see ballistics).

      The sense evolution in Greek is from "throwing things together" to "contrasting" to "comparing" to "token used in comparisons to determine if something is genuine." Hence, "outward sign" of something. The meaning "something which stands for something else" first recorded 1590 (in "Faerie Queene"). As a written character, 1610s.

  25. Nov 2015
    1. RAJ: The pink chrysanthemum stands as the radiant beauty of Itself as though there is no other thing going on. The image, as you see it, symbolizes the absolute disregard for the supposed existence of any other thing, purpose, or concept outside of Its purpose of radiating Its fullness, Its beauty—the fact that it is a glorious pink chrysanthemum. Being is that way. It radiates Itself, and there is no other than It.

      The pink chrysanthemum is a symbol for living Life to its fullest and to Shine Forth the abundance and beauty of your Being no matter what is demanding that you find another purpose.

      This is what it means to Love Thyself!!

      Holy Shit Batman, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!! (...forget this world, forget this Course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.)

  26. Feb 2014
    1. The other important part of our "language" is the way in which concepts are represented--the symbols and symbol structures. Words structured into phrases, sentences, paragraphs, monographs--charts, lists, diagrams, tables, etc. A given structure of concepts can be represented by any of an infinite number of different symbol structures, some of which would be much better than others for enabling the human perceptual and cognitive apparatus to search out and comprehend the conceptual matter of significance and/or interest to the human. For instance, a concept structure involving many numerical data would generally be much better represented with Arabic rather than Roman numerals and quite likely a graphic structure would be better than a tabular structure.

      Unfortunately as an industry we're stuck here.