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  1. Dec 2022
    1. But 80% of the sector is already off fossil fuels. Our entire transport sector is fossil fuels. And that's actually the main challenge. But we've got a lot of heavy industry here like smelters and factories, and they're all 00:03:52 running on non fossils fuel energy. And so we can actually run an industrial sector without fossil fuels right now, which is amazing.

      Finland renewable energy stats: 80% is renewable transport sector is still dependent on fossil fuels heavy industry such as smelters and factories all run on renewables

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    1. Dr Emma Hodcroft [@firefoxx66]. (2021, November 26). We now have B.1.1.529 sequences (designed at @nextstrain clade 21K) up in our Africa build. You can check them out below. These are from South Africa & Botswana—You can see the high number of mutations. CoVariants focal build & updates will come ASAP. https://t.co/fqBldneF5U [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/firefoxx66/status/1464145615571623938

  5. Dec 2021
  6. Oct 2021
    1. We will also show you how to de-link your Chrome profile from your Google account(s) by stopping Chrome from syncing with Google in the first place. This will help keep your Chrome profile separate from your Google account and enhance your online privacy.
    1. DIRECTORY (in progress): This post is my directory. This post will be tagged with all tags I ever use (in chronological order). It allows people to see all my tags, not just the top 50. Additionally, this allows me to keep track. I plan on sorting tags in categories in reply to this comment.

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  7. Sep 2021
    1. If the company isn’t in the right place or has goals aligned with that of the data scientist 

      Cuales son los recursos disponibles en la empresa (tecnologicos, humanos, etc) sus objetivos, son preguntas necesarias en la entrevista con el empleador, al tener eso en claro el profesional evalua si esto va con lo que espera del puesto, asi ambas partes estan contentas.

    2. In contrast, the company only wanted a chart that they could present in their board meeting each day. 

      Las empresas tienen que tenen claro el perfil del profesional que requieren, y evaluar la necesidad de invertir en un nuevo personal que cumpla ese rol o evaluar si se encuentra dentro de la empresa bajo otros perfiles.

  8. Apr 2021
    1. Yelp, like Google, makes money by collecting consumer data and reselling it to advertisers.

      This sentence reminded me of our "privacy checkup" activity from week 7 and has made me want to go and review the terms of service for some of the companies featured in this article- I don't use yelp, but Venmo and Lyft are definitely keeping track of some of my data.

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    1. Do not start ssh-agent from .bashrc or .zshrc, since these files are executed by each new interactive shell. The place to start ssh-agent is in a session startup file such as .profile or .xsession.
  16. Apr 2019
    1. Annotation Profile Follow learners as they bookmark content, highlight selected text, and tag digital resources. Analyze annotations to better assess learner engagement, comprehension and satisfaction with the materials assigned.

      There is already a Caliper profile for "annotation." Do we have any suggestions about the model?

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    1. Umarah Mubeen

      Brief Bio: During my masters I was fascinated by the upcoming research and developments in the field of micro-algal biotechnology. As an outcome of the preliminary studies to explore sustainable use of microalgae, I was among the 25 young scientists, recognized as Green Talents in 2013 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany. To extend my skills in the field I pursued a PhD at MPIMP in the experimental systems biology group headed by Dr. Patrick Giavalisco. More here.

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