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  1. Sep 2022
    1. The discussion here can get very fast-paced. I am trying to periodically pause it to allow new folks, or people who don't have quite as much time, to catch up. Please feel free to comment requesting such a pause if you would like to contribute but are having trouble following it all.

      Why is it necessary to pause Can't new person post their question/comment even if it's in reply to comment #10 and the latest comment happens to be comment #56? There's no rule against replying/discussing something that is not the very latest thing to be posted in a discussion!

      Possibly due to lack of a threaded discussion feature in GitHub? I think so.

      Threads would allow replies to "quick person" A to go under their comment, without flooding the top level with comments... thus alowing "new person" B to post a new comment, which in so doing creates a new thread, which can have its own discussion.

  2. Aug 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, December 20). This thread is sobering and informative with respect to what overloading health services means in terms of individual experience...worth popping into google translate fir non-German speakers [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1472983739890348045

  3. Jul 2022
    1. Instead, we focus on the relationship between the human mind and the mechanics underlying allsocial systems. The search for the locus where the distribution of governing powers can be shiftedhas brought us thus to the human mind itself. Only by affirming the human as different from thesocial persona it enacts can we see the golden thread along which the human takeover can and musthappen. This golden thread runs in the usually unperceived gaps between thoughts, communicationsand decisions that are preconditioned, preprogramed, prethought [5 ,43 ,44 ]. It brings to the light ofconsciousness the thinking, speaking and acting that are present and living. ‘What I propose, therefore,is very simple’—Hannah Arendt [ 45 ] wrote—‘it is nothing more than to think what we are doing.’To think, to voice, to enact each time anew, is the vehicle of the human takeover. To secure the continuityof this golden thread, of this very flow into the governance of society—is our existential challenge.

      !- definition : golden thread * Hannah Arendt writes: "It is nothing more than to think what we are doing". * To think, voice and enact each time anew is the vehicle of the human takeover, securing the continuity of the golden thread used to govern society * The golden thread runs in the usually unperceived gaps betgween thoughts, communications and decisions that are preconditioned, preprogramed and prethought.

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    1. LJS 418, f. 3r, the remnants of a sewing repair with thread remaining

      In parchment manuscripts one will often see small pin prick holes in the parchment which indicates that a hole in the animal skin was repaired during processing. Usually after curing and before use the thread from the repair is removed leaving only the small holes.

      Rarely, but occasionally, the thread will still remain in the final manuscript. An example of this is LJS 418, f 3r where one can see the thread left in the page.

  9. Oct 2021
    1. For clear writing, answer these questions 1. What Am I Really Trying To Say 2. Why Should People Care 3. What Is The Most Important Point 4. What Is The Easiest Way To Understand The Most Important Point 5. How Do I Want The Reader To Feel 6. What Should The Reader Do Next
    1. With NFTs, blockchains make the jump from finance into creative applications. Regulators would do well to recognize that blockchains are the next generation of the Internet, and applying financial regulations to NFTs is a category error.

      Che trasformazione portano effettivamente gli #NFT ?

      Grazie agli #NFT la #blockchain passa dall'ambito strettamente finanziario a quello artistico e creativo.

      Chi impone regole a questi ambiti allora, dovrebbe tener conto che la #blockchain è davvero il futuro di internet e che cercare di applicare ad essa delle regole troppo strette è folle.

    2. “Actual-value NFTs” can draw upon legal and code-based contracts - a song token can provide a royalty stream, a ticket token can provide access, a metaverse token can grant land titles, an item token can have in-game powers, an ISA token can provide a cut of creator earnings.

      Proprio per questo legame indissolubile col concetto di proprietà un token #NFT di un bene che si rivela remunerativo in qualche modo, si rivela accesso ad una parte di questa remunerazione. Ad esempio: il token di una canzone è accesso ai diritti d'autore della canzone in questione.

    3. For NFTs representing digital art and collectibles, the creator cannot enforce scarcity - it’s up to a surrounding community to imbue the authorized NFT with scarcity and prestige within the context of that community.

      Che ruolo c'è tra l' #NFT e la #community che ruota intorno a loro?

      Si tratta di quello stesso legame che c'è alla base del #contrattosociale

      Le #community intorno agli #NFT infatti rendono gli #NFT di valore perché esse stesse ci credono, nel momento in cui la #community muore allora anche lo specifico #NFT perde di valore.

      Nel caso delle #cryptomonete questo valore è tratto dagli enti che le creano e decidono di mantenerle.

    4. By assigning a unique token to a thing, its ownership (not the thing itself!) becomes programmable, verifiable, divisible, durable, universally addressable, composable, digitally secured, and easy to transfer.

      Quale è un presupposto fondamentale dell' #NFT ?

      È il fatto che il vero controllo è esercitato sulla proprietà della risorsa e non sulla risorsa stessa. Una volta che le viene associato il token la proprietà diventa programmabile, verificabile, divisibile, duratura ecc.

    5. An NFT is a unique, on-chain token representing ownership of an off-chain asset. The token is backed by a social contract from its creator and a surrounding community.

      Cos'è un #NFT ?

      È un token presente sulla #blockchain che rappresenta la proprietà di una risorsa esterna alla blockchain stessa.

      Questo token è verificato da un contratto tra il suo creatore e la community

  10. Jun 2021
    1. Apologies for digging up a closed thread, but it already contains some monorepo examples so feels like the best place to do it.
    1. Process based parallelisation is simpler than thread based due to well, the GIL on MRI rubies and lack of 100% thread safety within the other gems. (I'm fairly certain for example that there are threaded bugs lurking within the mocks code).
  11. May 2021
    1. Lewis Goodall on Twitter: “Here we go. He’s not messing about: ‘The truth is, senior ministers, senior officials, senior advisors like me fell disastrously short of the standards that the public has the right to expect in a crisis like this. When the public needed us most the government failed.’ https://t.co/lV7QqIpTDY” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved May 27, 2021, from https://twitter.com/lewis_goodall/status/1397471561205092352

    1. Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH. (2020, December 1). There is something funny happening with COVID hospitalizations Proportion of COVID pts getting hospitalized falling A lot Just recently My theory? As hospitals fill up, bar for admission rising A patient who might have been admitted 4 weeks ago may get sent home now Thread [Tweet]. @ashishkjha. https://twitter.com/ashishkjha/status/1333636841271078912

  12. Apr 2021
  13. Mar 2021
    1. Kenneth Fordyce. (2020, November 3). @devisridhar @georgeeaton Yet another article packed full of wise words: E.g., ‘in some ways, the people pushing for “herd immunity” are forcing us into these lockdown-release cycles because you end up in a reactive position by underestimating the spread of the virus and the hospitalisation rate’ [Tweet]. @FordyceKenneth. https://twitter.com/FordyceKenneth/status/1323544552112852992

  14. Feb 2021
    1. Dr Ellie Murray. (2020, December 3). Some really great resources & discussions in this thread. The tl;dr is (1) yes, the vaccine trials included some people who had previously had COVID; and (2) in general vaccination plans will include those who have previously been sick/infected. Thanks all! [Tweet]. @EpiEllie. https://twitter.com/EpiEllie/status/1334545373126389766

    1. Andrew💙Croxford. (2020, December 3). NEW THREAD: possible development of anti-Syncytin responses after immunization with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-coding mRNA vaccines, based on a ‘homologous’ region shared between these proteins. [Tweet]. @andrew_croxford. https://twitter.com/andrew_croxford/status/1334593606196187136

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    1. Discussion is not necessary, but could be useful for critiquing a pattern. This would be useful for people who are proposing a pattern to the community or for people who want to gather feedback on an experiment.
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    1. I know you acknowledged your response was late and you're just trying to help but please don't resurrect very old threads.

      This is better than creating a duplicate new thread.

      There is no better place to respond to an existing topic than in the existing thread for that topic.

    1. While statistical skills are required to test hypotheses, analysts are your best bet for coming up with those hypotheses in the first place. For instance, they might say something like “It’s only a correlation, but I suspect it could be driven by …” and then explain why they think that. This takes strong intuition about what might be going on beyond the data, and the communication skills to convey the options to the decision-maker, who typically calls the shots on which hypotheses (of many) are important enough to warrant a statistician’s effort. As analysts mature, they’ll begin to get the hang of judging what’s important in addition to what’s interesting, allowing decision-makers to step away from the middleman role.

      More formal and detailed version of above. Besides, the difference of being important and being interesting should be noted too. Maybe search for a thread.

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    1. For every question you might have, please create a discussion thread, not a single comment. This makes it a bit easier to see and reply to the question, instead of questions and answers getting mixed together: