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  1. Oct 2022
    1. companies are their own objects of sociality as well as their own user group

      companies are their own objects of sociality (the work, processes, habits etc.) companies are their own self-formed user group. I am placing companies here on the spectrum of communities of interest/learning/practice. #2007/10/26

  2. Oct 2021
  3. Aug 2021
    1. OrganizationsCharities and other organizations that work on popular EA cause areas, or otherwise have some connection to the movement.Global DevelopmentAbdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action LabAgainst Malaria FoundationBill & Melinda Gates FoundationCopenhagen Consensus CenterDevelopment Media InternationalDeworm the World InitiativeDispensers for Safe WaterThe END FundEvidence ActionFood Fortification InitiativeGiveDirectlyGiveWellGlobal Alliance for Improved NutritionGlobal Health and Development FundHappier Lives InstituteHelen Keller InternationalIodine Global NetworkInnovations for Poverty ActionLead Exposure Elimination ProjectLiving GoodsMalaria ConsortiumMédecins Sans FrontièresNew IncentivesPolicy Entrepreneurship NetworkPrecision DevelopmentSanku - Project Healthy ChildrenSCI FoundationSightsaversSuvitaTarget MalariaZusha!Animal WelfareAlbert Schweitzer FoundationAnima InternationalAnimal Advocacy CareersAnimal AskAnimal Charity EvaluatorsAnimal EthicsAnimal Welfare FundAquatic Life InstituteCellular Agriculture SocietyFaunalyticsFish Welfare InitiativeGood Food InstituteHumane Slaughter AssociationThe Humane LeagueMercy for AnimalsNew HarvestSentience InstituteSentience PoliticsWild Animal InitiativeArtificial IntelligenceAI ImpactsAnthropicAI Safety CampAI Safety SupportAlignment Research CenterCenter for Human-Compatible Artificial IntelligenceCenter for Security and Emerging TechnologyCentre for Long-Term ResilienceCentre for the Governance of AICharity Science FoundationDeepMindLeverhulme Center for the Future of IntelligenceMachine Intelligence Research InstituteNonlinear FundOpenAIOughtLong-Term Risks / FlourishingALLFEDAll-Party Parliamentary Group for Future GenerationsBerkeley Existential Risk InitiativeBulletin of the Atomic ScientistsCenter for Emerging Risk ResearchCenter for Reducing SufferingCenter on Long-Term RiskCentre for the Study of Existential RiskForesight InstituteForethought FoundationFuture of Humanity InstituteFuture of Life InstituteGlobal Catastrophic Risk InstituteGlobal Challenges FoundationGlobal Priorities InstituteGuarding Against PandemicsLong-Term Future FundLongview PhilanthropyNuclear Threat InitiativePloughshares FundSimon Institute for Longterm GovernanceStanford Existential Risks InitiativeSurvival and Flourishing FundEA Community / Fundraising.impact80,000 HoursAyuda EfectivaCentre for Effective AltruismCentre for Enabling EA Learning & ResearchCharity EntrepreneurshipDoebemDonationalEffective Altruism and Consulting NetworkEffective Altruism AnywhereEffective Altruism FoundationEffective Altruism FundsEffective Altruism HubEffective Altruism Infrastructure FundEffective ThesisEffektiv-Spenden.orgFounders PledgeGeneration PledgeGiEffektivt.noGiving What We CanGood GrowthGood VenturesHigh Impact AthletesLet's FundThe Life You Can SaveLocal Effective Altruism NetworkLongtermist Entrepreneurship FellowshipOne for the WorldOpen PhilanthropyRaising for Effective GivingHighly Ineffective CharitiesScared StraightOther / Multiple AreasCambridge Summer Programme in Applied ReasoningCanopieCenter for Applied RationalityCenter for Election ScienceDemocracy Defense FundEffective Altruism CoachingEuropean Summer Program on RationalityGiving GreenGiving MultiplierHigh Impact Careers in GovernmentJohns Hopkins Center for Health SecurityLegal Priorities ProjectLeverage ResearchLessWrongMetaculusOrganisation for the Prevention of Intense SufferingOur World in DataProbably GoodOxford Prioritization ProjectQualia Research InstituteQuantified Uncertainty Research InstituteRC ForwardRethink CharityRethink PrioritiesSparkWaveSociety for the Diffusion of Useful KnowledgeSummer Program on Applied Rationality and CognitionSoGiveWANBAM
  4. Jul 2021
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  6. Apr 2017
    1. Given the dramatic rate of diffusion and the intense levels of interest in these capabilities that we have witnessed in connection with our six years of experience with COMSERVE, it is our opinion that if established professional organizations do not move to incorporate computer-mediated com- munication, new CMC-based professional organ- izations may soon emerge•

      Argue that if Scholarly Organisations do not set up lists, "new CMC-based professional organizations may soon emerge.