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  1. May 2024
    1. it is not mold; it is plasticizers coming out of the plastic. I remove it with various means: alcohol, polishing with a very fine polish, Goo Gone™, naptha, and such.

      The white gunky substances seen on the plastic keys of old, unmaintained typewriters generally isn't mold, but plasticizers coming out of the plastic. These can usually be cleaned off using simple household cleaning products or if necessary heavier cleaners (Goo Gone, alcohol, naptha, etc. - test these on hidden parts first to ensure they don't react with or destroy the plastic or remove the paint of the key letters) followed up by light waxes or polishes and buffing.

    1. Speaking of the keys, they had crap all around them. I used a slightly damp towel and Turtle wax rubbing compound. A light rubbing removed the dirt.

      Wiping dirty plastic typewriter keys with a soft cloth and then waxing/buffing them can bring them back to life.

    2. Here it’s outside being cleaned with Mineral Spirits, and carb and choke cleaner. I took one trip to the eye doctor when the carb and choke cleaner bounced and sprayed into both my eyes. I was fine, but wear eye protection.
    3. The feed rollers and platen were also a mess. I cleaned them with Bar Keepers Friend and water. Soft scrub also works.

      Cleans them but probably doesn't repair them.

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    1. Leaks Happen! But Period Panties Are Your Secret Weapon (Seriously!)

      Article Notes: Leaks Happen! But Period Panties Are Your Secret Weapon

      • The Inevitable: Menstrual leaks are a common, yet often unspoken, occurrence. They can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful they are with their menstrual products.
      • The Solution: Period underwer are a game-changer in the world of menstrual products. They’re designed to be absorbent, leak-proof, and offer odor control, making them a reliable ally during your cycle.
      • The Benefits: These panties allow for a more sustainable menstrual cycle management by reducing the need for disposable products. They also provide a sense of security and comfort, knowing you’re protected from unexpected leaks.
      • The Variety: There’s a wide range of period panties available to suit different needs and preferences. Whether it’s for light or heavy flow days, for overnight protection, or even for use during exercise, there’s a style that fits every scenario.
      • The Assurance: Embracing period panties means you can say goodbye to the anxiety of leaks. They’re your secret weapon, giving you the confidence to go about your day without the worry of accidents.
      • The Takeaway: Leaks might happen, but they don’t have to be a disaster. With period panties, you’re equipped to handle whatever your period throws at you—comfortably, confidently, and sustainably.


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    1. Avery Templates for 4 x 6" products:

      • Avery 8386 postcards 2 per sheet (template compatibility 5889)
      • Avery 5292 Shipping Labels 1 per Sheet White (template compatibility 5454, 5614)
      • Avery 5454 Print or Write Multi-Use Labels 6" x 4" 1 per Sheet White (template compatibility 5292, 5614)
      • Avery 5389 Postcards 4" x 6" 2 per Sheet White (template compatibility 15389)
    1. I accomplished a couple of other things on that first day back into reality. First, with an evil Grinch-like smile | uprooted every household management system | had ever tried, and tore up every single 3x5 card in them. Then one by one, | roasted and toasted them in the fireplace until they were gone, gone, gone. Next, with equally fiendish delight, | speared my $35 namebrand notebook organizer with a marshmallow fork, and | roasted it too. It melted into oblivion, all but it’s ugly metal spine. Next, | prayed for my attitude and for help. And finally, | marched myself into Wal-mart and bought my first clear plastic bin, a two pound sack of M&M's, and a loaf of white bread. For better or worse, we have been pretty happy campers at my house ever since. (p6)

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    1. Kid-friendly gummies

      Cureka is an online store for finding doctors approved healthcare products including healthcare devices, dietary health supplements, pain management equipment, wellness products, herbal ayurveda products, hair care products, skincare, and baby care products. The website was founded in 2016 that helped millions of people to take care of their health.

  9. www.ingeniousink.co.uk www.ingeniousink.co.uk
    1. https://www.ingeniousink.co.uk/168

      You have 168 hours in the week. Just like everyone else. Work out where you spend your time over the course of a week. Be honest. If you spend three hours getting distracted on social media, at least it's on record and you're in a position to do something about it.

  10. www.ingeniousink.co.uk www.ingeniousink.co.uk
    1. https://www.ingeniousink.co.uk/frog

      “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” - Mark Twain

      Frogs are tasks that you’ve been putting off for a long time which somehow never get around to.

      Is the Twain attribution true?

  11. May 2023
    1. https://www.3x5life.com/collections/frontpage/products/3x5-life-system-with-mini-course

      Cost of items purchased separately on Amazon: - Index cards (total of 6*31+13+12+52=263, so round up to 300 at $0.02 each) = $6.99 - storage box $16.49 - dividers $5.79 - phone sleeve: $2.32 - stainless steel stand: $2.33

      Buying these in bulk for additional profit margin/branding could certainly lower the cost.

      Their retail is $97.79 versus commercially at $33.92. Their actual cost at bulk is probably significantly less and likely closer to $15 all in for the system, so this is a nice little profit.

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    1. | physics/mathematics | Classical Physics | Quantum Mechanics |<br /> |---|---|---|<br /> | State Space | fields satisfying equations of laws<br>- the state is given by a point in the space | vector in a complex vector space with a Hermitian inner product (wavefunctions) |<br /> | Observables | functions of fields<br>- usually differential equations with real-valued solutions | self-adjoint linear operators on the state space<br>- some confusion may result when operators don't commute; there are usually no simple (real-valued) numerical solutions |

  14. Jan 2023
    1. ProPublica recently reported that breathing machines purchased by people with sleep apnea are secretly sending usage data to health insurers, where the information can be used to justify reduced insurance payments.

      !- surveillance capitalism : example- - Propublica reported breathing machines for sleep apnea secretly send data to insurance companies

    2. This economic logic has now spread beyond the tech companies to new surveillance–based ecosystems in virtually every economic sector, from insurance to automobiles to health, education, finance, to every product described as “smart” and every service described as “personalized.”

      !- surveillance capitalism : other catchwords

    1. Baby Playmat and Gym Buying Guide

      Babies like being amused, and they frequently learn new skills while playing. Playmats and gyms not only keep little ones entertained, but they can also aid in their growth.

  15. Dec 2022
  16. www.sanduskycabinets.com www.sanduskycabinets.com
    1. http://www.sanduskycabinets.com/flipbook/?page=2

      According to Sandusky customer service, most of the Buddy Products line was discontinued in 2019 and remaining portions were sold to https://www.metalcabinetstore.com/ which may or may not have them.

    2. http://www.sanduskycabinets.com/flipbook/?page=2

      Page 2 of the Sandusky Lee / Sandusky Buddy catalog indicates that page 52 has File Card Storage Boxes, but the page doesn't exist in this version of the 2020 catalog.

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    1. The GS1 Web Vocabulary collects terms defined in various GS1 standards and data systems and made available for general use following Linked Data principles. It is designed as an extension to schema.org and, where relevant, mappings and relationships arising from that vocabulary are made explicit. The initial focus of the GS1 Web Vocabulary is consumer-facing properties for clothing, shoes, food beverage/tobacco and properties common to all products.
  20. Nov 2021
    1. Item #51104 Marquis Fountain Pen at $5.00 eachItem #51110 Classic Impressions Fountain Pen at $6.00 eachOur minimum order requirement is $100 plus shipping and handling.Payment must be Check In Advance.Mondial is the Italian Company who makes the ink cartridges.

      I've got an old one of these A&W Marquis fountain pens that only takes ink cartridges kicking around in a drawer. I knew they were relatively inexpensive and likely a simple "student" pen, but didn't know they were so inexpensive.

  21. Jun 2021
    1. it is not about the product

      it is not about the product, but about the process—Christopher R. Rogers

      In humanity there is no product. We're collectively about the process.

      Similar to the idea of human "being" not human "doing".

      Sadly corporations have been exerting power over people and turning us into products or inputs in their processes and dramatically devaluing and erasing our humanity.

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    1. Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4th, 2021 (Eastern Time) and beginning April 20th, 2021 (Eastern Time) the Yahoo Answers website will be in read-only mode.
  24. Mar 2021
    1. They also lacked a lot of the features users wanted, e.g. more options for searching games and wishlist notifications.
    2. In recent years, Steam also added the features and options that its users were asking for.
    3. Of course, this decision was not made easy. But it was made easier when I looked at the steadily declining visitor count, probably caused by better offerings from other websites that also compare prices to other stores than only Steam. At some point one starts to ask themselves if this is still all worth the trouble. And sometimes you just have to let go.
    4. SteamPrices.com has always just been a hobby of mine. It was a nice playground to test and improve my programming skills and I wanted to apply all best practices that I learned. We had a complete website relaunch in 2015 where I added a mobile friendly responsive design and accessibility. But as all hobbies go, you have to find the time and motivation to stick with it. Both were lacking in the last three years and the website went into some sort of slumber. Most tasks always were fully automated and worked without me doing something. When Steam changed their website design and code, I came back to the project to fix the apparent issues. Some issues from the early days were never fully solved and probably never would have, i.e. wrong price information during a sale for games that are part of a cheaper bundle or package. Additionally, defending against people that tried to gather price information from SteamPrices.com instead of Steam was always feeling like an uphill battle.
    5. There was a need for websites like SteamPrices.com but this has changed in my opinion. More and more features became obsolete and I countered it with meta-analysis like Price Tracker and Publisher comparison, but the website statistics show that these features were not being used a lot - in the end, they were not in spirit of the initial website idea and goal: compare prices from different Steam regions.

      no longer needed

  25. Feb 2021
    1. Please be aware travis-ci.org will be shutting down in several weeks, with all accounts migrating to travis-ci.com.
    1. Around 2 years ago I decided to end the experiment of “TRB PRO” as I felt I didn’t provide enough value to paying users. In the end, we had around 150 companies and individuals signed up, which was epic and a great funding source for more development.
  26. Nov 2020
    1. If membership isn’t scarce, the membership loses its signal message. The same applies to physical products: Apple will never offer a cheap iPhone to compete with low-end Android devices – it would destroy the company’s signal message that the iPhone is a luxury product.

      If a high-end brand comes out with a low-end offering, it is diluting the high-end part of their brand message. Apple will never come out with a low-end version of the iPhone because it would dilute the message of being a premium phone.

    2. The app that comes closest to a luxury service that I can think of is Superhuman, which charges its users $30 a month for an email client (which you could also get for free by just using Gmail). But there’s a difference to other software products: Superhuman has signal distribution built in. Every time you send an email via Superhuman, your recipient will notice a little “Sent via Superhuman” in your signature.

      Superhuman is the closest thing Julian can think of to a luxury software product. One reason might be that Superhuman has some signalling built in: It will add a little "sent by superhuman" to your signature.

    3. Another point of evidence is the lack of luxury software products. People spend absurd amounts of money on jewellery, handbags and cars, but I can’t think of a piece of software with an even remotely similar price tag. Sure, people have tried to sell $999 apps but those never took off.

      Julian Lehr posits that because software purchases are less visible, their signalling power is reduced. This is why, for instance, you don't see any luxury software products: Because you cannot signal you're in on it.

    1. For both the tailor-customer and doctor-patient examples, personal data is an input used to improve an output (dress, suit, medical treatment) such that the improvement directly serves the interests of the person whose information is being used.

      This reminds me of "Products are functions" where your personal data is a variable than enters into the function to determine the output.

  27. Sep 2020
  28. www.graphitedocs.com www.graphitedocs.com
    1. Goodbye from GraphiteGraphite was a decentralized, privacy-centric alternative to Google Docs. It saw quite a bit of press and had a loyal user-base. However, as with many great products, it could not find product-market fit in time.So, while Graphite is no longer a company or a hosted app, it's source code will live on and forever be available to anyone who wants to use it or build off it.Thank you to everyone who supported Graphite over the years. You mean the world to me!
    1. The End of Graphite I'm sad to say that Graphite is shutting its doors. I've given three years of myself to this project, but the time has come to move on.
  29. Aug 2020
  30. May 2020
    1. We're closing the Support Forum issue tracker in favor of the Community Forum and support channels. We recognize that the Support Forum issue tracker has not received much attention in the last few months, and want to redirect our community members to locations that are regularly monitored by GitLab staff. As a result, this issue will be moved to the GitLab product issue tracker and triaged there.
    1. The folks at Netlify created Netlify CMS to fill a gap in the static site generation pipeline. There were some great proprietary headless CMS options, but no real contenders that were open source and extensible—that could turn into a community-built ecosystem like WordPress or Drupal. For that reason, Netlify CMS is made to be community-driven, and has never been locked to the Netlify platform (despite the name).

      Kind of an unfortunate name...

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this move by Google. Definitely something to watch. While I agree with Google's position from an end user experience perspective, it unfortunately puts Firefox at a further disadvantage since Mozilla does not have its own language translation initiatives.
    2. Also trying to load the URL https://translate.google.com/manager/website/, apparently Google has shut it down for new users, I suspect it will stop working eventually.
  31. Apr 2020
    1. A few products have been suggested to control and remove biofilms, such as surfactant and some wound cleansing formulas. In addition, topical broad-spectrum antimicrobials such as silver, iodine, honey, and others have been suggested to aid in the treatment of biofilms.
  32. Mar 2020
    1. Alert: New office locations are now accepting reservations for license and permit transactions at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building in Harlem, Empire State College in Selden, and Shirley A. Chisholm State Office Building in Brooklyn.

      General information types of products Location of service

  33. Feb 2020
    1. Excellent air filter. I buy these 20x20x1 sizes and tape them to a regular box fan for a quick, easy, and affordable air filtration unit that I can move around the house wherever/whenever I want. No need for any special high end unit that requires a unique filter that some company stops supporting.
  34. Dec 2019
    1. And it gets worse: Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015, and plans on eventually shutting it down in favor of Microsoft To-Do, a new-ish app that as of this writing isn’t even available for Mac. That’s a lot of nonsense to deal with, and we haven’t even gotten into the subscription upselling most to-do apps on the market try to pull for what is basically a text document. Which is why I advocate ditching them all and using a text document. Not only is using a text document simple and flexible, but you future proof yourself against that inevitable day when your favorite to-do app gets shut down.

      Reminds me of when [Yahoo?] shut down server for Astrid task manager, telling everyone they needed to migrate their data elsewhere.

      One of the most pivotal service discontinuences I've experienced, making me very hesitant to trust any non-libre/non-open-source software ever again.

  35. Oct 2019
    1. Products 2025 Goal: Reduce our packaging footprint by 20%. Creating environmentally friendly packaging 7‑Eleven is committed to continually looking for ways to improve product packaging. Many of our solutions are paper-based, derived from sustainable resources and, whenever possible, we work hard to reduce packaging materials without compromising product quality or safety. We focus on correct sizing and material selection to best fit and deliver our products in the most efficient manner. A good example is the redesign of our hot dog carton. In an attempt to improve the package performance and customer experience, we were also able to reduce the materials used, reducing consumption of paperboard by 2%. This equated to an estimated reduction of 50 tons of paper on an annualized basis. The nutritional options customers are looking for 7‑Eleven provides healthy, convenient food and beverage options to customers through our Better-For-You menu. Our goal is to create nutritious, flavorful and affordable foods that fit customers’ healthy lifestyle needs. Our fresh food menu includes: Entree and side salads with low-fat dressings Better-For-You sandwiches Yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola Vegetable and hummus snack packs Fresh-cut and whole fruit Hard-boiled egg
  36. Aug 2018
    1. Best friend Pet care at Fidomate. Find the best pet care products online on Fidomate. Use our pet care products and keep your pet healthy and happy. Know pet health problem and give them proper medicine from our various product.

  37. Feb 2018
    1. DFS Associates: So erreichen Sie Erfolg als Hersteller Vertreter

      DFS Associates bereits ein paar Tipps für Ihre früheren Post in Bezug auf die zu einem Hersteller Vertreter und ordnungsgemäß die Arbeit, die Gruppe zielt nun darauf ab, einige hilfreiche Ratschläge, wie man erfolgreich zu sein auf dieser Karriere geben.

      Die Gruppe ist der festen Überzeugung, dass Erfolg durch den Aufbau einer festen Beziehung zwischen den representative's Prinzipien des Herstellers und den Kunden plausibel ist. Ähnlich wie bei DFS Associates müssen Sie die Designs und Anforderungen Ihrer Kunden, die mit Ihren Produktlinien kompatibel sein sollten, sehr gut berücksichtigen. Es ist keine Überraschung, dass DFS die größten und besten Unternehmen in der Branche aufgrund ihrer umfassenden Verständnis und Kenntnis der Kundenbasis und Bedürfnisse vertreten kann.

      Darüber hinaus hängt der Erfolg eines Hersteller Vertreters auch vom Erfolg des Herstellers und seiner Produkte ab. Bei der Darstellung eines Produkts oder einer Dienstleistung, müssen Sie intelligent über den Hersteller zuerst wissen und wie gesagt in früheren Post DFS, tun richtige Forschung in der Geschäftstätigkeit als gut.

      Wenn das produzierende Unternehmen in den Vereinigten Staaten befindet, empfehlen wir Ihnen, Ihre benötigten Informationen durch die Better Business Bureau (BBB) Büro der Stadt des Herstellers zu erhalten, aber wenn es außerhalb der Vereinigten Staaten gefunden wird, dann wenden Sie sich an die professionelle Verband der Hersteller war ein Teil von. Sie können Herstellerverbände auf der ganzen Welt über die offizielle Website des internationalen Verbandes der Hersteller zu finden.

      Zweitens, gehen Sie zu Ihrem örtlichen Bezirks Schreiber Büro, um Ihr Unternehmen zu registrieren und erhalten Sie Ihr Geschäft als oder DBA oder angenommen namens Zertifikat. Um Ihr Unternehmen zu integrieren, müssen Sie zu Ihrem Staatskontrolleur Büro gehen. Mit Ihrem DBA-Zertifikat oder Ihrem Gesellschafts Satz können Sie auch ein Geschäftsbankkonto über Ihre lokale Bank eröffnen.

      Drittens, was auch immer das Geschäft ist, wird der Standort ein entscheidendes Element bleiben. Suchen Sie nach dem perfekten Standort bei der Eröffnung Ihres Unternehmens. Bereiten Sie Dokumente vor, die für den Erwerb von Telefon-und Breitbanddiensten erforderlich sind, und gehen Sie zu Ihrer lokalen Telefongesellschaft. Sie können auch Kontakt mit Ihrem lokalen Kabel-Unternehmen und erhalten ähnliche Dienste von Ihnen. Gestalten Sie Ihr Büro nach Ihrem bevorzugten Stil und mieten Sie zuverlässige Mitarbeiter.

      Schließlich, wenn Sie Mitarbeiter haben oder wenn Ihr Unternehmen integriert ist, dann vergessen Sie nicht, ihre Arbeitgeber-Identifikationsnummer (ein) aus dem Internal Revenue Service (IRS) zu erhalten.

      Als Schlussbemerkung möchte DFS Associates Sie daran erinnern, dass, egal welche Karriere Sie drängen in, immer träumen groß, hart arbeiten, konzentriert bleiben und umgeben Sie sich mit guten Menschen, um den Erfolg, den Sie träumen zu erreichen sind.

    1. DFS Associates - Mitä valmistajan edustaja tekee?

      Tämän jälkeen DFS Associates jakaa joitakin tapoja, miten tulla valmistajan edustaja. DFS on tunnettu yksi luotettava valmistajan edustavat yritykset RF-ja mikro aalto uuni tuotteita, joten voit luottaa niiden sanoja.

      Yksinkertaisesti sanottuna, valmistajan edustaja voi olla henkilö tai pien yritys, joka kohdistuu edustaa valmistajan tuotteita ja palveluja markkinoilla. Voit päättää, edustavatko ne yhtä tai useita samanlaisten tuotteiden valmistajia samanaikaisesti. Sinun täytyy myös harjoitella sitoutumista on edustaja tietyn valmistajan myydä tuotteitaan muille yrityksille.

      Jos olet todella kiinnostunut tulemaan yksi, sinun on ymmärrettävä olennaiset vaiheet edustavat erityisesti tai useita teollisuus yrityksiä. DFS Associates kannustaa sinua jatkamaan lukemista ja oppia muutamia asioita tulossa valmistajan edustaja.

      Sinun täytyy harkita korkeakoulututkinnon kuin ensimmäinen. Jotkut voivat olla eri mieltä ja sanoa, että hyvä myynti kokemus on tarpeeksi tullut valmistajan edustaja, mutta se ei ole kyse näinä päivinä, joissa monet valmistajat haluavat antaa tätä työtä yksilöiden tilalla korkeakoulututkinnon.

      Toiseksi, sinun täytyy työskennellä kovasti teidän tutkimusta. Julkinen kirjasto voi olla hyvä vaihto ehto etsii hyvää tietoa ja lähteitä, mutta Internet on laaja tietoa mistään, joten suosittelemme suorittamaan asianmukaisen tutkimuksen avulla Internet samoin. Te kanisteri varmasti hankkia avulias ilmianto jokseenkin tehtailija-lta eri hedelmä model after maailma aava höyty. Muista ymmärtää tärkeitä tietoja, kuten valmistajan tarjoamat tuotteet, eettiset ja korvaus paketin ja jopa tietää, kuinka monta vuotta on se ollut käynnissä liike toimintaa. Myös sen teollisuuden ja tulevaisuuden potentiaalin tunteminen ovat tärkeitä.

      Kolmanneksi, sinun täytyy rakentaa hyvä suhde ammattilaisten kautta verkossa myös, ja että on mahdollista saada mukana eri online-yhteisöjä tai foorumeita, jotka keskittyvät niiden keskusteluja on valmistajan edustaja. Voit myös oppia lisää tärkeää tietoa ihmisiä ympäri maailmaa kautta online-keskusteluja. Älä anna mahdollisuutta tulla mukaan niiden konferenssien ohi, koska voit hyödyntää tätä oppia lisää tarjouksia eri valmistajilta. Hyödynnä myös muiden valmistajan edustajien henkilökohtaisia vihjeitä. Jos löydät valmistajien kanssa kiehtovia tuotteita ja palveluja, varmista, että on usein tietoa niiden uusimmat päivitykset ja uutiset.

      Neljänneksi, Lähetä hakemuksesi oikein. Haluttaa aivan tehtailija sinun ' huvittaa jotta olla eritä-lta ja kuulla kuinka jotta oikein lennättää by ahkeruus jotta joka-lta heidät. Voit lähettää hakemuksen sähköpostitse, chattailuun alustoilla tai online-haku lomakkeet joidenkin valmistajien. On todellakin helpompi soveltaa näinä päivinä, koska suuri etu Inter netin ja sen langattoman yhteyden. Odotan koulutusta voit osallistua, kun hakemuksesi on hyväksytty.

      Lopuksi, tee itsellesi osa eri ammatillisten järjestöjen, kuten valmistajien Agents National Association (Mana) ja valmistajien edustajat Educational Research Foundation (mrerf). Tietää, että myös tietosi oman kansallisen tieto kannan voi hyödyttää sinua, koska valmistajat yleensä käyttää niitä etsimässä luotettu tekijöille ja edustajille. Olla ajan tasalla niiden koulutus-ja sertifioinnit ohjelmia ja liittyä kunkin niistä niin usein kuin mahdollista tason ylöspäin taitosi ja luoda yrityksen mainetta luotettava valmistajan edustaja.

      DFS Associates haluaisi sinun koskaan lopettaa oppimista, jotta voidaan tehdä työtä on valmistajan edustaja erittäin hyvin.

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