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  1. Jan 2023
      • 텔레그램 채널, 그룹 등에서 새 메시지를 한 곳에서 수집해서 보거나, 특정 유형의 메시지만 (원본 그대로 또는 수정해서) 내 채널로 보내는 서비스이다.
      • 주식 정보 모을 때 유용할 듯 해서 이런 게 있나 찾아봤더니 있다.
  2. Nov 2022
  3. Oct 2022
    1. If the link is in a Proud Boys forum, would you not take any action against it, even if it’s like, “Click this link to help plan”?Are you asking if we have people out there clicking every link and checking if the forum comports with the ideological position that Signal agrees with?Yeah. I think in the most abstract way, I’m asking if you have a content moderation team.No, we don’t have that. We are also not a social media platform. We don’t amplify content. We don’t have Telegram channels where you can broadcast to thousands and thousands of people. We have been really careful in our product development side not to develop Signal as a social network that has algorithmic amplification that allows that “one to millions” amplification of content. We are a messaging platform. We don’t have a content moderation team because (1) we are fully private, we don’t see your content, we don’t know who you’re talking about; and (2) we are not a content platform, so it is a different paradigm.

      Signal president, Meredith Wittaker, on Signal's product vision and the difference between Signal and Telegram.

      They deliberately steered the product away from "one to millions" amplification of content, like for example Telegram's channels.

  4. Aug 2022
    1. 8 月 20 日晚上,Alexander Dugin 之女、阴谋论理论家 Darya Dugina 遇刺。数小时后,Telegram 频道 Utro Fevralya(意思为 February Morning 或二月之晨)率先报道称名叫 National Republican Army 的俄罗斯地下抵抗组织对此事负责。该频道由前俄议员 Ilya Ponomarev 创建和运营,他是 2014 年俄罗斯唯一一位投票反对吞并克里米亚的议员,投票之后他成为普京治下的俄罗斯不受欢迎的人,与家人逃到了乌克兰首都基辅。虽然 National Republican Army 参与暗杀无法获得证实,但这个运行在 Telegram 之上的新闻机构引起了《连线》杂志的兴趣。Telegram 审查较少,具有一定程度的匿名性,受到了乌克兰和俄罗斯的反战活动人士的欢迎。他们通过 Telegram 向受众报道不受审查的新闻,分享受到限制的材料。

  5. Feb 2022
    1. On iOS, not even dedicated file managers like DEVONthink are capable (or willing might be a more accurate term) of handling the diversity of data Telegram will happily pass on for you, especially through the Share Sheet.

      In tandem with @OlegWock’s Raindrop Telegram Bot, Telegram’s speedy share sheet makes for the fastest means of sending content to one’s Raindrop collection to date.

    2. Telegram message IDs are purely chronological from their channel/group chat’s creation – the first message in a channel or group chat is 1 and the 15th is 15. Together with the simplicity of channel/group chat IDs, which are just their alphanumeric @ names, this format makes URL schemes for Telegram message links super malleable and easy to understand.

      I’ve created a Siri Shortcut and TextExpander snippet that utilize this simplicity to make navigating to specific Telegram messages super easy.) and TextExpander snippet thathttp://insert-your-link-here.com utilize this simplicity to make navigating to specific Telegram messages super easy.

  6. Dec 2021
  7. Oct 2021
    1. How Does The Telegram Secret Chat Work?

      In such a case, you might have heard about the Telegram Messenger, right? It has a unique feature called “telegram secret chat” which provides end-to-end encryption between you and your buddy. Have you ever wondered how does it work? If not, read out this article soon!

  8. Jan 2021
    1. ¶Telegram

      Can a full backup of my Telegram be used such that a message I forward to Saved Messages can link back to the context in which the message was forwarded?

      Do I have to forward the context of the video link I'm saving for later, or is there enough metadata to back-link to where it came from?

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  13. Apr 2016
    1. Telegram's server-side software is closed-source and proprietary. Pavel Durov has said that it would require a major architectural redesign of the server-side software to connect independent servers to the Telegram cloud.[50]

      Does that fact actually make Telegram a real alternative to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?