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  1. May 2024
    1. I don't think that anything can happen that influence Russian people to protest or to stand up to disagree whatever if they give their own children Sons with 00:45:48 their own hands

      for - key insight - Russian oppression - zero chance of protest and uprising

      key insight - Russian oppression - zero chance of protest and uprising - Putin is so ruthless as a dictator that anyone who protests risks death. - Under these conditions, noone dares to organize - If there is a synchronized movement, Putin can be overthrown, but Putin's brutality insures that no such synchronization can happen

      to - Jake Broe interview - Russian citizen complacency - like German citizens allowing millions of Jews to die - https://hyp.is/sXpZth5fEe-Xtj_-DhT_BQ/docdrop.org/video/XX3zU5QNvCw/

    1. human Minds have to find a way to cope so that you can get that six to eight hours of sleep at night or whatever and there's a lot of evil things that people will accept just so they can get through the day

      for - key insight, adjacency - conformity bias - accepting evil - Russian citizen complacency - no protest

      adjacency, key insight - between - geopolitics - Russia Ukraine War - complacency - oppression - adjacency relationship - Just like how ordinary German citizens accepted the death of millions of Jews, the same thing is happening in Russia. - Millions of ordinary Russian citizens are just doing what they can individually to survive day to day - If that means accepting the death of hundreds of thousands of innocents, then that is the price they will pay - Putin's oppression is so brutal that individuals risk their lives if they put up any resistance or protest

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  5. Aug 2023
    1. This article is more than 7 months oldJust Stop Oil activist jailed for six months for M25 disruptionThis article is more than 7 months oldMagistrate reportedly speaks of using Jan Goodey’s case as a ‘deterrent’ during court proceedingsDamien Gayle@damiengayleTue 29 Nov 2022 18.10 GMTLast modified on Tue 29 Nov 2022 19.08 GMTA climate activist who disrupted traffic on the M25 has been sentenced to six months in prison.

      Hard prison sentence for blocking a road. UK 2022.

  6. Jan 2023
    1. I still recall as a child being very impressed by an interview withthe Sufi writer Idries Shah, who remarked how curious it was that somany intelligent and decent human beings in Europe and Americaspent so much of their time in protest marches chanting the namesand waving pictures of people that they hated (“Hey hey, LBJ, howmany kids did you kill today?”). Didn’t they realize, he remarked, howincredibly gratifying that was to the politicians they weredenouncing? It was remarks like that, I think, that eventually causedme to reject a politics of protest and embrace one of direct action.

      Reject politics of protest and embrace one of direct action.

      Graeber provides in interesting example here of why direct action is more important than protest. This seems particularly apt for Donald Trump who seems only to want attention of any sort as long as it's directed at him.

  7. Aug 2022
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  9. Jan 2022
    1. James Melville 💜. (2022, January 27). 50,000 Canadian truckers drive through the night as they continue to make their way to Ottawa this week to protest against COVID mandates and restrictions. #CanadaTruckers #keepontruckin 🇨🇦 https://t.co/Dj6ei8jp5A [Tweet]. @JamesMelville. https://twitter.com/JamesMelville/status/1486620750941413380

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  21. Sep 2020
    1. To everyone taking to the streets tonight to protest against police violence and racial injustice: We're with you. Know your rights.

      A great example of a special experience authority. Relevant to my topic.

  22. Aug 2020
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  24. Jun 2020
    1. Internally, we are continuing to encourage any employee who needs time and space to process current events or participate in protests should they choose to take sick time so that it doesn’t impact their personal paid-time off.
  25. May 2020
    1. the data controller shall implement suitable measures to safeguard the data subject’s rights and freedoms and legitimate interests, at least the right to obtain human intervention on the part of the controller, to express his or her point of view and to contest the decision.
    1. Motion Picture Association of America Chairman Chris Dodd stated that the coordinated shutdown was "an abuse of power given the freedoms these companies enjoy in the marketplace today."

      It's not an abuse of power. It's free speech. It's protesting against an awful proposed law.

    2. An example online protest by Google. Google placed a censor bar over their normal logo, which when clicked took visitors to pages with information on SOPA and PIPA.
  26. Nov 2019
    1. As Laurence, one of those fired today, said during a workers’ rally in San Francisco on Friday November 22nd, “I asked Google’s Global Investigations team, am I being accused of leaking? Their answer was one word: ‘No.’ This isn’t about leaking.”
    2. Google hired a union-busting firm. Around the same time Google redrafted its policies, making it a fireable offense to even look at certain documents. And let’s be clear, looking at such documents is a big part of Google culture; the company describes it as a benefit in recruiting, and even encourages new hires to read docs from projects all across the company.
    1. Thank you to everyone who does the right thing every day

      This is Google saying 'We're not going to say what "the wrong thing" is, but if you do it, you will be fired. If you're currently not fired, you're doing the right thing.'

  27. Jul 2019
    1. The protests were mainly galvanized by a spectacular, nearly 900-page leak known as “RickyLeaks” containing text messages between Governor Ricardo Rosselló and his private circle that were sent in December 2018 and January 2019. The leaks were filled with vulgar, homophobic and misogynistic messages about other politicians, media members, celebrities, and a range of other Puerto Ricans. While some of the leaked chats read like drunken rambling, many of the messages have touched the sore nerves of various segments of the Puerto Rican population. In one message, Rosselló calls Melissa Mark-Viverito, the Puerto Rico-born former speaker of the New York City Council, a “whore.” (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In another exchange, government critic and popular San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz also comes under harsh fire from Christian Sobrino Vega, then Puerto Rico’s chief fiscal officer, who says, “I am salivating to shoot her.” The governor responds: “You’d be doing me a grand favor.”

      Wow. Misogyny, homophobia, and other signs that these men must resign.

      I can't tell you hur much pride I feel to be human as Puerto Ricans protest this.

  28. Oct 2018
  29. Oct 2017
    1. It was the degree of centrality to the white population of the state which alone then constituted the important point of comparison between these places

      This could be one of the reasons for the recent protests. This says that the commissioners wanted to find a location that was in the center of the white population. This alludes to the fact that the University was made for white people.The protesters feel that they are justified by this because they are going back to what the original commissioners wanted when they made the University.

  30. Aug 2017
  31. May 2017
    1. When you looked at the March on Washington in 1963, you were seeing the Civil Rights movement's organizational strength, the effort and discipline it took to be out in those numbers. The recent Women's March in Washington, D.C., was also very large, but it was the first step of a potential movement, not the culmination of a decade of work. Without a Twitter hashtag or Excel spreadsheets to do your logistics, you really had to build a lot of [organizational] muscle. If you want to be a credible threat to the powers that be, you need to build those muscles.
  32. Mar 2017
    1. I decided to colour the numbers black with a Bic biro to make dialling more of a challenge.


  33. Feb 2017
    1. required guidelines

      FORCING us to keep track of our annotations is OPPRESSIVE and SILENCES our organic voice and STIFLES creative thinking.

    1. #OscarsSoWhite,

      SOcial media protest agianst the erasure of minorities

    2. #StopErasingBlackPeople and released a statement saying the exhibition ‘‘paints H.I.V. as an issue faced predominantly by white gay men, when in fact the most at-risk group are currently black trans women.’’

      erasure of the involvement of black women in social issues and protest. Black women protest using hashtags

  34. Jan 2017
    1. DZ: Last question, do you have any sports and politics heroes? Who are political athletes whom today you’ve looked to as a role model or inspired you to do what you did? AS: Yeah. I’m actually trying to brush up on my history. Because that wasn’t something that was the focus during my high school or primary school education but in passing I have heard the words of Muhammad Ali and the stances that he took while he was a boxer.

      Protester inspired by Muhammad Ali

  35. Dec 2016
    1. You gotta go for what you knowMake everybody see, in order to fight the powers that beLemme hear you sayFight the Power

      This shows how Public enemy started a physical movement among the people. Many took to the streets to participate in non-violent protests for the cause. Many were forced to hear what they had to say and there was a push for change. Public Enemy never wanted the protest to be violent, they just wanted change.

  36. Jan 2016
    1. In 2014, there was a confrontation between the federal government and supporters of Cliven Bundy over the use of federal land near his Nevada ranch. They briefly seized his cattle, then gave them back to avoid violence.

      Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steve were convicted of federal arson charges for fires they set on federal land in 2001 and 2006. The judge sentenced them to a few months in jail, which they served. The US attorney appealed the sentences, and they were extended to five years, which was supposed to be the mandatory minimum. (This sounds like double jeopardy to me.)

      The ranchers marched in protest. Then Saturday night, "dozens" of them, led by Cliven's son Ammon Bundy, seized a building at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near the Hammond ranch in southeast Oregon. They are demanding the release of the Hammonds, and that the government cede the land to local control.

      A lot of people on Twitter are asking why this isn't being called terrorism. (Funny hashtags: #YallQaeda #Yeehawdi #VanillaISIS) No one has been hurt yet, but they are certainly creating great risk of violence, and they have said that they are willing to die.

      The Hammonds' hometown of Burns, OR has been tense for a while. The sheriff has received death threats. The residents are not happy about armed men showing up in their town to protest.

  37. Oct 2015
    1. But the Law of hospitality makes it difficult for any ethical program, even one carried out by a computational machine, to remain in place forever. The future of ethical programs requires a continuous vigilance in this regard, a vigilance that insists upon constant reexamination of the laws.

      This too possess awesome potential for discussions of civility and the political paradigm of any given moment.

    2. “conversations”

      Thinking of this as a "conversation" is cool because it allows the parallel with what is civil within such conversations. And when is the time for "protest," and what that might look like?

    3. does not see it as foreclosing political action or activism.
  38. Jul 2015
    1. attempted to negotiate with white business leaders there. When those negotiations broke down because of promises the white men broke, the SCLC planned to protest through “direct action.” Before beginning protests, however, they underwent a period of “self-purification,” to determine whether they were ready to work nonviolently,
  39. Apr 2015
    1. A further notification was then sent to commanding officers stating that references to enemy had now been changed to “criminal elements” in guard communications.

      Still heavily problematic. We're talking about citizens exercising their first amendment rights.

  40. Dec 2014
  41. Aug 2014
    1. First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action"; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a "more convenient season."

      Feeling a lot of this frustration at white liberals these days.