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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Eine neue Studie kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass ein Umkippen des nordatlantischen Strömungssystems Amoc in einem anderen Zustand schon sehr bald drohen könnte, wenn sich die globale Erhitzung fortsetzt. Die Studie modelliert auch die Folgen, zum Beispiel sehr schnell steigende Wasserstände an der amerikanischen Ostküste, ein Umkippen des Amazonas-Regenwaldes und wesentlich niedrigere Temperaturen in Europa. Der Studienautor stellt fest, dass wir die Erhitzung sehr viel ernster nehmen müssen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/feb/09/atlantic-ocean-circulation-nearing-devastating-tipping-point-study-finds

      Studie: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.adk1189

  2. Oct 2023
    1. Astronomers have intercepted a mysterious and ancient radio signal that's traveled from the farthest reaches of the cosmos — for an astonishing eight billion years, more than half the lifespan of the universe — before finally reaching the Earth.


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  6. Feb 2023
    1. rank is not an assessment of who has thebest intrinsic properties, but rather a useful consensus view thatprovides rules for how to behave toward others.

      Rank (social or otherwise) can be a signal for predictability from the perspective of consensus views for how to behave towards others with respect to the abilities or values being measured.

      Ranking people for some sort of technical ability may be a better objective measure rather than ranking people on social status which is far less objective from a humanist perspective. In employment situations, individuals are more likely to rely on social and cultural biases and racist tendencies rather than on objective measures with respect to the job at hand. How can we better objectify the actual underlying values over and above the more subjective ones.

    2. First, rank can be an efficient way to summarize the accurate,but noisy, perceptions of individuals.

      rank as signal processing

  7. Oct 2022
    1. If the link is in a Proud Boys forum, would you not take any action against it, even if it’s like, “Click this link to help plan”?Are you asking if we have people out there clicking every link and checking if the forum comports with the ideological position that Signal agrees with?Yeah. I think in the most abstract way, I’m asking if you have a content moderation team.No, we don’t have that. We are also not a social media platform. We don’t amplify content. We don’t have Telegram channels where you can broadcast to thousands and thousands of people. We have been really careful in our product development side not to develop Signal as a social network that has algorithmic amplification that allows that “one to millions” amplification of content. We are a messaging platform. We don’t have a content moderation team because (1) we are fully private, we don’t see your content, we don’t know who you’re talking about; and (2) we are not a content platform, so it is a different paradigm.

      Signal president, Meredith Wittaker, on Signal's product vision and the difference between Signal and Telegram.

      They deliberately steered the product away from "one to millions" amplification of content, like for example Telegram's channels.

  8. Sep 2022
    1. but

      Comparing how great he does walking over big dirt mounds and contrasting how he is not great dealing with walking on tall grass.

    2. But

      The purpose for "But" is to show the difference. This sentence means that the sleep can influence eating habits and weight.

  9. Aug 2022
    1. such as

      it's giving examples of a things that they should to do to extend sleep time.

    2. uch as cutting back on caffeine, reducing screen time and sticking to a regular bedtime each night.

      I agree that cutting back on caffeine, reducing screen time, and sticking to a regular bedtime each night helps a lot in adjusting your sleep that’s less than seven hours.

  10. May 2022
    1. In part in order to heighten his praise of Aldus as the ideal printer, Erasmus noted by contrast that most printers, given the absence of regulations, “fill the world with pamphlets and books [that are] . . . foolish, ignorant, malig-nant, libellous, mad, impious and subversive; and such is the flood that even

      things that might have done some good lose all their goodness.”198 The overabundance of bad books drowned out even any good bits that might be present among them.

      And we now say these same sorts of things about the internet and social media.

  11. Feb 2022
    1. But

      it means what distinguishes Copeland’s work is the long consequence of this effect, which extended from childhood into young adulthoo.

    2. such as

      trouble and cancer it means that risk of chronic diseases such as heart trouble andante cancer.

  12. Jan 2022
    1. also

      also shows that cars and trucks also produce nitrogen oxide which knowns as NOx.

    2. But

      But shows difference, even if the weather warm up the air quality is still getting worse.

    3. For example

      For example shows that urban areas without the green spaces will increase dangerous heat to the island moreover planting trees will change the climate change.

    4. in addition,

      It shows that people who work outside may suffer from the illness.

    1. because

      Shows the effect of the pipeline have effected the climate of the environment.

    2. But

      But shows difference that even before the rollback only 1% of the federal projects went through intensive environment.

  13. Nov 2021
    1. importing databases from the desktop app. I have no experience with that yet. WIP

      This tool works with backup files generated by the Signal android application.

      TIP: use carderne/signal-export to export from the desktop db.

    1. sqlcipher ~/.config/Signal/sql/db.sqlite \ "PRAGMA key = \"x'$(jq -r '.key' ~/.config/Signal/config.json)'\"; attach database 'plaintext.db' as plaintext key ''; SELECT sqlcipher_export('plaintext'); DETACH DATABASE plaintext;"

      The sqlcipher bash-command to export Signal-Desktop's db as plaintext in Linux.

    2. Whisper.Backup.exportToDirectory("/tmp")

      Needs to patch the app before, as described above by @nomeata.

  14. Oct 2021
    1. and

      And is used to show addition. In this is sentence it is used to show that the US cities are not only ranked well-being for the way residents feel about living in their communities, health, finances, social ties it was also because their sense of purpose.

  15. Sep 2021
    1. but

      But, contrast. It came here to show that around 1 million people who seek hospital care for pneumonia, on the other hand more people with pneumonia don't need hospitalization.

    2. and

      And it came here for addition. To add the common illness to the doctor's statement that both caused her to cancel her trip.

  16. Aug 2021
    1. we find that fixing fossil ages to the midpoint or a random point drawn from within the stratigraphic age range leads to biases in divergence time estimates, while sampling fossil ages leads to estimates that are similar to inferences that employ the correct ages of fossils. Second, we show a comparison using an empirical dataset of extant and fossil cetaceans, which confirms that different methods of handling fossil age uncertainty lead to large differences in estimated node ages

      dealing with uncertainties carefully actually matters

    1. Because the influence of early diagenetic cements on the bulk δ13Ccarb signal can, but need not be synchronized, chemostratigraphy should not be used as a stand-alone method for trans-continental correlation, and especially minor isotopic shifts have to be interpreted with utmost care

      how shall we deal with "local" anomalies

    2. Chemostratigraphic correlation based on bulk sediment carbon isotopes is increasingly used to facilitate high-resolution correlation over large distances, but complications arise from a multitude of possible influences from local differences in biological, diagenetic and physico-chemical factors on individual δ13C records that can mask the global signal

      signal vs. noise

  17. Apr 2021
  18. Mar 2021
    1. Their arguments also don't make sense: they encrypt messages on Android, even though it has disk encryption as standard, but they won't encrypt messages on desktop which doesn't have disk encryption as standard!

      Answered 2 comments above!

    2. Encryption is present on Signal-android because android's FDE is not usable enough, in Moxie's opinion (you can't set separate unlock and FDE pins, so people set really insecure ones). If/when android fixes this, signal-android will stop encrypting its database, too. Just like signal-desktop and signal-iOS.

      Why Android is encrypted, while Desktop is not?

    3. I'm locking this conversation because the conversation has clearly run its course. Any continued discussion can happen on the forums.

      @scottnonnenberg annoyed, locked issue asking plain-text password.

    1. The database key was never intended to be a secret. At-rest encryption is not something that Signal Desktop is currently trying to provide or has ever claimed to provide. Full-disk encryption can be enabled at the OS level on most desktop platforms.

      Reply by Signal-dev why the store plain-password.

    1. I think the difficult thing for everybody to understand is why the database is encrypted in the first place? Are you saying that SQLCipher just offered better features and performance than using SQLite? Can you point to any discussion or documentation of that decision-making process?

      Why sqlcipher if not done right!?

  19. Feb 2021
    1. However, because so many shells follow that convention of having 128 + signal_number, programs know to avoid using those values above 128 for their exit code (or when they do exit(130), it's to report the death of a child that dies of a signal 2 like some shells do under some circumstances).
    1. I am trying to understand how CTRL+C terminates a child but not a parent process. I see this behavior in some script shells like bash where you can start some long-running process and then terminate it by entering CTRL-C and the control returns to the shell. Could you explain how does it work and in particular why isn't the parent (shell) process terminated? Does the shell have to do some special handling of CTRL+C event and if yes what exactly does it do?
    1. Remove your last "just in case" trap, and the script should work fine also with the EXIT traps. INT in the trap calling the cleanup should be the correct way to deal with the interrupts, however
  20. Nov 2020
    1. In a way, the notification center on a mobile device has become the federation point for all communication apps, similar to how older desktop IM clients unified communication across multiple IM networks.

      Mobile device's notification centers are federation points for communication apps

      The notification center in our phones acts as a hub where messages show up from WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS etc. analogous to how older desktop IM clients unified communication across multiple networks.

  21. Oct 2020
    1. and

      The word and always used when mentioning more than one thing.

    2. but

      but shoes that the next sentence is more important than the one before.

  22. Sep 2020
    1. and

      (And ) is used in this sentence to tell us that our sleep can influence our eating habits and waistlines.

    2. also

      (Also) is used in this sentence to tell there is more to know; that the chip can be used for more things.

  23. Aug 2020
    1. Experimental schemes like caching pre-generated temporary keys from the clients on the servers increase the server and protocol complexity, leading to lower reliability and more potential for mistakes that impact security.

      This seems like a reference to the Signal protocol.

  24. Jul 2020
    1. And

      shows addition. It shows the important effects of tree .

    2. But

      it shows contrast. it show the differences of her feeling how she love to sit out side while the heat can be unbearable for her.

  25. Jun 2020
    1. Just as journalists should be able to write about anything they want, comedians should be able to do the same and tell jokes about anything they please

      where's the line though? every output generates a feedback loop with the hivemind, turning into input to ourselves with our cracking, overwhelmed, filters

      it's unrealistic to wish everyone to see jokes are jokes, to rely on journalists to generate unbiased facts, and politicians as self serving leeches, err that's my bias speaking

    1. In 2013, the Signal Protocol was introduced, which is based on OTR Messaging and the Silent Circle Instant Messaging Protocol (SCIMP). It brought about support for asynchronous communication ("offline messages") as its major new feature, as well as better resilience with distorted order of messages and simpler support for conversations with multiple participants.[11] OMEMO, introduced in an Android XMPP client called Conversations in 2015, integrates the Double Ratchet Algorithm used in Signal into the instant messaging protocol XMPP ("Jabber") and also enables encryption of file transfers. In the autumn of 2015 it was submitted to the XMPP Standards Foundation for standardisation.
    1. As uber-secure messaging platform Signal has warned, “Signal is recommended by the United States military. It is routinely used by senators and their staff. American allies in the EU Commission are Signal users too. End-to-end encryption is fundamental to the safety, security, and privacy of conversations worldwide.”
    1. When you make a call using Signal, it will generate a two-word secret code on both the profiles. You will speak the first word and the recipient will check it. Then he will speak the second word and you can check it on your end. If both the words match, the call has not been intercepted and connected to the correct profile
    1. First, the recognition that sensitive information needs to be transmitted securely over instant messaging platforms plays into the hands of the privacy advocates who are against backdoors in the end-to-end encryption used on WhatsApp, Signal, Wickr, iMessage and others. The core argument from the privacy lobby is that a backdoor will almost certainly be exploited by bad actors. Clearly, the EU (and others) would not risk their own comms with such a vulnerability.
  26. May 2020
  27. Apr 2020
  28. Feb 2020
    1. The most popular modern secure messaging tool is Signal, which won the Levchin Prize at Real World Cryptography for its cryptographic privacy design. Signal currently requires phone numbers for all its users. It does this not because Signal wants to collect contact information for its users, but rather because Signal is allergic to it: using phone numbers means Signal can piggyback on the contact lists users already have, rather than storing those lists on its servers. A core design goal of the most important secure messenger is to avoid keeping a record of who’s talking to whom. Not every modern secure messenger is as conscientious as Signal. But they’re all better than Internet email, which doesn’t just collect metadata, but actively broadcasts it. Email on the Internet is a collaboration between many different providers; and each hop on its store-and-forward is another point at which metadata is logged. .
  29. Aug 2019
  30. Jun 2019
    1. MelNet: A Generative Model for Audio in the Frequency Domain


      • 提出了 MelNet。一个语谱图的生成模型,它结合了细粒度的自回归模型和多尺度生成过程,能够同时捕获局部和全局的结构。

      • 展示了 MelNet 在长程依赖性上卓越的性能。

      • 展示了 MelNet 在多种音频生成任务上优秀的能力:无条件语音生成任务、音乐生成任务、文字转语音合成任务。而且在这些任务上,MelNet 都是端到端的实现。

  31. May 2019
    1. This is spot on. An idea on its own does nothing. Execution and actually doing the hard work are the most important thing in any creative endeavour.

      This blog is very good, high signal and low noise. The dense version of this idea that has stuck with me is that the thing we're aiming for (productivity, make-world-better-stuff, doing good) is a multiplicative-product of both hustle (physical work, pressing buttons, saying words that other people hear) and the thinking part. That is, long term goal completion is hustle (doing stuff) * thought (knowing what to do)

      I may technically disagree with the "most important thing" part, but it needs some sort of strong emphasis. Hustle modifies ideas in a times-ish (multiplying) way, so if you've got zero hustle, you don't really have anything

      One way to do world-bettering is to just have enough hustle to outsource the hustle (get other people to act on your ideas), or alternately if you have tons of hustle, then you can take good ideas which aren't going anywhere.

      Knowing the difference between bad and good ideas is one of the core problems with the super-connected society/net we're in. The solution to the problem is too large for this margin.

  32. Mar 2019
  33. Feb 2019
    1. Unsupervised speech representation learning using WaveNet autoencoders

      我们通过将自动编码神经网络应用于语音波形来考虑无监督提取有意义的语音潜在表示的任务。目标是学习能够从信号中捕获高级语义内容的表示,例如,音素身份,同时不会混淆信号中的低级细节,例如底层音高轮廓或背景噪音。自动编码器模型的行为取决于应用于潜在表示的约束类型。我们比较了三种变体:简单的降维瓶颈,高斯变分自动编码器(VAE)和离散矢量量化VAE(VQ-VAE)。我们根据说话人的独立性,预测语音内容的能力以及精确重建单个谱图帧的能力来分析学习表征的质量。此外,对于使用VQ-VAE提取的差异编码,我们测量将它们映射到电话的容易程度。我们引入了一种正则化方案,该方案强制表示集中于话语的语音内容,并报告性能与ZeroSpeech 2017无监督声学单元发现任务中的顶级条目相当。 【translated by 谷歌翻译】


      论文《Unsupervised speech representation learning using WaveNet autoencoders》介绍了通过将自编码神经网络用到语音波形提取语音中有意义的隐藏表征的无监督任务。目的是学习到一种能够捕捉信号中高层次语义内容的表征,同时又能够对有背景噪声或者潜在基频曲线(underlying pitch contour)的信号中的扰乱信息足够稳定。自编码器模型的行为由应用到隐藏表征的约束所决定。在此论文中,作者对比了三种变体:简单降维瓶颈、高斯变分自编码器和离散向量量化VAE。而后,作者对预测语音内容的能力等进行了分析。

  34. Dec 2018
  35. Nov 2018
    1. Stochastic Adaptive Neural Architecture Search for Keyword Spotting

      一篇讲 identifying keywords in a real-time audio stream 的 paper。这和引力波探测中的数据处理很接近哦~!此文提出 end-end 的“随机自适应神经构架搜寻” (SANAS) 实现高效准确的训练效果。这显然对 real-time 特点的类型数据应用带来启发。FYI:人家源码还开放了。。。

    2. WaveGlow: A Flow-based Generative Network for Speech Synthesis

      一篇来自 NVIDIA 的小文。提出的实时生成网络 WaveGlow 结合了 Glow 和 WaveNet 的特点,实现了更快速高效准确的语音合成。

    3. Model Selection Techniques -- An Overview



  36. Aug 2018
    1. Our results demonstrate the promise of spatio-temporalfiltering techniques for“tuning”measurement of hazard-related rumoring to enableobservation of rumoring at scales that have long been infeasible.

      Result: Claims spatio-temporal filtering technique to better capture signal from noise of large crisis data sets.

    2. While theapplication in the online environment is novel, the general problem is not. Interest in automated signal processing in noisyenvironments (Fawcett and Provost,1999; Hamid et al., 2005; Macleod and Congalton,1998; Ribeiro et al., 2012; Singh,1989;Stauffer and Grimson, 2000) predates the proliferation of user-generated online activity, and we can apply the lessons learnedin those contexts to the online context.

      Processing high signal-to-noise ratio communications is a long-standing problem.

  37. Mar 2017
  38. Jun 2016
  39. Mar 2016