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    1. Here is an example

      I like the German translation of the title, which reminded me of previous investigations into #Zeitlichkeit

      • https://hack.allmende.io/s/SykyO7J6z<br> It is suggested to read the German or English texts on Unberechenbarkeit (unpredictability) and Zeitkomplex (the postcontemporary time complex)

      via https://hyp.is/xuVtrlhfEeyYZiMt28NGKA/library.oapen.org/bitstream/handle/20.500.12657/49652/9783839457658.pdf

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    1. Justification, understood as discourse that introduces legitimacy and stability into social action, is a source of linkage that recurs in several articles. Cunliffe and Coupland, for example, argue that we create sense ‘if we can find justifications (narrative rationality) for our and others’ actions’ (p. 69)

      Justification definition.

      Justification is used as a linkage in storytelling to connect the what/with/for elements.

      See: Cunliffe and Coupland http://wendynorris.com/cunliffe-and-coupland-2011-from-hero-to-villain-to-hero-making-experience-sensible-through-embodied-narrative-sensemaking/

    1. At a higher level, with their roadmaps and deadlines, projects also hold a temporal dimension.

      The DHN analog to projects could be the deployment and/or the humanitarian event temporality (slow-onset, rapid-onset and chronic).

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