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    1. The signs of the Lord’s Second Coming may be divided into two main categories: (1) signs that are part of the Restoration of the gospel and its eventual expansion throughout the world and (2) signs that are part of the increase of evils and the calamities and judgments to come upon the world. Some of the signs and events of the Second Coming that are described in Doctrine and Covenants 45:16–59 include the following: Gentiles and Jews will be gathered (see D&C 45:25, 30, 43) “Wars and rumors of wars, and the whole earth shall be in commotion” (D&C 45:26) The fulness of the gospel will be restored (see D&C 45:28) “A desolating sickness shall cover the land” (D&C 45:31) The Lord’s disciples “shall stand in holy places, and shall not be moved” (D&C 45:32) “Earthquakes … in divers places, and many desolations” (D&C 45:33) “Signs and wonders … shown forth in the heavens above, and in the earth beneath” (D&C 45:40) “The sun shall be darkened, and the moon be turned into blood” (D&C 45:42) The Lord will come “clothed with power and great glory; with all the holy angels” (D&C 45:44) “Saints that have slept shall come forth” (D&C 45:45) The Lord will appear on the Mount of Olives and converse with the Jews (see D&C 45:48, 51–53)
    2. “What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” (Matthew 24:3). Jesus Christ’s teachings found in Matthew 24:3–51 were greatly expanded through the inspired translation made by the Prophet Joseph Smith, as found in Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:4–55 (in the Pearl of Great Price). Several sections in the Doctrine and Covenants also help to explain the events of the last days and how God’s children can prepare for them (examples include D&C 29; 38; 45; 63; 84; 88; 101; 133).

      i wonder then what the true essence of studying the signs of the second coming of jesus christ if it isn't to merely pinpoint the exact date and time, but rather to inspire us to prepare in the present, to draw closer to him, so that we may have no regrets when the day arrives

  3. Apr 2023
    1. Immediately before stepping on stage, he suggests using the tip of your right pinky finger to find the upper end of your trousers zipper. If your fingernail clicks against the zipper’s metal pull-tab, then you are safe and ready to make your entrance. If your pinky slides in up to your knuckle, however, then you have to XYZ PDQ (eXamine Your Zipper, Pretty Darn Quick)!

      Harry Lorayne used a pinky check, in which he used the fingernail of his pinky finger against his the pull-tab of his zipper to ensure his fly was closed, every night before appearing on stage to prevent embarrassment and to maintain credibility as a memory expert.

      MAGIC MENTOR MONDAY: Harry Lorayne - Chamber Magic<br /> by Steve Cohen

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    1. that you know was not connected to any kind of military application there were other examples of this and this is something that you could actually put you know 00:07:36 these cards in a smaller deck that you could review i drove to my conference so it would have been a lot harder to review these when i'm driving however if you're flying or taking a train or you 00:07:49 know something where a passenger seat you could potentially just take these cars make a small deck and carry them with you wouldn't need a computer or anything now that was the priming piece 00:08:03 how did it help next step is i actually went to the agenda into the schedule and looked at it typically when you do that there are some some talks that you're going to want to 00:08:16 go to right and some work groups or tracks that are that have a large application to what you're doing your day job is the other piece is if you're presenting

      This is an example about preparation for going into a conference (or battle, which is suggested by this particular conference's topic). The work provides a primer for what is about to happen and can be analogized to ancients taking the ark of the covenant into battle before them. It serves as a cultural talisman representing what they're fighting for, but it also likely served as a mnemonic device for their actual battle strategies and plans from the time. They take it with them as a physical review reminder and device.

  5. Oct 2021
    1. Arguments for “it depends.”

      Exploratory research - descriptive -- light instrumentation Confirmatory study - use well structured Multiple case - standardization will help to cross compare.

      See Figure 2.7

    2. Arguments for little prior instrumentation.

      too much structure can blind researcher (risk, overlook/misrepresent) Prior prep is usually without a real context ( Single case...

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    1. Mit Weißbrot und einem Klecks Naturjoghurt oder Guacamole servieren.

      Wie soll das Chili angerichtet werden?

    2. Die Zwiebeln und den Knoblauch würfeln

      Wie werden die Zwiebeln und der Knoblauch vorbereitet?

    1. heiß oder kalt

      Wie können die Hühnerspieße serviert werden?

    2. Fleischstücke auf die Spieße stecken und jeweils etwas Marinade zwischen den Stücken behalten.

      Wie werden die Fleischstücke für das anbraten vorbereitet?

    3. Knoblauch zerdrücken und mit Salz überstreuen

      Wie wird der Knoblauch zubereitet?

    4. Hühnerfleisch in kleine Stücke schneiden

      Wie muss das Hühnerfleisch vorbereitet werden?

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    1. there is an underlying assumption in many Agile methods that customers and users have done their homework
    1. I'm stalking good projects such as react-phone-number-input because I know I may need them later, and improving their quality. Kinda investment into my own future.
    2. I wouldn't be able to find them unless I specifically search and research, which at the time I'll need them I won't be able to afford.
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    1. “But, if you’re unsure or haven’t mapped out entirely your processing activities,” he said, “it’s impossible to accurately reflect what your users or clients are consenting to when they complete a consent request.”
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    1. Digital Literacy Initiatives

      This website outlines digital literacy initiatives provided by the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS). The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) implements these intitatives to aid adult learners in the successful use of technology in their education and careers. Students have free access to learning material on different subjects under the "LINCS Learner Center" tab. Teachers and tutors also have access to resoruces on implementing educational technology for professional development and effective instruction. Rating 8/10

    1. This article, developed by faculty members at NAU, provides research behind and practices for technology-infused professional development (PD) programs. The authors first emphasize the importance of designing professional development for teachers around how they and their students learn best. Many approaches to PD have taken a one-size-fits-all approach in which learners take a more passive role in absorbing standardized information. The authors in this article suggest the need for a more effective model, one in which teachers play an active role in learning in ways that they find most effective for them and their students. Technology can support this PD through interactive and learner-centered instruction. Rating: 9/10

    1. Advantages of Online Professional Development

      This chapter, "Advantages of Online Professional Development" describes the benefits of online teacher professional development (OTPD), which implements technology to deliver training and learning in an online environment. OTPD allows teachers to participate in a flexible, self-directed, and collaborative learning community. They can interact with other teachers synchronously and asynchronously, or take professional development courses at their own schedule.

    1. Training for Transformation: Teachers, Technology, and the Third Millennium

      This article emphasizes the importance of preparing educators for the effective implementation of technology in a rapidly advancing digital society. Institutions have taken measures to ensure that students are prepared to use educational technology and how that can supplement and enhance learning. However, it is also just as important to ensure that teachers are prepared and to consider how these tools impact their practices. This article outlines examples of training programs and models that teachers can use for technology implementation professional development. Rating: 9/10

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      NCERT Books is the must recommended books for Civil Services Examination Preparation!

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    1. two students only, this provision being deemed advantageous to morals, to order, & to uninterrupted study;

      I find it interesting that two is the explicitly stated maximum for students living together in order to be neat, get along well, and have an ideal situation for studying. I believe this still holds true in today's time, though many find themselves going to the library to study instead. This statement causes me to wonder whether it was rare for students to go elsewhere, such as a library, to study at this time. It seems likely that since a University such as this had not existed previously, the founders wanted to give the prospective students the best possible chance to succeed and did not want to force the students to go to a library or some other building to do their studying. Also, the founders were likely trying to get the students accustomed to studying in their living quarters with another person present, to prepare them for their future jobs when they would have wives and maybe children in the same house or room as them while working.