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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Documenten zijn het dominante transportmiddel in en tussen organisaties. Ze hebben doorgaans het formaat van staande of liggende a4tjes, of een verzameling daarvan, en heten .pdf, .doc of .xlsxl.

      Documents are dominant in organisations as a means of organising and communicating information.

    1. InhaltsverzeichnisHinweise zur Zitation von Primärquellen und zu weiteren Konventioneninnerhalb der vorliegenden Arbeit ......................................................................... 6

      !? Offenbar funktioniert die Verlinkung der einzelnen Textteile aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis heraus nicht (mehr?)! Führt zur Fehlermeldung "410 Gone This resource is no longer available. No forwarding address is given. It appears you have requested out of date content"!

      Die Navigation über das Menü links funktioniert aber noch.

  2. Mar 2024
    1. Voici un résumé concis du document sur l'évaluation des politiques publiques en France :

      • Contexte Institutionnel: L'évaluation des politiques publiques en France est influencée par une institutionnalisation lente et une pratique centralisée, souvent perçue comme un outil de réforme de l'État.

      • Production d'Évaluations: Bien que modeste, la production d'évaluations d'impact basées sur des méthodes statistiques contrefactuelles a commencé à se développer en France depuis le milieu des années 2000.

      • Acteurs de l'Évaluation: Les demandes d'évaluations émanent principalement des administrations, avec une contribution significative des universités et centres de recherche.

      • Utilisation et Influence: L'évaluation d'impact reste peu structurée et son influence sur les décisions publiques est limitée, avec une diffusion des résultats principalement auprès des spécialistes.

  3. Feb 2024
  4. Jan 2024
    1. les cahiers de l'action que je vous présente ici mais que vous verrez également en ligne qui est accessible à 00:02:39 la fois sur le site de ninja paix sur le portail de deux revues kern et kate une collection à l'insep
  5. Dec 2023
  6. Nov 2023
    1. Glasp supports web-hosted PDF files to annotate at this moment. So, please open a PDF on the web browser.

      The operative phrase: web-hosted PDF, and only that. Still better than nothing :-)

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    1. PDF-XChange Viewer The Link Tool can be used to create links to locations in the same document/different documents, external weblinks and files on the local computer. Follow the steps below to activate and use the Link Tool: 1. Click Tools in the Menu Toolbar. 2. Hover over Link Tool. 3. Select Rectangle Link Tool to create a rectangular link or Quadrilateral Link Tool to create a customized quadrilateral link. 4. Click and drag the pointer at the desired location to create the link. The Link Properties dialog box will open:
      • crear link
  19. Aug 2022
    1. I can't find a default setting for that, but you can do something that will give you the result you want. 1. right click the tool bar, select "customize toolbar..." >commands >tools 2. find the select tool, double click 3. set "esc" key as shortcut, then every time when you hit "esc" key, it will go to the select tool. You can choose other keys on the keyboard, too.
      • TESTED!
      • THANK YOU, Daisy!
    1. "PDF is where documents go to die. Once something is in PDF, it's like a roach motel for data."

      —Chris Pratley, Microsoft Office's general manager (in TechRadar, 2012)

      obvious bias here on part of Pratley...

      Oddly, even if this were true, I'm not seeing patterns in the wild by which Microsoft products are helping to dramatically accelerate the distribution and easy ability to re-use data within documents. Perhaps its happening within companies or organizations to some extent, but it's not happening within the broader commons of the internet.

      If .pdfs are where information goes to die, then perhaps tools like Hypothes.is are meant to help resurrect that information?

  20. Jul 2022
    1. The xdocdiff PDF plugin uses a very old version of xdoc2txt (1.46). One of the features I was looking for, and found, in the latest version(2.20) is that it doesn't drop the space between two words when the font style changes from bold back to regular. The latest (as of September 2020) version of xdoc2txt can be obtained from http://ebstudio.info/home/xdoc2txt.html Installation is as easy as unpacking the xd2tx220.zip, and copying the new xdoc2txt.exe over the top of the version from xdocdiff (in the WinMerge executeable directory). I also copied the xd2txlib.dll into the same folder (possibly unnecessary, but disk is cheaper than time to translate the docs). The interface between versions 1.46 & 2.20 may have changed, but not enough to break WinMerge. Important, you will need to install the original xdocdiff plugin first (so you get the amb_xdocdiffPlugin.dll) which drives the whole process.
      • TESTED: OK
    2. Steps 1. Download and extract the xdocdiff archive to a temporary folder 2. Copy the files "zlib.dll" and "xdoc2txt.exe" to both of the following folders inside your WinMerge Portable folders: WinMergePortable\App\WinMerge\ WinMergePortable\App\WinMerge64\ 4. Copy the file "MergePlugins\amb_xdocdiffPlugin.dll" to both of the following folders: WinMergePortable-xdocdiff\App\WinMerge\MergePlugins WinMergePortable-xdocdiff\App\WinMerge64\MergePlugins 5. Launch "WinMergePortable.exe" 6. From the menu, select Plugins - Automatic Unpacking 7. From the menu select Plugins - Plugin Settings and make sure all boxes are checked --- To test with some documents, click File - Open and select 1, 2, or 3 documents to compare. If you have issues, set the File: Unpacker plugin in the Open window to "Automatic." ---
      • TESTED: OK
    1. Ver2.x(Unicode版) New ! 2020/6/26 xdoc2txt 2.20 ( xd2tx220_x64.zip ) - x64(64bit版) xdoc2txt 2.20 ( xd2tx220.zip ) - x86(32bit)版
      • TESTED 32b
    1. 听说你想用Java去掉或者替换PDF里全部文本?看这-爱代码爱编程

      关于 pdfbox 的好文章

    1. PDFBOX替换文本(pdfbox版本2.0.24)-爱代码爱编程

      关于 pdfbox 的好文章

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  23. Mar 2022
    1. https://www.javeriana.edu.co/pesquisa/educacion-virtual-realidad-o-ficcion-en-tiempos-de-pandemia/

      Es interesante como Leonor en su Wiki, juega con las imágenes que ilustran de lo que está hablando, recurre a enlaces de artículos relacionados y finaliza con una reflexión sobre la virtualidad y cómo esta aunque se impulsó con la pandemia no es pasajera, sino que al igual que en el caso personal de Leonor los aprendizajes construidos sobre TICS, serán saberes que estarán constantemente enriqueciendo la práctica pedagógica de los maestros. En cuanto a los usos de las Tics que se evidencian en la experiencia personal de Leonor se puede interpretar un uso básico de plataformas y redes sociales, pero al igual interés por explorar otras formas de uso y lo complejo que resultó para los docentes enfrentarnos al uso de las tecnologías sin lamentablemente, contar con una alfabetización apropiada a la altura de la demanda de las problemáticas educativas enfrentadas, lo que a su vez refleja la realidad de nuestro país y la poca alfabetización digital con la que contamos las personas en general y especialmente los maestros.

    2. Es interesante como Leonor en su Wiki, juega con las imágenes que ilustran de lo que está hablando, recurre a enlaces de artículos relacionados y finaliza con una reflexión sobre la virtualidad y cómo esta aunque se impulsó con la pandemia no es pasajera, sino que al Igual que en el caso personal de Leonor los aprendizajes construidos sobre TICS, serán saberes que estarán constantemente enriqueciendo la práctica pedagógica de los maestros. En cuanto a los usos de las Tics que se evidencian en la experiencia personal de Leonor se puede interpretar un uso básico de plataformas y redes sociales, pero al igual interesa por explorar otras formas de uso y lo complejo que resultó para los docentes enfrentarnos al uso de las tecnologías sin lamentablemente, tener la formación para hacerlo.

    1. https://www.zotero.org/blog/zotero-6/

      Starting in version 6, Zotero will allow you to view annotations previously made in Adobe software. It will also let one extract all the annotations from within a text and save them into a note in Zotero and then export them as markdown into Obsidian or other tools.

    1. I already have several highlights made by external pdf applications like ocular. These annotations are being detected by the pdf viewer used by this plugin. I wanted a way to add the existing annotations to markdown instead of having to repeat the process. As you can see, the highlights' metadata is being detected upon clicking the highlights. What can be done is add 2 options - Either import all existing annotations and highlights Import the selected annotation/highlight I would love to see this feature being added

      The work to add this particular feature to the plugin may be quite a lot, but for those who want it in the erstwhile and for the developers as an example, one might try looking at https://forum.obsidian.md/t/zotero-zotfile-mdnotes-obsidian-dataview-workflow/15536.

  24. Feb 2022
    1. Free All-in-one PDF tools A reliable, intuitive and productive PDF Software




    1. See the Adobe PDF References page 126 for more details

      *http://www.verypdf.com/document/pdf-format-reference/pg_0218.htm * Checkout the above out or search 'line dash pattern' in original Adobe PDF References .

    1. pupka12Dec '21Does anyone know a way to do this with my annotations on locally stored pdfs? That would be lovely. I know I could probably move them to some cloud, but I have no idea which one could work (the most popular ones seem not to)

      If you've annotated local (private) files within your browser using Hypothes.is, you'll need to find the uri path (a rough equivalent to http address for web pages) for your .pdf file with its "fingerprint" (a long unique number).

      To do this 1. Visit https://jonudell.info/h/facet/ 2. Search for your Hypothes.is username (and perhaps a tag) to find the document name and annotations you made on it. 3. You should be able to click on the document title which will take you to a non-loading web page with an address that looks something like this: urn:x-pdf:1ab23cd45e678fgh9012i34j56k78l90 4. Copy and paste that address you get into Hypothesidian as the address for an appropriate option like "Retrieve my annotations for a web article or web pdf". 5. Hit enter/return. 6. Hypothesidian should return the appropriate annotations for that document.

      If others know of alternate/faster methods of finding URis for local pdf files I'd be happy to hear about them.

  25. Jan 2022
    1. Here’s an even more magical trick. Download that PDF to your file system, load it into a third tab, and annotate again. Now you’ll see all three annotations in all three tabs!

      Since Hypothesis doesn’t know that the local copy of the PDF came from http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/file?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0168597&type=printable, or that it’s related to http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0168597, how is that possible?

      The answer is that the PDF standard defines a unique identifier, or “fingerprint,” that authoring tools encode into the PDFs they create. When you use the Hypothesis client to annotate web-hosted PDF, it captures the fingerprint and sends it to the server.

    2. First, here’s a magic trick you might not realize Hypothesis has up its sleeve. Consider this PLOS One article. Annotate it in one tab, then open a second tab and annotate the PDF version there. You’ll see both annotations in both tabs. How is that possible?

      The answer is that when scholarly publishers provide HTML versions of articles, they typically include metadata that points to PDF versions of the same articles. Here’s one way that happens:

      <meta name=”citation_pdf_url” content=”http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/file?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0168597&type=printable”>

      Hypothesis remembers the correspondence between the HTML and PDF versions, and coalesces annotations across them.

  26. Dec 2021
    1. violencia de género

      «Todo acto de violencia sexista que tiene como resultado posible o real un daño físico, sexual o psíquico, incluidas las amenazas, la coerción o la privación arbitraria de libertad, ya sea que ocurra en la vida pública o en la privada».

    2. Esa “formación” del hombre, que lo conduce a una estructura de la personalidad de tipo psicopático

      No existe un perfil único de maltratador. Tampoco se trata de hombres agresivos ni de psicópatas. Nuestro estudio pone en cuestión los estereotipos relacionados hasta ahora con la conducta y los rasgos del maltratador, como puede ser el consumo de sustancias tóxicas y de alcohol, la vivencia de experiencias traumáticas en la edad infantil o los problemas psíquicos. En este último aspecto, los datos del patrón de personalidad de un grupo de maltratadores basados en el inventario clínico multiaxial Millon-II señalan a la compulsividad como rasgo más destacado de estas personas; no obstante, el percentil no supera el grado de normalidad, por lo que se descarta la posibilidad de una psicopatología.

  27. Nov 2021
    1. You’ll see something like this: PDF fcfbb33577a82236301d15889a77df36 [1.3 Mac OS X 10.12.3 Quartz PDFContext / Adobe InDesign CS2 (4.0.5)] (PDF.js: 1.1.215)

      (Spanish) Este mensaje aparece al activar el icono de H.is en la solapa del PDF La clave, NO COINCIDE con el internalid del body, sin activar H.is

    2. Select More Tools -> Developer Tools -> Console

      (Spanish) Pulsar F12 En "Console" no aparece En "Elements" <body>: name="" internalid=""

  28. Oct 2021
    1. FOP, an XSL Formatting Objects to PDF converrter, now has a "tiny bit of SVG support" according to it's author, James Tauber. It generates XSL FO output, with embedded SVG, and renders this all to PDF taking advantage of the pluggable element handlers for rendering the SVG portion. See example PDF slides made from XM· source (including SVG) using XSL-T and FOP.

      FOP mentioned

  29. Sep 2021
    1. Fundamentos pedagógicos. En el PEI de la institución pudimos identificar las tendencias pedagógicas del colegio universitario de socorro como lo son: el aprendizaje significativo- humanista y constructivista, al igual orientan contenidos al estudio del medio ambiente.

  30. Aug 2021
    1. WeasyPrint is a smart solution helping web developers to create PDF documents. It turns simple HTML pages into gorgeous:

      Tool mentioned in IndieWeb chat. Could be used to turn a site into a physical book.

  31. Jul 2021
    1. Titi Lucreti Cari De Rerum Natura Libri SexWith a Translation and NotesVolume 1Edited by H. A. J. Munro Lucretius

      Testing out the OCR functionality of docdrop.org.

      I'm noticing that the pdf fingerprint of this text somehow matches that of other texts as there are a lot of non-related annotations on this page.

      Is docdrop doing something squirrelly with the fingerprint @dwhly?

  32. Jun 2021
  33. May 2021
    1. These all look interesting, but my primary worry is the ability to do cross-platform note taking with them. Perhaps worth delving into some more custom reviews, but the price points of these compared to my laptop versus the functionality and flexibility needs to improve greatly.

  34. Apr 2021
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  38. Dec 2020
    1. No obstante, aunque desconocemos qué partícula constituye la materia oscura, ésto no significa que no entendamos cómo se comporta.

      El comprender el comportamiento de la materia oscura es un gran aporte a la ciencia

    2. A finales de la década de los 70 y comienzos de la década de los 80 del siglo XX, la necesidad de materia oscura no bariónica para explicar la formación de estructuras cosmológicas, junto con una muestra cada vez mayor de curvas de rotación de galaxias que mostraban un comportamiento plano, consolidaban la hipótesis de la existencia de materia oscura en el Universo.

    3. Casi 100 años después de que se empezara a hablar de materia oscura, la realidad es que no sabemos lo que es, pero afortunadamente sabemos qué no es.

      A pesar de todas las investigaciones, nos falta mucho por aprender y descubrir.

    1. Le projet d’accueil individualisé (PAI) Le projet personnalisé de scolarisation (PPS) Le plan d’accompagnement personnalisé (PAP)_ Le programme personnalisé de réussite éducative (PPRE)

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