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    1. mirtazapine is used to treat akathisia probably because of its antagonistic property at H1 postsynaptic receptors and dopaminergic action in the frontal cortex.

      That's an interesting hypothesis. I wouldn't have thought histamine was involved. Though, histamine being a stimulant, it also makes some sense. I'd have thought the primary mechanism is serotonin blockade, which would work in part by dopamine dis-inhibition as mentioned here.

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    1. Nick Brown. (2020, November 27). A researcher reads an online news article about a family suicide in another country and writes it up more or less verbatim as a ‘case report’, with a spurious reference to homicide. WTF @wileyglobal? 10.1111/ppc.12686 News article (trans by Google in pic): Https://t.co/uPZeRPN4jg https://t.co/tHW1XQGRyl [Tweet]. @sTeamTraen. https://twitter.com/sTeamTraen/status/1332413218271195137

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