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    1. Page recommended by @wfinck. Seems @karlicoss is the author. This project seems similar to what I've been trying to do with Hypothes.is, Obsidian, Anki, Zotero, and PowerToys Run but goes beyond the scope of my endeavors to just quickly access whatever resource comes to mind (without creating duplicates). The things that Promnesia adds beyond my PKM stack is the following: - prioritize new info - keeping track of which device things were read and how long

  3. May 2022
    1. William Mather’s 1699 Young Man’s Companion also has one (the London book would inspire the very first arithmetic book to be printed in the colonies in 1705, by Franklin’s old boss Andrew Bradford). In Mather’s book, though, the recipe was short, misleading, and ineffective. It includes an entry for “Terms provoked,” a heading also found under comparable medical books with abortifacient concoctions (where the “term,” or period, needs “provoking”). Unfortunately for Mather’s readers, however, he prescribes “stinking Arach,” or goosefoot, which is an emmenagogue (an agent to stimulate or regulate menstruation) but not a reliable abortifacient. He also makes the even more dubious suggestion to “take a draught of White wine” under a full moon.
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    1. Dafa ànd ak moroom yi àll ba, fori aloom.

      Il est allé dans la brousse ramasser des fruits de Diospyros avec ses camarades.

      dafa -- he/she.

      ànd v. / ànd bi -- to be together, to go together; copulate; going together, fellowship; placenta.

      ak -- and, with, etc.

      moroom mi -- comrade of the same age group, equal, companion, neighbor.

      yi -- the (plural).

      àll bi -- large expanse of uninhabited land, bush; distant, as opposed to home.

      ba -- the (indicates distance).

      for+i (for) v. -- to pick up.

      aloom bi -- edible fruit of Diospyros mespiliformis (aloom gi for the tree).


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    1. The American and the girl with him

      In establishing the setting, we are now introduced to the two main characters: The American and the girl.

      For the author chooses to deliberately separate the two characters with their respective specificity, referring to the male character as "The American" and the female as "the girl". The male character being bestowed a title of nationality, and the girl existing as a relatively unknown figure, Hemingway shows us that the male figure exists in a more concrete manner. In meaning, he exists with more identity and thus is of more importance. "and the girl with him" establishes that the girl is a companion to The American, suggesting that the leader in this couple is the male character. Perhaps the author may be suggesting to the reader an influence of patriarchy.

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    1. Heracles


    2. Heracles


    3. Diomedes


    4. Odysseus


    5. Odysseus


    6. Odysseus


    7. Odysseus


    8. Patroclus


    9. Patroclus


    10. Agamemnon


    11. Agamemnon


    12. Achilles


    13. Achilles


    14. Achilles


    15. Achilles


    16. Achilles


    17. Hector


    18. Achilles


    19. Achilles


    20. Ajax, the son of Oileus


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