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    1. We have always done geo-engineering, from the prairies of Native Americans to European forests, from Indian to Chinese rice fields. Now that we can no longer deny our impact and the responsibility it entails, it’s time to open our eyes and consciously do geo-engineering.

      This is odd. 'we have alway done geo-engineering in the sense that we had large scale negative impacts on the globe' unintentionally, so let's do it more and with more focused intention. The leap here is not in geo-engineering David, the leap is in thinking you are capable of seeing it through without externalisation. With a guy that says you can engineer yourself out of complex issues....

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    1. Ultra deep geothermal power
      • for:: clean energy source with high energy density -;ultra deep brother power

      • comment

        • a practical, cost-effective, initiator ubiquitous, reliable high energy density substitute for fossil fuels can
          • give us authentic hope and
          • propose complimentary actions that can now make sense like
            • temporary energy diet until the practical solution manifests
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    1. Abstract GeoDCAT-AP is an extension of the DCAT application profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) for describing geospatial datasets, dataset series, and services. Its basic use case is to make spatial datasets, dataset series, and services searchable on general data portals, thereby making geospatial information better findable across borders and sectors. For this purpose, GeoDCAT-AP provides an RDF vocabulary and the corresponding RDF syntax binding for the union of metadata elements of the core profile of ISO 19115:2003 and those defined in the framework of the INSPIRE Directive of the European Union.
    1. http://geohash.org/c216ne:Mt_Hood http://geohash.org/?q=45.37,-121.7&format=gpx http://geohash.org/?q=45.37,-121.7&format=url&redirect=0

      • osm — open the location in OpenStreetMaps
      • gmaps — open the location in Google Maps
      • gc — go to the nearest geocaches in Geocaching.com
      • gpx — go directly to GPX download page
      • garmin — go directly to Garmin download page
      • text — show coordinates as plain text
      • url — show Geohash URL as plain text
      • maxlen — maximum length of the Geohash
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  20. www.lrng.org www.lrng.org
    1. agriculture, mining, logging, fishing

      What would an urban youth think about? My guess: tourism, transportation, health, education, entertainment, police, government. I looked it up here: http://blogs.worldbank.org/sustainablecities/top-ten-new-urban-jobs I would add construction and service to my list, and technology.

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    1. Gardez est situé à environ 1 000 m d'altitude

      altitude de Gardez

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