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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Community activists will increasingly use hypermedia to replace corporate capitalism and big government with a hi-tech 'gift economy' in which information is freely exchanged between participants.

      I know the idea "gift economy" was around in the late 2000's and even more prevalent in the teens, but not sure where it originated. This is one of the earliest settings I've seen (within tech).

  2. Nov 2023
  3. Oct 2023
    1. Centuries ago in Wales, the young lover would also give gifts of sweets or cakes; but they would also give a special, more personal gift to the object of their desire, the Welsh Love Spoon. Some of the early love spoons can be seen on display at the Welsh Folk Museum in Cardiff. There is even one that dates back to 1667. The young man would spend hours carving the lovespoon with his own hands, in the hope that the girl would accept it. If the girl accepted the spoon, she would demonstrate her interest in him and they would commence on a relationship, which is the origin of the word 'spooning'.

      Dating back to the late 1600s, the Welsh tradition of carving a lovespoon for the eye of one's affection is the origin of the word "spooning".

      via https://www.cadwyngifts.com/pages/information-about-love-spoons

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    1. Đồ chơi gây phân tâm bất tận (Fidget Spinners) Phụ thuộc vào việc bạn hỏi ai, con quay fidget – một cái đinh ba cứ quay, quay, quay, có vẻ như là mãi mãi – sẽ là đồ vật gây phân tâm vô hại hay là một cơn bão khủng khiếp trong các lớp học ở Mỹ. Nhưng ở trường hợp nào, không ai có thể phủ nhận độ phổ biến của nó. Sau đó là sự ra đời một món đồ chơi tương tự mang tên “khối fidget” và các nhà sản xuất nhận thấy người dùng đang có xu hướng tìm kiếm từ khoá fidget ngày càng nhiều. Vì vậy họ ồ ạt cho ra thị trường các sản phẩm con quay. Mùa xuân vừa qua, nó đã trở thành một hiện tượng lan truyền rộng rãi, doanh số tại các cửa hàng chuyên bán lẻ đồ chơi so với cùng kì năm trước tăng vọt, tính riêng trong tháng tư đã là 20.000 USD theo trang đánh giá The Toy Insider. Cửa hàng đồ chơi nổi tiếng Toys “R” Us thuê cả chuyên cơ riêng để đảm bảo con quay lúc nào cũng có hàng trên giá. Giữa lúc nhu cầu tăng cao, một vài nhà sản xuất còn đưa ra vài nhận định đáng ngờ về chức năng trị liệu của loại đồ chơi này, rằng con quay này “hoàn hảo cho những người mắc chứng tăng động giảm chú ý ADD/ADHD, chứng lo âu và tự kỉ” (Chưa có bằng chứng khoa học nào công nhận tác động này). Sẽ là khôn ngoan nếu những người bán hãy cứ bám vào đặc tính được đồng thuận hơn của nó: “Mang lại hàng giờ vui say mê”.

      Cái này mua cho con bé chơi được đấy. Nó khá vô hại. Để hôm nào tim trên Shopee.

    1. On Saturday, October 9, after our World Weavers conversation on the topic Matter is Derivative of Consciousness, I was exploring Value Village, a thrift store in Chilliwack, with my wife, Jayne. I came across a book that fits with the theme for our World Weavers conversation on October 23: Shifting from an attention economy to an intention economy.

      Sacred Economics

      By Charles Eisenstein

      Sacred money, then, will be a medium of giving, a means to imbue the global economy with the spirit of the gift that governed tribal and village cultures, and still does today wherever people do things for each other outside the money economy.

      Sacred Economics describes this future and also maps out a practical way to get there. Long ago I grew tired of reading books that criticized some aspect of our society without offering a positive alternative. Then I grew tired of books that offered a positive alternative that seemed impossible to reach: “We must reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent.” Then I grew tired of books that offered a plausible means of reaching it but did not describe what I personally, could do to create it. Sacred Economics operates on all four levels: it offers a fundamental analysis of what has gone wrong with money; it describes a more beautiful world based on a different kind of money and economy; it explains the collective actions necessary to create that world and the means by which these actions come about; and it explores the personal dimensions of the world-transformation, the change in identity and being that I call “living in the gift.”

      (Page XIX)

  12. Aug 2021
  13. Jun 2021
    1. The practice, back then, was surprisingly social — people would mark up books for one another as gifts, or give pointedly annotated novels to potential lovers.

      This could be an interesting gift idea. Definitely shows someone that you were actively thinking about them for extended lengths of time while they were away.

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    1. Flanagin et al.(1998) developed a multivariate logistic regression model totest the hypothesis that coauthored articles (operationalizedas papers with six or more authors) were increasing at a rategreater than would be expected when confounding vari-ables, such as the number of centers, were taken into ac-count. They found that 19% of original research reports hadhonorific authors, individuals who were garnering phantomfodder for their curricula vitae. They also discovered that11% of articles had ghost authors, which means that quite afew individuals were not receiving due credit for theircreative or material contributions to the research process—“the ghostly inferred hosts of unnamed actors who shiftedinstruments about and exerted their muscular labor’(Shapin, 1995, p. 379). Their findings, based on surveys ofcorresponding authors, are in keeping with other estimatesof honorific authorship in the biomedical literature.

      Bibliography on ghost and guest authorship: flanagin et al 1998 and Shapin 1995, 379

      Used statistical methods and surveys to work out percentage of ghosts and uncredited authors.

    2. here is com-pelling evidence that many individuals receive unwarrantedcoauthor status (variously referred to as ‘guest’, ‘gift,’ or‘surprise’ authorship) while others are denied legitimatelyearned author status (‘ghost’ authorship). As Slone (1996, p.578) notes, authorship “cannot be conferred but must beearned.” I

      on guest, gift, and ghost authors in biomedicine

  18. Sep 2015
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    1. monetary economies can be viewed as merely large interlocking networks of gifts
  20. Mar 2015
    1. It is, then, through you that I come to discover all that God is. And as a man, when I walked upon your plane, I began to realize that the greatest gift that I could ever receive would only come to me as I chose to surrender every perception that I might conjure up about you, my brother or sister, that would veil the Truth that is true about you always.
  21. Mar 2014
    1. Hdt. 5.11 Darius gifts the gift of governorships to two of his most loyal men, Histiaios/Histiaeus of Miletus and Coes/Koes of Mytilene. 512 BCE