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  1. Nov 2023
    1. In a match the previous Sunday, Richard had twice viciouslyslashed his nemesis, Hal Laycoe of the Boston Bruins, and thenassaulted a linesman

      because they played each other a lot, the fight and tension was building.

    2. The tear gascame 30 seconds later.

      this may have been a little excessive.

    3. The Richard Riot is generally considered the firstexplosion of French-Canadian nationalism, the beginning of asocial and political dynamic that shapes Canada to this day.

      really cool to hear how this riot affected the whole country of Canada and their future.

    4. Loud Start To The Quiet Revolution MARCH 17 1955 The RIOT OVER ROCKET RICHARD

      very cool line here, using two opposites to describe each other.

    1. "Sport is part of culture and a good way to learn about another country… To discover why people are so passionate about it, it's like, 'Tell me what your sport is and I'll tell you who you are,' " he said.

      great line here about sport and how important it is for people .

    2. Another example of religious behaviour is an expectation of sacrifice, Bauer said.

      they sacrificed for the team as you do in religion, which a weird comparison but

    3. Topics will change each week. Students will find themselves examining religious metaphors, behaviours and ethics, and drawing links between them and the Habs

      course work of the class.

    4. Worshipping les Canadiens

      Interesting how they decided to make a course on religion based hockey and compare it to the religion they all practice. Just shows how important it is to them.

    1. But it was not that simple. Something momentous had happened that shook the natural order and would not allow Montreal to return to the way things once stood

      this event caused Montreal to never be the same in regards to hockey.

    2. Richard knew his temper meant trouble but felt defenseless against it. “When I’m hit, I get mad and I don’t know what I do,” he confided in one writer. “Before each game, I think about my temper and how I should control it, but as soon as I get on the ice I forget all that.”

      after reading this, a fight of this magnitude could have happened on any given night.

    3. “He is God,”

      puts a perspective on how important hockey is in Canada.

    4. Their teammates swarm about, clutching and shoving one another. Linesman Cliff Thompson grabs at Richard but he slips the official’s grip. Richard connects with an uppercut to Laycoe’s cheek.

      I love how in hockey the whole benches clear and fight no matter what happens.

    5. This is their 14th and final meeting of the regular season,

      I wonder why they did not like each other, playing 14 times per season.

    6. Maurice Richard­-le Rocket,

      he is causing a lot of backlash with his actions, even though he is the best hockey player at the time.

    1. Ted Lindsay had been dispatched for four games after punching a Toronto fan.

      should have been a longer suspension, at least it would have today.

    2. Unbeaten, unbowed, unrepentant — still forever proud.

      even though so much occurred because of this, they are still proud of what happened.

    3. 137 arrests

      that is a lot of arrests made in a short amount of time.

    1. "The mass is beautiful. I am often very sorry that we live so far from churches. Perhaps not being able to attend to our religion every Sunday hinders us from being just so fortunate as other people."

      they lived very from the churches, but they still were very religious. they feel bad for living that far away

    2. Some miles farther, and the woods fell away again, disclosing the river. The road descended the last hill from the higher land and sank almost to the level of the ice. Three houses were dotted along the mile of bank above; but they were humbler buildings than those of the village, and behind them scarcely any land was cleared and there was little sign of cultivation:-built there, they seemed to be, only in witness of the presence of man.

      On their travels they come across so many different areas, little areas of land with 2-3 houses.

    3. The great three-decked stove stood in the centre of the house; the sheet-iron stove-pipe, after mounting for some feet, turned at a right angle and was carried through the house to the outside, so that none of the precious warmth should be lost. In a corner was the large wooden cupboard; close by, the table; a bench against the wall; on the other side of the door the sink and the pump. A partition beginning at the opposite wall seemed designed to divide the house in two, but it stopped before reaching the stove and did not begin again beyond it, in such fashion that these divisions of the only room were each enclosed on three sides and looked like a stage setting-that conventional type of scene where the audience are invited to imagine that two distinct apartments exist although they look into both at once.

      Good insight of how they live and the layout.

    4. In her heart she felt that never since the earth began was there a springtime like this springtime to-be

      They are always looking forward to better weather and happier living.

    5. That is to say, for wages of twenty dollars a month he was in harness each day from four in the morning till nine at night at any and every job that called for doing

      Interesting to see their work and the pay to go along with it.

  2. Sep 2023
  3. May 2023
    1. Fall Beans has a unique concept that sets it apart from other games. The game combines elements of platformers and battle royale games, making it a fresh and exciting gaming experience.

      Fall Beans offers fun and engaging gameplay that is easy to pick up and play. The game is fast-paced and action-packed, providing players with a Fun gaming experience.

      Play on the fun and enjoyment mode.

  4. Dec 2022
    1. If an educated citizenry makes democracy possible, attacking schools becomes a proxy war to limit democracy.

      This is a hasty generalization and ignores the fact that WITHOUT inclusive curriculums strides have been made toward equity. While I agree with the basic premise of this article, there are a few weak points in the argumentation itself.

    2. As a result, these Freedom Schools made citizens.

      I think the Author may be committing a begging the question fallacy here. Each type of school creates citizens, but the difference is the quality of awareness within the children entering society post education. This statement is circular within the argument.

    3. According to PEN America, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting free expression, legislatures in 36 states have proposed 137 bills that would limit teaching about race, gender and American history.

      I would argue that there is a fair amount of cognitive dissonance present on the side introducing these bills. Their lived experience and perception of themselves conflicts with the reality that they are white supremacists and are actively suppressing BIPOC history in an effort to reconcile their perceptions of how they live.

  5. Nov 2022
    1. 중간 층 activation

      Discriminator의 중간층 Activation이 semantic 한 정보가 담겨있다고 볼수 있는것인지? 그렇다면 어느 정도의 중간 Activiation을 그 semantic한 feature로 판단 가능한것인지?

  6. Sep 2022
    1. If you are an American, you must allow all ideas to circulate freely in your community, not merely your own

      I agree with this. All ideas should be expressed and taught in school regardless because that is reality. The world is filled with all different thoughts, beliefs, and ideals, so I would think that schools would want to use all different types of novels and books that express this and can teach young people what others experience in real life.

    2. ratlike people who enjoy making money from poisoning the minds of young people

      I find it sad how the school thought that it was okay to burn books and think just because they thought of them as “evil” and “poisonous”. I don’t understand how the school does not rather appreciate different perspectives and types of books, which can truly be a great learning experience.

    1. They are tangible, personal and real, in every sense of the word.

      I agree that letters are personal and real; they show you care and want to put more effort into the conversation.

    2. For those few minutes, you will live entirely in the present moment and in the thoughts you're putting on paper

      I love the aspect of being more in the present when writing something to someone through a letter, which truly expresses how you feel and think at the time.

    3. Research has shown that the general act of writing by hand can promote quite a few physical and mental benefits

      in middle school letter writing helped me feel less alone when my best friend moved to California. We wrote letters to each other because i did not have a phone, so I was able to stay in touch.

    1. Even those aware of the manipulation still felt propaganda’s pull

      I was shocked how Tokyo rose tried to persuade Japanese and Nazi causes through a radio station and the GI’s were encouraged to stop fighting, as the radios claims were false.

    2. It was best to appeal directly to the emotions

      this is scary how manipulative US propaganda is; Seeing colorful misleading posters everywhere, implied that becoming a troop will be an “honor” to America but they were false visuals with no truth in how much death was actually occurring.

    1. I live in a world of death

      this was the most moving quote. Showing the true emotion of Aanenson, it makes you understand the reality of the war and the impact it had on the troops’ lives. They were surrounded by death and destruction most of their time serving and it eventually became hard to continue to have positivity and hope when writing. Living with constant fear of your life and the life of others that can be taken away at any point; it hard to keep inside. Although Aanenson wanted to initially reveal how he was truly feeling to the girl he loved, he knew it was best to not tell her, as she cannot prevent or do anything about it. He didn’t send the letter to keep his hope in their future. These troops crave comfort from their loved ones and writing letters probably relieves some of their suffering at least a little bit. Keeping messages and letters from family and friends allows them hold on to something that they know will always be safe with and bring them joy from reading it, so it was probably best to always write with positive outlooks in order to keep the hope and dreams of a better future and end to the war.

    2. Every day I hear of some person doing strange things

      This revealed the truth behind how people had felt in the Japanese imprisonment camps. Being confined caused people to loose themselves and get caught up in negative thoughts. Forced into camps, people needed to endure the emotional and mental trauma of this, which clearly changed people.

    3. We couldn't have won the war without it. It was terribly important as a motivator of the troops

      This is my favorite quote from this article. It reveals how important and valued letters were to the soldiers and families/friends at home who received them. The troops specifically probably held on to them, treasuring what was from their loved ones, giving them hope and a drive to keep fighting in order to go home to them.

    1. In the coming years more newsreels and photographs were released showing increasingly graphic images of death and destruction

      graphic movies and films of the war horrified people and I find it interesting how effective and powerful they were to engraving scary truths of what troops were actually living through.

    2. These sources played a vital role in connecting the home front with the war front and kept Americans informed about the progress of the fighting overseas as well as its impact on their communities

      This is an impactful meaning behind the radios and movies. They showed the true reality of what troops were going through and how everyone needs to keep having hope. Even though this caused worry, it also kept everyone informed and not clueless to what was occurring.

  7. Aug 2022
  8. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. idle interference

      He almost certainly has Anne and their broken engagement in mind during this interaction. He has no idea what the consequences of this speech will be - Louisa's accident is a direct result of his words

  9. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. frightened, enquiring companions, than of very useful assistants

      Foreshadowing perhaps Louisa's fall, Henrietta and Mary going into hysterics and, Anne being the only useful person

  10. May 2022
    1. To explain further, a “humans-as-ants” strategy infuses PLAN E. Like an ant, a single human has little power or agency against the hyperthreat, but when humans amass and align their goals, they can achieve remarkable outcomes.

      This is equivalent to the old cliche: "United we stand, divided we fall". Perhaps it is time to revive this old cliche and modernize it for the times we find ourselves in.

  11. Apr 2022
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  13. Dec 2021
    1. Office of the Memoriali

      This was a tricky one to find due to when the Memoriali was set up and likely issues from translation and the possibility that the office has changed its name or has been absorbed into something else.

      At the time, Bologna had the Libri Memoriali set up where notaries had to register articles with a value of 20 Lire or more to it. The term itself likely means "memorial books" if google translate is correct.

      With this, it is likely to assume that the Office of the Memoriali was likely a place to register wills, death certificates, etc. for official legal records.


  14. Sep 2021
    1. Sensitive to my request that I not appear on the cover of a memoir that nonetheless interrogates my physical appearance, Penguin Random House senior designer Nayon Cho got it right from the start. Her first mockup was only edited very minorly before it became the final cover:

      The white cover and pink/blue eyelash gave a more mysterious but interesting look to the cover. You want to find out what is about and personally, I like to not have the story told by its cover.

    1. estate of regeneracy.

      Winthrop uses the phrase "estate of regeneracy" as a way to say to be born again and how they were godly in other words. A way of bringing in biblical ideas into them as they thought they, the Puritans were somehow living through these scriptures during their journey exploring the New World.

      Mimms, Walker. "A model of Christian Charity Term: Regeneracy."(2019, November 27) LitCharts.LitCharts LLC https://www.litcharts.com/lit/a-model-of-christian-charity/terms/regeneracy Accessed 2021, September 6

    1. shallop

      In the 1600's a shallop was a "rater modest wooden boat" of which the explores at this time used to travel across the sea. It states that these shallops were small with 1-2 sails that they were also able to row but also able to still carry heavier cargo.

      U.S. Department of the Interior. (2016, January 7). The shallop. National Parks Service. https://www.nps.gov/cajo/learn/historyculture/the-shallop.htm#:~:text=In%20the%201600s%2C%20the%20word%20%22shallop%22%20referred%20to,sails.%20Captain%20Smith%27s%20shallop%20could%20carry%2015%20men.

  15. Aug 2021
    1. MOFL IS DECREDENTIALING DOCTORS WHO THINK BAKER ACTING OVER AND OVER AGAIN IS NOT TORTURE PERIOD. It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search ⚓ It looks like there aren't many great matches for your searchTip: Try using words that might appear on the page you’re looking for. For example, "cake recipes" instead of "how to make a cake."Need help? Check out other tips for searching on Google.Web results5 days ago — It is well past the time for our lawmakers to once again address the ... Baker Acting of seniors and in many instances the person did not ...Missing:MOFL ‎DECREDENTIALING ‎THINKMar 15, 2004 — Credentialing, not educating, has become the primary business of North ... education does not go beyond high school and who works full time ...Missing:MOFL ‎DECREDENTIALING ‎BAKERNov 2, 1989 — firms once again that, regardless of ... Revenue projections say the state will have just over $3 billion to Spend next year.16 pagesit is recognized that the world financial system is, at any given time, ... vaded both countries, but particularly Argentina, over the past five years.oian or indifference toward a tbe two-thirds needed to over- wn^M P 051 ... briJy strong- but over- whelming” the President made no move it'the' time to ...Aug 14, 1987 — Holloway and his wife Delta, who took over Ever- green Mnnor's ... wo will not wait a i itojsi yea,, to go back again, Ixwause of t — — —the ...Could China actually take over America and turn it to Communism in the ... keeping selected patriots at bay with DEW torture until such time the FBI ...Missing:MOFL ‎DECREDENTIALING ‎BAKER 2read.net

      MOFL IS DECREDENTIALING DOCTORS WHO THINK BAKER ACTING OVER AND OVER AGAIN IS NOT TORTURE PERIOD. It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search

      ⚓ It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search

      Tip: Try using words that might appear on the page you’re looking for. For example, "cake recipes" instead of "how to make a cake."

      Need help? Check out other tips for searching on Google.

      Web results 5 days ago — It is well past the time for our lawmakers to once again address the ... Baker Acting of seniors and in many instances the person did not ...


      MOFL ‎


      THINK Mar 15, 2004 — Credentialing, not educating, has become the primary business of North ... education does not go beyond high school and who works full time ...


      MOFL ‎


      BAKER Nov 2, 1989 — firms once again that, regardless of ... Revenue projections say the state will have just over $3 billion to Spend next year.

      16 pages

      it is recognized that the world financial system is, at any given time, ... vaded both countries, but particularly Argentina, over the past five years.

      oian or indifference toward a tbe two-thirds needed to over- wn^M P 051 ... briJy strong- but over- whelming” the President made no move it'the' time to ...

      Aug 14, 1987 — Holloway and his wife Delta, who took over Ever- green Mnnor's ... wo will not wait a i itojsi yea,, to go back again, Ixwause of t — — —the ...

      Could China actually take over America and turn it to Communism in the ... keeping selected patriots at bay with DEW torture until such time the FBI ...


      MOFL ‎


      BAKER 2read.net

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  17. Feb 2021
  18. Aug 2020
  19. Jul 2020
    1. This model is the most flexible and open-ended of the four; your goal as an instructor is not to design a full-fledged semester of material, activities, and assessments. Rather, your goal is to work with your class to design and become a learning community, working collaboratively and individually towards your determined learning goals. For this to work you should have: a set of possible/preferred learning objectives for your classa library of course materials, preferably with as much as possible in digital formata suggested list of digital tools and technologies that you’re comfortable from with a list of possible assignment/project/assessment ideas that are related to your learning objectivesa willingness to experiment and invite your students into the teaching & learning process. At the onset of class you will need to facilitate a conversation among you and your students about how the class will unfold. This can be done in small groups f2f, via an online communication tool, or in a hybrid mix of both. As a community you should plan on addressing the following: what are our objectives as a learning community? what kind of work could we engage in to meet these objectives? what physical/virtual spaces would we like to work in? how/when do we want to meet in these spaces?how do we want to measure (assess) if an objective has been met?what rules and policies should govern our work? how will we work virtually and respect everyone’s boundaries and personal situations? how will we work f2f and respect public health recommendations and personal situations? You will probably need to spend at least the first 1-2 weeks answering these questions together and then designing a plan for your course. Make sure you and your students talk through various complications: what if the university’s policies about meeting f2f change? what if classes are forced to move entirely virtual/remote? what someone (students or professor!) gets sick?

      This is the one for me!!!!

    2. c

      Apologies for highlighting whole swaths of paragraphs but it can't be helped sometimes lol.

    3. Finally, these are NOT meant to be comprehensive. Instead, imagine these models along a continuum of opportunity. Your challenge is to determine where your courses could fit between and among the proposals.  

      I'm wondering how much or how little faculty will need to change their curriculum/delivery depending on the various inevitable changes that we can't exactly predict will happen this school year. For those faculty member purposefully switching online, what changes have they made already, and what changes will become necessary in the near future?

    1. Final exams.

      Has anybody tried to do a semester walkthrough using a screencasting tool and a presentation tool of some kind? I think that might be a valuable tool for first year comp students.

      Or maybe a short simulation like Clark Aldritch uses:

    2. Here is a place to add more possible guidelines:

      1. Provide a scratchpad each week where students can reflect on the week on progress or regress.

      2. Get lots of quick feedback from learners with Google Forms.

      3.Introduce the idea of feedforward to students and teachers.

  20. Jun 2020
  21. Jan 2020
    1. we stole this dance you set in motion
    2. to remember how to best fall down;

      Remember how our children learned to walk? Yeah, they didn't learn how to walk, they learned how to fall down.

  22. Sep 2019
    1. We need to make a big impression on parents, amazethem, convince them that what we are doing is some-thing extremely important for their children and forthem, that we are producing and working with chil-dren to understand their intelligence and their intelli-gences.

      Documentation is a great tool for communicating with parents what, how, and why there children are engaging with potentially risky and controversial materials or actions. If we can display the children as responsible learners, with teachers who are attentive and supportive, parents may be more open to the unconventional aspects of play and exploration.

    2. This statement highlights the importance of intentional "scaffolding" and allowing children to be uncomfortable and in a state of dissonance when discovering something new or taking on a challenge.

    3. This theory within you pushes you to behave incertain ways; it orients you as you talk to the child,listen to the child, observe the child

      It has been interesting to observe how my image of the child has changed through my knowledge of ECE and how quick I am to notice other people's view of children when in public based on how their interact with or make presumptions about children, whether verbal or non-verbal. How would a societal shift to viewing children as competent and capable change the way they are treated on a daily basis by both family and members of the community?

  23. Aug 2019
    1. Say howdy to George Carter, and thank him for taking the pistol from you when you were shooting at me. From your old servant,

      Great closing

    2. I am doing tolerably well here. I get twenty-five dollars a month, with victuals and clothing; have a comfortable home for Mandy,—the folks call her Mrs. Anderson,—and the children—Milly, Jane, and Grundy—go to school and are learning well. The teacher says Grundy has a head for a preacher. They go to Sunday school, and Mandy and me attend church regularly. We are kindly treated.

      Civil War and emancipation change Jourdan’s life and The life of his wife and children.

    1. "1supposeyou'llsaythesunnotonlyprovideswhatisseenwiththepowerofbeingseen,butalsowithgeneration,growth,andnourish-mentalthoughititselfisn'tgeneration."

      I found this passage very interesting. In my interpretation, the sun is being compared to growth and power. If the sun is at the same time illuminating the truth, I get the idea that a hidden meaning is sharing truth is what we can use to grow and nourish our ideas and our way of thinking.

  24. Feb 2019
    1. hey've perhaps almost lost thm,c excellent Capacities which probably were afforded them by nature for the highest things.

      A sort of reverse tabula rasa. While this could be a sort of flourish, I don't read it as one.

      If we take her at her word, Astell is suggesting that those (rational) capacities which are originally inherit to humans, can, through disuse, gradually recede into nothing.

      I have lots of questions about how the hell it got there in the first place and how it goes away etc., but I suspect it has something to do with the imago Dei and the Fall.

  25. Sep 2018
    1. The numbers variable can reference an array of int values. Notice that this statement looks like a regular int variable declaration except for the set of brackets that appears after the key word int. The brackets indicate that this variable is a reference to an int array.

      What differentiates an array variable from a regular variable is the set of brackets i.e []

    2. As with any other type of object, it is possible to declare a reference variable and create an instance of an array with one statement. Here is an example:int[] numbers = new int[6];Arrays of any data type can be declared. The following are all valid array declarations:float[] temperatures = new float[100];char[] letters = new char[41];long[] units = new long[50];double[] sizes = new double[1200]

      The arrays can have any data type e.g. char, string

  26. Aug 2018
    1. I made him just and right, Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.

      Yes, and God also made mankind ignorant, with strong sensory appetites (for fruit like apples), with a desire for pleasure etc. etc. (I'm thinking of my mother who was so unattuned to childrearing that she expected me to act like an adult when I was 2 years old and punished me for acting by impulse according to reason). Just how much time did God spend teaching Adam and Eve how to control their desires, or role model such behavior for them?

      It seems to me that anyone who is authoritarian and makes strong rules- especially for someone who is not yet really adult, experienced and knowledgeable -is asking for rebellion. The gestalt therapists speak of Topdog and Underdog. When there is an authoritarian Topdog, there's bound to be an Underdog who rebels. What's needed is to assimilate Topdog (integrating some facets of our SHOULDs and throwing out others that are not necessary), building a self in the process that it is NOT split in two. In Freudian terms, we're talking about a healthy ego that can help us integrate our id and superego rather than a strict superego that is authoritarian with a rebellious id. But the root of the Old Testament is such a split.

      Adam and Eve were just born, right, though born as adults? (Personally, I think we can get beyond the split too of Creationism vs. Evolution. Why not view God as having given a lightning blast to chimpanzees which quickly led to ther evolving into humans?). So they weren't likely to have a lot of experience or become very mature yet. Of course they needed to go through the rebellious terrible twos!

      In Greek mythology too, we have the first female Pandora who almost immediately after she is created is left in a room with a box and told that she must not open it. So she does, of course. Her curiosity gets the better of her. And so she is blamed for all the evil in the world, as Eve is blamed. Unfair!

      Both of these situations are "set ups". What I don't understand is why God set up a test which Adam and Eve were bound to fail. So that he could fully assert His power over them?

      The Old Testament seems to me to be based on a split consciousness with a Topdog God and an Underdog mankind. This is a kind of parent/child, authority /subordinate setup. But it is not the only way to live.

      Yes, I'm trying to understand Milton, but in the process clarifying my own attitude toward his interpretation of The Fall AND that of the Bible and Christianity. As a Gnostic deeply influenced by Elaine Pagel's Gnostic Gospels and her Adam, Eve and the Serpent, I highly recommend these two books. To me, the make much more sense than the Fall in the Old Testament or the Miltonian interpretation.of it.

      Those of us who are expressing our own views here abd criticizing Milton and the Bible (and certainly I'm doing a lot of it) may be at odds with those who are dedicated believers in the Bible and take Genesis literally. But I'd be happy to hear a variety of views.

  27. Sep 2017
  28. inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net
    1. Being alive means being a learner. Being alive for humansbrings with it the inevitability of learning, as well as its ne-cessity. In effect, one cannot prevent learning from occurring(inevitable), nor can one hope to survive unless learning hap-pens (essential).

      On the one hand, since people cannot live in a vacuum, residing in the community means we can be unavoidably influenced by surroundings, so learning(small changes) occurs during each interaction and human activities. On the other hand, learning serves as an essential way of protection, with the intention of getting involved in the community and survive, people are required to learn social principles and how to behave. In the real world, I found children are more flexible and adaptive, so they always achieve better performance in language learning when compared with adults.

  29. Nov 2016
    1. Nowhere is this better illustrated than by the fact that the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission publicly prods broadcasters to engage in their legal right to editorialize

      This is one of the main largest reasons this speech is so memorable. Murrow, not only addressed the issue, but he called out the person responsible live TV.

    2. This just might do nobody any good. At the end of this discourse a few people may accuse this reporter of fouling his own comfortable nest, and your organization may be accused of having given hospitality to heretical and even dangerous thoughts. But I am persuaded that the elaborate structure of networks, advertising agencies and sponsors will not be shaken or altered. It is my desire, if not my duty, to try to talk to you journeymen with some candor about what is happening to radio and television in this generous and capacious land. I have no technical advice or counsel to offer those of you who labor in this vineyard the one that produces words and pictures.

      I love the intro that Murrow uses. He knows that his speech might fall on deaf ears and may indeed be unhelpful, but he will not be daunted in his beliefs and his choice to express his opinion and thoughts on what he feels is not only an important event for him, but for his country. however in today's modern digital news infrastructure, his concerns are somewhat of a moot point now. in order for any web based news source to function online, they need revenue to function and to remain online. The easiest way is to advertise. While this is the easiest way to gain revenue, the payoff is much smaller. The only way for sites like these are able to still function are if they continue to give space to ads. The biggest downside is that with so much space taken over by ads, the real news at the center of the site is harder to see beneath the haze.

    1. This is where a series that started out as a pretty sharp media satire adds another layer, and somehow gets both sharper and much, much darker.

      Most dystopian novel series start out this way. Many begin with a world where something happened which caused a major political shift for humanity, everything seems fine on the surface, there is a hidden evil agenda and the only one who can save the world is a messianic figure who symbolizes discontent with the social norm.

  30. Oct 2016
    1. In Wall-E and the Toy Storytrilogy, the pleasure is of the suspen-sion of knowledge—the pleasure of notknowing.
    2. One of the distinct pleasures in Pixar’s films is the pleasure of seeing the deepest of human struggles, timeless philosophical questions projected in and through remote forms of representation.
  31. Sep 2016
    1. From all the jails the Boys and Girls Ecstatically leap— Beloved only Afternoon That Prison doesn’t keep They storm the Earth and stun the Air, A Mob of solid Bliss— Alas—that Frowns should lie in wait For such a Foe as this—

      I can really see the argument here. Poetry is really a wild art form. Its structured, but supposed to be free flowing. It is literally an ambiguous art form.

    1. How are evolving technologies (like the iPad) helping to enliven (or disengage us from) the materiality of literary texts?

      Well for one thing it allows us to store all of the most referenced and revered canonical texts of humanity on a single device. In short it makes things more convenient to access. If I wanted to read the Dead Sea Scrolls, I'd have to become a world famous historian who specializes in dead sea antiquities. Nowadays, i can pull up a digital scan of the scrolls as well as a translation into Ebonics on my phone. Ten times more convenient.