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    1. For Cuis-Smalltalk, we built Morphic 3, the third design iteration of these ideas, after Self’s Morphic 1 and Squeak’s Morphic 2. If you already know Morphic in Self or Squeak, most concepts are similar, although with some improvements: Morphic 3 coordinates are not limited to being integer numbers, the apparent size (zoom level) of elements is not tied to pixel density, and all drawing is done with high quality (subpixel) anti aliasing. These enhancements are enabled by the huge advance in hardware resources since Self and Squeak were designed (in the late 80’s and late 90’s respectively). Additionally, careful design of the framework relieves Morph programmers from much the complexity that was required, especially with regards to geometry.

      Vector Graphics is actually what got the Cuis project started. In 2003, ten years before the Retina display, I (Juan Vuletich) decided that making Morphic zoomeable and independent of pixel resolution would require completely abandoning back compatibility with the existing Morphic in Squeak. I took Squeak 3.7 and started working on what would later be named Cuis Smalltalk.

      —Juan Vuletich, Vector Graphics and Morphic 3

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    1. Animating text

      Animating your text gives you more control over your audience's attention. You can easily move around graphics, but if the moving object is text you want your audience to read, they will follow along to gather the information within the text. It is important not too move your text around too much as this can also be a double edged sword.

    2. Much of their success can be attributed to their ability to keep viewers’ attention

      Very important, most viewers on social platforms are Goldfish Brains. They will eventually click/engage with something that captures their attention based on the graphics and keywords used in the caption or thumbnail.

    3. Anything from a small social ad to a documentary can utilize motion graphics for various benefits like comprehension and engagement.

      True again. Many websites, this one included has 10+ visual graphics in the form of; videos, images and gifs. Unfortunately, they end up annoying most viewers than engaging with them if their aim is to read.

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    1. This book was written to help educators and instructional designers to design visually appealing courses (and curricular materials) that are also digitally accessible. I argue that applying graphic design principles reduces barriers, lowers cognitive load, and improves learning. I created the Graphic Design E-Learning Checklist to help instructional designers improve the look and feel of their courses while designing for inclusivity at the forefront
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    1. We can also see that converting the original non-dithered image to WebP gets a much smaller file size, and the original aesthetic of the image is preserved.

      Favor converting images to WebP over ditchering them

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    1. graphics are not really important in the grand scheme of things, even less so in puzzlers, but the diorama-like presentation of forests and cute animals immediately won me over, and I found small things like moving animals in the backround hours into the game. gotta admire the attention to detail.
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    1. Inkscape is professional, free, open source Vector Graphics software.
    2. basic beginners guide tutorial for new users to give you an introduction to GIMP to get you started
    3. A tutorial of transforming any photo to a line art vector using Inkscape. Line art is easy to create with the help of Bazier Tool from Inkscape, Bazier Curves are precise in tracing and easy to work with. It is similar to the Pen Tool option of Illustrator.
    4. set up a drawing tablet (I'm using a Wacom tablet) in the latest version of GIMP
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    1. All information visualizations are metrics expressed as graphics.

      Very broad statement that needs definition of specific words.

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    1. This article talks about the challenges of developing for VR and the extra work involved over creating traditional games. It looks at the main areas of difficulty that come with virtual reality development and then presents what solutions developers are coming up with to overcome those challenges. Some of the challenges are familiar to developers, such as trying to obtain a high frame rate, but have new angles that need to be considered such as wider viewing angles and lower latency. The article covers eight main technical challenges and then dives into the solutions that developers are applying to these challenges. The author wraps up the article by stating some of the concerns about virtual reality and that some may consider it just a novelty. Overall though, he feels as if virtual reality is a huge leap in technology and is one that developers should start working on it.

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    1. Visualisation of homology and convergence as trajectories in morphospace through 2time.

      How likely is it that two different lineages evolve the same morphology by chance? Traits and trait complexes can be convergently evolved, but not entire phenotypes. All (pseudo)cryptic species in higher (complex) organisms have been found within members of the same lineage (i.e. are the result of parallel evolution, homoiologies)

      One would want to stress the difference between a phenotype itself and individual characters scored to represent the character.

    2. d (B,C) choose between trees, as implemented in the 3function homoiologies

      The graphical example is not a good one. The function would reconstruct "0" as the ancestral state for the "0"-containing subtree in B, hence, not get this as a potential homoiology but dismiss it as symplesiomorphy (in contrast to the real-world example in A). It would be clearer if just two tips would have shown "1" in B and C (we often associate "0" with ancestral, and "1" with derived)

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    1. PLAYLIST: Storywars | Generation Z

      I think the graphics in this section are awesome. They add another element to the messaging, that the oral tradition changes story over time. Seeing this visually is powerful. The graphics for the changing information delivered through TV is both super cool and again supports the message.

  33. Jul 2016
    1. Unsupervised Learning of 3D Structure from Images Authors: Danilo Jimenez Rezende, S. M. Ali Eslami, Shakir Mohamed, Peter Battaglia, Max Jaderberg, Nicolas Heess (Submitted on 3 Jul 2016) Abstract: A key goal of computer vision is to recover the underlying 3D structure from 2D observations of the world. In this paper we learn strong deep generative models of 3D structures, and recover these structures from 3D and 2D images via probabilistic inference. We demonstrate high-quality samples and report log-likelihoods on several datasets, including ShapeNet [2], and establish the first benchmarks in the literature. We also show how these models and their inference networks can be trained end-to-end from 2D images. This demonstrates for the first time the feasibility of learning to infer 3D representations of the world in a purely unsupervised manner.

      The 3D representation of a 2D image is ambiguous and multi-modal. We achieve such reasoning by learning a generative model of 3D structures, and recover this structure from 2D images via probabilistic inference.

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    1. Pronunciations for hexadecimal numbers:<br> 0xB3 "bibbity-three"<br> 0xF5 "fleventy-five"<br> 0xDB "dickety-bee"

      BZARG is the work of Tim Babb, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is Lighting Optimization Lead for Pixar Animation Studios.

      This blog focuses primarily on graphics, physics, programming, and probably some philosophy and fiction

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