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    1. The lonesome cat isn’t useless.  UUOCs are typically characterized by having exactly one filename argument; this one has none.  It connects the input to the function (which is the input of the if statement) to the output of the if statement (which is the input to the base64 –decode statement)
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    1. Note 9/8j says - "There is a note in the Zettelkasten that contains the argument that refutes the claims on every other note. But this note disappears as soon as one opens the Zettelkasten. I.e. it appropriates a different number, changes position (or: disguises itself) and is then not to be found. A joker." Is he talking about some hypothetical note? What did he mean by disappearing? Can someone please shed some light on what he really meant?

      On the Jokerzettel

      9/8j Im Zettelkasten ist ein Zettel, der das Argument enthält, das die Behauptungen auf allen anderen Zetteln widerlegt.

      Aber dieser Zettel verschwindet, sobald man den Zettelkasten aufzieht.

      D.h. er nimmt eine andere Nummer an, verstellt sich und ist dann nicht zu finden.

      Ein Joker.

      —Niklas Luhmann, ZK II: Zettel 9/8j


      9/8j In the slip box is a slip containing the argument that refutes the claims on all the other slips. But this slip disappears as soon as you open the slip box. That is, he assumes a different number, disguises himself and then cannot be found. A joker.

      Many have asked about the meaning of this jokerzettel over the past several years. Here's my slightly extended interpretation, based on my own practice with thousands of cards, about what Luhmann meant:

      Imagine you've spent your life making and collecting notes and ideas and placing them lovingly on index cards. You've made tens of thousands and they're a major part of your daily workflow and support your life's work. They define you and how you think. You agree with Friedrich Nietzsche's concession to Heinrich Köselitz that “You are right — our writing tools take part in the forming of our thoughts.” Your time is alive with McLuhan's idea that "The medium is the message." or in which his friend John Culkin said, "We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us."

      Eventually you're going to worry about accidentally throwing your cards away, people stealing or copying them, fires (oh! the fires), floods, or other natural disasters. You don't have the ability to do digital back ups yet. You ask yourself, can I truly trust my spouse not to destroy them?,What about accidents like dropping them all over the floor and needing to reorganize them or worse, the ghost in the machine should rear its head?

      You'll fear the worst, but the worst only grows logarithmically in proportion to your collection.

      Eventually you pass on opportunities elsewhere because you're worried about moving your ever-growing collection. What if the war should obliterate your work? Maybe you should take them into the war with you, because you can't bear to be apart?

      If you grow up at a time when Schrodinger's cat is in the zeitgeist, you're definitely going to have nightmares that what's written on your cards could horrifyingly change every time you look at them. Worse, knowing about the Heisenberg Uncertainly Principle, you're deathly afraid that there might be cards, like electrons, which are always changing position in ways you'll never be able to know or predict.

      As a systems theorist, you view your own note taking system as a input/output machine. Then you see Claude Shannon's "useless machine" (based on an idea of Marvin Minsky) whose only function is to switch itself off. You become horrified with the idea that the knowledge machine you've painstakingly built and have documented the ways it acts as an independent thought partner may somehow become self-aware and shut itself off!?!


      And worst of all, on top of all this, all your hard work, effort, and untold hours of sweat creating thousands of cards will be wiped away by a potential unknowable single bit of information on a lone, malicious card and your only recourse is suicide, the unfortunate victim of dataism.

      Of course, if you somehow manage to overcome the hurdle of suicidal thoughts, and your collection keeps growing without bound, then you're sure to die in a torrential whirlwind avalanche of information and cards, literally done in by information overload.

      But, not wishing to admit any of this, much less all of this, you imagine a simple trickster, a joker, something silly. You write it down on yet another card and you file it away into the box, linked only to the card in front of it, the end of a short line of cards with nothing following it, because what could follow it? Put it out of your mind and hope your fears disappear away with it, lost in your box like the jokerzettel you imagined. You do this with a self-assured confidence that this way of making sense of the world works well for you, and you settle back into the methodical work of reading and writing, intent on making your next thousands of cards.

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    1. operates in a different register than either the com-parison to vermin in Get Out or the references to beasts of burden in Sorryto Bother You. The exceptional animal works by contrast

      perhaps like the Black cat working in contrast ... having autonomy, commanding respect, not needing to act with/merge, supernatural, defying structures and constrictions, reaminating self/ressurrecting (?), working with systems ... passed down to next cat, community, solidarity ... yet not really distinguighable from each other...the same cat but not....treated as though the same

    2. the ways that certainanimals are protected by the law where others are deemed expendable.
    3. Paraphrasing Joel Chandler Harris, BryanWagner writes that animal stories were “political allegories in which therelative position of the weaker animals corresponded to the global per-spective of the race.”

      thow dean uses deer and how poe uses cat ... not how chris uses deer



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    1. let me comment on your quantum physics i have only one objection please i think it's uh uh it's 01:01:21 what you said about the two uh sort of prototypical uh quantum puzzles which is schrodinger the double slit experiment uh it's uh it's perfect um my only objection is that in my book 01:01:34 i described of course i had a chapter about schrodinger cat but i don't use a situation in which the cat is dead or alive 01:01:46 i prefer a situation in which the cat is asleep or awake just because i don't like killing cats even in in in in mental experiments so after that 01:01:58 uh uh replacing a sleep cut with a dead cat i think uh i i i i completely agree and let me come to the the serious part of the answer um 01:02:10 what you mentioned as the passage from uh the third and the fourth um between among the the sort of the versions of 01:02:25 wooden philosophy it's it's exactly what i what i think is relevant for quantum mechanics for this for the following reason we read in quantum mechanics books 01:02:37 that um we should not think about the mechanical description of reality but the description reality with respect to the observer and there is always this notion in in books that there's observer or there are 01:02:50 paratus that measure so it's a uh but i am a scientist which view the world from the perspective of 01:03:02 modern science where one way of viewing the world is that uh there are uh you know uh billions and billions of galaxies each one with billions and billions of 01:03:14 of of of stars probably with planets all around and uh um from that perspective the observer in any quantum mechanical experiment is just one piece in the big story 01:03:28 so i have found the uh berkeley subjective idealism um uh profoundly unconvincing from the point 01:03:39 of view of a scientist uh because it there is an aspect of naturalism which uh it's a in which i i i grew up as a scientist 01:03:52 which refuses to say that to understand quantum mechanics we have to bring in our mind quantum mechanics is not something that has directly to do with our mind has not 01:04:05 something directly to do about any observer any apparatus because we use quantum mechanics for describing uh what happened inside the sun the the the reaction the nuclear reaction there or 01:04:18 galaxy formations so i think quantum mechanics in a way i think quantum mechanics is experiments about not about psychology not about our mind not about consciousness not 01:04:32 about anything like that it has to do about the world my question what we mean by real world that's fine because science repeatedly was forced to change its own ideas about the 01:04:46 real world so if uh if to make sense of quantum mechanics i have to think that the cat is awake or asleep only when a conscious observer our mind 01:05:00 interacts with this uh i say no that's not there are interpretations of quantum mechanics that go in that direction they require either am i correct to say the copenhagen 01:05:14 school does copenhagen school uh talk about the observer without saying who is what is observed but the compelling school which is the way most 01:05:27 textbooks are written uh describe any quantum mechanical situation in terms okay there is an observer making a measurement and we're talking about the outcome of the measurements 01:05:39 so yes it's uh it assumes an observer but it's very vague about what what an observer is some more sharp interpretation like cubism uh take this notion observer to be real 01:05:54 fundamental it's an agent somebody who makes who thinks about and can compute the future so it's a it's a that's that's a starting point for for doing uh for doing the rest i was 01:06:07 i've always been unhappy with that because things happen on the sun when there is nobody that is an observer in anything and i want to think to have a way of thinking in the world that things happen there 01:06:20 independently of me so to say is they might depend on one another but why should they depend on me and who am i or you know what observers should be a you know a white western scientist with 01:06:32 a phd i mean should we include women should we include people without phd should we include cats is the cat an observer should we fly i mean it's just not something i understand

      Carlo goes on to address the fundamental question which lay at the intersection of quantum mechanics and Buddhist philosophy: If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? Carlo rejects Berkeley's idealism and states that even quantum mechanical laws are about the behavior of a system, independent of whether an observer is present. He begins to invoke his version of the Schrödinger cat paraodox to explain.

    2. i just wanted to interject that uh could i come at this point carlo i would like to insist a bit on this because i'm i'm not quite clear 01:07:22 on whether you are agreeing or not on the question of the mind um thank you this is also i wanted to ask him the same question mario uh so by just raise the question 01:07:40 specifically all right so let me okay since we're talking about nagarjuna now i would also like to uh read some simple verses that he has and get from both from barry and you what do you 01:07:53 think so this is from chapter three examination of the sentences seeing hearing smelling tasting touching and mind are the six sense faculties their 01:08:04 spheres are the visible objects etc like the scene the herd the smell that tasted and the touched the hair sound etc and consciousness should be understood so actually i'm confused from both of 01:08:18 you first of all barry is the mind anything special in buddhist philosophy or is it just like seeing and hearing and carlo are you saying there is anything 01:08:31 special about them right

      Mario interjects in the conversation to clarify Barry's question to Carlo, which is concerning the subjective aspect of experience and how it fits into science as the observer. It comes down the the question of existence of reality and the obrserver's role in that, epitomized in the question: If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?

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    1. what happens when you see one of these so-called pictures of the brain you've all seen these things they have red and blue and yellow and so on there's no red 00:01:21 and blue and yellow in the brain what happens is this if the pictures are not pictures of the brain they're pictures of gia the ratio of oxygenated to 00:01:35 deoxygenated blood in certain places and when neurons fire they need to be getting some oxygen back in there too so they can fire again and it turns out that they have different magnetic 00:01:49 properties if their oxygen if the blood is oxygenated or not and what you see actually is a bunch of pixels and each little pixel is actually 3 millimeters 00:02:03 by 3 millimeters by 3 millimeters 3 millimeters cubed and it goes over anywhere between one second and several seconds now if you ask how many neurons are in there the answer is about 125 00:02:17 million per pixel each neuron is connected to between a thousand and 10,000 other neurons so there are tens of billions of connections lots of circuitry in that one little 00:02:30 pixel and that picture doesn't show you what's going on in that circuitry very important you know we cannot see that we can say hey something is happening there

      Each pixel is an output from 125 million cells. It's similar to a country that votes for a president or prime minister. If you try to figure out how that leader was voted into power without analyzing all the voters, that is quite an impossible task!

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    1. his suggests that successful problem solvingmay be a function of flexible strategy application in relation to taskdemands.” (Vartanian 2009, 57)

      Successful problem solving requires having the ability to adaptively and flexibly focus one's attention with respect to the demands of the work. Having a toolbelt of potential methods and combinatorially working through them can be incredibly helpful and we too often forget to explicitly think about doing or how to do that.

      This is particularly important in mathematics where students forget to look over at their toolbox of methods. What are the different means of proof? Some mathematicians will use direct proof during the day and indirect forms of proof at night. Look for examples and counter-examples. Why not look at a problem from disparate areas of mathematical thought? If topology isn't revealing any results, why not look at an algebraic or combinatoric approach?

      How can you put a problem into a different context and leverage that to your benefit?

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    1. Goodhart's law is an adage often stated as "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure".[1] It is named after British economist Charles Goodhart, who advanced the idea in a 1975 article on monetary policy in the United Kingdom:[2][3] .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes.

      We measure what we find important.

      Measures can and often become self-fulfilling targets. (read: Rankings and Reactivity by W. Espeland and M. Sauder https://www.stmarys-ca.edu/sites/default/files/attachments/files/rankings-and-reactivity-2007.pdf)

      When a measure becomes a target it ceases to be a good measure.

      So why measure?

      Is observation and measurement part of a larger complex process which isn't finished until the process itself is finished?

      This seems related to the measurement problem in quantum mechanics, Schrödinger's cat, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and the observer effect).

    1. They are taking the vaccine wars KINETIC: Covid concentration camps ACTIVATED in America, unvaxxed will be kidnapped at gunpoint by left-wing “health officers” with arrest power

      S: Mike Adams from NatrualNews P: To warn the public about supposed "Covid concentration camps" A: NaturalNews readers, typically right-wing anti-vaxxers C:January 10, 2022, COVID-19 pandemic E: Washington's WAC 246-100 bill

    1. Textbooks vs. Tablets

      SPACE CAT:

      Speaker: Rocco Pecoraro

      Purpose: Explain why textbooks are better than tablets

      Audience: School staff, students

      Context: Written in 2015. Ipad Mini 4 came out that year. In 2015, a poll stated that 78 percent of elementary school students say that they regularly use a tablet.

      Exigence: He school started using tablets. Schools started increasing the use of technology that year. He loves and appreciates textbooks.

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    1. Also, through groups like ClimateAction.Tech and publicly created documents like the Sustainable Web Manifesto, a burgeoning global community of designers and developers has emerged to address these issues head on, which is also encouraging. In 2013, Mightybytes created Ecograder and Sustainable Web Design to help website owners better understand the environmental impact of their digital products and services. We hope to redesign the former in 2021. We’re in the process of redesigning the latter with Wholegrain Digital, another B Corp agency that also created a website carbon calculator. Many similar projects, like Branch from ClimateAction.Tech, are now popping up left and right. It’s an exciting time to be a purpose-driven designer or developer. 
    1. Patrick: Being a software developer, I mostly look at the technical side. So inspiration primarily comes from communities like ClimateAction.Tech and people who work on lowering the impact of digital services.Tom Greenwood wrote a wonderful book on sustainable web design. And there's Chris Adams, who's one of the founders of the Green Web Foundation, promoting service providers that use 100% green energy. And there's also Christian Kroll the founder of Ecosia, which is a climate positive search engine. He shaped that organisation in such a way that its goal is really to make a difference, to make the world better and and not to make a profit, which I think is a wonderful idea.
    1. Do you have any recommended resources that helped you learn about climate breakdown?The ClimateAction.Tech Slack is worth your time: some deep knowledge in that community, but it’s still open and welcoming to people stepping into climate issues for the first time.
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    1. We estimate that cats in the contiguous United States annually kill between 1.3 and 4.0 billion birds (median=2.4 billion) (Fig. 1a), with ∼69% of this mortality caused by un-owned cats.

      Loss 估算的美国本土猫一年杀死鸟类的数量

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    1. Stalking Cat is open to the idea of a relationship, especially with a cat girl by far, which may exist but they haven't met them. It requires a very deep bond, and it's difficult to deny that bond to a given animal, so I imagine it might be difficult to sustain a non cat-cat relationship.

      There's also the issue of not having enough time to sustain a relationship, as much time is spent pursuing body modifications.

    2. Going back a few generations, apparently what Stalking Cat is doing was a "fairly common thing" in the Huron (may've misspelled that) tribe, according to a professor of Native American Studies.

    3. There is some surprise from the general public about how intelligent and articulate members of the animal-style body mod community (and furry fandom) are, concerning their weirdness and animalistic tendencies. Stalking Cat has a degree in electronics engineering.

      In addition, Stalking Cat's work is specialised enough that they have a solid position in their employment field, and isn't worried in that regard. Adding onto that, Stalking Cat is quite introverted, and in their day-to-day life, and Cat really doesn't give a shit, despite their empathy. It was something they had to do, and Cat knows you may feel some way about that, but it's irrelevant. (Without being so brash in words.)

    4. Stalking Cat has experienced behavioral changes in the vein of no longer drinkin' and druggin', heightened empathy, and reacting to certain things in different ways. By no longer denying these feelings, it's been easier to deal with different situations.

      Reacts to things in a more "natural cat" way than anything else. Very cat-like in actions. (Lynx -> Tiger for e-mail address.)-> general feline affinity, but focus on tiger because it's the largest non-extinct cat on this continent.

      Feline affinity is more great with big cats than smaller, domestic cats. (Primal nature? Bow hunting (Indian tradition) deer. Mutual respect with cats, 10' near bobcat, 25' near mountain lion, leaves when known hunting territory for another animal.) If you're not bow-hunting, and using a gun, you don't deserve that kill, basically. Gun hunting separates people from the experience of hunting. Stalking Cat is very much a cat in hunting & associated mannerisms.

    5. If the resources are available, Stalking Cat plans (planned?) to extend their body modification not just to the face, but tails, claws, feet (paws) everything, but it's an expensive and time-consuming process.

    6. As Shannon Larratt is interviewing Stalking Cat, he brings up a point that's quite interesting to me, and entirely relevant to the idea of privacy and unwanted celebrity we discussed earlier in this course.

      SL: "... uh you do- you do go to a fair number of tattoo conventions, and you must experience at least a minor celebrity status while you're there."

      SC: "Well, you know, in fact, I've only been to a couple conventions-"

      SL: "I guess- I guess it's just every one you go to, they will always photo you."

      SC: "Right, and my pictures have been plastered all over the place, and uh, it, in a way kind of irritates me, because these people're making money off of something I've spent a great deal of time doing, and I haven't gotten a dime out of it."

      SL: "Mmhmm."

      SC: "But uh, and uh, and they're basically using my picture to get themselves famous."

      SL: "Mmhmm."

      SC: "Or to get publicised."

      SL: "Yeah."

      SC: "But again, I did this for me, not for other people."

      SL: "Mmhmm."

      There's also been a positive side to this, as it encouraged self-expression amongst the public, and while not exactly normalising it, it allowed people who needed to do stuff like this to accept it and go for it. (But not those who are doing it as a trend.)

    7. Interesting story behind feline dentures, how the dentist refused to do them when they were healthy, but when Stalking Cat destroyed their teeth from years of drinkin' and druggin' (their words, not mine), the dentist agreed to sculpt feline teeth-style dentures.

      I'm surprised it doesn't affect Cat's speech (much).

    8. Stalking Cat spent a lot of time self-medicating with drugs and alcohol trying to deny their empathy and their connection to different animals, especially cats. Trying to subdue and deny these feelings didn't work very well, but living as a cat counteracted these negative feelings.

    9. Stalking Cat has had/coexisted with a variety of animals, including reptiles, wolves, snakes, birds, fish, and horses. Despite Stalking Cat's feline identity, they don't clash with dogs or wolves in a stereotypical fashion.

      Maintains a general connection to animals, tied to both their experiences as an Indian, and tied to their identity as an animal themselves.

    10. Being 1/2 Indian (Native American) & 1/2 White was a very big culture shock to Stalking Cat, as they fought with both the Indians & the Whites for being partially the other race. Stalking Cat accepted the cat/tigress as their spirit animal, which was originally pointed out by the medicine man of Cat's tribe.

      Has many tattoos, started with aquatic animals and moved onto cat-type tattoos.

    1. As Potts points out, medical experts consider modifications that contravene social norms to be a form of self-mutilation, but they are much less likely to make such judgments about cosmetic surgeries intended to align appearance more closely with norms.27 Thus a medical ethicist who has never spoken with Stalking Cat was willing to state for publication the fear that he is "seriously risking his health" and thus being "harmed by medicine,"28 although Cat tells me that he has experienced no such health effects. Likewise, Lizard Man says that tongue-splitting is perfectly safe, with no negative consequences. Although Cat's alterations meet more often with patronizing dismissal than overt hostility, Orlan makes people quite angry, even when they are favorably disposed to her gender critique.2

      Interesting point. This sort of body modification may not be harmful in the physical sense, and I mean, maybe the social aspects can be overlooked? Kind of hard to put myself in their shoes, and what can I reasonably say about their experiences?

      A critical examination is shaky ground here.

    2. Because expenses and dynamics became unworkable for this interesting household, Cat was asked to move out later that summer. A

      That's a damn shame, to be honest. Stalking Cat was happy in that co-dependent commune, but as for the money issue, it is what it is.

      Probably contributed to Stalking Cat's later decline & suicide.

    3. e surger- ies took longer to arrange. Steve Haworth of Phoenix, who describes himself as a "body modification and human evolution artist," did most of them: pointing his ears, reshaping his cheeks and forehead with silicone implants, moving his nasal septum, cleaving his upper lip, replacing his teeth with feline dentures.1 T

      While this could be argued, I believe that this is a disturbing breach of the Hippocratic Oath on the part of Steve Haworth. This amount of surgery is not reasonable, and ended up severely hurting Stalking Cat's prospects for jobs and in other areas of their life. I am reminded of other people who have horribly proportioned bodies because of the insane amount of silicone pumped into their bodies, and the medical complications that result.

      Is there a point where we have to say no to body modifications, no matter how much people such as Stalking Cat may want them? Or do we leave that choice up to them?

    4. 192 / Maria Carlson Figure 1. Stalking Cat. he perceives as spiritual to all feline species but particularly to tigers, and he says that his modification simply uses technology to accomplish a sort of transformation long- practiced among his Huron and Lakota ancestors

      This is an interesting account as to the lengths that some members of the furry fandom will go to achieve their image. I give some note to the idea of species identity disorder, as a marked divide between Stalking Cat's vision of themselves and their human body is present. This is quite obviously an outlier, but it's an intriguing illustration. Not to mention that Stalking Cat ties this back to Huron & Lakota ancestor traditions, which is shaky ground at best.

  19. May 2020
    1. This is it. I'm done with Page Translator, but you don't have to be. Fork the repo. Distribute the code yourself. This is now a cat-and-mouse game with Mozilla. Users will have to jump from one extension to another until language translation is a standard feature or the extension policy changes.
    2. You might try this extension: https://github.com/andreicristianpetcu/google_translate_this It does the same thing in the same way as Page Translator and likely will be blocked by Mozilla, but this is a cat and mouse game worth playing if you rely on full-page in-line language translation.
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    1. the politics of the armed lifeboat

      I expect to use, and hear this term a lot in 2020, as people realise the implications of changing climates on how we live.

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    1. Ethan Zuckerman calls this the “cute cat theory” of activism and the public sphere. Platforms that have nonpolitical functions can become more politically powerful because it is harder to censor their large num-bers of users who are eager to connect with one another or to share their latest “cute cat” pictures.
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    1. Even in patients with CNS involvement, however, recovery without neurologic sequelae within weeks to months can be expected. Death caused by CSD in patients who are immunocompetent is extremely rare.
    2. Complete recovery without sequelae occurs in nearly all patients.
    3. Patients can become confused and disoriented, and their condition can deteriorate to coma.


    4. In general, lymph nodes become enlarged in the 1-2 weeks after exposure.


    5. In most patients, the disease resolves spontaneously within 2-4 months.

      Not a fatal disease for most patients

    6. Bartonella henselae,

      This is the bacteria that causes catscratch disease

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      1. What does "historicity" and "racial epidermal schema" mean?

      According to World Encyclopedia,"historicity" is the historical actuality of people and events, the quality of being a part of history opposed to being a historical myth, legend, or fiction. It's focused on the truth values of knowledge claims about the past".

      "Racial epidermal schema is the immediately manifest intelligibility of blackness or showing up as such." (Academia 2)

      1. What does "Black-Blanc-Beur" mean?

      "Black-Blanc-Beur is an expression in French that became popular in the 1990s. It refers to multi-ethnic France. Beur is a term to refer to French children of immigrants of North African ancestry." (Ambafrance 1)

    1. I really couldn't believe that Serena didn't find Wozniacki's imitation of her offensive. Stuffing your shirt and pants with towels prancing around on national television mocking someone isn't exactly playful to me. You're still making fun of someone. It was pretty tasteless and ignorant in my opinion. I didn't take it as a joke, making fun of someone isn't funny.

    2. Norma Mejia

      1.What does “playful mocking” mean? I am going to break down the meaning of playful mocking. By using Google, the meaning of mocking is making fun of someone or something in a cruel way. The meaning of playfulness is full of fun, high energy and humorous to the point where it is not serious or hurting anyone’s feelings. By putting it all together, playful mocking means to make fun of someone or something in a humorous way where it is not taken seriously. It is meant to be in a playful way and not in a cruel way.

      1. Why do you think Serena Williams danced at the end of her 2012 Olympics final? Do you believe this was a “tasteless” act? Why or why not? Serena Williams danced at the end of her 2012 Olympics final because she was happy and excited that she had won. You can tell the joy in her face as she was doing the dance. The dance is known as a Crip Walk and it’s a dance that is shown in popular music. It’s the culture of today’s music and it is not seen as anything bad by those who know the dance. Serena didn’t do it to send a message to any gang. She didn’t do it with any bad intentions. She just did it unknowingly because of the excitement she felt. I don’t believe it is a tasteless act because it is a dance that is popular nowadays and it is seen in music videos and in clubs. It was seen as a tasteless act by the people in the tennis court because it is a white and formal environment, they saw it as “immature” and “classless” because in their eyes it is a dance that is related to gang activity.
    3. Norma Mejia

      1.What does “playful mocking” mean? I am going to break down the meaning of playful mocking. By using Google, the meaning of mocking is making fun of someone or something in a cruel way. The meaning of playfulness is full of fun, high energy and humorous to the point where it is not serious or hurting anyone’s feelings. By putting it all together, playful mocking means to make fun of someone or something in a humorous way where it is not taken seriously. It is meant to be in a playful way and not in a cruel way.

      1. Why do you think Serena Williams danced at the end of her 2012 Olympics final? Do you believe this was a “tasteless” act? Why or why not? Serena Williams danced at the end of her 2012 Olympics final because she was happy and excited that she had won. You can tell the joy in her face as she was doing the dance. The dance is known as a Crip Walk and it’s a dance that is shown in popular music. It’s the culture of today’s music and it is not seen as anything bad by those who know the dance. Serena didn’t do it to send a message to any gang. She didn’t do it with any bad intentions. She just did it unknowingly because of the excitement she felt. I don’t believe it is a tasteless act because it is a dance that is popular nowadays and it is seen in music videos and in clubs. It was seen as a tasteless act by the people in the tennis court because it is a white and formal environment, they saw it as “immature” and “classless” because in their eyes it is a dance that is related to gang activity.
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    1. Think of the things that make you unique: your style, your sense of humor, the way you keep your head (or don’t) when things get tense. Of all the qualities and behaviors that make you who you are, which ones do you think best define your personality?

      I'm usually calm and collected. I always try to greet with a smile. It's really hard to keep it up at times but I try to display a positive outlook on everything. I think I can describe myself as a positive person.

      In Hurston’s description, what kind of community was Eatonville?

      Hurston says it's an all black community, that white people only ever pass by there and every time someone does they sit on the porch and spectate.

  31. Mar 2016
    1. 4) What is the meaning of the background houses and roads? The meaning of the background houses and roads seems like a suburb where the majority of white families live. It has the idea of a spacious, safe environment with nice cars and big houses. A person living in this area is more likely to feel safe and secure since they live somewhere where there is no danger and violence and they are not crowded how people are in the city or more diverse areas. I looked up the houses on Jim Crow Rd on Google Maps and it does look like a nice area for white families to live in and be away from the dangers in the city. Not only that but when I was going through the Google maps I see a myriad amount of brand new year cars or just nice cars with a nice house. Since it is very different from lower class housing since the houses are more clustered together and there a myriad amount of different cars from different years.

      3)What is the meaning of the street sign? The meaning of this street sign, Jim Crow Rd, could have a connection with the Jim Crow laws. These laws were enforced in the 20th century to segregate African Americans and people of color to prevent the same usage as whites. Especially enforced in the South. Colored people couldn't use the same bathrooms, stores, and schools. Not only that but it became difficult for African Americans to own houses like the ones in the picture because they were not eligible to own houses or take our loans form a bank. Since it was difficult for colored people to have houses like these they lived in city cramped areas or just cramped neighborhoods where there seemed to be violence and not have the same space as white neighborhoods.

  32. Jan 2016
    1. I would like to see an accurate array of photographs of these tasty lunch options. What does a a "Princess Sandwich" even look like? Is a "Celery Sandwich" satisfying? I'd be pleased to see precise measurements of the ideal "Tea Biscuit" Sandwich.