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  1. Jan 2024
      • for: health, David Sinclair, longevity tips, adjacency - lifestyle choices - diet - climate crisis - biodiversity crisis

      • SUMMARY

        • The main tips for staying healthy from a lifetime of longevity research on this video.
      • adjacency between

        • lifestyle choices
      • personal diet
        • climate crisis
        • biodiversity crisis
      • adjacency statement:
        • Promoting this kind of diet and lifestyle can have enormous benefits on climate crisis as well.
        • One could write a paper about the crossover benefits to climate and biodiversity crisis.
  2. Oct 2023
    1. Are links still better than search in the age of semantic search? .t3_175a6tr._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } questionHi, I am a beginner Zettelkasten practitioner and also a software engineer, and I just read "Why You Should Set Links Manually and Not Rely on Search Alone" https://zettelkasten.de/posts/search-alone-is-not-enough/.Search capabilities have improved drastically since 2015 though. We can use text embeddings to find the most relevant other Zettels for any particular Zettel (see https://www.deepset.ai/blog/the-beginners-guide-to-text-embeddings)For example, even if you don't use the same keywords in your writing today as you did a year ago, you'll still find the relevant notes with semantic search, because semantic search handles synonyms with a breeze.Does this mean that with modern search tools, we can spend less time building "infrastructure" links, and rely more on (improved) search?Or am I wrong in my analysis here, does the advance in technology not matter?

      reply to u/dotinvoke at https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/175a6tr/are_links_still_better_than_search_in_the_age_of/

      The value in the process is making a ratchet of ideas which is highly customized to building your own lines of thought or "associative trails" if you prefer Vannevar Bush's framing.

      If your idea worked, then one could "simply" rely on Google's database and a variety of associated tools to act as your zettelkasten—Bob's your uncle and you're done! In practice, you'll find that this doesn't work well. You can experiment, but I think you'll find that your own limited choices of links will work far better than the infinite number of adjacent possible links that a digital system may create on your behalf. If you're already fighting information overload, you don't want to add link overload to your list of problems.

      Put in a different light, it can be interesting to randomly flip a coin and go left on heads and right on tails to see where you might end up, particularly if you're unsure. But if you actively make your own choices, you're more likely to be happier with what you see along the way and where you end up.

  3. Jul 2023
    1. Winston Churchill had a secret 01:47:06 that the Germans didn't know during the middle of the war. The secret was this. They had cracked the Nazi enigma codes.
      • example
        • difficult choices for people in power
          • Winston Churchill breaks Enigma code
          • Knowledge that an Australian ship was going to be torpedoed by the Nazis but Churchill could not prevent it
          • He made the choice to allow hundreds of sailors die to save millions of people who would have died had the Nazis found out that the Enigma code was broken
  4. May 2023
    1. Finally the woman came to believe that the good Lord would fulfill her wish.

      2 -- Compare/Contrast Translation Choices

      It is important to see that this translation mentions "the Lord" and some other translations say "God," specifically, however, other translations just note that the couple had "reason to believe their wish [in conceiving a child] was fulfilled." To consider Rapunzel as a genre is to examine for consistencies but the presence of religious factors (or lack thereof) makes it difficult to use as a signifier of Rapunzel as its own genre. It is such a small part of a few translations (this one included and usually no more than one line), so I believe the occurrence of God/the Lord is not significant in signifying the fairy tale genre or Rapunzel as its own genre.

    2. You godless child

      2 -- Contrasting Translation Choice

      This is the one of the only translations I've found where Gothel chooses to insult Rapunzel by calling her a "godless child." In almost all other translations, Gothel chooses to refer to Rapunzel as a wicked child. The other translation where Gothel calls Rapunzel childless also has Rapunzel ask Gothel about why her clothes suddenly don't fit anymore. I feel like the purpose in the difference of translation was to shame Rapunzel (and young girls reading), thus trying to teach these girls that they need to be chaste, or else they are godless. However, the existence of religion in Rapunzel is not consistent among all translations and is likely a product of cultural norms and expectations, especially when used as a tool to teach moral lessons about pregnancy and chastity.

    3. Frau Gothel, tell me why it is that you are more difficult to pull up than is the young prince

      2 -- Contrast Translation Choices

      This telling line differs among translations of the story. Each variation does its part to signify to Gothel that Rapunzel has no longer been shut out from the world, but the reason for changing the subject of the sentence may be due to cultural beliefs and norms as to what is appropriate to say to children (as well as how old the audience is). I have seen this line translated as "Gothel, why have my clothes suddenly gotten so small?" (meaning that she is pregnant with the Prince's child, which foreshadows Rapunzel having birthed twins when she finds the blind prince). The reason for this may be that the translator simply found it inappropriate for children to describe Rapunzel's pregnant body (though vague), and decided it would be better to make Rapunzel outright admit that she had been allowing the Prince into the tower. This, however, does not impact Rapunzel as a genre because even when this line doesn't mention Rapunzel's changing body, she is still sometimes seen with twin babies at the end, proving that she was still pregnant -- it just hadn't been explicitly discussed.

    4. Rapunzel had splendid long hair, as fine as spun gold.

      2 -- Consistency Among Translations

      This line is used in every translation to describe Rapunzel's beauty. This is extremely significant to the genre because she is the beautiful damsel that finds herself in distress. It's imperative that she is portrayed as beautiful and feminine.

    5. Let mercy overrule justice.

      2 -- Consistency Among Translations

      This exact line is used in most translations when the husband asks for forgiveness. It is used to characterize Gothel because she is merciful to the husband and shows her capability to be merciful. This line and instance is important to Rapunzel as a genre because it is pivotal for the plot needed to introduce Rapunzel while getting bith parents out of the way.

  5. Jun 2022
    1. shelving in my work area at home, which holds my audio equipment, hundreds ofmusic CDs, and piles of musical scores, is not mere heavy-gauge industrial shelving;it’s scaffolding equipment, strong enough for painters to stand on when they’reworking on the exterior of a house. In other words, the shelves are built for hardwork. That’s a personal aesthetic choice. I want everything around me, from mydancers to my dances to my shelves, to be strong and built to last

      I like cardboard file boxes for a bunch of reasons, all willfully idiosyncratic. The

      Twyla Tharp's creative note taking system not only entails notes and ideas in boxes, but extends physically to a heavy-gauge industrial shelving which also holds her other tools for work including her "audio equipment, hundreds of music CDs, and piles of musical scores".

  6. Nov 2021
  7. Aug 2021
  8. Sep 2020
    1. a great many Americans now see the life-and-death decisions of the coronavirus as political choices rather than medical ones.

      I agree with this one on how Americans will typically wear a mask because it is one of the precautions but those who are more on the "I'll just follow what the president says" (political)side which is Trump thinking wearing a mask is not a necessity then others who may support him will think the same. Some but not all.

  9. Aug 2020
    1. After reading the title of the blog post ”Replace axios with a simple custom fetch wrapper”, it makes you go through the thought process from the start of this blog post. It makes you question your choices.
  10. Jun 2020
  11. Sep 2019
    1. students quite often reported choosing their major based on taking introductory courses with particularly dynamic professors.
  12. Jul 2018
    1. I allow them the choice of which platform to use for the support they need, but I make sure they ask questions.

      I love this! Giving students choices within their own learning environment is one of the most powerful ways teachers can help accelerate student learning. In addition, when students ask their own questions they chase their own curiosity and tap into their own interests.

  13. Sep 2017
    1. if we value the life of a child more than going to fancy restaurants, the next time we dine out we will know that we could have done something better with our money.

      This line shows that everyone has a choice as to where their money is going and how they could use that amount of money towards something better. I created an image showing Singer thinking about the possible ways people spend their money at fancy restaurants versus where they could use their money towards a better cause instead. Hence, blowing your money at a restaurant in comparison to feeding children in need. Everyone has a choice of how to manage their money, but not everyone thinks like this.

  14. May 2017
  15. Apr 2017
    1. have continued to be eloquent pub-lic speakers, as they were in the nineteenth century,

      Uh, this is a very uncomfortable sentence. There are two possibilities, here, regarding the function of this sentence. 1) The Technically True but Terribly Vague: This is a category of opening sentence that is grammatically and intellectually fine, but also very boring. It's a cousin of "since the dawn of time," and I don't let my Rhetoric students use either type of opening line, as they are both lazy rhetoric. However, the second possibility is much more troubling: 2) This also sounds a lot like the extremely racist "black people can be very articulate."

      I know we are to the point of just beating the crap out of the editors, now, but come on. This could have been easily avoided.

  16. Mar 2017
    1. I am older than most of you. I don’t have time for this if it’s just another System B in disguise.
    2. Is it even possible to have a System A that arises from our own or other’s codings? How will we know that we have not deluded ourselves, that we are so invested in the time and energy and pride of creation that we fall into the sinkhole of bias and blindspot?

      Yer pays yer money and you takes yer choice.

      There is no certainty. Even a well meant action can turn into horror - NB Robespierre.


  17. Sep 2016
    1. Then, there comes a choice to be true to one’s culture and history as Antigone was, or to be true to one’s state and ruler no matter what.

      What are the consequences of taking each action? For Antigone, it was clear that her decisions led to death on earth and a perceived victory in the underworld, but what does Cavendish believe loyalty can provide? She seems to place value in tradition and order as she says how "At last the Commons won, and then astride/ Fierce Tyrannie on Noble Necks did ride;/ All Monuments pull'd down, that stood long time,/ And Ornaments were then thought a great Crime." This seems to mourn the loss of what once existed and instead has been replaced with tyranny.

  18. Dec 2014
  19. Nov 2013
    1. What one-sided preferences, first for this, then for that property of a thing!

      selection and choices

    2. It is only by means of forgetfulness that man can ever reach the point of fancying himself to possess a "truth" of the grade just indicated.

      Memory, selection, and choices.