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    1. I AM You, the Real Self of you, All that you really are. That which you think you are, you arenot. That is only an illusion, a shadow of the Real You, which is I, your Immortal, Divine Self.I AM that point of consciousness focalized in your human mind which calls itself "I". I AM that"I", but that which you call your consciousness is in reality My Consciousness, thinned down tosuit the capacity of your human mind. It is still My Consciousness, and when you can drive fromyour mind all its human misconceptions, ideas and opinions, and can cleanse and empty itutterly, so that My Consciousness can have a chance to express freely, then you will recognizeMe and you will know that you are nothing -- being only a focal center of My Consciousness, anavenue of medium through which I can express My meaning -- in matter.

      Even my watered down view of who I am is still I AM. I need to let go all of my illusory perceptions of who I think I am so as I may come to recognise myself fully as I AM,to recognise and know my True Self and in this realise that I am "only a focal centre of My Consciousness, an avenue of medium through which I can express My meaning -- in matter".