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  1. Mar 2024
    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20240307125758/https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/what-is-the-dominant-emotion-in-400-years-of-womens-diaries-180983834/

      Women's diaries from 17th till now have frustration as recurring theme, analysis shows. Not a big surprise. I think journaling often is emerging when frustration rears its head. And women have had ages of deeply systemic reasons to be very frustrated by.

      I've only ever journaled when there was something wrong with me or my context, when I was frustrated, sad, depressed etc. Perhaps except for those who treat their being as action research and make daily notes for later data mining, or those in a public role journaling to maintain first hand observations before spin gets invovled (keep a journal is a sound advice for anyone getting politically active).

  2. Feb 2024
    1. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [00:40:00][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo traite du sujet de l'intolérance à la frustration, c'est-à-dire la difficulté à accepter de ne pas obtenir ce que l'on désire immédiatement. Elle explore les causes, les conséquences et les remèdes de ce phénomène, à travers les témoignages de différents intervenants, notamment le psychologue clinicien Didier Pleux, la rédactrice en chef du magazine Astrapi Gwenaëlle Boulet, et des parents et des enfants confrontés à cette problématique.

      Points clés: + [00:00:00][^3^][3] La définition de la frustration * Un état de tension entre une pulsion et un obstacle * Un processus normal et nécessaire au développement psychique * Un équilibre entre le principe de plaisir et le principe de réalité + [00:10:00][^4^][4] Les causes de l'intolérance à la frustration * Un manque d'apprentissage de la frustration dès le plus jeune âge * Une société de consommation qui valorise l'immédiateté et le plaisir * Une éducation trop permissive ou trop autoritaire + [00:20:00][^5^][5] Les conséquences de l'intolérance à la frustration * Des difficultés à gérer ses émotions et à se contrôler * Des troubles du comportement, de l'anxiété, de la dépression * Des problèmes relationnels, scolaires, professionnels + [00:30:00][^6^][6] Les remèdes à l'intolérance à la frustration * Apprendre à différer ses envies et à les dompter * Développer des activités qui demandent de la patience et de la persévérance * Adopter une éducation bienveillante mais réaliste

  3. May 2023
    1. Just like the imagery from the Analog System's promotion, this video features someone fed up with lots of notebooks pushing them off their desk in frustration—naturally to turn to index cards.

      timestamp: 0:00:25

  4. Feb 2023
  5. Aug 2022
  6. Apr 2022
    1. Augmenting knowledge about sources of frustration

      Starting a course with explicit acknowledgement of sources of frustration could be helpful. A workshop that enables students to identify and anticipate sources of frustration - plus find ways of mitigating them. Requires going meta immediately!

    2. be aware of sources of frustration and will take corrective actions.

    3. assessment inequities are important sources of frustration; the implication for institutions is that they must conduct a coherent assessment.

    4. students’ main source of self-declared frustration is the teammates’ commitment imbalance

    5. The consequences of student frustration (Borges, 2005) can generate a load that has to be borne by all the agents involved in the learning experiences: students, teachers, and institutions.

    6. Frustration is a concept related to goal attainment (Lazar, Jones, Bessiere, Ceaparu, & Shneiderman, 2004). People may feel frustrated when they are deprived of their expectations or are not able to complete their plans (Handa, 2003; Mandler, 1975).

    7. Despite the pedagogical advantages of collaborative learning, online learners can perceive collaborative learning activities as frustrating experiences.

  7. Sep 2021
  8. Jun 2021
    1. And it sucked because other people looked at my potential and I put myself so low that I didn't even look at that. Every time they're like, "Dude, you've got so much potential." And I'm like, "Yeah, right dude, what are you talking about? You just trying to butter me up man."

      Time in US - immigration status - lost opportunities

    2. Mike: Basically it was just petty things. They would always catch us for skipping school. One time I remember my friend went into a gas station and stole some cigarettes, which is—how do you grab the cigarettes in the back counter? And I was with that guy. Fights. I also loved fighting. It's just a way of me just getting my anger out.Mike: I got a lot of disorderly conducts and it was for fighting. It's just something about fighting that just releases the stress. It just releases my anger. And since I didn't want to take it on my family, I would just always, whoever wanted it, I'd be the first one to step in. And it's crazy because I was the shortest one I remember. I was the shortest one man.

      Time in the US, Arrests

    3. On the last day of the month, I opened the freezer, and there's nothing in there. Nothing at all. And I'm like, "What am I going to do? What am I going to feed my little brothers and sisters?" And then I was just like, "You know what? I'm just going to go to the store and just steal something. A bag of chips, whatever." So I go in the store and the guy was really nice. He was an Arab guy. He was always telling me, "Hey, just pay me back tomorrow."

      Time in the US, Homelife, Siblings, Caring for them

    1. Luisa: Yes, [Chuckles] very sarcastic. Did not speak a lick of Spanish. Not one sentence. I don't think she knew how to pronounce anything, and she was as WASP [White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] as you can get. This woman would get extremely frustrated with me—extremely—and I didn't know what was going on. To me, it was a completely … [Disgusted sound] it was mind-boggling how I could go from—I knew how to read and write in Spanish. I was a pretty smart kid. I knew how to read and write in Spanish at six years old. So I go into first grade and I can't even understand what my teachers are saying, so it was extremely frustrating and this teacher found it extremely frustrating as well, so she would lay me down face down half the day on the magic carpet where she would read stories to everyone because she didn't want to deal with it anymore. I told my mom—

      Time in the US, School, Teachers

  9. Oct 2020
    1. We eventually hope to create affect-sensitive learning environments that respond constructively and effectively to boredom and confusion. When we do, we will have made significant progress towards improving students’ learning experiences, reducing problem behaviors such as gaming the system, managing students’ frustration and confusion in the face of impasses, and ultimately improving students’ learning.

      Researchers studied students cognitive-affective states doing online learning in 3 separate, very different studies, among different student populations, ranging from 12-year-olds to college students. They found that, contrary to prior assumptions, frustration did not necessarily have negative learning outcomes. Boredom tended to last longest of the cognitive-affective states covered, led to the greatest attempts to game the system, and had the least successful learning outcomes. Confusion was sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful. Therefore, online learning environments should be developed that guard against boredom and perhaps confusion, rather than frustration. 8/10

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    1. Aufgrund dieser in der Festkörperphysik als „Frustration“ bezeichneten Erkenntnis führt eine vom Tetraeder ausgehende dichte Kugelpackung nicht zu einem immer größer werdenden Ikosaeder, sondern zu einem sog. Kubooktaeder, d. h. einem Polyeder, dessen Oberfläche aus acht gleichseitigen Dreiecken und sechs Quadraten besteht.