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  1. Dec 2023
    1. the second of the 00:23:12 uh components of commanding hope is what i call astute hope and this is really uh more of an epistemological stance if the first is a moral attitude or a moral stance towards truth this is a 00:23:24 this is a a a kind of hope that reflects a particular form of knowledge uh in this case knowledge about how uh how we look at the world and what our 00:23:38 perspectives are especially our sort of ideological social and economic perspectives
      • for: astute hope - description

      • description - astute hope

        • our epistemological view of the world
        • In complex areas like climate change, we provide tools to help people look at these ideological views
      • comment

        • Indyweb can provide a good framework for holding the diversity of worldviews for everyone to experience
  2. Sep 2023
  3. Jun 2023
    1. goal perspective, information ecologies have been designed to increase engagement with collaborative tasks (Price & Pontual-Falcão, 2011), enhance whole classroom learning (Rick, 2009), boost creative problem solving (Hilliges et al., 2007), support product design conversations (Bardill, Griffiths, Jones, & Fields, 2010), and coordinate complex collaborative working (Huang, Mynatt, & Trimble, 2006).

      Two different perspectives on information ecology: user and goal

  4. Mar 2023
    1. Some scholars argue that in the Global North, the view tends to be ‘no humanity without nature’, while in the Global South, the focus is on ‘no nature without social justice’
      • Differences between Global North and Global south perspectives on earth system justice:
      • Some scholars argue that in the Global North, the view tends to be ‘no humanity without nature’,
      • while in the Global South, the focus is on ‘no nature without social justice’.
  5. Dec 2022
    1. what Marvin Harris said was the most important thing projecting the viability of a historical cultures is infrastructure, which is your expertise. But before we get into the infrastructure part, how do you envision society at the higher levels of belief, motivation, institutions? 00:25:09 Have you thought about that? Simon Michaux: Yes. So I believe society will shift into four parallel groups based on paradigm

      !- transition : for cultural / social groups / paradigms

    1. We encourage researchers and practitioners to think beyond the narrow scope offered by the idea of generations, adopt a more critical perspective on our science and practice, and learn from the mistakes of the past.
  6. Jul 2022
    1. first is that uh a society of any scale and and i don't mean society is in bill millions or billions of people i mean society as in a thousand people you know like a sub 00:47:23 sub city a community that is not even a whole city just a a group of like-minded people uh who are willing to give this a give this you know 00:47:35 a field trial ago a society of any scale can be viewed as a super organism so that's kind of fundamental everything really really works from there we are together we 00:47:49 are not just individuals connected we are a whole society is a whole and it's a and it's a whole with the environment and it's wider you know 00:48:03 sphere so as we'll talk about today you know this even the idea of an individual is it's okay to talk about individuals it's fine but it's kind of like an arbitrary thing an 00:48:15 individual could be an individual cell or an individual person or an individual uh species or an individual ecosystem but it's all with all deeply embedded and enmeshed 00:48:28 entwined with the whole so uh uh a society can be viewed as a super organism

      First Proposition: Society (at every scale, and even the community scale) can be seen as a superorganism and the individual and society are entangled. This is analogous to the SRG adoption of the human INTERbeing concept, treating the individual as a gestalt of both individual and enmeshed cell of a larger social organ.

      In fact, the human organism can be seen from three different perspectives and levels of being:

      1. an aggregation of billions of cells and trillions of microbes, wherein consciousness can be regarded as an emergent property of a complex system of a population of microorganisms
      2. the 4E (Embodied, Enacted, Embedded, Extended) lived experience of consciousness
      3. as a cell in a larger social superorganism (SSO).
  7. Feb 2022
    1. Kupers (2005) further defined it as “the constellation of socially regressive male traits that serve to foster domination, the devaluation of women, homophobia and wanton violence.”
    2. In Connell and Messerschmidt’s (2005) Gramscian cultural Marxist analysis hegemonic masculinity is defined as a practice that legitimizes powerful men’s dominant position in society and the subordination of the common male population, women, and other marginalized ways of being a man.

      hegemonic masculinity definiton (marxist analysis)

    3. The mythopoetic men’s movement sought to get men to connect with their lost feelings and the archetypes of deep masculinity in order to heal themselves from the damage done to them by industrialized, secular life

      different view on the concept of toxic masculinity itself

    4. From year to year there are slight fluctuations and spikes in incidence are generally attributable to copycat shooters and coincidence (Fox, 2012)

      other alternatives to shootings



    1. he emphasizes that all men do not batter and that we must better understand and predict which men batter.

      not all men - there is a difference between violent and non-violent men

    2. Domestic violence scholars con- tend that some men may use violence to regain a sense of control when they feel a loss of control (Campbell; Gondolf; Stets, 1988; Umberson et al., 2002).
    3. Stress researchers emphasize that men and women tend to express psychological distress in response to stress in different ways.

      stress researches - women respond differently to stress than men

    4. Feminist scholars contend that violence (perpetrated pri- marily by men) is rooted in gender inequality and in the construction of the family as a site of male dominance and control (Dobash & Dobash, 1998; Yllo, 1993).

      feminist perspective

    5. Family violence scholars argue that the stress of poverty and racial-ethnic inequality, combined with cultural notions of family privacy and the legitimacy of violence within families, facilitate domestic violence among both men and women (Gelles, 1993; Straus & Gelles, 1990).

      family violence scholars

    6. Second, feminist scholars argue that violence is a means by which men can dem- onstrate a masculine identity (Anderson & Um- berson, 2001; Hearn, 1998).

      feminist scholars



  8. Sep 2021
    1. a triple is the smallest irreducible representation for binary relationship

      great explaination

  9. Mar 2021
  10. Aug 2020
  11. Mar 2020
    1. Combien de temps cette fermeture du collège va durer? Qu’est-ce qui est prévu en termes pédagogiques? Mon enfant pourra-t-il continuer à apprendre si cela dure plusieurs semaines?La fermeture du collège esteffective jusqu’à nouvel ordre.La situation étant évolutive, vous êtes invités à consulter régulièrement l’ENT, la messagerie et/ou le site de l’établissement. Vous pouvez aussi vous connecter au site de l’académie ou de l’inspection académique pour recevoir les consignes.Les ressources pédagogiques à disposition des professeurs et des élèves sont nombreuses et permettent de répondre aux besoins sur une longue période. Ma classe à la maison comporte à ce stade 4 semaines complètes de travaux. Ces ressources seront complétées si nécessaire.
  12. Dec 2019
    1. Having to have open class discussions is one of the most effective tools of learning as it forces you to engage and ask questions about the theme or question presented. In addition, it opens you up to listening to other people’s opinions and thinking from different perspectives.
  13. Sep 2019
    1. In“OftheStandardofTaste”DavidHumecriticizedworksinwhich“viciousmannersaredescribed,withoutbeingmarkedwiththepropercharactersofblameanddisapprobation”(ST246).Wecannot,Humecontinues,“enterintosuchsentiments;andhowever[we]...may excusethepoet,onaccountofthemannersofhisage,[we]...nevercanrelishthecomposition”(ST246)

      This is a different perspective than the one she has, but it also has a point.

    2. Thenewsoverthepastseveralmonthshasbeenfullofrevelationsofsexualharassmentandassaultby meninvolvedinartsandentertainmentandotherfields

      a claim can be made

    3. Firstthereisapracticalquestionregardingthedecisiontocontinueconsumingtheartist’sorproducer’swork.Thisisaquestionaboutinclinationstoboycotttheworkofpeopleofwhomonedisapproves.Inmany oftheprecedingcasesofperformermisconduct,programshavebeencancelledby networksinakindofpreemptivestrike,priortoany organizedprotest

      it raises really broad and big questions about supporting artists by liking their art work and what does liking an art work imply

  14. Feb 2017
    1. Tosome,suchdataminingendangerslong-cherishedprivacyrights,butsocialmediasupporterssayitisasmallpricetopayforthebenefitsofonlinesocializing.

      Identify: divergent viewpoints.

  15. Sep 2016
    1. EA principles can work in areas outside of global poverty. He was growing the movement the way it ought to be grown, in a way that can attract activists with different core principles rather than alienating them.
    2. Effective altruism is not a replacement for movements through which marginalized peoples seek their own liberationAnd you have to do meta-charity well — and the more EA grows obsessed with AI, the harder it is to do that. The movement has a very real demographic problem, which contributes to very real intellectual blinders of the kind that give rise to the AI obsession. And it's hard to imagine that yoking EA to one of the whitest and most male fields (tech) and academic subjects (computer science) will do much to bring more people from diverse backgrounds into the fold.
  16. Feb 2016
    1. In Silicon Valley, this divide is often explicit: As Kate Losse has noted, coders get high salary, prestige, and stock options. The people who do community management—on which the success of many tech companies is based—get none of those. It’s unsurprising that coding has been folded into "making." Consider the instant gratification of seeing "hello, world" on the screen; it’s nearly the easiest possible way to "make" things, and certainly one where failure has a very low cost. Code is "making" because we've figured out how to package it up into discrete units and sell it, and because it is widely perceived to be done by men.