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    1. It will find there is "very little evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools",

      The reporter interviewed Professor Russel Viner, president of Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health. Apparently, a study was conducted through April to June which collected information of 20,000 students and 100 teachers yet there is no link to this study, did not get peer reviewed or published. It is all just claims at this point. We have no knowledge if these are private schools or public, if there were any safety measures in place, if this included online classes vs in class.

      However, according to CDC and the respected studies it cited, there seems to be lower transmission rates among children and transmission from child to family, but this remains inconclusive. There still needs to be more evidence to be gathered.

  13. Jul 2020
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    1. Myers, K. R., Tham, W. Y., Yin, Y., Cohodes, N., Thursby, J. G., Thursby, M. C., Schiffer, P. E., Walsh, J. T., Lakhani, K. R., & Wang, D. (2020). Quantifying the Immediate Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Scientists. ArXiv:2005.11358 [Physics]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2005.11358

  15. Oct 2019
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    1. herselfwithherchildrenamongthosewhowereseekingafterGod".Shedesiredthepardonofhersine,andtheoins¢ofherchildrenmorethananythingelse.Inaccordancewithouradviceonherreturnhomesherearedthefamilyaltar,andeversincemorning&eveninghasbeenheardthevoiceofprayer&praiseinherdwelling.SheappearsverydesirousthatherPaganrelativesshouldcomeandlistentothewordofGo

      one Native mother wants to convert herself and her children

    2. enttovisitasickchild.FounditinsasufferingconditionaNoclothessaveamiserableblanketthrownoveritsshoulders;itsbreastandlimbsexposed.Itappearedtobeverymuchafflictedinitslimbs,itshandsandfeetbeingpartiallywithere

      Sproat visits a sick child

    3. WilliamTBoutwellPapers,MNHS.1Box.P2528M

      Boutwell departs for Sandy Lake with his whole family and a 2 week old baby

  17. Sep 2019
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      Hall almost seems upset that he has to be at home caring for his children instead of travelling and christianizing the Natives

    2. WehavenofourChildren,betweenthebirthfnotwoofwhomwasthereabove18months.TheycannotlearntodosuchbusiesswithoutgoingtoCollege,Perhapshecan.B[u]tareallbabiesandrequiiscqnstantattention.Besideswhattheysufferfromneglectintheireducation,theysufferfromneglectinotherrespects.Thecareofsuchafamilyisenoughtophoweverstrongherconstienfeebledbydisease.Durimyself,exceptthekindassispartof[the]dayatatimeatassociateinthemission,dreofherownfamilydidnotpethanatherconnnementwitquitefeeble,shehasbeencagratitude.Thepromiseofstostratethehealth&stren[g]thofanyMother,ionmaybe;muchmoreonewhoseconstitutionismyWife'slastconnnement,sheha[d]nonursebuttancerenderedbyMrsNewtonwhoassistedusathreeorfourdifferenttimes.MrsTownourssedthechildafewtimes,butthenumerousdutiesrmithertodomore.Mywifehoweverwasbetterhanyofherotherchildren.Tho'herhealthisnowrriedthroughsofarinamannerthatcallsforspecialrengthequaltoourday,hasbeenverined.Mywifeoftenfeelsasifshecouldnotsustaintheconstantlabourswhichdevolvedup

      there are four children at La Pointe in 1836, all of whom are considered babies that need constant care

      Hall thinks that they are being neglected both in terms of education and actual care

      the women are sick a lot and cannot care for the babies as well as mr. Hall thinks they should be

  18. Aug 2019
    1. twillbeimpossible,atleastsofarasIcansee,tosustainasmallschooleven,withoutfeediecthechil.tosomeextent.IftheInds.zenhe‘nduoedbyexample&otherhelps,suchasEecd&preparingtheground,tocultivutcmorelargely,theyyould,Ihavenodoubtfurnishprovisionsfortheirohil.inp

      the school will have to feed children regardless, but parents can contribute more if they settle down and cultivate land

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      families want their children to fit into white society

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      Ayer says widows with children are more likely to stay and send their kids to school

    4. oardtoprovidebuildingsandteachers&thatallthescholarsboardedbesup-was“Pmmxefomuwamug“'K’twGossamer“mus‘ot.edPurihd.portedAinthismannertomaintaina‘goodfoundationforascho

      While Hall and Boutwell hope that the parents would provide for their children, they understand that much of that work/cost would come from the school

    5. atifmissionestahlishmentsaremaintained,withwhichschoolsaremaintainedconnected,theseschoolsmustbesmall,unlessprovisionismadeinpartatleast,forthemainte~nanceofscho

      if missions and schools are to be established in this region, they must be willing to stay small with circulating students, or have provisions to provide for students when their parents leave

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      squaw picks lice out of child's head while another child picks lice from her head - lice is eaten after

    2. Achildoffendedanoldshunt,uponwhichsheseizedafire-brandtothrowatit

      discipline appears strange and unusual to author

    3. oseethemeatisenoughtodisgustforeverahungryman.Allcollectaroundthekettleorbigbirch-barkdisheeachuseshisfingersorwholehandJustwhichhefindsmosttohisadvantage.Childrenasnakedastheywereborn,savethecloth.rcundtheloine&hungrydogssittingontheirhindlegswiththeirnosesoverthedishin-tentlywatchingeverymotion&staringyourintheface.allthis.couldbeendured,buttoseeasquatlickakettlecoverbothindiameter&circumference,thisismorethaneverywhitemanchuldwellendure

      here the author provides some insights into the eating habits of the Natives, describing it as disgusting, mentioning the naked children and how the mothers lick the lids of the pots

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      The Mothers are said to have done more work than any North English Yankee and even more than some of the shoulders - implied that they did the work while carrying their children

    5. ThesquatisoftenseenwithallthematerialsonherbackwhichmakethehouseInds.House,&thearticleswhichfurnishit,suchaskettles,woodenladies,drum,traps&axes&onthetapofalltheInd.cradleinwhichisboundthenursingchild,whiletheInd.isseldomseenwithmorethanhispipe,tobaccosack&musket

      squaw carries materials for the Native homes on her back (wood, kettles, drums, traps, axes, ladles, etc) AND ALSO she carries her nursing child the men rarely carry more than a pipe, tobacco, and a musket

    6. unfrequentlytheInd.cradleishungslungtopofall,thehoopofwhichdefendsthechildehead,projectingsohighastooatheverybushnowdrippingwiththerain&shakeitwellintothechildsface.Asthemothercannotwellleavethenursingchild,itmustridebothways,sothatshehasnotthereliefofavoyageur,whotakesbreathinreturningbackforanotherlo

      Cradles are carried up the path as well as pork and flour The mothers can't just set their children down while they work, they are forced to carry their babies with them as they make trips to carry all the foodstuffs to the next point



  19. Jan 2017
    1. unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried employees.

      Interesting to see hourly vs salaried breakdown of absenteeism costs

    2. Childcare and eldercare - Employees may be forced to miss work in order to stay home and take care of a child/elder when normal arrangements have fallen through (for example, a sick caregiver or a snow day at school) or if a child/elder is sick.

      How often is this happening? What is the loss to the company for a profit standpoint?